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Gabumon Wakes Up To His Dream



      Gabumon and the gang who just game from a day of fighting were are all sleeping in a cave near they found in a forest near  the edge of the mountain.

            "Aaah *pant* Aaah*pant* ooohh!" gabumon moaned in his sleep next to the other digimon. "*grunt* *pant*  slow down! *grunt* *pant*" Agumon was above him, tentamon below, gommamon to his right, and patamon to his left. gabumons moaning was echoing throught the whole cave but nobody seemed to be awaken by the sounds of Gabumon.

            The next day, Gabumon, Agumon, and Gommamon woke up before all the others and went out in search of food they can bring back. All three digimon walked quietley together out the cave making sure not to wake anyone into the woods.

            "Why were you moaning last night Gabumon?" asked Agumon just wanting to start up a conversation, "Were you in pain?"

            "uummm...I was just having a dream that's all" Gabumon casually answered.

            "About what?" Gommamon asked.

            "... Look some berries!" Gabumon said trying to get off the subject. Gabumon ran toward the bushes and started pick some berries nervously.

            Agumon and Gommamon thought for a second and smiled, they looked at each other and nodded.

            "You weren't, by any chance dreaming about you and Matt together... were you?" Agumon asked with a confident face. Gabumon blushed crimson and turned his head.

            "Well...umm..." Gabumon mummbled then looked down at the ground,  "*sigh* Yes I was" he softly, ashaimfully replied.

            Agumon and Gommamon both were concerned. They knew Gabumon was making a mistake getting his hopes up.

            "We told you before..." Gommamon said trying to lay down the disappointment softly.

            "Yeah, a human can't fall in love with a digimon. They can't love us because we're not humans, we look different and we are different. Humans can like us, but not love us." Agumon explained

            "I know..." Gabumon said sad and disappointed, " But I wish... he could love me."

            Agumon and Gommamon both put their arms around Gabumons shoulder to try and comfort him. They both looked down at Gabumons face and try to see if he alright.

            "Gabumon... are you going to be... o.k.?" Agumon asked sadly.

            "*sigh* I don't know, I just wish so much that Matt can love me as I love and care for him. I mean... In my dream, when Matt shoved his penis inside me, I felt like we were meant to be. He shoved his  long, warm penis in and out of me so passionately. Feeling his love felt better than feeling him in me. As he held on to me, I felt his careing for me. I felt so safe with him because it felt like he would die before he saw me get hurt. He made love to me not by accident, curiousity, or fun. He had sex with me to show that he loved me, and that's all I really want from him... his love " Gabumon told the two digimon with spirit.

            The two digmon felt sorry for Gabumon and rubbed his belly to try and make him feel better. Then  thought about who they loved themselves.

            "havn't you guys ever loved anybody?" Gabumon asked hoping they would understand.

            "Well..." Agumon spoke a bit ashaimed, "I have always wanted Tai to love me. I've masterbated watching Tai undress before. I sat in his closet as he took his cloths off one piece at a time. I rubbed my crotch until my penis slipped out of its pouch. I grabbed my penis with two claws and stroked it up and down watching tai and imagining him licking my red, warm penis."

            " And I have always wanted Izzy to love me. I've masterbated also watching izzy masterbate in the tub. I wish we both can masterbate together in the water. Me staring at him, and him staring and me. I even sometimes...hump pictures of him." Gommamon admitted and blushing .

            " But we both know that they can't love us," Agumon said.

            "Yeah, They're humans,... and we're Digmon." Gommamon sadly said.

            All three digimon sighed and looked down with their arms on eachothers shoulders and a spike through their hearts, all of them is pain and sorrow thinking about how they don't even have a chance to get with who they loved. They stood there together for awhile then picked some berries and bannannas and then heading back.

            Everybody was just waking up and Matt Stood up and yawned while stretchind his arms. He then looked over near tentamon where Gabumon was sleeping and saw a puddle of white. When Gabumon, Agumon, and Gommamon came in and Yelled out, "food!" Everyone was eating and talking loudly except for Gabumon, Agumon, and Gommamon who ate with their heads down eating sofltly. First Matt noticed and signaled Tai, Izzy, and Joe to notice the sad digimon.

            "Is something wrong Gabumon?" Matt asked softly trying not to hurt Gabumon. Gabumon then looked up at Matt with his shiney, watery red eyes trying to smile. He looked at Matt's face remembering the feeling in his dream and then feeling a apike thrusted in his gut when he knew he can never have that feeling. Only in a mere stage play can he feel that way but nothing compared to reality. Tears slid down his cheeks as he blinked. He then stood up and ran to the corner of the cave sobbing and covering his eyes as tears fell to the ground and glittered through the air. Then Agumon and Gommamon did the same following Gabumon. Everybody watched this sad and confused. They had no idea what was going on.   They wanted to help but didn't know how. Matt stood up and walked over to the heart broken digimon. He stepped in front of Gabumon and kneeled down. Gabumon sensed Matt but just couldn't look and kept his hands over his eyes as tears slid off his hands. Matt petted Gabumon's fur on his head. Gabumon felt needles pierce his heart everytime Matt petted him so he jolted the other way forcing Matt's hand off his head.  Matt stood up and stepped in front of him then kneeling again. He placed his hands around Gabumons forearms and slowly pulled them away from his face. Gabumon felt sorry for forcing Matt's hand off his head so he let Matt pull hiss hands off his face. Gabumons eyes were a little bit bloodshot as the tears in his eyes glared in the light. His cheeks and nose were also a bit red and his soft, tender, yellow cheeks were wet as well from his tears. He looked at Matt while tears slid down his face.


                        "Whats the matter Gabumon?" Matt asked softly and concerned, "You can tell me, I wont react the way you don't want me to react."

            "Matt, the truth is... I..." Before Gabumon was able to finish, a flying bug digimon flew in the cave and began to attack.The rest of the digimon that were still at the berries digivolved and attacked. They all managed to hit the foe once but got hit after that and de-digivolved back to rookie. the digimon that were crying were not able to digivolve because they didn't eat much. Agumon ran toward the bug digimon and used his pepper breath. He managed to hit him but after that, he was slashed into the air and into the cave wall. Gommamon also ran at the foe and slashed it with his claws but he  was also hit and tossed into the air and into the walls as well. Gabumon then dashed and started to run towards the bug digimon with tears in his eyes not caring about his life but about Matt's life. Gabumon was not trying to save Matt so he would start to love him but Gabumon was trying to save Matt because he still loved Matt even if Matt didn't love him back and just him loving Matt was enough for GAbumon to fight for him.Gabumon didn't even have his own life in mind, only Matt's. Gabumon dashed and jumped into the air with tears still in his eyes and head-butted the foe directly in the chest. Gabumon got slashed to the ground but the bug digimon died right after he hit Gabumon. The scene was like a photograph in time the three digimon on the dirt floor wern't moving.Tai ran to Agumon and Joe ran to Gommamon. Matt dashed and sprinted toward Gabumon with tears sliding down his face. Matt picked up Gabumons back and held head in his arms. He stared at the soft, bruised, tender, yellow body while his tears were running down his face, waiting for Gabumon to move. Matt gasped as Gabumon slowly opened his eyes. Matt's tears were flowing down his face as he smiled down at poor Gabumon lying in his arms bruised.

            "...Love You." Gabumon whispered softly smiled with tears

 not caring if Matt would feel the same way or not. He layed in Matt's arms smiling and was too weak to move too much. Gabumon just felt happy  he told him. Just him loving Matt alone was enough for him to be happy and fight for him.

            Matt smiled greatfully and looks at Gabumon smiling at him, he looks at his bruised face and looks into Gabumons red,watery eyes staring at him. Gabumaons cheeks were a bit red and wet from his tears. Matt slowly moves his face closer to Gabumons face. Then Matt finally joined his soft lips with Gabumons soft, yellow lips and passionately kisses Gabumon. Gabumon  , a bit surprised but happy, slightly opened his mouth just before Matt began kissing him. Matt slips his warm tongue into Gabumons mouth and rubs, twist, and dances with Gabumons tongue. Then Gabumon slips his warm doggy tongue into Matt's mouth. Both of them passionaetly slurping. Matt softly breaks the kiss and whispers," I love you too."

            Gabumon's smile grows bigger and his eyes get wetter, and  tears of joy ran down his face as he blinked. Gabumon has been waiting an eternity for Matt to say he loves him back.

            "They said a human can't fall in love with a digimon." Gabumon told Matt confused.

            "Gabumon... a human can love a digimon. I can give and make love to a digimon, it wont feel wierd to fuck a reptile digimon or a dog digimon, as long as I love that digimon. And  I love you love me."  Gabumon smiled in Matt's arms with his wet eyes and all was still until Gabumon felt Matt's warm hand rubbing his crotch. Gabumon looked down and then back up at Matt's face, smiles, and then rubs Matt's cheek with the back of his hand and says,

            "Thank you Matt for so much,  all I really wanted was for you to love me, and I was sad everytime I thought about it because I thought it was impossible, and finally love me. But.... are you sure you want to make love to me?"

            Matt became worried, "W...Why Gabumon? Don't you want me to?"

            Gabumon became nervous that Matt got the wrong idea, "No! I want you to make love to me. That's all I've been dreaming about. I really do, you laying down with me, with our warm bodies rubbing on eachother. But... maybe you don't really...want... to.... I would love you without sex, Matt."

            Matt smiled, "Oh Gabumon, I really do want to do this, I won't regret it, I promise. Do you mind if I make love to you now, Gabumon?"

            Gabumon smiled, "Sure Matt, if you want to.... and Please Matt.... let's make love slowly, I've been waiting for this all my life and.... I want it to last."

