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Ok this one is chapter five of my series. And it's also a request. perfect
timing.  This lemon goes again to my good friend Flamedramon_Lover. Ok this
happens one month after the last chapter.

Crippled Faith
By: Gabumon_Lover

"Found any yet??" Asked Joe
"No" replied Izzy
"How about now?"
"NO!! please give me some space I need to think"

"I think we destroyed them all" Said Izzy finally with the sound of great
"There's no sign of any control spires within 80 miles of my range!!"
"Great, Vacation time!!" Said Davis jumping around the room yelling in
"Davis. we cant just sit here and wait for the Kaiser to rebuild those
spires in the area again. we have to go out and look for the rest. Then for
the Digimon master" said Izzy.
"Uhhhh.." He was about to whine until kari walked in her school uniform that
completely turns him on.
"OH!!! Ya we BETTER go and Kick that KAISERS BUTT!!! YAAAAAA!!" trying so
sound as manly as he could. Kari just walked straight to T.K, Steam can be
seen bursting out of davis's nose.

Just before he was going to start another fight with T.K about stealing "his
Izzy broke the silence with
"Eureka!  I found three places with a great amount of those spires.. Hmmmm
that means we have to split up again."
"Yolie? Matt? Sora?" said izzy into his D-terminal
" Gather the gang.. and pack some food, water and clothing, we have to go
spire hunting again."

One Hour Later.

"OK!!" said Yolie
"Im all ready!" said Cody, Armadillomon nods his head
"lets go!" said Kari
"Yaaaaaa! Ill go first to make sure everything is safe!!!" yelled Davis
hoping Kari heard what he had just said.
"Lets GOOO!! Digiport OPEN!!!" Said the Digi-Destined in Unison

"ok where all here right?" said Tai
"After Months of transporting to the digital world, we still cant get that
landing thing right" said Joe rubbing himself
"oh, stop whining" said Gomamon
"we have to split into three groups" said Izzy
"ILL go with Kari!" yelled Davis
"ohh no you don't" said tai giving him that IM THE BIG BROTHER look.
" the GIRLS will go one way the rest of the guys will go the other."
"I think that's the best idea, we only have 3 tents although there very
large but if a guy went with the girls then he's going to have to sleep
outside" said T.K
"ok then its settled" said Mimi
"the girls go South, and the boys will take West and North"
"well all meet back here once where done"  said Matt
"also if anyone should get done before the others, then go back into the
real world and get things straight with all of our parents"
"AGREED" with that said the digidestined ran off scattered in every
The girls went South, Cody, Matt, and T.K went West, and Tai, Davis, Joe,
and Izzy when North.

"ohhhh, I wish Agumon came with us." thought Gabumon as he walked along side
Matt. "we have to find those spires, but its going to take us at least 1 day
get to them, the portals left us a little to far from our destination." Said
they walked for hours, and soon became a little grouchy. "row, row, row,
your boat gently down the.." "PATAMON!! Anything but that." Said T.K
"geez just trying the lighten all you guys up, im tired of flying too ya
".im sorry come here you can rest in my shoulders for a while" patamon
gladly excepted that offer
they walked for about 30 more minutes before Matt decided it was time to


"ok you guys lets set up camp here I think we've gone all we can go today"
said tai in charge as usual.
They set up camp and made the fire. thanks to agumon of course.
Agumon's quietness aroused a little suspicion with Tai. Usually agumon
should be either completely asleep on his sleeping bag or begging him for
food, but today. he's just sitting there staring into the lake. Tai decided
to talk to him.
"hey" began Tai
"oh hey" replied agumon with a low voice
"sooo is there something wrong?"
"no. I'm just going to miss sleeping with gabu.. Ummmm your bed"
"oh all this sadness because you miss.. My bed?" said Tai
"...ya I know its stupid. heh hehe.."  said agumon standing up and walking
to the tent
"im tired is it ok if I take a nap in you bag?"
"ya sure agumon ill wake you when were ready to eat" for the first time
since they split up Tai saw agumon give him a little smile.

