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Enter the Gabu.
BY: Gabumon_Lover
This is my first Lemon, and 600% of this credit goes to my Internet buddy,
Flamdramon_Lover. Thank you for your help.

"Give it BACK!!!!!! That hat is worth more than you. you. you creepy little
Lizard!!!" Yelled Mimi in rage. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA try and catch me," laughed
Agumon. "OHHHH!!!! TAI!!!! Get your stupid Digimon to give me back my hat!"
"Do they always do that?" said Joe with the expression of a headache "I
guess so" said Tai.  Despite the Noise of Mimi and Agumon in they're little
confutation it was a beautiful day in the digital world. Mimi had just come
back from America, Tai and Matt was on their vacation and the digi-destined
decided to have a nice little picnic and a good old campout in the digital
world. They've just cleared the entire area of dark spires and they just
needed a break. Joe was watching Izzy locate the next batch of dark spires,
Kari wan T.K were helping Gatomon catch fish for dinner, Cody was helping
Yolie set up their tents for the girls, and Gabumon, Gomamon, Armadilomon,
Veemon, Palmon, Biyomon, Hawkmon, and patamon were gathering the firewood
needed for the night.
Each of them finished what they were doing and they were all ready to eat.
"Im starving" Said Joe " lets eat" "Give it BACK!!!!"  Yelled Mimi at the
top of her lungs.
"Agumon would you give it back already she's going to pop
a vain if you don't soon" said Tai " or my ears drums" said Joe. Agumon gave
Mimi her hat back with a smile, and she thanked him with a swift kick
between his legs. "...AGGGHHHHHHH" whimpered Agumon as he fell in absolute
pain. "The guys moaned in pain for Agumon as they held their own nuts
thanking God it wasn't them.  " MIMI!!" Cried Tai " your not suppose to do
that... Unless he was attacking you.  "Serves him right" and she turned her
head and walked away. "are you alright Agumon?" said Joe and Matt and they
helped him up. "Ya ill be ok" cried Agumon with a voice so high he could
match Patamon anytime. They ate, and talked about crushing the Digimon
emperor. All except Gabumon. Gomamon was the first to notice this and
quickly told Matt, Tai, and Agumon about it. Hes probably just tired" said
matt, and tai agreed; they did destroy over 30 dark spires that day and most
of the work was done by Wereurumon. "just let him rest" said Agumon not very
into the subject still cuffing his testicals trying to get the swelling down
after Mimis vicious kick. The digi-destined fell asleep under the starts and
the girls were in their tents patting Mimi on the back for showing the guys
that they wont be pushed around " guys are such jerks" said Sora  "agreed"
said the grils in unison.

In the middle of the night Agumon was waken up by the pain that was still
entrapped in his nuts. "ouch, that's the next time I try and mess with mimi"
thought Agumon. "Oh god it hurts.. maybe some cold water would stop the
swelling." He got up slowly and as quietly as he could trying not to wake
the others and walked to river nearby. But as he was leaving he noticed that
Gabumon wasn't there. "???hmmm?" Thought Agumon "there was something
bothering him, ill go find him and talk about it".." Maybe that would get my
mind off my damn nuts.. Oh god the pain." ok take it slow. He took a deep
breath. He walked painfully to the river and noticed Gabumon sitting upon a
rock at the far side of the camp. He was looking down at the water with a
depressed look on his face. " There really is something bothering him."
Thought Agumon he walked slowly trying not to let gabumon notice him,
because he knows Gabumon was the kind that like to talk to himself, maybe he
could listed to what's bothering him.