            Matt's legs were between Gabumons legs and Matt reached down between them and continues to rub againts Gabumons soft crotch. Soon Gabumons limp, red penis starts to slide out of its pouch. Matt grabs it and masterbates for Gabumon. Gabumon then unbutten Matt's pants and pulls its off, then reaches his warm hand inside Matt's briefs and garbs his penis and masterbates for him also. Matt places his other hand on the side of Gabumons face, and  Gabumon places his other arm around Matts neck. Gabumon begins to moan in pleasure and  Gabumons penis is soon extended to its full 12 icnhess and Matt's grows to its full 7 inches. Gabumon pulls off Matt's briefs then Matt lets go of Gabumon, and fondles with his baby blue balls. Gabumon stops jacking Matt off  and puts his hands on his butt cheeks.

            "you're kind of chubby Gabumon." Matt tells Gabumon softly.

            Gabumon blushes, "Well, I have tried to lose some pounds but..." Matt cut him off with a soft kiss.

            "I like you a bit chubby." Matt told Gabumon. Gabumon then smiled because Matt even loved what himself thought was a bad thing. Matt's hand then lifted up Gabumons blue balls and then rubs Gabumons ass hole with the tip of his penis.

            "Are you ready lover?" Matt asked. Gabumon sighed and smiled when he heard "lover", "Yeah, Im ready lover." Gabumon answered.

            Gabumon liftes up his legs and Matt slowly slid his warm long penis inside Gabumons soft, tight ass hole. Gabumon could feel his ass hole being fucked by his lovers penis and moans as it gets deeper. Gabumon helps Matt slowly push his penis in by pulling Matt's ass closer. Gabumon gasps as the whole 7 inches is in him . Gabumon looked up at Matt's happy, wet eyed face and feels welded together with love, then smiles a little more. Matt stared lovingly into Gabumons wet eyes as he pulls out slowly and pushes back in slowly . Matt picks up the pace a little bit and continues to hump Gabumons ass hole under his blue balls and red penis. Matt humps, and humps, and humps while gabumon feels the long warm penis slide in and out of his soft, tight ass hole. Gabumon wanted Matt to have an idea of the pleasure he was feeling so Gabumon pushed his middle finger in Matt's tight ass hole and slides his finger in and out slowly and then a little faster. When Matt felt Gabumons finger enter his ass, he gasped and gradually leaned close to Gabumons face, still slowly and gracefully fucking him, until his nose was touching the tip of Gabumons wet nose. Matt was able to feel breathing from Gabumons wet black nose to his dry nose. The wind from Gabumons nose was  turning Matt on. Matt then slowly moved his lips foward untill his lips were gentlely suckling on Gabumons lips. They both slip their tongues in eachother mouthes and start to twirl with the others tongue. They both then closed their eyes and began to moan softly as they both quietly slurped while Gabumon was still being fucked. As Gabumon wraps his legs around Matt's waist, Matt starts to push his penis in a bit harder


             As the the two lovers fucked and slurped, they forgot all about the people and digimon around them. As Agumon watched with tears of joy in his eyes, he knew he now had a chance with Tai.

            " Tai..." Agumon said, " you. I always did...ever since we met" he blushed and cracked a smile waiting for Tai's reaction.

            Tai looked at Agumon surprised at first, but then smiled. Tai kneeled down to see Agumon face to face. Agumon was still smiling at him waiting.

            "Then I love you Agumon." Tai told Agumon as he smiled greatly. Tai leanded foward and frenched Agumon and put his hands on the back Agumons head. Agumon put his clawed hands and put it on the back of Tais's head and pulled his lips closer to his as they both moaned and slurped pulling eachothers head closer together.


            Matt softly broke the kiss as Gabumon pulled his finger out. Matt then brought one hand to his face and sucked on one of his fingers then slowly brought his saliva coated finger to Gabumons lips. Gabumon opended his mouth a little just enough for the finger to slide in his mouth.  Gabumon softly suckled on his finger sucking Matt's saliva off and coating it with his saliva. Gabumon the gentely wrapped his fingers around Matt's wrist and slowly pulled out the finger from his mouth. Then he gradually brought the finger to Matt's own mouth for him to suck Gabumons saliva from his finger. Matt opened his mouth and Gabumon slowly pushed Matt's finger in. After that,Matt started to rub Gabumons yellow cheeks with his warm soft hands, then moved down slowly to his chest and nipples, and then rubbed his belly for awhile. Gabumons loved the rubbing on his little chubby belly and so he closed his eyes and sighed as his drooling tongue hung from the side of his smileing mouth. Matt noticed how much Gabumon loved this on his belly so he started rub more passionately. Matt then got an idea.

            "Gabumon, how do you like this?" Matt asked Gabumonmon in a soft sexy voice still rubbing his belly with his hands.

            " Oh Matt! It feels great! I love when my belly is rubbed! Thank you Matt." Gabumon answered happilly with his eyes still closed and tongue hanging out. While Gabumon said this, he didn't notice that Matt was pulling his penis out slowly from Gabumons ass hole. He was to busy enjoying the rubbing. All of a sudden Matt stoped. then as Gabumon was about to open his eyes he felt Matt's warm penis slowly rubbing on his rubber textured belly as Matt started to hump Gabumons belly. Gabumon started to moan in extreme pleasure.

            " you...*pant* like it?" Matt asked softly but breathing loud.

            "I like  it" Gabumon answered happily breathing hard."Ooohh! Matt!Matt! It feels so goood!*pant* *pant* hump my belly faster!This is the is going to be my all time *sigh* favorite posision ever. ",Gabumon moaned. Matt obeyed his lover and sped up the pace.

            "Oh Matt! *pant* is this a dream *pant* *pant*" Gabumon moaned.

            "You'll see " Matt assured Gabumon as he humped his belly in a fast pace. Matt's soft, hard, warm penis was turning red from the rubbing and began to hurt a bit but Matt just didn't want to stop. He didn't care how much it hurt, he didn't want to stop for Gabumon.

            "Gabumon! This feels so good...*pant* but this is starting to hurt my penis!"

            Gabumon opened his eyes and looked at Matt's penis. It was almost as red as his digi- penis.   

            "Matt! if it hurts, then stop. I don't want you in pain." Gabumon said worried about Matt

            "No... I want to...*pant* make you feel good" Matt moaned in extreme pain,

            "No...stop Matt! Stop it!" Gabumon screamed. But Matt kept humping and humping  Gabumons rubbery belly.

            "Don't worry Gabumon...*pant* I want to make you feel good no matter what, I don't *pant* mind the *pant* pain." Matt whispered in pain.

            Tears started to drip from Gabumons eyes again as he tried to  stop Matt, But Matt just kept humping in pain. Gabumon was crying and screaming loudly trying to make Matt stop hurting himself for Gabumon.

            "*sobbing* Matt! OK!OK! *sniff*...I feel good already" Gabumon cried as tears were flowing down his face. Matt dramatically slowed down then looked at Gabumon. Matt started to cry himself as he saw his lover below him crying in pain feeling so hurt and worried for him. Matt stared at Gabumon crying and crying with so much tears and pain.

            "Oh. I'm so sorry Gabumon." Matt said feeling very sorry, "I just wanted to make you happy... thats all...please forgive me Gabumon" Matt cried with water slipping down his cheeks.

            "*sniff* OK Matt... I forgive you." Gabumon replied softly thaen cracked a small smile with his eyes wet. Gabumon looked over at Matt's red and swallon penis.

            " How could you do this to your penis?" Gabumon asked Matt disappointed.

            " I just *sniff* ... love you so much."

            Gabumon smiled at Matt and then looked back at his penis. Gabumon lifted his hand and touched Matt's penis. As soon as he toched the red skin, Matt cummed over Gabumons belly covering the whole belly and a little bit of Gabumons finger. Gabumon was surprised at all the white cream that Matt had squirted  out. Gabumon had never seen this white cream before. Matt took Gabumon hand and licked his cum off Gabumon finger.

            "Does it still hurt?" Gabumon asked concerned.

            "Yes, a lot." Matt answered sadly.

            " You want me to try and help it?" Gabumon offered

            "Sure, how?"

            " I can suck on it softly to make it feel better, Would you like that?" Gabumon asked Yammato.

            "Very much"Matt slid his body from Gabumons belly to his chest. Matt stuck his swallon red penis in front of Gabumon who started at it.

            "Now tell me if I'm sucking too hard, ok." Gabumon said before opening his mouth. Matt slowly slid his penis in his mouth and Gabumon slowly closed his lips. Then stroked upward leavind a trail of saliva.

            "AAhhh! Too hard!" Matt screamed.

            " Oh, sorry" Gabumon apologized then started again but softer. He slid his lips slowly and carefully up and down Matt's swallon, red penis coating it with saliva. Matt closed his eyes and put his head back and began to moan in pleasure. Gabumon was able to taste of Matt's sweet cum and happily swallowed it. Gabumon didn't know what this cream was but he liked it. Gabumon loved the tase of Matt's dick so much. Matt reached back with his hands and rubbed Gabumons cum coated belly again. Matt covered his hand in his own cum and reached Gabumons red penis. He rubbed the cum all over it. Gabumon closed his eyes and moaned into Matt's penis which was still in his mouth. He wrapped his fingers gentley around Gabumons penis and stroked it very slowly upward, then very slowly back all the way down. The cum made this a smooth masterbation for Gabumon as Matt's hand was glideing slowly upward and down. Matt was able to speed up the masterbation faster and faster because of all the cum on Gabumons penis. Matt was now masterbating Gabumon as fast as he could with his head still back and eyes still closed. Gabumon could feel Matt's hand sliding smoothly up and down his penis covered in his lovers cum. Just the scent of the cum drove him wild and moaning very loud into Matt's penis. Gabumon can feel the wave of pleasure surrounding his slippery penis as Matt slid his hand up and down it very fast. Soon Gabumon sighed as he shot hot streams of cum into the air and onto his own belly mixing with Matt's cum. Matt put his hand up tho Gabumons face. Gabumon opened his mouth and pulled slowly the penis out and then Gabumon began sucking on Matt;s hand swallowing all the cum. Gabumon also tasted his own cum but thought it tasted very good also, so he didn't mind licking and swallowing Matt's cum and his own cum. Matt pushed three fingers in Gabumons mouth who sucked and sucked untill Matt's fingers were dry. Gabumon had some cum on his lips so Matt layed his body flat on him and french kissed Gabumon licking the cum of his lips and tasting some cum from Gabumons tonge as their tongues swirld. Matt pull away softly.