Meanwhile "the girls"

"its not so bad" said Yolie
"oh ya, it SO much better than a hot Mr. Bubbles bath in my house, and warm
bed" said sora
" I like the outdoors" said Kari and Palmon agreed
"hey Kari.." whispered hawkmon
"ya know what izzy said earlier ?"
".about the tents"
"oh ya what is it that you wanted to ask?"
"well do I have to sleep outside?"
"I am the only, well MON within the group."
"oh.. hehehe its ok hawkmon your welcome in our tent"
"whew that's good to know"
"ok that's it I walked enough" said Sora
"lets settle here then and make camp" said Yolie
"hmmm this is the only time when the boys come in handy" said Mimi
they snickered.

Back to Gabumon

"Hey look a pond!" cried cody "at least I can take a bath."
"Well go ahead" said Matt not looking away from his job
".. Now? But you guys are .. Watching"
"Oh please were all guys here it doesn't matter" said matt a little annoyed
with cody's childish question, at least it was for him. He and Tai had to
take showers at school every day after gym. "armadillomon? Will you come
with me?" asked Cody
"huh? Sure" replied armadillomon.
Gabumon was sitting next to the fire thinking and thinking about Agumon and
if he's ok.
Matt saw this and knew right away he and agumon had a "more than friendly
relationship. How? Gabumon was talking to himself again.
Matt walked to Davis and told him to go check on Cody and not to come back
until both of them are done taking a bath
"im not going to sleep with stinky digidestined" said matt
Davis ran off to find Cody he couldn't afford to fight with anyone
associated with tai, who also associated with yours truly Kari. After Davis
ran off matt walked up to gabumon, and sat next to him by the fire, night
had already fell and the stars had come out to play.
"is there something wrong, with you and agumon?"
"WHAT!! How did you know about me and ag.."
"don't worry about it I wont tell anyone I promise"
"heh im kind of embarrassed, ive never been with another MON before but now
I know he's the one for me, beside there are only SO many WOMON out there."
Matt just sat there. "my Digimon is ..with another Digimon?" he thought
"do you hate me now?" " cuz I know humans are only SUPPOSE to love only
female humans" "whats that word you guys use?.. gay?"
"uhhh ya, OH no but that doesn't apply to Digimon, only me and tai and all
the other digidestined.
Matt heard a splash from far away.
"matt?" said gabumon
they were both looking at the stars
"do you think this is ever going to work?"
"sure it would, trust me"
Cody and Davis came back to the fire hole and got ready for bed. I think we
sould get ready also. "im going to take a bath first you guys go one and get
in the tent, hey gabumon wanna be my company?" Gabumon gave a small smile
and ran off with Matt into the wood and arrived by the lake.
Matt started to undress,. shirt. pants. shoes.socks.underwear. Gabumon just
sat there staring at matts body as it entered the pond. He and agumon hadn't
had any "private time" to themselves in 2 weeks already and gabumon was
really. well?. "exited" to see a body. Matt washed himself with some moss,
and to gabumon it was a slow motion scene. He watched Matt wash his white
skin that glimmered in the moonlight. Gabumon felt himself harden in the
hidden area, he didn't know why.
Matt was soon done with his little bath and started to put his clothing back
on, but before he even got to his pants, Gabumon pushed him to the ground.
"what are you doing?" said Matt a little angry to the fact he had just taken
a bath and was now pushed into the dirt.
"I wanna show you what me and agumon do when were alone" said gabumon
"Patamon told me that when two people really care for each other they do
"what??. WHAT! You mean sex!?!" matt was shocked
"sex? OH! is that what you call it?"
Gabumon pushed himself against Matts body. Matt was SOO going to protest but
didn't after he felt the sensation of Gabumons pelt, rub against his naked
body. Gabumon closed his eyes and licked Matt's neck, Matt was into it now,
after all he had always had his eye on Tai, but always hide his emotions by,
yelling at T.K, Ignoring Tai, or even fight with tai..? That's just matt. He
saw this a "Practice" beside he was going to break the news to Tai someday.
Gabumon was busy licking matts body enjoying the taste of human skin, it
wasn't as goos as digi-skin but still.  Matt felt his stomach being rubbed
by Gabumons stiffening member. He soon became stiff as gabumon worked his
way down to his chest.
Gabumon was so busy doing his job he didn't feel Matt slide his pelt half
off his back. Until he felt a breeze of cold air hit his back that should
never, ever be exposed to anything but the darkness under his pelt. Gabumon
was Furious!. NEVER TOUCH MY PELT!!! Yelled gabumon in total and absolute
rage. Matt had gone too far, agumon only slid his hand under the pelt.. But
matt.. Matt removed it half way!. Gabumon pinned him to the ground and
punched him in the chest. "Gabumon..im so..rry"
Gabumon was no longer listening to his cries. His sexual mood and rage mixed
within himself, he no longer wanted Matt for friendship or love, he wanted
Matt, simply to make up for agumon absence.