"why do I have these weird feelings?" "and moreover why do I have these
feeling for him?" "Ii can be that.. It cant be love.. can it?" "NO!. it cant
be. why?.. because he's well ..hes so.. Agumon." Gabumon was swimming in a
pool of thought when his attention was shattered by a sudden noise of a
broken branch followed by a "OUCH my Nuts!!".. "opps" "HI." said agumon
having tripped over a branch and landed on his left nut. "Agumon?" what are
you doing here... and how long have you been their?" said gabumon. " oh not
very long I needed something to ease this pain" said Agumon, and with that
said forgetting completely that he was standing in front of another digiMON
he showed him his hidden pouch that concealed his aching balls that just
received a quick kick by yours truly Mimi. Gabumon was overwhelming by the
site, hes never seen another digimons pouch before, unless its his own. It
was bulging because of the swelling, and the sight strangely turned him on..
A lot. Agumon broke the silence and asked if their was something wrong? "
huh?. umm no, there nothing wrong why do you ask?" Agumon pointed to his
crouch and he found that his cock was halfway out of its pouch because apon
seeing Agumon swollen member. "Agumon.. I think I have feeling for you."
Said Gabumon with a blush on his face redder that Agumon's nuts. "huh?." He
didn't know what to say. He was struck dumb by the very knowledge that
gabumon had feeling for him. "you hate me don't you?" cried gabumon with a
tear on his cheek. He was about to say "Im sorry" to Agumon but quickly
withdrew when he felt agumons lizard-like tongue caress his face licking off
the tears he once had. "I thought you'd never have the same feelings for me
as I did for you"  said Agumon as he kissed gabumon once more on the cheek.

"I think I have a way to get that swelling down.. If you'll let me" said
gabumon with a slight blush. " Anything to get the pain to go away" said
Agumon. Gabumon laid him on his back and told him to stay there. He ran to
the river and came back with some water in his mouth. He gurgled the water
for Agumon to see but he had no idea what gabumon was doing. Until gabumon
pulled open his pouch and slowly spit the now ice cold water out of his
mouth onto his swollen crouch.
Agumon had completely forgot gabumon as an
ice-type Digimon and turning that water from warm to cold was not problem as
all. The chilled water soothing his balls sent shivers down his back. The
pain instantly disappeared. Thanks Gabumon. Gabumon was rewarded with a long
kiss as Agumon rubbed his body with his claws and slid down to gabumons
hidden pouch. He slid one claw into the pouch and rubbed his member causing
Gabumon to moan with pleasure. Agumon felt gabumon almost instantly become
erect as his ice-cold prick came out of the pouch and started to rub itself
on agumon's stomatch. Gabumon broke the kiss and stuck his dog-like tongue
into agumon's pouch and licked his now less swollen member until it was well
out if it pouch, without hesitation gabumon took the entire shaft into his
mouth and began to suck on Agumon lightly trying not to cause his still
swollen parts any pain. He slid his long tongue along the bottom side of
agumon's long smooth dick where its most sensitive, Agumon moaned in
pleasure and climaxed releasing his seed into Gabumons mouth. Gabumon felt
his hot digiseed cover the back of his throat and swallowed every last drop
not letting one bit escape. Agumon took himself out of gabumons mouth, and
licked him from his stomatch to his neck and whispered to his ear "My turn"
before gabumon could respond to agumons words he was flipped on his stomach
and felt his asshole being rubbed by agumons claw. Agumon slid his lizard
tongue into gabumon ass and lubricated it. Using one hand to keep gabumons
tail off his head and the other to rub gabumons balls as he continued his
treatment and felt gabumons prick turn ice-cold as he sprayed his sub-zero
cum all over the ground and on agumons hand. Agumon licked his claws clean
of his lovers cum and positioned himself on gabumons hole. "will it hurt?"
said gabumon panting still getting over his first climax. "Only for a little
while, trust me" replied Agumon gabumon felt a small pain in his ass as
Agumon slid himself in half way and stopped so gabumon could adjust to this
new sensation. After waiting a few seconds agumon slid the rest of his shaft
into gabumon and began humping at first slowly but increased his speed as
his sweat lubricated gabumon even more than his saliva. "ohhhhhh..." moaned
gabumon as he was getting rammed by Agumon faster every time he went him.
The pain he once felt was gaon just as he said and was replaced by pleasure
he had never felt before. He felt agumons cock turning flaming hot inside of
him as he shot is second load to the ground freezing the grass under him.
"uhnnn.." Agumon moans were soft and smooth as he shot his hot cum deep into
gabumon coating his insides. Agumon shivered as he felt gabumons hole turn
ice cold when he pulled himself out. " I love you Agumon" said gabumon  "me
too" said Agumon
they fell asleep under the stars holding each other, with the sense  that
they will never be apart.

Well that was my first ever. Soooooo? What did you think? E-mail me for
comments (positive please I have feelings too ya know) and requests. I do
mainly yaoi but if you want something else that you would like me to do im
open so go ahead.!