            "  you wanna try something yourself? Matt asked Gabumon nicely.

            "Well..." Gabumon hesitated.

            "Don't worry Gabumon, don't be shy, I'll be happy to do anything for you or to you." Matt assured.

            "Well... I want to...umm..." Gabumon nervously stuttered.

            "Gabumon, Just say it, I won't be discusted, angry, or anything but happy to do what you want us to do."

            Gabumon smiled, "OK... thanks Matt. First you're gonna have to get off me and stand up."

            Matt did as he was told with a smile.

            "OK, now put your briefs back on." Gabumon told Matt.

            " Are we done already Gabumon? Well if thats what you want..." Matt said confused.

            "No! No! No! It's nothing like that just wait." Gabumon told Matt worried that he got the wrong idea. Matt reached down, picked up his little pink briefs, and slid them on.

            " Now can you go down on your knees for me please?" Gabumon asked politely

            " Sure Gabumon, anything for you lover."

            Gabumon smiled as he heard "lover" again, he couldn't get enough of that word.So Matt got on his knees. Matt was surprised at what Gabumon did. Gabumon walked up to Matt and pulled the front of his briefs wide open.  Then while still facing Matt he lifted up his left leg and slid it into the right leg hole in the briefs with Matt's leg still inside also. Then Gabumon did the same with his right leg. So now Gabumon and Matt were in the same pair of briefs with their naked bodies facing eachother and being pressed againts eachother while Gabumons tail went through the penis opening of the briefs. 

            "Ok Matt, you can stand up now." Gabumon said. Since Gabumon was shorter than Matt in hight, When Matt stood all the way up, GAbumons legs were dangleing from the briefs. Both of their penises were being pressed together and so Matt grabbed GAbumon by his ass and started to hump Gabumon passionately while he was suspended. As both of their big, soft, tastey penises started to rub on eachother, Gabumon started to get really horny and started to hump Matt as well by grabbing his ass and hump while suspended. Gabumon had a bright smile because he was doing what he has always wanted to do. Gabumon stuck out his long, warm doggy tongue and closed his eyes as he licked Matt's nipples and chest sofly, he also softly nibbled on his nipples as he let their penises rub together.

            "ooohhhh Gabumon! What a great idea *hmph* you sure know how to have fun." Matt saidwith his eyes closed in a sexy voice.

            "Matt! Matt! Oh yeah!*hmph* aahh! keep humping me! Love me! Love me Matt! keep going! I want your penis more!" Gabumon yelled in pleasure as he squeezed Matt's ass harder. Matt then started to drool on his chest and GAbumon licked the siliva off right after if had fallen fresh from Matt's mouth. Matt squeezed Gabumons ass as hard as he can.

            "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Gabumon yelled in pure pain. " Matt!!!!!!"

            Matt opened his eyes to see why Gabumon was in pain.

            " LET GO!!!!!!!!!" Gabumon screamed.

            " OOPS! I'm very sorry Gabumon, I got carried away." Matt apologized.

            "It's OK Matt, I know you love me. You can still grab my ass while you hump me, just don't grab me so hard" Gabumon said nicely as he took his hands off Matt and rubbed his own ass.

            " OK, if you agree to squeeze my ass harder. I promise it doesn't hurt me." Matt said. Gabumon nodded and Matt put his hands back on Gabumons suspended ass as Gabumon placed his hands on Matt's ass. Gabumon grasped Matt's ass as hard as he could and Matt squeezed Gabumons ass.

            "Is this good Gabumon?" Matt asked being careful

            "You can still squeeze my ass a little harder if you want." Gabumon said. Matt did just that and began humping suspended Gabumon again as Gabumon squeezed Matt's ass as hard as he could. Matt just kept humpng and humping making his penis rub againts Gabumons red digi-penis. Gabumon was still licking and nibbleing at Matt's now wet chest.

            "Oh Gabumon *pant*  you're so goood! You're such a good digimon, nice and *hmph* polite." Matt panted

            " OOhhh! Matt!!!! hump me like a digimon!!! Gabumon was yelling.

            "Gabumon, mind if I try something again?" Matt asked

            Gabumon smiled , " Sure thing... anything you want. With you, I'm up for anything.... except pain of course."

            "Yeah of course, no pain. "

            " So Matt... what to do you want to do with me?" Gabumon asked casually.

            "First we have to take off these briefs, by the way Gabumon, i loved your idea , and i love you." Matt said lovingly.

            Gabumon blushed, " AAAAHHHH. Thanks Matt."

            They both pulled off the briefs and their hard long penises sprung out at once and began to bounce. " Follow me Gabumon" Matt said. Gabumon followed Matt to where they were eating before. The food were still on the rocks. Matt then stared at Gabumon and put his soft hands on his his back, and the back of his head, " OK, I want you to lay down here ok." Matt said nicely while softly and slowly laying him down on the ground carefully. Gabumon gentley smile as Matt's soft hands were supporting him and laying him down while he was  looking up at Matt's caring face. " Now wait here." Matt told Gabumon. Gabumon just layed there as he was told comfortabalely wondering what Matt was going to to then he heard Matt, " Alright, I'm ready to love you Gabumon." Matt said in a polite voice.

            "Are you hungry Gabumon?" Matt asked concerningly.

            " Yeah, after the fight, I'm starving. Why? Are we taking a quick break?" Gabumon said. Matt crawled over Gabumons body and looked into his beautiful, soft, glaring, red eyes. Gabumon looked into Matt's eyes until he saw Matt reach to the side of him and dipped his whole hand in jelly from berries he had crushed, then broght his hand up to Gabumons lips. Gabumon opended his mouth waiting to be fed. Matt put his hand between his jaws as Gabumon nawed, sucked and licked his jelly coated hand. Then Matt dipped his hand in more jelly after Gabumon licked most of the jelly before.

            "MMMM! tastey. Matt, you're a great chef. You have got to prepare food for me more often. Matt smiled and then smeard some jelly on Gabumons lips. Matt then layed his body on top of Gabumons with their bodys pressing on eachothers. Matt leaned his head to Gabumons lips and sucked on his lower yellow chunny lip sucking off the jelly as Gabumons sucked on Matt's upper lip.Matt then frenched Gabumon again. Gabumon tased the jelly off of Matt's tongue as they slurped then Matt released his lips. Gabumon smiled with his lips closed and remaining jelly on his lips, so Matt licked Gabumons lips slowly. While he was licking, Gabumon couldn't help to resist opening his mouth and wrapping both lips around Matt's tongue and sucking on it. Matt was shocked as he felt Gabumon suck his tongue. after awhile, Matt slowly slipped his tongue out of Gabumons mouth. Gabumon opened his mouth and stuck out his longer, larger, fatter, juiceier, doggy tongue. Matt was excited and wrapped his lips on Gabumons tongue and began sucking.

            " I 'ove 'ou" Gabumon tried to say with his tongue in Matt's mouth. Matt then slid his lips of his tongue and slid down Gabumons chubby, soft, yellow body until his face was staring at Gabumons tall, thick, red, juicy penis standing stright up. Matt took his jelly coated hand and rubbed Gabumons 8 inches, smuthering Gabumons penis in jelly. Gabumon stared down hoping Matt would do what he was thinking. Gabumon was not let down when he put his head back as Matt devoured his jelly penis. Gabumon was able to feel Matt sucking and licking off all the sweet jelly off his big juicy red penis. Gabumon looked down and saw Matt's head bobbing up and down over his penis. When Matt licked Gabumons penis clean, Matt said, " I'm still hungry Gabumon," in a sexy voice. Gabumon dipped his own hand in jelly and smuthered his own dick in jelly . Matt took the barely fitting penis in his mouth again and cleaned up Gabumons penis then took his lips off his penis.

            "Do you tthink you can spread your legs a little bit Gabumon?" Matt asked

            "Sure..." Gabumon spread his legs open a bit, "is this enough?" Gabumon asked 

            " Do you think you're able to spread them a little bit more?"

            "Sure." Gabumon said as he open his legs up fo Matt. Matt looked at Gabumons lower body, his tight open ass hole right under his blue balls. Gabumon looked up and tried to look at Matt but his own thick penis was in the way. Matt coated his own penis in jelly and grabbed Gabumons legs. Gabumon closed his eyes ready. Matt toched Gabumons ass hole with the tip of his penis and rubbed his ass hole with it for awhile then very very slowly pulled Gabumon and pushed his jelly penis into the yellow, chubby, tight, soft, ass hole. In 7 seconds, Matt whole penis was inside Gabumons ass hole. Matt pulled harder wanting to push his penis in as much as he could. Gabumons face looked in pain, but was in complete pleasure.  Matt pulled and pulled only getting his penis deeper by a few centimeters.

            "Uuhh Matt, you might want to do me rough and hard, but to tell you the truth, I... I'm a little sensative and... like it soft, slow, and smooth. My ass startes to hurt if I'm fucked hard or rough." Gabumon said sorry feeling like he let Matt down.

