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For all those that read and follow, agumon and gabumon once separated are
now together in each others company, though some mysteries of their love
still remain unsolved, and some truths untold; the story will continue until
their love for each other remains untouched, unhindered, and forever
connected through fate.. Chapter 10

Mysterious Disaster
By: Gabumon_Lover

.... I love you.. too..

you'll never... leave me... right?



..*smiles*.. I promise

Agumon and Gabumon walk on an ocean of grass and flowers. Their embrace on
each other will never be released. Gabumon was in pure bliss, an absolute
heaven on digital earth never to be replaced by anyone or anything. The calm
and cooling breeze blows, sweeping the plains from unwanted presence, the
grass dances as the wind blows upon it. The sky is clear free from
disturbance, Gabumon inhales the pure substance given off by Mother Nature,
the crisp air cleansing him from the inside out. He looks into Agumon's
eyes, sincere, loving...kind. Happiness fills him has he holds on to his
love, as they continue they walk into natures great beyond.

"What a nice day, do you think the others will come looking for us?" asked
Gabumon staring into the sun feeling its warmness upon his face.

" No... But I'll miss them.." replied Agumon in a low and depressed voice,
almost as if he was no longer there, a stupor, lost in his own mind.

"Hehehe  What on Digital Earth are you taking about?" asked Gabumon still
staring into the sun.

".. I'll miss you the most." Agumon replies


Darkness filled the plain that was once blessed with sunlight. Gabumon
somehow lost his grip on Agumon and saw his body walk slowly into the

"AGUMON!! COME BACK!"  cried Gabumon as he ran after his lover, but only saw
him drift further into the night. Despite how fast he ran Agumon only
drifted further away, his bright orange body faded into a shadows and vague
image of his silhouette can only be seen.

"COME BACK!!..please don't leave me again.." Gabumon's pleads lead nowhere.
Soon he was standing alone in this "darkness" lost in this world he didn't
wish to know.


Gabumon woke in the cave with a gentle light gleaming into his eyes, the
softness of the moon eased him, he felt himself and saw the he was covered
in his night sweat, a bead of perspiration dripped down his nose. His heart
raced beyond limits with terror. He looked beside him and found that Agumon
was safe and close to him. Exhaling, He  felt as if a great weight had been
lifted off of him.

(What was that dream all about?) he thought to himself

(It was so real... so Terribly real.) was his last thought. He hugged on to
Agumon felling his gentle warms and drifted back into an uneasy slumber.

What felt like 10 seconds Gabumon reopened his eyes and saw sunlight pouring
in from the entrance of the cave. Agumon was gone, but some of the
digidestined and their Digimon were still there. He rose from the ground
which he slept and set out looking for Agumon.

"Hey! Gabumon wanna help me with some of this fish?" shouted Matt as he
pulled a big grey sac out from the river with Gomamon atop his hard work.
Gabumon ran to his tamer and pulled the big load to the shore.

"Hmmm im hungry Matt when are we going to eat?" asked Gabumon

"In a little... are you looking for Agumon?" asked Matt coyly

"...Ya have you seen him around?" replied Gabumon shyly

"He's right over there with Tai making the fire" answered Matt as he gave
the big bag one last pull.

Gabumon walked over to the fire pit and peeked over the bush that was in his
way. He saw Agumon in his cuteness hulling firewood into the pit. Being only
a rookie that that time he could only life one log at a time. Gabumon stood
there and watched him scramble about lugging the wood atop his head, he
chuckled to himself. Gabumon walked over to the pit and sat on a good sized
rock and gave a small wave to Agumon. Agumon saw this and threw the last of
the wood into the pit, he gave Gabumon a wink.

"Pepper Breath!" shouted Agumon as a medium sized fireball emerged from his
mouth and struck the middle of the pit lighting the it immediately it a
blaze. Agumon landed on the ground and gave Gabumon a smile and a victory
sign with his claws. Gabumon loved that, he leaned back and laid on the rock
as Agumon walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Ouch!. your still hot." Cried Gabumon as he felt a slight burn on his cheek
when Agumons lips came in contact.

"I'm always hot!" said Agumon boastfully

"Oh please, your head right now is almost as big as your... Never mind" said

The rest of the Digimon and their tamers woke to a bright morning day. The
smell of fresh fish flew through the air, Gomamon and Gatomon were the first
to sit next to the fire in readiness for their meal. Joe brought some
fruits, and they ate to their hearts content as they prepared for another
day of hard work.

