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(Mon to Mon sex)

This chapter is 4 hours after chapter 7 "Injustice Delivered"

Tears and Pain
By Gabumon_Lover

Blue- Wargreymon

"im sorry."
"oh ..please forgive me.."

"you hurt... me"
"you... raped me.."
" greymon.I..I"
"greymon!! No!"
"NO Greymon!!! Please I..love you.."


Exveemon woke up to the darkness of the night sky.
X-vee was sweating like crazy after the horrible dream..
"im sorry wargreymon." he said crying as he touched wargreymons face.
Wargreymon was still out from the massive beating he received earlier. The
bleeding had stopped..  But the memory will forever be there...

The night was cold and harsh. X-vee didn't know where wargreymon took the
digidestined. But he knew they were ok. he picked up wargreymon and carried
him to a nearby cave. Inside was an abandoned home that looked like was
inhabited by cave-type Digimon. There was a fire hole with fresh dry wood
inside.  Xvee used his hot breath to ignite the flame. Wargreymon was still
out. he set wargreymons head in his lap while he sat by the fire.  The soft
echo of

"p..please stop." ran through his head.

Though he was not in control of his body when the dark spiral hit him.. He
did however remember everything he did. He pulled open his pouch and saw
that it was stained with wargreymon's dried blood.
"oh. god" though Exveemon
he had spotted a little river not very far from the cave. he had to rid
himself of wargreymon's essence. He placed wargreymon's fainted body on a
large piece of moss, and walked into the night toward the river.  The water
was cold as he entered the river, he pulled open his pouch so that the water
could clean him of wargreymon's blood. He washed his mouth out, and tasted
wargreymon as spit the water out. he wept as he cleaned himself. He cried as
he though of all the horrible things he had done.

He clinched his hand into a massive fist "you'll pay for this emperor."
"I swear it"

as he walked back to the cave, he saw a shadow move upon the fires glow. He
thought someone had found them. Exveemon ran to the entrance of the cave,
and saw that wargreymon was gone. He walked in and searched for the mega
level Digimon.

"..wargreymon?" he said softly
"Stay away!! Don't touch me!!!" wargreymon was still weak. Barely having
enough strength to stand he sat their in the corner of the cave, staring at
Exveemon with absolute horror in his eyes.

"please. greymon... look the spiral is gone.."

wargreymon took a quick glance at Exveemons neck and saw that it was truly
gone. but strangely, that took very little effect on his fear of the Armored
Digimon in front of him.

"E.Exvee.mon?" he began with a huge shaking in his voice
"it me. im not under control anymore." Replied Exveemon
"..ohhhh" he fainted
Exveemon caught wargreymon before he fell to the ground from fatigue. He
laid him back down on the moss and swiped his long orange hair away from his
face. Wargreymon slowly regain his sight. The moment he saw Exveemons face
he began to tremble.
"please.. don't be afraid I wont hurt you anymore."
"you..you beat me.." Said wargreymon
"you raped me." he began to cry
" it hurt so much. your smile.so much terror went through me." he could talk

"please forgive me.. Greymon ill never leave your side.ill never hurt you
again. I love you. so much.." he kissed greymons face and tasted tears. He
saw the bruises on his chest and face. Dried blood was still on the entrance
of wargreymon's tail hole.
Wargreymon's chest was still stained with Exveemon's cum.
"I saw a river a little while ago lets go wash you off." Said Exveemon as he
pick wargreymon up and carried him out the cave. All wargreymon could do was
give a weak nod.  Exveemon walked along the river until they reached its
end. The river flowed into a pond 1 mile away from their cave. Exveemon
dipped his foot into the water and found it freezing. Because they were a
fire Digimon for the both of them he didn't think wargreymon could handle
the extreme temperature. He looked around the area for another alternative.
He saw that the pond was very shallow about waist high at the deepest. And
also saw a couple of mid-sized boulders near the end of the pond. An idea
sparked in his head. He set wargreymon down on a rock nearby and picked one
boulder up in each hand. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard on fire
and super heat. The rocks in his hands glowed a bright red as it was being
superheated by Exveemons hands. Before the boulder could have time to melt
Exveemon threw them inside the pond causing the water to heat up rapidly and
create a soothing steam. He did this until the pond boiled hot as hell.
Being fire Digimon that didn't bother them at all. The water boiled at 500
degrees Fahrenheit as he stepped in with wargreymon in his arms.