            " Don't be sad Gabumon, I don't mind doing you soft, slow, and smooth. I understand if your ass is a little extra sensitave. I'll be gentle. I'll be happy to fuck you the way you want. I mean if I were you, and my ass was as sensative as yours, I'd tell myself to be gentle also."

            Matt then pulled out and began to go at a moderate speed sliding his jelly penis in and out humping Gabumons ass.  Matt fucked Gabumon for 6 minutes then pulled his whole penis out of Gabumon. After a second Matt reached for a bannanna. Matt peeled it while Gabumon watched him.

            "Are you going to..." Gabumon said looking worried and with his legs still in the air.

            " are you OK with it? " Matt said worried he didn't like it, " Because if you don't want me to, I'll und..."

            " Sure, can't wait. " Gabumon said and then craking a small smile at Matt. Matt smiled back. Matt finished peeling the bannanna and set it up to gabumons blushed ass hole. He rubbed the bannanna on his hole for awhile.

            "Are you sure you're ok with this Gabumon?" Matt asked.

            "If you think it a good idea, then I'm all for it Matt."

            "OK, tell if you want me to stop Gabumon." Matt said.

            (the bannannas in the digiworld are not as soft as the ones on earth.)

            Matt put the bannanna in his right hand and put his left hand on Gabumons belly holding him down. Matt slowly shoved the bannanna into Gabumon tight ass . Gabumon began to squirm as Matt pulled the bannanna in and out. Gabumon layed on the floor with a bright relieved face and tongue hanging from the side of  his mouth drooling. Matt had a good time shoving the bannanna in and out of Gabumon looking at Gabumons face, watching how much he enjoyed this made Matt feel so happy and teary. Then Matt looked down at Gabumons throbbing cock, so big, red, and juicy just waiting to be sucked. Matt, with no hesitation, leaned down and playfully licked the head of Gabumons cock. Then soon  he started to softly suckle on the head of the red cock.  Gabumon placed one of hands on top of Matt's haed and slowly pushed his head down putting his whole penis in Matt's mouth. Matt just loved the taste of Gabumons big red penis. Matt began to moan.

            "Oh Matt! keep shoving that bannanna! Matt" Gabumon was moaning while running his fingers through Matt hair. Gabumon was feeling full pleasure with his dick being sucked and his ass being fuckied by a bannanna. Matt took his left hand off

gabumons belly and rubbed Gabumons chest.

            "Matt! gimmie something to suck on!" Ganbumon cried. Matt shoved his finger in Gabumons mouth and Gabumon sucked on it like a passiphire.  10 minutes later, Matt finally pulled the bannanna all the way out and also his fingers from Gabumons mouth. Matt fell next to Gabumon. Both were breathing heavidly.

            "Are *pant* we *pant* done *pant*" Gabumon managed to say.

            " It's up to *pant* you." Matt said. Gabumon got up  and layed on top of him with his hard dick on Matt's belly and his eyes closed and head resting on Matt's chest.  Matt put his arms around Gabumon and held him close. Gabumon sighed as he felt Matt's arms around him feelind so safe and finally so loved in his lovers arms.

            "I'm not sure about you Gabumon, but I'm not saying you have to, but Are you still feeling as horny as I am?" Matt said a little embaresed.

            Gabumon lifted his head and looked at Matt surprised, then smiled. "You're just one horny human aren't you." Gabumon teased.

"I'll be happy to let you do me some more. "But can we eat first? I'm starved." Gabumon said blushing.

            Matt gigled, "Sure Gabumon, We'll eat first." Matt smiled. As the two lovers stood up and sat directly in front of the food, Everyone in the cave just watching them speechless, except for Agumon and Tai. They were both turned on by Gabumon and Matt, and were masterbating and watching Matt and Gabumon ever since after Tai had kissed Agumon. When Matt and Gabumon began to eat, Agumon and Tai let go of their hard penises and walked over to the two lovers. Tai sat next to Matt and Agumon sat next to Gabumon.

            "Hey Tai, whats up." Matt greeted.

            "Agumon! did you see Matt and me?!" Looking at Agumon, "I finally got together with him. Matt finally loves me how I love him. Isn't he the best." Gabumon said looking at Matt who smiled and blushed.

            "Aww Gabumon. I think you're the best." Matt said as they both leaned foward and gave eachother a quick kiss.

            "Congradulations guys!" Tai happilly told Matt and Gabumon.

            "You're not discusted?" Matt asked curious.

            "Nope, infact me and Agumon came over here to thank you." Tai had said. Matt looked down at Tai and Gabumon looked down at Agumon, Matt and Gabumon both saw big, red(only Agumons of coarse), hard penises.

            "You mean you and Tai finally..." Gabumon said surprised then smiled at Agumon. Gabumon gave Agumon a big hug and built up tears in his eyes, "You finally got together like me and Matt!" Gabumon said.

            " Gabumon and I should be congradulating you two instead. So tai, what made you finally like Agumon this way?" Matt asked happy for Tai.

            "Well actually I've always did like Agumon this way." When Tai said this Agumon looked up at Tai smiling, "You did?"

            "Yeah, I have. I was to shy to tell Agumon. I thought he'd think I was sick, I was a little discusted with myself feeling attracted to another male, especially a male digimon.I thought you were stright Agumon. But then when I saw you making love to Gabumon, with your dick sliding in and out of Gabumons ass, I felt silly to refuse my love for Agumon just because he was male and a digimon. I used to think it would be so bad to make love with my digimon just because he was a digimon. While watching you two, Agumon told me he loved me, then I knew I couldn't refuse my love for Agumon so I kissed Agumon. Now we both love eachother very much, and we you two to thank." Matt explained. both of the digimon and both of the humans all ate happily. suddenly, Gabumon had an idea.

            "Matt, If I fucked sombody else, but it meant nothing to me, it was just because I was horny, would you get mad?" Gabumon whispered worried he would get mad just for asking that question.

            " But Gabumon, why would you have sex with someone else when i'm still here, wouldn't you want to make love to me instead?"Matt whispered worried also.

            "Yeah but I wouldn't beable to if you were behind me and fucking me." Gabumon said. Matt thought for awhile then got the idea snd smiled.

            "Sure Gabumon I would let you, if it will make you happy."

            "It will make us both happy Matt." Gabumon said smiling. "Hey Agumon, me and Matt are still planing to have sex, would you and Tai like to have sex next to us?" Gabumon asked. Agumon looked at Tai who nodded then agreed. Then all four of them stuffed their faces.

            When they were done eating, Tai stood up and began to undress.

            "here, let me help you Tai." Said Agumon who then pulled down Tais shorts then his underwear.

            The four then walked over next to where thay ate. Gabumon layed flat on his back in front of Matt. Agumon just did as Gabumon did and layed next to Gabumon.

            "So Agumon, this is your first time having sex?" Gabumon asked.

            "Yup! how is it?"

            "It's great! you're in for a real treat." Gabumon assured. Then Gabumon lifted up both legs preparing for Matt to enter.Matt grabbed Gabumon by the waist and slowly shoved his warm, stiff penis in the yellow hole. Agumon watched Gabumon as he sighed until the long penis was all the way in him. Matt slowly then pulled out half way then started to really hump Gabumon. Matt moved his hips gently shoving his penis in and out. Agumon couldn't wait to feel the same way and lifted up his legs preparing for Tai. Agumon closed his eyes waiting. Hearing Gabumon yelling and panting made Agumon even more horny thinking soon he'll be moaning and yelling.

            "Agumon, I think I should fuck you while you're on your belly. Tai said. Agumon obeyed and went on his belly.

            "OW! Tai I'm sorry, I can't. When I'm on my belly, my penis gets crushed." Agumon sadly said feeling like he disappointed Tai.

            "I've got an idea!" Tai said, "Lift up your body so I can see where your dick touches the ground." Agumon did so. Tai saw where Agumons dick touches the  ground and dug a hole. Tai had to dig a pretty big hole, about 8 inches deep.

            "Here Agumon, you can stick your dick in this hole so it doesn't get crushed while I fuck you."

            Agumon smiled and stuck his dick in the hole. Tai grabbed Agumon by the ankles and touched Agumons yellow tight ass hole with the head of his penis.

            "Are you ready Agumon?" Tai said, but without waiting for an answer, Tai slowly shoved his cock into Agumon. Agumon moaned loudly as he felt his lovers penis slid in between his legs and into his tight, never touched ass hole. Tai's penis sunk all the way into Agumon. Tai started to hump Agumon hard ramming his penis through Agumons tight love hole. Now both digimon were being being fucked and is finally united with their loves. Gabumon and Agumon were both moaning in pleasure. Agumon was getting fucked hard, getting a penis jammed in and out of him while Gabumon was getting fucked slowly and smoothly.

            "Matt! ...*pant* do you ...*pant*  think you can ...*pant* do something to me? ...*pant*" Gabumon moaned.

            "Sure...*pant* Gabumon. *pant* What is it?  *pant*" Matt asked still fucking his lover.

            "Can you stop... *pant* fucking me... *pant*  for a second... *pant*  so I can tell... *pant*  you."

            Matt stoped and slipped his whole penis out of Gabumon who sighed as it slowly was pulled out. Gabumon put his legs back on the ground and rested awhile with his big, red, cock standing stright up with his blue balls right below it. 

            "So what do you want me to do to you Gabumon?" Matt asked as he began to fondle with Gabumons blue balls.

            "Well, my ass hole kind of hurts a little bit and I was wondering...If you can... make it feel  better?"Gabumon asked embaresed.

            "What do you mean Gabumon?"

            "Well, my ass hole is soar and swollen. I was wondering if you could... lick it...maybe?" Gabumon said softly. Matt smiled, "Gabumon, of course I will. I'll do anything you want ok."