"Well is everyone ready?!" asked Tai

"Where are we off to now?" asked Cody

"..I a few disturbances were found in the northern region.. We better check
it out." Said Izzy closing up his new laptop he just received from Genni.

  "Ok then were off!!" yelled out Yolie as the digidestined and their
Digimon walked in a not so straight line down the slopes and into the valley
on their way to the north. As they walked Gabumon couldn't help but replay
in his head what had transpired in his dream, he decided to ask the one that
knows all.Izzy!

"Hey Izzy, do you mind me asking you a question?" Gabumon started

"Sure my sub-zero friend tell me what's on your mind"  replied Izzy still
admiring the new piece of technology he had just received.

"Well.. What can you tell me about. dreams?" he asked

"Hmmmm, that's a very good question, in the human world some see dreams as
the un-rested mind that continues to think and work while the body is
asleep, thus creating a semi-visual image of many memories you had when your
body was awake. Or others mainly in the religious groups see dreams as a
gateway to another world unknown and unreal to this one; that tells them of
future predictions. I on the other hand just see dreams as a way for us to
get what we want in another world." explained Izzy, he added the last part
while he was thinking about  the dream he had last night about being in a
room with the latest of technology sitting on a desk just begging him to try
it out... this is Izzy what did you expect?

"Future predictions?" asked Gabumon in a mildly worried tone.

"Yes things that may happen in the future." Izzy finished

Gabumon wanted to tell him about the dream he had last night but then would
revile the truth about he and Agumon; so he just kept his mussel shut. They
walked for what seemed like days.. But only about an hour or so went by,
when Izzy's computer started to ring.? Izzy opened his finely built toy and
saw Genni on the screen.

"You must beware while in the north many of the Digimon emperor's control
spires are there, and you know very well my young friends that theirs bound
to be a great battle." Said Genni

"So the Kaiser might be there?.. Hmmmm, lets get a move on I've got a bone
to pick with him." Said Veemon with hatred and Tai still sore from that huge
blast that almost got them fried.

They walked far into the night, until Gatomon feel on her tracks, being a
feline Digimon she needed all the rest she can get in a day. They made camp,
ate what they had left over from breakfast and slept in preparation for the
battle that will surely tire them out, if they didn't get their needed rest.
  One by one the rookie Digimon and their tamers fell asleep, Agumon was
warm and cozy next to Gabumon's fur, and veemon was snug next to Davis.. But
he still wished to be next to Agumon. The fire from the pit glowed as its
heat clashes against the cool chest of Gabumon, this sudden exposure to heat
for his kind sparks the mind when in a state of sleep. A dream brews in
Gabumon's head, as he snuggles closer to Agumon.


"Where am I?" Gabumon's voice echoed in what seemed like an empty Cathedral,
a machine was spotted by Gabumon as a flash of Orange caught his red eyes.
Slowly he walks to the machines that held a massive glass tube inside was a
bluish colored liquid that seemed clear and crisp. Gabumon's eyes widened in
shock as he saw Agumon's body floating inside the glass entrapment.

"Agumon!" shouted Gabumon as he pounded the glass with all he could muster
out of his weak rookie form.

A flash of white light surrounded him as he felt faint and weak. He soon
found himself in a place that seems so familiar to him. He was sitting atop
a large bolder that rested next to a lake. The memory of that place hit him
like a terra force,

"This is were Agumon and I first..."  (Chapter One, "Enter the Gabu"

Gabumon turned around and saw the face of Agumon.

"AGUMON! Where have you been.. I.I saw you in a giant glass tube and you
couldn't hear me.. And... and.??? Aren't you going to say something?" asked

"...and you are?.." was all Agumon said

Gabumons heart was ripped apart as he heard those words, he closed his eyes
trying to forget what he just heard. When he reopened them he was standing
once again in the same plain that he and agumon were walking through in his
last dream. The sun was out and the breeze blew the grass to life.

Sudden darkness once again,
Gabumon was stuck in this place he didn't know about, a silhouette of agumon
walks away from him as he reaches his arms out trying to grab what was being
drawn away from him at the very moment. He watched in pain as Agumon drifts
into the darkness, and Shatters into a million bits of information.


" back..agu..."
"AHHHHHHHHH! AGUMON COME BACK I LOVE..." gabumon was sitting in the middle
of nothing, he had managed to squirm himself away from agumon. The fire died
out and Agumon shivered in the coldness. Gabumon quickly scuffled back next
to Agumon's side and hugged him to provide his love warmth.

