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A New Year, But The Same Love

*Ding Dong!
*Ding Dong!!!
Im Coming!!!!" yelled out Tai from the kitchen. He takes off his mothers
pink and baby blue oven mitts and runs to the door.
"Hi come in, some food already on the table. but I still need some one to
set up all the cups and napkins before the other arrive." Said Tai.  Matt,
T.K, Yolie, Gabumon, Patamon, and Hawkmon walk in ready for the upcoming
party and the dawning of a new year.
"ill get the napkins" said T.K
"and ill get those cups" returned Patamon
".. Ummmmm I think I should get those cups. you don't have proper hands to
do that." Said matt as he walked into the kitchen to help Tai get the dip
I forgot.. Well cant I do something???" said patamon a little
disappointed about not being able to help because of his size.
" you can help me push that big punchbowl over the edge while me and gabumon
catches it" said Hawkmon
"I would fly but my wings a little sore lately" he added, as smile made its
way to patamon's face as he flew over the tall cupboard  and pushed the  big
glass punchbowl over the edge. Its fell and landed in gabumon and hawkmons
hands... or should I say claws and wings. The punch got mixed, the cheese
and crackers served, and the 2002 party glasses were placed by the door.
*Ding Dong!! the doorbell rang again and this time Cody, Armadillomon,
Davis, Veemon, Joe, Gomamon, Mimi, and Sora walked in.
"Where's Biyomon and Palmon?" asked Matt
"oh Izzy and Kari when to the digital world to get them.. And well explain
to them that its new years eve." Answered Mimi. Veemon and the other Digimon
walked into Tai's room to find agumon and try their best to stay out of
their tamers ways. After armadillomon knocked over the punch with his big
tail they didn't think Digimon was very welcome their at the time. They
walked in and saw that agumon wasn't anywhere to be found.
"Agumon?" said Gabumon in a high voice
"Im in here!" the sound of agumons voice as followed into the closet. Veemon
opened the doors and saw that agumon was staring into Tai's Laptop computer,
in a fighting pose.
"what in the world are you doing?" asked Gomamon
"I was looking for Tai's  t-shirt he told me to get for him and I bumped
into this thing.. it glowed and I told me that I HAD MAIL!!!!" said agumon
"now I don't know what mail is.. but it must be something bad!" he finished
the Digimon was silent for a minuet before exploding the loudest digital
laughter anyone has ever heard.
"what are you laughing at?!?!?!" yelled agumon.
"hehehehehe. mail is what the humans use to talk to each other by writing
and not actually talking." Explained patamon still red from all the
.... well it was still rude of it to sneak up on me like that." Said
agumon finally
(what a silly Digimon... he's so cute..) thought  gabumon
"ok well I have to get this t-shirt to Tai ill be right back" said agumon as
he ran out the door.
"wait up ill go with you!" said gabumon as he ran behind agumon. They
searched for Tai and gave him the t-shirt after seeing he's completely
drenched in fruit punch thanks to Armadillomon's big tail. They walked out
to the balcony where Tai and her sister first saw him as greymon fight, thus
making them digidestined. Gabumon stared into the stars.. How beautiful they
looked he thought. He stared at agumon who was still amazed by the night
"wow." he thought. Agumon continued to stare when he felt gabumons paws
touch his back and rub his shoulders. He kissed his cheek and whispered into
his ear,
"those are nothing compared to you." agumon blushed.
The new years were coming and all he ever wanted was next to him. His
his love.  Gabumon reached his arms under agumons armpits and
slowly rubbed his chest. Agumon loved that. He rested his head on gabumons
hard chest and enjoys his little rub.
*Ding Dong!
The door opened and in came Izzy, tentomon, Kari, and Gatomon.
"well? Where's Biyomon and Palmon?" said Mimi disappointed. Izzy looked at
them with bad news on his face.
"they said they can come. Recently their have been too many new spires
popping up in places she didn't expect.. The Digimon needed them there."
Explained Izzy
"ohhhh.. I wish they were here.." Said Mimi wanting to cry. she missed
Palmon so much.
"Wish granted!!!" said Palmon as she jumped out of Izzy's backpack. And
Biyomon flew in from the window.
Biyomon!!!" the girls were so happy to see their old friends. Mimi still
"oh Mimi can you once see Palmon without crying?" said Matt
"*sniff. im just so happy" whimpered Mimi
"well stop. if you get any happier im going to cry" said Hawkmon