Gabumon blushed and smiled with joy. Then Gabumon got up and got on his hands and knees bent over in front of Matt next to the moaning Agumon. Matt got on his hands and knees behind Gabumon and stared at the soar yellow puckered ass hole and his yellow tail standing upward. Gabumon looked back to see why Matt was taking so long.

            "What's wrong Matt? If you don't want to do this, you don't have to." Gabumon said

            "No, I want to do this, I was just staring at your cute little ass for awhile." Matt replied.

            "you think my ass is cute?" Gabumon said blushing and smiling.

            "Sure, you have your soft chubby butt and tail with this small, puckered hole. your butt is better than a teddy bear. " Matt then licked the little soar ass hole. he licked it like cazy coating his as with saliva. Gabumon smiled with glee as he felt his ass being licked. He loved the feeling of a wet ass. Matt then put his lips over Gabumon ass hole and began sucking like he was expecting something to come out. Then while Gabumon was brightly smiling with his eyes closed and his chest and head on the ground, Gabumon put a hand onto Agumons back who was yelling and moaning. Agumon felt Gabumons hand and opened his eyes and looked surprised at the hand. After a second or two, he didn't care and closed his eyes again and once again began to smile and rocking with Tai's thrusts. Matt then, while still sucking,  looked at Gabumons big, long, red dick dangling between his yellow legs almost toching the ground. Matt grasped the big, red dick in his hand and squeezed it a bit. Gabumon sighed as Matt squeezed it. Then Matt began to stoke the large, red dick all the way up and all the way down. Gabumon then put the hand that was on Agumons back up around Agumons neck holding Agumon like the friends they are. Agumon noticed this but didn't mind it and put his own arm around Gabumons neck. So the two digimon had an arm around eachothers neck with their chest and head on the ground while their lovers were at their asses. Matt began to stick his tongue into Gabumons ass tasting the delicious ass. He was able to taste some of his own cum that he ejaculated in him before they ate.  The two digimon on the floor pulled eachother closer so that their cheeks were againts eachothers. Both digimon were were smiling brightly with their eyes closed feeling their lovers. Agumon and Gabumon both had their mouths open and drooling from the feeling. Gabumon then turned his head a bit toward Agumon and stuck his long tongue into Agumons open mouth. Agumon opened his eyes in shock feeling Gabumons big, long, warm tongue squirming around in his mouth. Agumon slowly pulled away from Gabumon.

            "Wait Gabumon, Let me ask Tai if it's ok to do this with you. I mean I'm ok with kissing my best digimon friend while my lover Tai fucks me, I actually want to, but I think I'd better ask him. I don't want him mad at me for kissing somebody else." Agumon said a bit worried and concerened. 

            "Gabumon smiled at Agumon, "I understand." He said still able to feel Matt's tongue in his ass and his hand masterbating for him.

            "Tai...Tai!...Would you stop fucking me for awhile please?.... Thanks, Now... do you think if it's ok if I kiss with Gabumon while you still fuck me?" Tai looked down at the two digimon smiling at him hoping he would say yes.

            "Gabumon, you understand that if you kiss Agumon, that it only means friendly love, right. It doesn't mean you love him as a mate."

            Gabumon giggled, "Of course, Matt is my lover and mate. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the Digworld. I want to kiss and swap saliva with Agumon because I do love him, but as a friend, and also for you two guys. Wouldn't it turn you on when you watch two digimon, Me and Agumon sticking echothers tongues in eachother mouths?"

            "Well it would turn me on watching you two specific digimon kissing. I think it would be very sexy if you two did kiss lying on the ground like that with your asses in the air being loved by your loves, infact I'm getting horny right now just thinking about it. How 'bout you Matt?  Are you alright with it?" Tai asked

            Matt pulled his tongue out of Gabumon, "Gabumon you would still love me right?"

            "Of course, nothing is going to change the way I feel about you. Not even kissing another digimon. I'm with you for life." Gabumon said smiling.

            Matt built up tears in his eyes hearing Gabumons commitment to him, "If you want to... go ahead." Matt said smiling with tears in his eyes.

            "Yes, I do want to. Not just for me, but for you... I love you Matt." Gabumon said lovingly.

            Tears ran down Matt's face, "I love you too Gabumon." Matt whispered. Gabumon showed a simple smile, "My ass is starting to feel much better because you Matt, thanks." Matt wiped his eyes with his arm and smiled, " Thanks Gabumon, I'll continue while you start with Agumon." Matt squeezed Gabumons dick again and began to masterbate for Gabumon again. Matt bent his head down and began to lick his ass again. Agumon and Gabumon smiled at eachother with their arm still around eachothers neck. Gabumon closed his eyes as he tilted his head and moved toward Agumon. Agumon closed his eyes and moved stright toward Gabumon. Their mouths met and they began to french kiss eachother. Tai smiled and beagan to hump Agumon again.Agumon and Gabumon began to moan as they kissed squirming their tongues in eachothers mouth. Tai watches as he held up and fucked Agumons ass as Agumons upper body was on the ground while he kissed his friend Gabumon with his arm around Gabumons neck. Tai then put his hand up on top of Matt's butt. Matt looked up at tai who smile as he still thrusted his hips. Tai snuck a finger up Matt's ass hole Matt pulled his tongue out of Gabumon.

            "Gabumon is your ass feeling much better?" Matt asked nicely

            Gabumon pullued away from Agumon, "Yes it does, why, do you wnat to stop already?" Gabumon said looking very worried.

            "No No No...I just want to know if it would be alright if I shoved my dick in your ass now and fucked you again. I can still rub your large, shiny, red penis for you." Matt said smiling hoping for a yes.

            Gabumon smiled and was relieved, "Sure Matt,I do still want you tou masterbate for me and you can hump my ass, just do me a favor, please don't shove your penis to hard into me, Agumon and Tai may like it hard, but I don't like to get hurt ok?"

            "Sure Gabumon, anyway you like it. I know you'd do the same for me."

            "Are you and Tai going to start?" Gabumon asked smiling.

            Matt looked over at Tai who smiled at him, Matt looked back over at Gabumon smiling, "Yes..I am"

            "That's fine with me Matt, what ever makes you happy." Gabumon said,  "Oh... and please Matt try not to get carried away with me penis this time ok. *giggle*" Gabumon teased.

            Matt giggled also, "Sure Gabumon, I'll try for you." Matt and Gabumon just smiled at eachother staring into eachothers eyes. Matt from behind Gabumon holding his soft yellow hips in the air staring at Gabumon on the ground with his head turned back looking at him. After a minute or so of them two smiling at eachother, Matt slowly shoved his penis through Gabumons puckered, soft, yellow ass hole.

            "Ooohhh Matt, your penis feels like it was made for my ass. It feels so comfortable inside." Gabumon said

            Matt smiled and started to slide his stiff but soft penis deep into Gabumon. Gabumon put his head back on the ground, closed his eyes, and gave out a big sigh as the whole penis slowly   and smoothly slid in deeper every second. Matt then slid his penis slowly out almost all the way. Then Matt began to hump Gabumon nice, smooth, and slow, just the way Gabumon likes it. Matt then took one of his hands and wrapped it around Gabumons big, long, red, hard, rubber textured penis that was dangling between his soft yellow legs and almost touched the ground. Matt stroked it slowly rubbing it up and then down. Tai looked at Agumon for a second then started to hump Agumon fast and hard. Agumons body began to rock with Tais humping. Agumon closed his eyes and smiled with his mouth wide open from the pleasure. Agumons arm was still around Gabumons neck and Gabumons arm was still around Agumons. Both of the digimons cheeks were pressed together. Gabumon almost forgot about agumon and turned his head and  and slowly slipped his tongue into Agumons open mouth. Gabumon started to squirm his tongue. Agumon felt Gabumons tongue and clossed his mouth over Gabumons tongue. Gabumon then pulled his tongue out.

            "No wait Agumon, lets do this with our mouths still open." Gabumon said softly. It wasn't hard with Their lovers fucking them. Gabumon stuck his tongue in Agumons mouth and slushed his tongue all around. He slid it over Agumons tongue rubbing the bottom of his tongue to the top of Agumons tongue. Agumon and Gabumon both had warm slippery tongues and mouths. Gabumon then snuck his tongue under Agumons. Then Agumon turned his head and stuck his tongue into Gabumons mouth and did the same. Then both digimon stuck their tongues out and swirled and rubbed their slippery tongues together coating their own saliva on eachothers tongue.

Agumon put his head stright again and Gabumon licked the side of Agumons face. Gabumon licked his face over and over with his long, warm tongue. Tai and Matt watched getting very horny. Matt was just about to cum when he said, "Lets try something else." Everyone agreed.

            "Gabumon...I know you like it when I fuck you...but do you think you can...well...try" Yamato said nervously.

            "Of course Matt, all you had to do was ask. I'll do anything. After you've fucked my ass so many times making me feel so great, what makes you think I would mind fucking you back?" Gabumon said smiling.

            "Ok now turn around and bend over my love" Gabumon said playfully with his eyes closed and a gleeful smile. Matt did as Gabuon said slowly.

            "Common, don't be shy." Gabumon teased. "Umm Matt, you're a little taller than me, do you think you can bend your ass a ltttle lower?" Matt lowered his ass as low as he can., "Is this good enough?"

            "Thats perfect Matt, oh and you humans have butt cheeks which we dont..." Gabumons said very cheerfully and playfully with his eyes still closed, " you think you can spread them for me?"

            Matt pulled his butt cheeks apart and Gabumon stared at Matts ass hole. Gabumon then lifted up his heavy, red, shiny, stiff,  thick penis with his right hand and set his left hand on top of  Matts ass.

