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This is the third chapter in my series, this happens the next morning after
chapter two.

Double-edged Sword
By: Gabumon_lover

Agumon woke up the next day and found Gabumon laying next to him. He smile
and licked his face, "wake up sleepyhead" said agumon.
"Good morning"
"Oh ya good morning" replied Gabumon in a low voice
" Well im going for a little coming?" said agumon trying to imply
".No Im still tired you go on ahead" said Gabumon
". Well ok, but if you change your mind you know where I am" said agumon
with a wink and he ran to the lake.

Gabumon laid there thinking about what had happened last night. He felt so
bad, and even worse he actually liked it. "But only for a while." he
" Its ok ill just forget it" said Gabumon and he regained his pride and
walked over to the river in a "playful" mood.  He saw agumon in the water
washing himself, he looked so cute when he does that. Gabumon walked over to
him and said "changed my mind"
He went into the water that was freezing at that time, but the temperature
didn't bother him any until he felt agumons skin that was ice cold.
" Are you ok?" said Gabumon
"Your freezing"
"I am cold but I have to wash myself right?" said agumon
"Brrrrrr. ok that's all I can take for now" said agumon as he walked out of
the lake and into the shade under a big tree. He motioned Gabumon to join
him. Gabumon walked over to him and gave him a kiss. Agumon slid his claws
under Gabumons pelt trying to slide it off, but was instantly pushed away
causing him to smash into a tree.

Gabumon was FURIOUS
"EVER!!" yelled gabumon in rage

Agumon was stunned and started to shiver thinking something really painful
was about to happen to him.
"I.I.Im sorry" stuttered agumon who was too afraid to move.
"Im sorry agumon" cried Gabumon as he ran to his partner and gave him a big
" I don't know what came over me"
"But please know that no one may touch my pelt" said Gabumon
"I didn't know Gabumon, im sorry" said agumon
" Its ok lets go back to camp" gabumon said having just lost any interest in
what was about to occur.
Every one was up now and breakfast was on the tabl. grass. "wow I slept
great" said tai
"I think I slept on a branch," said Joe. Looking back at the spot he slept.
"Oh... It is a branch"
"So what are we going to do today?" said Sora
" I don't really know, I haven't found any spires for a long distance"
replied Izzy
"But im sure it'll come soon"

"Where's agumon and Gabumon?" said Kari
"Here!!" cried Agumon and Gabumon as they approached camp
Agumon walked to Tai but Gabumon froze in place the moment his eyes laid
apon Veemon. The day passed the usual happened. They talked, fished, picked
wood, and retured to the real world to steal some more food from yolie's

" You know the amount of food you haul away each day for you and your
friends is amazing" said yolie's father
" Its amazing this store make any money at all" said her mother
" Ok mom bye" Yolie said as she ran out the store with the two bags of food
she had with her.
" Where does she go all day?" said her mother to her father
" Maybe another world" said her father
They both laughed at the idea. (They have no idea at all)

"Back!" said Yolie and Hawkmon they ate their food and moved to a different
location to camp. The digi-destined walked through the forest the guys were
stuck with all the baggage. Palmon, and Biyomon scouted the area for
monsters but found none. They found a new location and set up camp. " hey
guys" said T.K " ya?" said Tai" " didn't we have a lake at the other camp
spot?" " well ya" Answered Tai  " I think we walked in a circle." said T.K
with a very tired voice. The Digimon looked around and saw that T.K was

"Your right T.K" said Joe
" Look! There the branch I slept on"
Night fell and the digi-destined were filled with fatigue after walking such
a big circle. "Hey look" said Izzy "There's more spires over that way" " so
that's where going to be headed tomorrow." Said Cody "right, lets all get a
good nights
sleep" said Mimi
the fire was made, the rest of the sushi was eaten, and beds were made.
Gabumon fell asleep instantly but agumon was wide-awake. He felt a little
weird, when he sits next to Gabumon like every time he sat by him someone
was always watching them. He got up and took a little walk through the wood
that always cures him of what he's thinking.

"Hey there! Cant sleep?"
"What?! Oh hi?" said Agumon as Armadillomon walked into the light
"Ya something really been bothering me" said Agumon
"Oh really?  Mind me asking what?" said Armadillomon
".. Its nothing never mind"
As agumon continued to walk he was tugged by armadillomon and saw his face
with a smile. He felt Armadillomon hard prick rub against his pouch.
" What are you dong!!!!" yelled Agumon as he pushes Armadillomon away
" what? Don't you like me?" said Armadillomon coyly
" yes I do but not like that please I belong to gab." Agumon stopped the
name slipped his tongue
" who?" said Armadillomon
" nothing" replied agumon
"I bet I can beat whomever it was any day with you" and with that said he
wrapped himself around agumon and slid his tongue into his mouth.
Armadillomon was rock hard now Agumon felt Armadillomon at his entrance but
strangely he didn't object. Armadillomon gave Agumon a lick across his chest
and started to push himself into Agumons hole. Agumon clinched grass to
channel his pain from the unlubrecated entrance but his pains slowly faded
to slight pleasure as his sweat was more than enough to help the cock slide
easier. Armadillomon pushed himself in and out of Agumon felling his
tightness all around him. He licked Agumons back and jacked him off with his
free hand. With so many treatments at one time agumon shot his seed to the
ground and all over Armadillomon's hand. Armadillomon felt himself shaking
as he released his load into agumon  he then saw his have was completely
covered by agumons cum. He wiped the seed over his entrance and invited
agumon in. Agumon wanted so badly to protest but soon found himself reaching
to get Armadillomon's tail out of the way. He heard Armadillomon moan as he
slid in his entire shaft, and rocked his body as he humped Armadillomon from

"ohhhhhh." Armadillomon cried as he felt his insides turn hot as Agumon
climaxed inside of him. at the time he himself also shot his second load to
the ground, he fell to the grass as he felt Agumon pull himself out of him.
"how was that?" Armadillomon said but received no answer.
He fell asleep where he laid but agumon just sat there, motionless.
His heart ached as he realized what he had just done, tears rolled down his
He felt his body and notice he was still leaking from Armadillomon's climax
inside of him. He ran to the lake and began washing himself of
Armadillomon's seed. As he walked back to the camp he saw that everyone was
asleep.. All but Gabumon.

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