"You were talking in your sleep again." started agumon in a tired and half
awake tone.

"I had a bad dream..." replied Gabumon

"Its ok im here.. I'll never leave" said Agumon as he hugged Gabumon and
drifted back into a state of rest.

The next day the digidestined set fourth once again to defeat the Kaiser,
they walked about 10 miles and finally reached the northern territories. 
They gasped at the site, hundreds of dark spires filling the valley. They
were all silent as they stared into what they had to destroy.

"That's enough we have work to do!" Yelled Tai

"Lets do it!!" cried Matt




The rest of the digidestined called to their Digimon as well. And all
digidestined Digimon started working to destroy spires. Even before the
first 1/3 of the valley was rid of these evil pillars, they were attacked by
those controlled by the spires.


A barrage of energy was showered upon them as the creatures out number them
to what seemed like  150 to 1.
Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon were farther away than the rest of the
They had no idea what was happening back there.

"I got you two now!" yelled the Digimon Emperor.


Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon were hit with waves of powerful energy that
knocked both of them out cold, not only because they were caught off guard
but also because Seadramon and Leomon were wearing those new, top of the
line dark spirals; recreated by your truly!

"huh..." Wargreymon was semi-conscious as he tried to lift himself off the
"Leomon?? Why?.."  he said as he peaked a quick look in his pain to see the
hansom face of Leomon.

"HAHAHAHAHA do you like it??? You thought you guys had seadramon killed
right?. WRONG! Thanks to my new machines I can bring back any Digimon that
you pests destroyed. Get them and tie them up.!

Soon after Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon were sent and shipped to a strange
and cold place that the Digimon emperor calls home, Wargreymon woke in a
place he had never seen before, a cell...


The gigantic ball of fire hit the walls but does nothing more than just

"Ah im glad to see that your wake!" a voice rang out of nowhere in the

"Let me GO!!!" Wargreymon yelled in fury as he punched the walls with all
his might.

"ohhhh, now *tisk *tisk, such a angry little Digimon aren't we?, well I
guess where just going to have to teach you a lesson.

The doors to the sides of the walls opened... But nothing came walking in as
Wargreymon would have expected.

"Go ahead said the voice, your free to go..."

"What are you doing? GO! Your not wanted here anymore. Go!"

Wargreymon took his chances and sprinted from the door at his top speed. He
ran through the first door that caught his eye at the left.but soon found
himself standing in another room. This one was filled with giant glass-like
tubes, and inside were all his friends and allies, alone with their tamers.

"TAI!!" yelled out Wargreymon as he rushed towards the Tubes swinging his
muscular arms at the entrapment but was held back my some sort of mechanical
tentacles. A large amount of voltage was blasted into his body as he cried
in pain.

"Now see what you made me do?"

one by one his friends in their glass cages woke up and saw that they had
indeed been overran by those Digimon that attacked them. Their own Digimon
were back to their rookie stages and completely helpless to defend

"Now lets have some fun shall we?"

"I have been very pleased to have upgraded my dark spiral, now not only can
I have complete control over the Digimon, Baby or Mega, I can channel them
more power for digivolving, take away power for de-digivolving, and even
armor digivolving. Hearing those words made veemon shake and tremble with

"Hehehehehehe I hope your friends are going to love this as much as I

Three tubes were lifted off of Veemon, Armadillomon, and Patamon. As soon as
they set foot, claw, and paws onto the ground 3 dark spirals were ejected at
a great speed locking themselves the necks of Wargreymon's now former
friends. The three Digimon fell to the floor as they were being reformatted,
and their eyes glowed a deadly and dangerous red.

"Now watch closely. for this may be the last time you'll ever see your
friend digivolve again... or even see your friends at all for that matter."

Suddenly veemon, armadillomon, and gomamon were charged full of dark and
evil energy, as the spiral around their necks glowed an eerie color.



Wargreymon stood there in raging fear, the doors close behind him and the
steel tentacles were drawn away and back into the walls.

"Beat him senseless!"

The champion Digimon and his two armored allies walked slowly within the
mega's reach. In one swipe all three of them were tossed against the walls.