"perfect" he thought

he slowly set wargreymon down into the water and washed him softly with a
handful of moss. Wargreymon opened his eyes and felt wonderful. The steam
soothed his wounds and bruises, and the water washed away all his blood and

"ouch!" he yelled as the hot water reached his bloody tail hole.
"just relax. it wont heal unless we clean it" said Exveemon as he gently
wiped over wargreymon's hole with the moss and cleaned all the blood away.
Wargreymon was clinching tight to Exveemons arms as the pain surged through
his body.
"its all done." Said Exveemon as he finished cleaning his master off.

Wargreymon now had the strength to walk on his own. As they walked back to
the cave they were silent. Wargreymon broke that silence.

"X?..." he began
"..ya?" Exveemon was afraid to answer.
"you wont tell.. Gabumon about this will you?"
"...no, I wont" he said

they reached the cave and wargreymon sat in front of the fire. He thought
about gabumon the entire time. He stared into the fire and though what would
happen if gabumon found out.. "he wont get mad at me" he thought
"I mean.. I was raped... I could do anything."
Exveemon looked at wargreymon and thought about what he did to him. He
walked up to him and put his hand on wargreymon shoulder.
"wargreymon?" he began
"do you ..love me?" Exveemon asked
"do you?" he asked again
"X... you know my heart belongs to . gabumon" wargreymon finally answered.

They were silent again

"well.. Tell me..?. did I do anything else but just .. fuck you" he asked
with a blush on his face.
"ya..you sucked on me.."
"and you made me cum in your mouth.."
"did you like that part?" he asked
"well... ya.. But you were still hurting me."
"well. Then.. Let me repay you for what I did." With that said wargreymon
was pushed on his back. He felt Exveemon suck on his fully erected member
that made its way out as wargreymon remembered the blowjob he received from
Exveemon earlier.  Exveemon took the entire shaft into his mouth and suck
hard on the base to the tip. He licked the bottom of his cock where the skin
was the most sensitive. This cause wargreymon to shutter. Exveemon licked
wargreymon nut sac and played with it in his mouth. Moans of pleasure came
out of wargreymon was he laid there  enjoying the treatment he was getting
from Exveemon. He felt himself getting ready to cum as his dick grew hot in
Exveemons mouth.  Exveemon sensed this and pulled the massive cock out of
his mouth and gave it one long lick from the base to the tip, were he ended
with a light suck. He stood up and positioned his tail hole on wargreymon
cock. He bit his lower lip and slowly slid down. Wargreymon grunted and
moaned each time Exveemon slid back up until only the head of his dick was
inside him and slammed the entire length back into him as he gave a slight
whimper of pain each time. Exveemon was so tight and his hole hugged onto
wargreymon member as it slid in and out of his ass. Exveemon felt wargreymon
get hot inside of him and pumped even faster. He pressed all his weight into
him trying to get his shaft to go as deep as he could. Wargreymon bucked his
hips hard and blew his load into Exveemon. His cum covered and coated his
insides and he cumed all over wargreymon chest. He got up to his feet
pulling wargreymon out of him, and licked wargreymon chest clean of his
seed. Wargreymon just laid there panting and moaning in pure pleasure but
gasped as he felt Exveemon lift his legs and spreading them.

"NO!...please not again."
"its ok I wont."

he licked the injured area from wargreymon's tail hole. Even Exveemons soft
tongue created a little pain, but that soon passed. Exveemon entered his
tongue into wargreymon's hole and licked his walls still tasting his own cum
inside of him.

" trust me."
when wargreymon was still sleep Exveemon found some aloe-like plants growing
nearby and picked it for later use in wargreymon's injuries. He applied the
smooth gel he extracted from the plant and pasted it on his hard cock.

"don't hurt me again..please"

Exveemon coated his dick with the gel and positioned himself at wargreymon's
"trust me" he said
wargreymon sinked his claws into Exveemons arms and Exveemon pushed himself
into wargreymon. He entered very easily, but the damage done to that area
left his tail hole very very sensitive to pain. The pain soon left
wargreymon as the aloe took effect.
"does it still hurt?" asked Exveemon
wargreymon shook his head, and with that Exveemon pulled himself out.
He laid down next to wargreymon and licked his face as he slowly massaged
his pouch. They fell asleep in that position, and Exveemon never had that
dream again.

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