Matts hands were held by gabumon in a very uncomfortable manner, gabumon
spun him around to his stomach. This is for touching my pelt.
"please Gabumon.i.I'm aaaaaahhhhhggg"
he was completely cut off from his sentence with the showering of pain he
felt as Gabumon rammed himself into him. He felt his skin tear because of
gabumon forceful entry. Gabumon was overwhelmed by this sensation, he pumped
Matt time after time increasing his speed each time. Matt felt some pain
vanish as his blood helped the digi-cock in and out of his entrance with
some extra ease. He felt his inside turn cold as it was ripped apart my
gabumon. Gabumon was so angry, he was so unset because matt touched his
pelt, but that upset him the least. he was angry at himself, he was angry
ant only himself. All this time he and agumon had been together, he always
trusted him, but now that their apart he couldn't think ok anything but "is
he going to cheat on me again?"
"Oh my god." said gabumon as he finally realized what he was doing.
He quickly pulled himself out of matt and tried to find some way of
"ohhhh.." Moaned matt his entrance was bleeding some and the pain was still
" oh my god. Matt.. Please I don't know what had come over me."
"I was angry at my self this entire time."
"and you touching my pelt just set me off please forgive me"
Matt Shook violently of fear as gabumon touch his back.
"here let me ease the pain"
matt was so afraid, he clutched the grass with his hands preparing himself
for more pain. But instead felt Gabumon lick the blood away from his
bleeding hole. Gabumon worked his way around Matt searching his inside with
his tongue. Matt was getting hard, from this new feeling. Gabumon flip Matt
over to his back and took Matt completely into his mouth. He sucked on his
nuts as he licked the underside of Matts cock. Gabumon bobbed his head in a
rhythm as he sucked with all his might. Matt just laid there panting like
crazy he felt himself ready to release. Unlike agumon, Matts dick doesn't
turn hot when hes ready to cum. That caught Gabumon completely off guard.
Matt realesed himself into Gabumons mouth. Gabumon choked on Matts liquid,
and he coughed it on matts stomach.  Gabumon realized this and started to
lick matts body,  before he finished the last of matts cum he took his paw
and scooped some of  it up. He placed it on his tail hole lubricating it for
some else he had in mind. Matt looked a gabumon he felt gabumon slowly push
him on his back, and position himself on matts cock. Gabumon slowly slid
down, letting his tight hole hug matts member.  Matt was completely
overwhelmed by this feeling. He got up and moved gabumon to his hands and
knees. He gave gabumon a slight thrust and felt gabumon shake. Slowly he
began to rock himself in and out of gabumon. Gabumon moaned with delight,
though matt wasn't as big as agumon but still a good length. Matt moved
faster, and increased the hardness of his thrusts. He felt gabumons insides
turn cold, as gabumon shot his load into the ground. Matt bent down still
humping gabumon and jacked him off with his free hand. Matt was ready to
shoot his second load. He softly bit gabumons ears as he realesed himself in
gabumon. Gabumon felt his insides being coated with matts essence. Matt
pulled himself out of gabumon, and rubbed his ears.
"apology excepted" said matt. Matt got up tired as hell and walked back in
the pong cleaning himself off. Gabumon soon joined him.
They finish their cleansing and as they were walking back, gabumon was
struck with absolute terror. His heart felt like it had been pierced by a
ice pick.
"oh my god.. I had sex with.Matt"