"we better join the party.. They'll come looking for us. and by them it
could look a little...*wink" said gabumon with a sexy look on his face,
agumon didn't need to hear anymore he kissed gabumons paws and they walked
into the room where the party was happening. The digidestined and their
Digimon all together to celebrate the new years.
gomamon I think if you eat anymore fish sticks... oh never mind it's
the new years.. Go ahead gomamon." Said joe
"ive never had any without bone before.. I love it!!!" cried gomamon and he
shoved a flipper full of fish sticks into his mouth.
*Ding *Ding *Ding
"is everyone here?..good. well this is another end to another year. I hope
everyone has no regrets that we have become what we are.. and.. Gomamon will
please stop eating just until I finish this speech?... ok like I was saying
we are the digidestined ...Uhhhh.. im not so good with speeches.. And we are
proud..oh never mind just eat.!!" Said Tai as he finished his speech and
downed his apple cider

"good there done" said gabumon. The Digimon and there tamers sat for awhile
eating and drinking. Tai and Matt were too busy fixing up more food to keep
their Digimon company.. They already said sorry by the way, but that's just
perfect for agumon and gabumon. They made their way to Tai's room and looked
out his window.
"wow.. So pretty..LOOK!! a shooting star!!. make a wish gabumon" said agumon
staring at his lover. Gabumon closed his eyes and made a wish. Before he
opened them he felt agumons tongue press against his mouth and force his way
beyond his lips and into his mouth. They kissed passionately and fell to the
floor still locked in a kiss of their love. Agumon broke the kiss,

"so what did you wish for?" he asked in a playful voice gabumon just laid
there dazed.
"that's what I thought too." He finished and kissed him again. This time he
pressed himself against his chest and felt the patterns on him. Their
pouches rubbed together sending small waves of pleasure to gabumon. Agumon
broke the kiss and licked gabumon face, sliding his tongue down to his neck.
He nibbled on him playfully as he stuck one claw into gabumons pouch feeling
his softness... that's not about to last very long. Gabumon felt himself
being fondled with and bit lightly on agumons cheeks as he was enjoying his
double treatment. The passion between them was unbreakable, agumon felt
gabumon turn cold as his prick began to harden to agumons every stroke of
his claw. Agumon slid his head down and cuffed gabumons hidden sac into his
mouth and licked lightly with his tongue. Gabumon saw himself being sucked
on and felt himself hardening. Agumon sucked until he felt in his mouth a
popsicle beginning to form. and through experience that's usually gabumons
delicious cock. Agumon sucked until it was completely out of his public
concealment. He himself was already exposed a little precum stained the tip
of his member but was quickly consumed by gabumon. Agumons turn. Gabumon
thanks him for helping."him" out and retunes the favor. Agumon lays back
against the wall  gabumon sucked lightly on the tip and worked his way down
a little more every time he sucked. He bobbed his head so he could take in
more of agumon each time. Agumon was in complete ecstasy.   Gabumons cold
mouth sucking on his hot dick was perfect to get the heat out. Gabumon
sucked to his hearts delight and licked the bottom of agumons dick. What
agumons loves about gabumons is that his tongue is long enough to reach out
of his mouth while he's sucking and lick his balls. Agumon tilts his head
back as he enjoys this double slice of heaven and feels he's about ready to
give gabumon a liquid piece of him. Gabumon licked agumons sac and felt
agumon turn hot in his mouth. He rammed his cock in his mouth faster and
harder making agumon shutter. He bucks his hips to every motion gabumon
him. Gabumon knew agumon was ready and increased the suction one last
time and jammed the entire thing into his throat. Agumon cummed in his mouth
releasing himself into him, gabumon choked on it at first but quickly began
to swallow the liquid treasure he so sorely needed. Gabumon savored every
last drop. He loved the salty taste and creamy texture of agumon in his
mouth. Agumon grew soft as his cock made it way back into its secret
compartment. Gabumon laid on his back exposing himself to agumon. Agumon
hasn't had a blow job like that in a while, gabumon MUST be thank. properly.
  Agumon saw that gabumon himself had some pretreasure  on him and he
quickly used that to his advantage. He stuck a claw into gabumons mouth and
told him to suc. As he expected he did. Agumon took the wet claw out of
gabumons mouth and rub his tail hole with it. With soothing feeling of ice
cold lubricant of his hole made his cock find its way out once again.  He
postioned himself on top of gabumon and slowly sat on gabumons thick meat.

