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Injustice Delivered (Revised)
By: Gabumon_Lover

"Just over this hill we may be able to see across the land" said Tai

The digi-destined walked over the steep hill, the sun had just raised itself
up to high noon, As they looked over the land they couldn't help but feel a
little weak by the sight that made Tai sit down to get some air.
"Oh my God.." Began Tai as he looked over the hills at what seemed like
hundreds of dark spires scattered all over the land.
"Wow.." Gasped agumon
"..Ok well as of now there seems to be no Digimon in sight that's under the
control of the Digimon emperor" said izzy
"So Tai and Davis, your Digimon are the only ones that can digivolve within
the radius of the dark spires so you two get going"
"Were planning to destroy at least one-third before bed"
"LETS GO!!!!!!" Yelled Tai as he held up his digivice
Said Davis




"FIRE ROCKET" a few spires fell
"Terra Force!" even more spires came down.

This continued for about 4 hours, spires fell, izzy looks for more spires,
Joe looks over his shoulder every 5 seconds in paranoia, and Davis and the
rest of the Digimon watch the destruction of the Digimon emperor crumble
before their feet.

"....." Tai on the other hand was silent and motionless that entire time,
this was noticed my joe
"Hey! Wats up?"
Its so quite.." Said tai
"!!Quite!!, do you not hear those explosions and huge blocks of dark spire
falling to the ground, if anything there is no QUITE here."
"No.. its not that's.. look around you, why would the Digimon emperor build
dark spire in places that have no Digimon?"

"TRIPLEX FORCE!!!" a wave of energy hit the center of the hill which  was
unfortunately the same hill that the digidestined and their Digimon stood.
Tai, Joe, izzy, Davis, gomamon, and tentomon were instantly knocked out by
the blast.
"Tai!" yelled wargraymon
"DAVIS!!!!" screamed Flamedramon as they both flew as fast as they could to
the demolished hill.
"You!" yelled wargraymon as he saw the Digimon emperor on his winged Digimon
"I worked hard building those spires and I will not have you pests knocking
down twice as fast as I could get them up!"
"Flamedramon take them to safety!" yelled Greymon as he threw a terra force
at the Digimon emperor.
The Digimon emperor and his quick beast had no trouble at all dodging the
attack, but the recoil of the explosion in back of them did not.
"You'll pay for that!" said the Digimon emperor"
He threw a dark spiral at Wargreymon, which hit his metal helmet and bounced
changing its coarse.
"Flamedramon watch out!!!"
It was too late the spiral hit Flamedramon and locked itself onto his neck.
Flamedramon fell from the sky as the spiral drained him of all his strength.
"That's good enough" said the Kaizer as he flew off. Wargreymon wanted to
chase after him but soon remembered his hopefully only unconscious friends.
Wargreymon being as big as he was carried all of them at once on to a nearby
cane he had seen during  the destruction of the spires. He could only carry
the Tamers and their rookie Digimon, Flamedramon on the other hand was just
too much.
"He'll be ok, being the strong Digimon he is"
He set his friends down on moss and flew back out looking for Flamedramon.
He spotted his slim blue body sitting on a rock just watching him fly.
Wargreymon landed saw that the dark spiral was still on his neck..? yet his
eyes were their normal reddish-brown color.??????
"hmmmm looks like that spiral was a dud Buddy!." Said Wargreymon as he
walked up to Flamedramon placing a hand on his shoulder.
You left me here to die you bastard!" said Flamedramon grabbing Wargreymons
"Huh? No I didn't I was just.. Ahhhhh! your hurting me!?!"
Being a mega Digimon Wargreymon took advantage of his size and greater
strength to try and overcome the armored digimon's power.
Flamedramon's eyes were now blood red as the spiral took greater affect.
Wargreymon was now seeing things about Flamedramon that never shown itself
The spiral was re-created by the Digimon emperor! It somehow was giving
Flamedramon greater strength..!!! Even greater than a mega's!!!
Flamedramon's muscles bulged as the spire re-created his DNA format.
"Fire Rocket!" yelled Flamedramon as he launched 3 rockets flying at
Wargreymon was hit in the face and body. He was knocked back by the force
and slammed into the mountain behind him.
Before he got up he saw that the spire was now glowing dark light, strange
and eerie. Flamedramon closed his eyes as he felt evil energy flow through
his body. He lit up strangely as he felt himself being drained of everything
he's got. Wargreymon still dazed at the rockets launched at him he didn't
notice that Flamedramon had de-digivolved back into veemon, the digiegg lays
there on the floor.

"Veemon digivolve to... Xveemon!"

Wargreymon had never seen any Digimon de-digivolve and re-digivolve without
the aid of their partners and their partner D-3's before, The dark spire
must have reformatted him completely! No armor Digimon could de-digivolve
unless their tamers were nearby to store the egg!