"hmmm can't let that happen let's see what will happen if I press this

A surge of power filled the Digimon standing before Wargreymon, he feared
the worst now. Wargreymon briefly recalls in his head that Flamedramon was
attached to the same spiral before he de-digivolved and re digivolved into
Exveemon. The power givin to him by the spirals were unsurpassed, even he
who was a mega Digimon could not even overcome one champion Digimon with the
aid of that evil spiral... Let alone 3. hope was frail.  He reached his
hands into the air ready to launch a terra force until the voice interrupts.

"Uh huh, don't even think about it!"

Expecting some sort of shock or attack from the walls he struck a defensive
pose and waited for the attack. Instead a rather large slate of metal was
slid opened from the ground and up came another tube this time filled with
something more than just a friend.

"GABUMON!!!!" Cried Wargreymon as he lowered his arms.

Gabumon also had a dark spiral attached to him.. But seems like only for the
purpose of draining his strength to keep him from staying in his mega form.

"AGUMON!!" cried Gabumon with a tear in his eye seeing the three controlled
Digimon around him. Gabumon still calls Wargreymon, Agumon despite his
change in form.

"Yes now you see what I've got...hehe, if you do anything to fuel your
attempt to escape..I'll do this." A beam of dark light gathered at the top
of Gabumon's tube and shot down a black energy causing Gabumon to cry out in
pain and agony. After three or four seconds of this truly terrifying torture
the beam was shut off and Gabumon was barely awake.

"the next time I need to press this button, it WON'T turn off!"

Wargreymon was now completely helpless.. Nothing more was said, the three
controlled Digimon approached Wargreymon and punched him into oblivion. 
Exveemon held his arms behind his back, as digmon took off his armor.
Wargreymon's chest armor was no longer shielding him from what was about to
come. Gabumon stood in his glass cell and watched as his love was beaten in
front of his own eyes. Pegasismon used his strong hind legs and gave
Wargreymon a devastating blow to the head, cracking his helmet as warm blood
traveled swiftly down his face.

"WARGREYMON!!" cried Tai as he was forced to stand there and see his life
partner be beaten to death as he stood there not able to lift a finger to

Wargreymon received another blow  to his head by Pegasismon shattering his
helmet and styling his long orange hair with the gel of his own blood.
Digmon used his drills and pined Wargreymon to the walls as Exveemon beat
his chest until blood oozed through Wargreymon's mouth. With a final blow to
the stomach the voice yells out

"That's enough!"

"Return to your cells!"

The mindless Digimon obeyed their master's voice and returned immediately to
the sound of his command. As they stood at the base of their cells Exveemon
stood they're staring at his former friend and can't help but have a
devilish smirk appear on his face. As the glass tubes were lowered once
again trapping the three Digimon the spirals shattered and they returned to
their normal rookie forms and weak state. Confused and lightheaded the
Digimon couldn't help but wonder why their hands and feet were stained with
fresh warm blood. They raised their heads to find Wargreymon laying in a
lake of his own blood. His once orange body was now covered with bruises,
his hansom visage was now stained with his blood.

"It's....over.." whimpered the beaten mega Digimon unable to move at all
from the very spot by which he lay.

"Ohhh no Wargreymon... it's only begun.. LEOMON! Show yourself!"

The great Lion Digimon walked through the door opened for him, still having
the spiral attached to his neck.

"..How have you been Wargreymon?" he asked coyly, as he reached down and
roughly picked up the bloody Digimon, slamming him against the wall.

"LEOMON!!! NO! please Leomon remember us!! Don't hurt him!" Gabumon pleaded
as a river of tears flow down his cheeks.

"...G..GABU...MON" mumbled Wargreymon weakly as he begins to choke on his

"Finish the job Leomon... The better way.."

Leomon stared into Wargreymon's eyes a smile appeared on his face.. The same
smirk that Exveemon gave him just before he was brutally raped. Fear shot
through Wargreymon as felt Leomon take off the rest of his armor, and unzip
his own pants. Wargreymon was thrown across the room slamming down onto the
hard metal floor ten feet away from Leomon. With the last of his strength
Wargreymon rolled over to his stomach and tried to crawl to Gabumon, wanting
to touch him.. Just once more.

"Hehehehehe" Leomon snickered to himself watching the mega Digimon showing
his patheticness  as he slowly rubbed himself off; being turned on by all
the blood and pain that was being given to Wargreymon.

".gabu..I." choked out Wargreymon

"Agumon... Please.don't leave me.." Cried Gabumon as Wargreymon began to
falter in consciousness.