            "Oohh, your butt is soft MAtt." Gabumon said

            "Thanks Gabumon."

            Gabumon then brought his penis up to Matts hole touching it with the head of his thick red cock.  Gabumon pushed softly, "UUUhhh Matt, I don't think my penis will fit in your ass." Gabumon said sweating. "Are you sure?" Matt said a bit worried. Gabumon pushed again, "I'm sure, my penis is too thick and swollen. My species have big penises that swell up ending to be even larger and thicker"

            "Try pushing harder."

            "Are you sure Matt, what if...I hurt you?" Gabumon said now very woried. "I don't want to force it into your ass, it might hurt you and me."

            "just try." Matt said.

            "Are you that horny Matt that you want me to force my penis up inside your ass?" Gabumon teased and giggled.

            "well... Yeah." Matt said nervous that Gabumon would not want to.

            Gabumon sighed and smiled, "Ok Matt, I'll do it. For you." Gabumon then pushed his penis as hard as he can againts the hole of Matts. In a second, Gabumon managed to very slowly push the head of his cock in. "OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!! It hurts! It hurts!OOOWWWW!!!!" Gabumon hollord with tears from the pain. Matt imideatly took his hand, grabbed Gabumons long dick and pulled the head of Gabumons cock out. Gabumon fell down on his ass and held the tip of his 12 inch long, 2 1/2 inch thick red penis with both hands whimpering. "OOhhh OOhhh  OOWWWOOWWWOOWW!!!" Gabumon yelled in pain.  Matt was very worried, "Gabumon, are you alright?  I'm sorry I made you do that. Does it still hurt?"

            Gabumon just kept holloring and moaning in pain. "I'm so stupid! I shouldn't have been so horny, if it was too big, then it was too big. Gabumon, lets hust forget about you fucking me alright, i don't think it will work." Matt said still worried. After maybe two minutes, Gabumon funally let go of his dick. "It's ok Matt, youdon't have to apologize. *sigh*" Gabumon sad saidly, "I actually did want to fuck you for a change." Gabumon sat there with his head down and his eyes closed. Then Gabumon got an idea. He took some jelly that was left and smuthered his huge penis in it. Matt was turned around sad about what he made Gabumon do when all of a sudden he felt Gabumons warm hand grab his waist. Matt quickly looked back and saw Ganbumon smiling. "Don't do it Gabumon, you'l hurt yourself!" Matt said worried.

            "Don't worry about me." Gabumon said as he slid his large penis through Matts butt cheeks untill he felt Matts ass hole. Gabumon gulped then pushed hard. His penis began to slid in slowly. Matt didn't pay attention to the pleasure he actually felt, he just kep looking at Gabumon with a worried face. Gabumon was in pain, his face looked in so much pain as well. Gabumon gritted his teeth, and scrunched his face with his eyes closed . The huge dick was slowly sliding in. When Gabumon was all the way in,  Matt imidealtly spoke, "Are you OK? Does it hurt?" He said worried.

            " Don't worry about me Matt, just try to feel good ok.  It only hurts a little." Gabumon said still looking in pain.

            "But..." Matt said and began to cry, "OK Gabumon *sniff*" Matt said very sad.

            "I'm sorry Matt but I don't think I can hump you, It hurts just staying still. I guess this is the best I could do." Gabumon said in pain but sad.

            "don't be sorry *sniff* Gabumon. This is good enogh, It still feels good to feel you inside me."

            "But I wanted to do more for you." Gabumon said sadly.

            "Here, You can Masterbate me OK That will feel good especially with your soft, warm hands."

            Gabumon tried to crack a smile. He reached down and grabbed the penis and stroked it up and down. Matt loved Gabumons soft, warm, yellow hands, they felt so smooth and loving.  Matt just kept moaning as Gabumon kept stroking. Gabumon did this for about 5 minutes. Gabumon was moaning i pain the whole time.

            "OOOOWWWW! I'm very *grunt* sorry Matt *grunt* but *pant* I can't take the *pant* pain any longer. OOOWWW!!

            "Don't worry Gabumon, I'm happy just to be with you. If you're in pain, then pull out right now. " Gabumon slowly pulled out in pain. Gabumon yelled and moaned as Matts tight ass was squeezing his large penis tight. Gabumon pulled out until 1 1/2 inches were left inside which was the the head of his penis. Gabumon tugged softly but it couldn't come out. Gabumon started to panic.

            "Matt! It's stuck!" Gabumon yelled.

            "Here! Let me try." Matt said as he grabbed Gabumon large red cock. "Tell me if it hurts too much" Matt tugged and Gabumon grunted in pain.

            "Ow! Matt, be gentle."

            "I'm sorry Gabumon. This time I'm going to pull for a while but not too hard. Try to maintain the pain just for a little while OK. I'll try to be quick but gentle." Gabumon nodded and gulped. Matt pulled with his hand and pushed with his anal muscles. Gabumon was in so much pain and began crying and sobbing out loud. Matt pulled harder and Gabumon cried louder. Matt was able to feel Gabumons tears drip on his ass, this made him pull harder not wanting Gabumon in pain. Then Matt finally popped Gabumons 2 1/2 thick, red cock out of his ass.  Gabumon fell on his ass and sobbed and cried as he grasped the head of his cock in pain. "OOOOHHHHHH! OOOOHHH! OOOOOOHHHHHH!" Gabumon moaned in pain.

            "I'm so sorry Gabumon. please stop crying."Matt said sorry. Matt walked up to him and kneeled down and stared at Gabumon in the face. "DO you forgive me?" Matt asked wanting forgiveness.

            "'s my fault. You told me not to but I did it any way. I'm such a stupid digimon. " Gabumon said depressed.

            "No you're not you're not, your my sweet, caring, smart, cute, yellow digimon lover forever." Matt exclaimed. Matt dragged a finger under Gabumons eyes wiping away his tears then lifted Gabumons head by his chin and looked at him. "You see, you're so cute and sweet. I'm so lucky to have you Gabumon."

Gabumon sniffled and smiled a little bit. "Here, let me make your dick feel all better. Does it still hurt?" Matt asked. "Yes"Gabumon answered. Matt brought his head down and licked the head of the large red penis. Gabumon sighed in relief feeling this soft pleasure. Gabumon loved Matts soft tongue. Matt kept licking Gabumons dick playfully. Gabumon closed his eyes and smiled bright putting his hand on top of Matts head guiding MAtts head.  " Oh Gabumon... Feed me" Matt said. Gabumon smiled, "Sure, you want to swallow my penis Matt?" Gabumon said playing along with this food game.

            "Can you describe what your dick tastes like?"Matt asked nicely

            "Well, according to you, my dick tastes wonderfully bitter and a tiny bit sweet with the taste of cum." Gabumon said.

            "Sounds delicious, I'll take a full order." Matt said

            "Would you like a milk shake, extra milky?" Gabumon said in a sexy voice hinting Matt.

            "DEfinately." Matt said. Gabumons hands held the side of MAtts head tilting it upward a bit.  Matt had his mouth open waiting.

            "Heres your order Matt." Gabumon said as he slipped the head of his cock onto the tip of Matts lips. Matt sucked on it playfully.  Matt then slowly sucked the large, thick, red penis into his mouth like it was a very large string of spegetti. The red dick slid in slowly, Gabumon smiled watching as MAtt sucked the whole thing into his mouth.   Then Gabumon smelled something.

            "Matt, will you sit down for me and spread your legs for me please. Matt was happy to do it. Gabumon brought his face to Matts crotch and began to sniff Matts throbbing penis touching it with his wet nose. Gabumon then moved down and smelled his ass hole.

            "MMMMmmmm you smell so good Matt." Gabumon said cheerfully.   Gabumon sat down in front of Matt with his legs spread apart as well. Gabumon took his right hand and grabbed Matts dick and masterbated Matt. Matt took his right hand and garbbed Gabumons large, red penis and masterbated Gabumon.

            "Oooohhhh MATT! *grunt* that's good *sigh* just keep tugging that dick of mine *grunt*" Gabumon slowly moaned.

            "Oh Gabumon. You're so beautiful. I just love your lovely penis. So red, so soft yet still stiff. *grunt* faster Gabumon, faster." Matt moaned. Gabumon sped up his hand while Matts hand was still slow and smooth, just how Gabumon likes it. Agumon stood up and sat back down on Gabumons left facing the side of Gabumon's dick  with his long red penis striking stright up into the air.  Agumon put his legs in front of him.

            "Uh Gabumon....I know your busy with Matt right now but I couldn't help but wonder if..."  Agumon then felt Gabumon set his warm soft hand on his lap. Agumon looked down and saw the yellow, soft hand rubbing gently at his own yellow thigh, right next to his big, red, stiff penis.  Agumon looked up at Gabumon who smiled back at him with a caring look.

            "It'll be easier if yoy spread your legs wide." Gabumon said insistining nicely. Agumon nodded and opened his legs very wide, wide enogh to show his little puckered ass hole. Gabumon couldn't help but look at, Gabumon blushed as he stared at it, then he looked away embarresed to be staring.

            "It's ok Gabumon, you can stare at me, I don't mind, really... I don't." Agumon said cheerfully.

            "Uuhhh...Well... I rather not, I've seen your penis before Agumon but I've never seen completely naked Agumon. You're my best friend Agumon, and I don't want anything to change between us." Gabumon said shy.

            Agumon giggled, " Oh Gabumon, you're so sweet. Looking at me naked isn't going to change you and me.  Just look, I won't bite." Agumon teased.

            "I'm not so sure Agumon."

            "Gabumon look... you're already holding my penis in your hand right now as your head is turned away.  Just look...   ....     ....Gabumon, as a friend, I ask you to please look at me." Agumon said. Gabumon sighed and turned his head slowly back at Agumon who was smiling, happy to see that he had listen to him.  Gabumon looked down and smiled goofy and blushed as he stared at the beauty.

