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Going the

Wrong Way

     The morning light caused the dew to reflect multitudes of color from the grass, making the area seem more radiant and beautiful. Veemon awoke next to the smoldering embers of the fire. On the opposite side of the fire were Gabumon and Armadillomon, sleeping peacefully side by side.

     The first thing Veemon noticed as he sat up, yawning, was that Agumon was not there. This worried Veemon. What if he’d gotten lost?

     With a sigh, Veemon went searching for Agumon. Gabumon would freak out if Agumon got more lost than he already was. He knew that they’d had something special, but he couldn’t help wanting to be with Agumon himself. His mind kept straying back to the time that he, as ExVeemon, had raped him. At the time, he had been WarGreymon, but it still would have hurt.

     “No,” said Veemon aloud, shaking his head clear. “That was in the past. This is a brand-new start.”

     All of a sudden, a roar and a cry pierced the still morning air.



     Gabumon woke up to the wonderful feeling of the outdoors in the morning. The fire had died out, and Armadillomon was still sleeping with a strange smirk on his face. Gabumon normally would have given a grin or something, but this day he just didn’t feel like it. He’d gotten over the initial shock of losing his true love, and now depression had settled in. Once-happy memories flooded his mind. Now, that’s all they could ever be—memories. Agumon was really gone. He didn’t even remember how it had felt to be in love, how it had felt to have Gabumon with him. In fact, like in Gabumon’s nightmare, he didn’t even remember Gabumon. At the time, Gabumon was so busy with his depression that he too failed to notice Agumon’s absence. It was only when Tai started calling Agumon’s name an hour later that he realized that his love had gone.

     Gabumon immediately ran up to Tai.

     “Tai, please tell me Agumon isn’t lost!”

     “I don’t know, Gabumon,” replied Tai. “We’re looking for him now. Matt’s already gone out by the lake to see if he’s there.”

     “Hey!” cried Davis from the other end of the camp. “Veemon’s missing too!”

     Gabumon had to find Agumon. He purposefully strode into the forest, following the scent of the one he loved.



     Agumon was in a different lake from the one Matt was looking at. At the moment, he was fighting with all his strength to keep his head above water. A big Digimon was trying to pull him under! Veemon arrived at the scene as quickly as he could.

     “Hang on, Agumon!” he shouted. He could see the thick coils of a Dark Seadramon writhing in the water underneath Agumon.

     “Veemon, help me!” cried Agumon. “I don’t wanna drown!”

     “You won’t drown, Agumon!” yelled Veemon. “I won’t let you!” But what could he do? He was only a rookie, and Davis wasn’t there to Digivolve him! The only thing he could think of was to distract the big sea monster Digimon. He knew it was risky, but he jumped into the water.

     The big Dark Seadramon was distracted by Veemon as the blue Rookie swam down, down into the dark depths of the lake. Dark Seadramon immediately released Agumon to go after another prize. Agumon immediately swam for the ground, searching desperately for Veemon.

     It was about a full, breathless, intense minute until Veemon resurfaced. Gasping for air and more blue in the face than normal, Veemon swam as fast as he could. However, Dark Seadramon was right on his tail! No way would he make it! Agumon had to do something!

     “PEPPER BREATH!” he cried. The fireballs were more potent than usual, and slowed Dark Seadramon down just enough to allow Veemon to climb up onto the ground, panting heavily. Agumon dragged him to safety to prevent the slightly-stunned Dark Seadramon from attacking them.

     Within minutes, Veemon was sitting up, alert as ever, though shaken by what had just happened. As for Agumon, he had questions.

     “Veemon, weren’t you scared?”

     “Well,” said Veemon, “I was more scared for you than of Dark Seadramon…. I didn’t want to lose you, Agumon.”

     “But why?”

     “Agumon, don’t you get it? You said once… that the way I touch you sometimes makes you uncomfortable. I said you always used to like that stuff, remember? But you’d never done it with me…. Only with Gabumon. But I really like you, Agumon,” he said, as sincerely as he possibly could.

     Agumon was dumbstruck. Things were getting more confusing for him by the minute.

     “You risked your life for me, Veemon,” said Agumon. He felt as if he weren’t talking at all—as if another force were talking within him. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

     Now, the “Sex” file may have been erased from Agumon’s memory, but the “Instinct” file definitely hadn’t. Instinct was something that Digimon needed to survive. And it certainly kicked in at that time, for suddenly Veemon found his muzzle pressed against Agumon’s. A warm tongue was trying to get into Veemon’s mouth. Slowly, Veemon embraced Agumon, melting into his arms. This was just what Veemon had been waiting for.

     The two of them kissed passionately, exploring each other for the first time. Veemon was going to create a new file within Agumon’s memory to replace the old one that had been lost—and he was going to enjoy it. He broke the kiss and began licking down Agumon’s neck. Normally, Agumon would feel awkward, but for some reason, he enjoyed it this time. In fact, he even raised his head so that Veemon could have better access to his neck. From there, the blue dragon licked down Agumon’s chest, using a hand to stroke his back and tail, until he got to the crucial part—Agumon’s sheath. Veemon was going to have to make this very special for Agumon. His brain would register this as his first time. Slowly, Veemon allowed his tongue to travel into Agumon’s pouch.

     Poor Agumon could not explain the feelings that were running through him at the time. He felt as if his knees were going to buckle, as if he were about to collapse, as if he could just melt at any second. Veemon was having an effect on him that he never could have dreamed of! Slowly, the pink tip of Agumon’s cock became visible. As Veemon continued to tease this sensitive organ with his tongue, it emerged more and more, until a blushing Agumon’s 7-inch prick was standing out proudly before him. Slowly, teasingly, Veemon’s tongue traced a path from the base to the tip of Agumon’s rod and back down the other side.

     Agumon was beginning to whimper. Why did this feel so good? Why did it feel so right? Could he have been falling for Veemon? Agumon threw back his head and moaned loudly, enjoying receiving his “first” blowjob almost as much as Veemon enjoyed giving it. The taste of sweet precum dripping from the tip of Agumon’s cock was a turn on which made Veemon suck even harder, taking the entire rod into his mouth.

     Suddenly, Agumon was filled with waves and waves of complete euphoria. He could not explain the liquid that he felt literally erupting from his cock. He could not explain the lightheadedness he suddenly felt. And he couldn’t explain why, as soon as that one large orgasm ceased to exist, Agumon fell to the ground and blacked out.

     Veemon sat up with a grin, very satisfied with his work as he watched Agumon sleep—that is, until the voice came.

     “V-v-veemon?!” It was a voice of utter disbelief. A voice of pain and sadness. It was Gabumon’s voice. And who should be hiding nearby but Gabumon himself. He took one look at Agumon, one look at Veemon, and one look at the cum stains all over them. He could feel his whole world crashing down on him once again.

     “H-how…. W-why would… you….”

     “Gabumon, wait!” cried Veemon. “Stop, please!”

     But Veemon was too late. Gabumon ran as fast as he could back to the camp with hot tears pouring from his eyes. Veemon simply stared in silence. In wanting to be with Agumon, Veemon had inadvertently ruined Gabumon’s chances of ever getting his true love back.



To Be Continued….


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