Gabumon moaned as he felt warm tightness surround his member as agumon sat
down on him. Once all the way to the base agumon started a paced motion he
pumped gabumon as hard has he could felling him inside of him. He's loved
the felling of being able to lift himself up and ram back down. Every time
he rams down hell rock so gabumon and go as deep as he could into him.
Gabumon got up with his elbows and ordered agumon on all fours. Still inside
of his agumon did as he was told. Gabumon grabbed onto agumons ass cheeks
and started to hump the life out of him. Agumon moaned and moaned while he
was being fucked by his Digimon. His tail hole turning ice cold around the
rim tells him that gabumon as ready. He squeezed his cheeks together to
increase the pleasure for gabumon. Gabumon grunts at agumons tightness and
rocks as he pulls himself out and shoves it back in. gabumon gave agumon one
last thrust as he cums inside of him, covering his walls with his essence.
Agumon pulls gabumon out of him and catches the still flowing cum into his
mouth. He sucked on him as he was cumming and licks the traces of sub-zero
liquid he missed. Gabumon was completely exhausted he fell flat on his
stomach and panted in a satisfying pleasure.
"oh no you don't.. get up.now!" agumon ordered
gabumon smiled at him playfully
"what do you still have in mind?"  he asked
"....*wicked smile. put you stomach against the wall.. DO IT!.or else ill
have to.. hurt you."
Gabumon did as he was told. Gabumon placed his stomach against the wall and
felt the cold wood on him. This made him calm and less tense. He felt agumon
lift his tail up and gave his hole a good lick leaving a good amount of his
saliva behind.
"...i hope you ready." he whispered.
Gabumon bit his lip as agumon pushed himself up. They never did it standing
up before. Except that one time...(chapter 11 in my other series) agumon
entered him without any trouble, and began to pump. Gabumon loved this
feeling, and moaned every time agumon entered him. Agumon had enough of this
soft fucking. He grab hold of one of gabumons wrists and the other on one of
his yellow ass cheeks and began to hump as hard as he could into him.
Gabumon gasps to this new type of fucking. He loved it. He turned around and
agumon picked him up by his legs and fucked against the wall. His back
slammed against the wall each time he was rammed by agumon. Agumon turned
hot inside of him ready to blow his last load. Gabumon shouts his name as
he's fucked to his hearts delight. Agumon kissed his love with his last
thrust and cums inside of him he pumps and holds himself in him. Gabumon
feels himself beginning to fill up with agumons digiseed. He moans as
warmness fills his insides. Agumon fell over completely drained of all his
energy as gabumon falls on top of him.
"..*pant well?" ask agumon
"....happy new year to me." Replied gabumon
"...so what did you wish for?"  asked agumon curiously.
"...that youll find some new way to pleasure me." he smiles
"and you did."
"hmmmm.more of those stars has to come by more often" said agumon and they
made their way out to the party.

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