            "Do you like it?"

            Gabumon nodded, "Your little ass hole is cute Agumon. Do you mind if I..."

            "Sure my friend." Agumon smiled.  Gabumon slowly took his hand off Agumons dick and touched his ass hole with his index finger. Gabumon rubs it for awhile. Just before Gabumon was about to slid his finger in, Agumon spoke, "Wait!..." Agumon grabbed Gabumons wrist and brought Gabumons hand to his face and opened his mouth wide open. Gabumons face looked worried, he wasn't so sure about Agumon on his finger.  Agumon was just about to put Gabumons index finger in his mouth when he paused. Agumon then closed his mouth without the finger in his mouth. Agumon frowned," I think you should suck your own finger Gabumon. " Agumon then smiled then kissed the tip of  Gabumons finger softly with just his lips leaving no saliva. "I think you would die of guilt if you let me suck your finger" Agumon said teasing then giggling. Agumon let go of Gabumon. Gabumon smiled at Agumon lovingly,

            "You're such a thoughtful friend Agumon.... Thank you." Gabumon then sucked on his finger coating it. "Here, take my hand.... you know what to do." Gabumon said thankfully to Agumon. Agumon nodded and grabbed his wrist once again. He slowly brought it to his ass hole and let go,

            " I think you should do it." Agumon said softly. Gabumon pasued and stared at Agumon thankful. Gabumon then slowly pushed his finger in. As he did, Agumon smiled happily and patted Gabumons shoulder with his hand then put both of his hands on the floor behind him. Agumon then smiled as if on drugs. With his eyes squinted and mouth smiling bright opened a bit with saliva hanging down the side feeling extreme pleasure.  Gabumon slid his whole finger in and paused and looked up at Agumon who you can tell was feeling great.  Gabumon then wiggled his wet, sticky finger inside Agumon which made his right leg twitch. Agumons leg got Gabumons attention. As Gabumon wiggled his finger some more, Agumons right leg began to vibrate, tapping up and down as he moaned. Gabumon giggled at Agumons leg.

            "Agumon....Why does your leg vibrate when I wiggle my finger?" Gabumon asked curious.

            Agumon didn't know what Gabumon was talking about and opened his eyes more and looked down at his leg which was shaking like crazzy. Agumon scratched his head.

            "Hmm...that's a good quetion Gabumon. I don't know. It just felt so good when you wiggled your finger I guess it just shakes when I feel good. "

            "Oh." Gabumon said.

            "I'm sorry Gabumon, does it bother you, you don't have to do this anymore. " Agumon said concerned for Gabumon.

            "No it's ok." Gabumon giggled, "I kind of like it."

            "You do?" Agumon said surprised.

            Gabumon nodded. Then began to pull out. Gabumon watched  Agumons leg vibrate and giggled some more. After Gabumon enjoyed watching Agumons leg, he pulled his finger all the way out and grabbed Agumons big red dick again. Gabumon rubbed it up and down hard and fast, just how Agumon loved it. So now Gabumon was jacking two people off hard, Agumon and Matt who was jacking Gabumon off.  slow and gentle. Tai then went next to Matt. Matt already new what to do and imideatly grabbed his dick and jerked it hard and fast.  Now all four of them were moaning loadly. They all jacked eachother off, holding someone elses penis for 15 minutes.  Everyones penis was red or almost completly red.  First Gabumon stopped jerking off Matt, then Agumon. Matt soon stopped jerking off Tai, then Gabumon. Gabumon stood up and helped Agumon get up.  Agumon and Gabumon then got very close to eachother and were facing face to face.  All of a sudden, Gabumon grabbed Agumons "cute" ass carrying Agumon up a bit so that Agumon was on his toes, and Agumon grabbed Gabumons ass. Both of them began to french kiss very deep.  The two begin to moan as the grab and kiss very deep and passionatly as their dick were pressed together.

            "Looks like our  digimon lovers are becoming better friends." Tai said then giggled.

            "Yeah, I guess so." Tai and Matt began to laugh. Then Agumon and Gabumon stopped kissing for awhile but still had hold of eachothes asses and stared at the two laughing.

            "What's so funny Matt?" Gabumon asked confused.

            "It's nothing." Matt stated. Gabumon and Agumon both shrugged their shoulders and smiled at eachother. Then they both ate eachothers mouths. Tai and Matt watched their digimon happily, happy to see that they have become better friends. As Gabumon and Agumon frenched, they would open their mouths a bit sometimes showing what's happening inside their mouths. Tai and Matt were able to Their long tongues swirving in eachothers mouths.  Gabumon then snuck his large, red dick up Agumons ass right under his yellow balls while grasping his ass and pulling him up on his toes higher. Agumon moaned louder and more passionately as he suprisingly felt Gabumon slide his huge, soft but stiff penis up his ass.  As Gabumon humped Agumons ass hole,  sliding his penis in and out slowly, he slowly increased his speed and power, knowing that his best friend likes it hard and fast.

            "*grunt* harder Gabumon! *grunt*  harder!" Agumon moaned in pleasure. Gabumon grunted with each thrust.

            "*grunt* I'm *grunt* trying! *grunt*  Aaahh. " Gabumon said trying to catch his breathe. Gabumon put his mouth over Agumons again. Gabumon fucked Agumon for about two minutes still slobbering all over Agumons mouth while Agumon did the same with Gabumon. Then Gabumon pulled out of Agumon slowly, thinking that was enough fucking Agumon. The two were still kissing all this time. But then imideatly after he pulled out, Agumon grabbed Gabumons penis with his claws (only one hand) and shoved it back into his ass with his mouth still slurping with Gabumons. Gabumon was confused but then thought nothing of it and slowly pulled out again. Agumon again greedy claws (one hand) took it again and shoved it into his ass. Gabumon inturupted the kiss imideatlly.

            "What are you doing Agumon?!" Gabumon raised his voice with his dick now out of Agumons ass but their hands still on eachothers asses.

            "I don't know Gabumon, what I'm I doing?" Agumon asked innocentlyand afraid.

            "I pulled my penis out meaning I wanted to stop fucking you, then you grab it without my permission and stuff it up your own greedy ass. I didn't want to fuck you too much because I'm in love with Matt! I thought fucking you too long would be wrong 'cause we're just best friends! Or I thought we were! GO fuck your own ass Agumon!" Gabumon took his hands off Agumon and tore Agumons hands off his ass. Gabumon then turned away and crossed his arms with his head tilted up discussted with Agumon.

            Agumon stood there at Gabumons back. Agumons eyes began to fill up with tears as his lips wiggled. Tears feel down and Agumon cried loud, "AAAAAHHHHHHAAHHAA! Gabumon!!! You hate me now!!!" Agumon said crying uncontrolabely. Agumon then calmed down a bit, "Gabumon! *sniff* I promise I won't do it again just please!...(getting softer) please...(softer) pleeeeaaaaaassssse... just take me baaack! Pleeaaase Gabumon, looovve me again *sniff*  as a friend" Agumon said softly and looked down still crying letting tears hit the hard floor.

            Gabumon frown and turned back at Agumon looking sorry. "I'm sorry Agumon. Please don'y cry anymore. I don't hate you. I'm just a bit upset at what you did."

            Agumon looked up and smiled softly with still teary eyes and his lipes shakeing. "Do you still *sniff* still..."

            Gabumon nodded, "I still love you Agumon." Gabumon said nicely. He walked back over to Agumon and gently kissed him and the fore head. Gabumon held Agumons hand and brought it to his dick. Agumons head followed to where Gabumon brought it. Agumon looked up at Gabumon, "Are you sure?"

            Gabumon nodded, "You can hold it but please Agumon, I don't want to fuck you any more know."

            Agumon smiled and nodded and grabbed his dick happy again.

            "Common Tai... Lets go fuck our digimon." Tai nodded aand they both walked behind their digimon. Matt and Tai both thrusted their dicks into their digimons ass hole and pressed the two digimon together. Matt and Tai were both humping and grunting. Agumon and Gabumon were both up againts eachothers bodys and dicks. All four of them were moaning and smiling with pleasure. In three minutes or so, Matt pulled out and signaled Tai and Agumon to do the same.

            "Wait here Gabumon." Matt said nicely.

            Gabumon nodded. Gabumon sat on his as and tried to cqtch his breath rubbing his soar, red dick gentely cooling it down. The other three ran just a bit away from Gabumon and huttled up. Soon they came back to Gabumon.

            "Gabumon, we all thought about it and decided that we all owe you for making this all happen. We want to thank you. Now if you will nicely lay down, we will try our best to make you feel really really good." Matt said.

            " Great guys! I'm already horny from it. Infact I'm still getting horny. Ooohh I'm getting really really horny now. OOOOHHHH! I'm so horny now, I'm gonna explode if someone doesn't fix me quick. AAAHHHH! I'm so damn horny! My dick feels like it's going to rip open.  You guys! Do me right NOW! before I explode." Gabumon began to shake. Gabumons face began turning blue. Gabumon began to yell as loud as he can as his 12 inch, 2 1/2 inch thick red dick began to grow even larger. "AAAHHHHH!" Gabumon yelled in pain as he felt his dick stretch even more. Gabumons dick was now 15 inches long, 3 inches thick. Gabumons face was almost all blue. He was still screaming from the pain.

            "Guys!!! What are you waiting for?! I'm a horny digimon about to explode from being too horny! I'm soooo HORNY!!! I NEED TO FUCK OR BE FUCKED. HURRY GUYS!!I'M GONNA DIE !!!"

            "Clam down Gabumon, I don't think you're gonna..."