"Now you lizard scum time to repay your attempt to leave me for dead"
he picked the sore, and battered Digimon off the ground and slammed him
against the wall.
"..W.Wh.what are you doing?" said Wargreymon in a light voice
" Shut up!" yelled Xveemon as he slapped Wargreymon across the face
" I've always wanted you, for myself,.ME!! but you had to be with that dog!,
Gabumon." anger flowed through his veins.
"I should be the one.. me"
"If I cant have it by destiny... then ill take it by force." He gave
Wargreymon a evil grin.
Wargreymon felt his armor being unbuckled and his helmet removed. He tried
his best with his last bit of energy to use his metal claws and try to break
the spiral on Xveemon's neck without hurting him. The attempt was quickly
dodged by Xveemon, and in return greymon received a punch to the stomach.
"ohhhhhhhhhhhgggggg.." Moaned Wargreymon in pain as his claws were unbuckled
and the rest of his armor removed.

"hmmmm, sexy.. ya know I regret not having Gabumon here to see this, he'll
love it..or at least I will"
Exveemon looked at wargreymons body. He searched his chest with his hands
and felt the muscles working his way down to Wargreymons loin cloth.
Exveemon slipped a finger into Wargreymons cotton concealment and felt the
softness of his member.
"P..Please don't do this... Exveemon..fight it!.. Exveemon.. Exveemon please
fight it." he was quickly silenced as Xveemon kissed him shoving his tongue
into his mouth.  Wargreymon felt his member grow as his body was caressed by
Xveemons hands and his finger still rubbing inside his cloth.  He was now
fully erect, Xveemon saw that Wargreymon was ready, he took the claws that
were removed from Wargreymon and  jammed them into the mountain cuffing
Wargreymons hands to the stone behind him.

"Mmmm, and to think Gabumon could have this anytime he wants"
with that said Xveemon took Wargreymons entire 11 inch cock into his mouth.
He sucked on him to his hearts content, Wargreymon whimpered and moaned in
pleasure as he starts enjoy the treatment he was receiving. Xveemon felt
Wargreymons cock turn hot in his mouth, and increased the suction,
Wargreymon bucked his hips to the motion of Xveemons head. He released
himself into Xveemons mouth as Xveemon swallowed every drop he could muster
out of Wargreymon, enjoying the taste of the mega's seed. He sucked on
Wargreymon while he came and noticed that he didn't stop. The flow of cum
into his mouth became too much for him to swallow and blobs of digiseed
spewed from the sides of his mouth, ran down his chest and covered and
flowed into his pouch, completely smothering his dick with Wargreymons cum.
"ahhhhhhhhhhh.. Oooooooh" moaned Wargreymon as he stopped his climax having
his last bit of energy drained from him.

"It's like sucking on a fire hose.." said Xveemon as he licked himself, he
was now completely erect himself and had taken off his armor.
"Like what you see?" asked Xveemon seductively
his 10 inch dick was rock hard and longed for something more than to just
hanging there for looks. Xveemon took the claws out of the wall that was
holding Wargreymon up. Wargreymon fell to the floor, and laid they're
motionless having no strength whatsoever to run away or even move for that
matter. Xveemon flipped him on his stomach as he gave his tail hole one good
long lick. "oh god.." Thought Wargreymon

"Please... X. please don't"
Wargreymon pleaded for his former friend to stop as he felt Xveemon rub
himself on his back and slowly positioning his cock to his tail hole.
"This is really going to hurt ya know.. But don't worry ill try and make the
pain last as long as I can. heh heh"
"no.. I aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh...ahhh ahhh..aggghaggggh"
pain shot through Wargreymon as Xveemon rammed himself with all his strength
and speed into him, he shoved his cock in and out of Wargreymon letting
nothing stand in his way. Wargreymon yelled in pain, and screamed in agony
as he felt himself being ripped apart from the inside and out. Xveemon
licked his back as he continued to hump him with all his might. He gave
Wargreymon one final thrust and pressed himself hard going as far as his
shaft will allow him to go, deep into Wargreymon, as he cummed inside of
him. Even while cuming Xveemon didn't stop, he humped even harder causing
the seed to spew out to Wargreymons bloody and torn entrance he pulled
himself out and jacked off in front of Wargreymon spilling his essence onto
his hard and sweaty chest. He gave one last thrust re-entering him and fell
on Wargreymon back, licking his neck and felling his moist underarm, as he
pulled himself out with a loud and thick *slush.

"...uhh.."  was the last thing Wargraymon could muster out before passing
" hehehehehehehe, that one can never be toped."
The spiral on his neck glowed and started to crumble. The huge drain in
energy had cause the dark spiral to shut down. Xveemon fell to his knees
having the feeling that he was just hit by a train. He looked at himself
quickly regaining his senses and saw that he was no longer Flamedramon. but
"huh?? Wat the hell?"
he looked across the room and spotted his digiegg on the floor as well as
Wargreymon's beaten and battered body on the floor covered in cum, and
"..oh my god. WARGREYMON! Who did this to y."
that's when he noticed the broken dark spiral on the floor and checked
himself once again and smelt the scent of Wargreymon all over him, he
reached one finger into his pouch and felt the moisture of warm cum.
"what did I do"?
"oh god what did I do?"
He turned Wargreymon on his back and saw that his eyes were red from pain
and tears.. His chest had bruises due to Exveemon's large and heavy fist and
he was still bleeding from his tail hole thanks to Exveemon's thick member.
"I..I'll protect you"
He held Wargreymon close to him as the night air made the temperature drop
and the moon glow, a faint wind blew on him and he closed his eyes, trying
to get the sound of Wargreymons yells out of his head.

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