Leomon walked to Wargreymon and picked him up by the waist. He slowly licked
off some of the blood dripping down his face. The taste of blood made him
hunger for flesh. He used his knees and spread Wargreymons legs as he pinned
him against the wall. The digi destined watched as Mimi and Sora cried for
their friend hiding their faces unable to watch the horror. Gabumon was
frozen in his place as he screamed and pounded against the glass trying to
get free. Wargreymon shut his eyes tightly as he felt Leomon enter him with
great force and speed.


Leomon punched his face as he started to pump himself in and out of
Wargreymon. Loving the smell of blood as he pleasured himself with
Wargreymon increased his hunger for fresh flesh. The walls of the mega's
anus hugged onto the lion's hard erection increasing his pleasure.
Wargreymon cried in a low moan as pain shot thru him time and again was he
felt himself being cleansed of all purity. Leomon sucked on his chest
licking his nipples as he continues to pleasure himself at the expense of 
Wargreymon's pain. Wargreymon felt Leomon's fur rub against his bloody body
as the hair on his crotch tickled Wargreymon's buttcheeks. Leomon increased
his thrusts as he drew new his climax ripping thru Wargreymon's insides with
his power and size. Blood gushed from Wargreymon's entrance as Leomon pumped
into him now biting down hard on his shoulder causing blood to squirt from
his veins and stream down his chest and arms. With a final entry to the base
of his penis he released his essence into Wargreymon, growling and roared to
this wonderful pleasure. Being fully pleasured after such hard work he grew
hungry and found himself growing very attached to the taste of Wargreymon's
flesh.  Gabumon fell to his knees in tears as Leomon pulled himself out of
Wargreymon. He punched the glass, fracturing his hand and knuckles, leaving
a fist stain of blood on the tube.

"I'm hungry" growled Leomon as he stared at the semi-conscious Digimon.

He picked up Wargreymon and smelled him from side to side, increasing his
appetite, as the aroma of fresh blood aroused his hunger.


"NOOO!!!! AGUMON!!!" Cried Gabumon as Leomon grabbed Wargreymons blood
stained hair and jerked his head back exposing his neck. Wargreymon
shuttered violently as he felt Leomon's sharp teeth  rip into his flesh at
the base of his neck. Leomon sank his teeth into Wargreymon to the perfect
depth as tore out his throat. Chewing on the piece of flesh he had in his
mouth he dropped the mega Digimon and returned to his place in another room.
  Wargreymon laid there being drowned in his own pool of blood that was
forming around him.

"AGUMON!!!! NO!!! PLEASE!! AGUMON!!!AGUMON!!!!!!!!!!" Gabumon's word's
became faint as Wargreymon drifted into the eternal sleep.


Wargreymon's body exploded into a billion bits of data and scattered,
disappearing into the air.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!AHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!" gabumon screamed as he hold his head

"...Nooooo...agumon.." whimpered Tai


"BASTARD!" Cried out Izzy

The Kaiser walked into the room with a smile across his face.
"Welcome.. To your death"


A river of power crashed into the emperor as he crashed against the wall.
The great loss in energy caused the spiral to shut down. Leomon managed to
escape before his cell door could close behind him.

"FIST OF THE LION KING" One straight beam destroyed all the tubes that
imprisoned the digidestined and their Digimon.  Gabumon ran to the Digimon
emperor and punched his face splattering blood across the wall behind them.

"This is for agumon you son of a bitch" he said as Kent felt Gabumon's Claws
sink into his chest and rip out his heart. He slids down against the wall
dead.. but agumon was still gone.

"We must leave this place..." said leomon

the digidestined escaped to the outside in silence..
Gabumon cried throughout the night.
Veemon woke in the darkness... no longer hearing gabumon's cries..
He was gone.
Veemon followed the trails of tears to the edge of a cliff where gabumon
stood on a large rock.. Ready to end his life.

"GABUMON NO!!!" Yelled veemon

"theres nothing left for me to live for..." said gabumon taking a step
towards his death.


Veemon grabbed gabumon before he could jump and wrestled him to the ground.


Gabumon was knocked out cold.... for his own good.
---------------------------------------------------the next
"but agumon.." whimpered Gabumon
"he's never coming back..."
Everyone choose a site for agumon's memorial and paid their last respects.
"ill miss you my love.."
He walked away until he reached the plains that they last fought in before
agumon's demise.

"UHH!!!" a thought flashed into his head a replay of what happed before they
were captured played in his mind... after what seemed like an eternity he

"We... We can bring him back!!"

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