            "REALLY I AM!!  MY SPECIES CAN ACTUALLY DIE IF TOO HORNY!!DO ME!! HURRY AND DO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gabumon yelled in pain. Gabumon wasn't kidding about what he said. Gabumon got on his back still screaming and began shaking.

            The others ran toward Gabumon as fast as they could. Tai got Gabumons left thigh, and Agumon got his right. Tai and Agumon pulled Gabumons legs apart, Gabumon was still screaming in pain. Matt ran in between Gabumons legs and saw that his dick was still growing, it was now 17 inches long. Matt imideatly stuffed the whole red dick in his mouth. Matt sucked as hard as he could and bobbed his head up and down as fast as he could. Gabumon was still screaming. Tai and Agumon then began to rub his inner thigh. Matt figured it wasn't working and quickly got up, turned around, and sat on Gabumons dick. Matt went down as fast as he could which wasn't very fast considering the size. Matt screamed all the way down feeling his ass being filled up completely by Gabumons cock. Gabumon strted to violently shake his legs in pain and yelling out to them.


            Matts eyes welled up in tears and began to bounce up and down faster. "*sobb* *sniff* don't worry Gabumon *sniff* you're *grunt* gonna *grunt* make it *sniff*"  Matts ass was being torn open and Matt could feel that. But the only thing Matt was worried about was Gabumon. Gabumons penis barely fit when it was only 12 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick, and Gabumon wasn't even able to hump Matt. Now Gabumons penis was 17 inches long and 3 1/2 inches thick. Matt just kept bouncing letting Gabumons dick be forced up his tiny little ass. Matt just then remembered Gabumons favorite posision. Matt quickly stood up taking Gabumons dick out of his small ass and set his warm dick on Gabumons belly. Gabumon lifted his head and paused his screaming as long as he can so he can say,


            "*sigh* Gabumon, I finally love you as you wanted. don't leave now, it's way too soon. This is the first time we loved eachother feeling the same way, I don't want it to end on the first day. Our hearts finally beat as one and I'm not going to let it stop!" Matt said boldly and emotionally with tears in his eyes glaring in the sunset from out the cave. Gabumon looked at Matt with tears of love now and set aside his screaming to look at him. Gabumon felt the careing and love that he had felt in his dream. Gabumons lips shivered trying not to frown. 

            "Oh Matt, you really do love me...and i love you so much. Matt... I want to thank you for careing for me. Nobody has ever cared for me the way you have, even when you didn't love me the way I loved you, you cared for me like no other. Oh Matt...I've missed you." Gabumon said crying of joy.


(for people who didn't understand the "I've missed you" part, it means that Gabumon has been waiting for Matt to be his for so long now, and Matt has finally come to Gabumon.)


            "Matt, I had a dream lastnight abou... AAAAHHHHH!!!!"

            Matt gasped as Gabumon began to yell again and imideatly began humping his belly concentrating on making Gabumon shoot out his white, sweet/bitter, smooth/sticky, digimon cream. Gabumon rested his head on the ground again with his eyes closed in pain and pleasure.

            "Gabumon, how are you doing?"

            "I think *grunt* I'm *grunt* getting a *grunt* bit better. *grunt* Just keep going!"

            Matt began to hump furiously at Gabumons belly. Gabumon loved to feel Matts warm soft, stiff penis rub againts his sensitive belly, but Gabumon loved the feeling of Matts care and love for him even more. Gabumon was so greatful that his love was trying his all risking a soar and very painful dick to save his life. Gabumon knew you put your own life before your lover's, and that was one of the many signs of true love. Gabumon was more sure than ever now that he has found love, and he found it in Matt, his partner, his friend, his love. Matt looked behind him at Gabumon long, thick, red dick. Gabumons dick was pulsing.

            "Gabumon! I think it's working!" Matt said smiling seeing there was hope. Gabumon smiled while in pain still. Gabumon gave out a loud yell when finally, his white gooey digi cum into the air landing on Matts back. As Matt felt the cum on his back, he sighed and layed his body on top of Gabumons body feeling relieved. Cum was still squirting out of Gabumon dick like a hose. Soon Matts hole back was completely covered in Gabumons cum. Three minutes passed and Gabumon was still squirting strong onto Matts back. Matt just layed there on top of Gabumon with his head resting on Gabumons chest facing Gabumons left, eyes closed, and showed relief by smiling. Gabumon set his right hand on top of Matts head. Gabumons cum was slipping slowly down the sides of Matt and the sides of Gabumon.      

            "Thank you Matt" Gabumon whispered in his soft warming voice.

            "Man! how much cum can a single Gabumon shoot at once?" Agumon said surprised staring at Matt and his Gabumon from the side next to Tai. The sunset light was streaming through the cave.

            After five minutes, Gabumon finally started to stopped cumming. The distance was shortening. The cum squirted on Matss back, then his butt cheeks, then between the butt cheeks which slid through and soaked his ass hole. Gabumons dick was now 8 inches and 1 1/2 inches thick now. Gabumons dick was now only dripping cum over his own red dick.

            Gabumon sighed in happiness and relief, then he remembered, "Matt! your ass hole! it's should be streched out now! I should be able to fit in you now! " Gabumon said surprised. Matt opened his eyes wide in relizing this then slowly closed them again smiling bright.

            "Lets not think about sex right now ok Gabu-hornymon" Matt teased. Gabumon softly chuckled.

            "I don't really want to have some more sex right now Matt... unless you still do, but I don't think you do... do you? because if you do, i'll do it for you"

            "No thanks Gabumon, I'm a little tired and I feel just fine cuddleing with you." Matt said with his eyes still closed.

            "*sigh* Yeah...your love feels better than sex Matt."

            "*sigh* thanks Gabumon."

            Gabumon was about to close his eyes when, "Matt! can you get up for a little while, I promise we'll still cuddle after this. I just want to make sure it fits for next time." Gabumon said in a rush a bit scared.

            "Ok." Matt opened his eyes and slowly lifted his body up. As he did, strings of cum was formed connected from Gabumons sides to Matts sides. Matt got off Gabumon and went down on all four. His hands and legs. Gabumon slowly got up from the puddle of cum he was in and walked up behind Matt. Gabumons red dick grew back to its normal erection size, 12 inches and 2 1/2 inches thick. Gabumon grabbed Matts sticky hips and slowly slid his dick through Matts butt cheeks and set up his stiff, stright cock at Matts ass hole. Gabumon began thinking to himself, Please! I hope this works. I hope this works. I hope this works. Please let me fit.

            " Ok Matt, I'm ready." Gabumon closed his eyes hoping it would fit. Gabumon slowly pushed his dick in and it smoothly and perfectly slid all the way in comfortabely. Once Gabumon was all the way in, Gabumon finally opened his eyes and brightly smiled with his mouth open surprised and happy that it was able to fit and slid in so comfortabely, it felt as warm and comfortable as Matts dick in his ass. Gabumon knew that next time they have sex, he would be able to fuck Matt this time.

            "Matt! It fits! It actually fits! and it feels so natural!" Gabumon said in a pure non-sexy or horny voice, only in a happy voice. " Does it feel as comfortable for you as it does for me?" Gabumon asked happily waiting for Matts answer."Matt?" Gabumon said again in a confused voice. Matt wasn't answering. Gabumon looked over at Matts face, then smiled playfully with his eyes closed. Matt had his head tilted up a little and had his eyes closed and smiled with his mouth wide open, drool was sliding down his mouth.

            "*chuckle* *chuckle* I guess you do *chuckle" Gabumon said teasing. Matt shook his head and looked at Gabumon behind his ass who was smiling at him playfully. after a couple of seconds, Matt relized why he was smiling and smiled himself. After a couple more seconds Gabumon spoke with his dick still inside Matt.

            "Matt, what is this white cream that comes out of my dick? I don't know what it is but it feels good when it comes out."

            Matt chuckled, "That's your sperm. It's what goes inside a girls body and makes a baby. The nickname is cum."

            Gabumons eyes widened in shock, "Does that mean your ganna have a baby!" Gabumon said surprised and scared.

            Matt chuckled again, "No No. You have to be a girl to have a baby, nothing happends with a boy."

            Gabumon sighed in relief, "Oh...good." "Does anything happen if you eat it?"


            "What! What happens?!" Gabumon yelled worried.

            "*chuckle* Oh Gabumon, you're so paranoid, all that happends is you taste how delicious it is."

            Gabumon sighed still inside Matt while holding his hips. "Matt, when do we have that...sparn...stuff come out?"

            "It's sperm, and you get it when your dick feels really good, then it squirts out sperm."

            " Do we ever run out of...s...sper....sperm?"

            "As long as I don't neuter you, then yeah"


            "That means cut off your blue balls."

            "My balls! Why do you want to cut them off?! Matt! Please don't do it, I want to keep them! I don't...."

            "Calm down Gabumon. and don't worry, I said if I neuter you, which I'm not." Matt had said, "Unless you want me to." Matt teased.

            "Matt, stop it! you're scaring me! I want to keep my balls forever."

            Matt began to laugh, "I was just joking. *chuckle*"

            "Oh.... well....just in case you get serious about it next time, Please don't cut them off, for me, say you promise you'll never cut them."

            "Ok Ok Gabumon, I promise I won't cut them off."

            "Good, because if you did, I would probably won't have sex with you anymore." Gabumon teased.

            Matt became tense, "No No No! I mean it Gabumon, I won't, will never ever cut them off. I would never force you to do anything you don't wanna do Gabumon, especially if you don't like it. I won't even make you have sex with me unless you wanted, even if I was really horny, I would just fuck a tree or masterbate."

            "A tree? I'm not so sure you would hump a tree *giggle*"  Gabumon teased.

            "Sure Gabumon, it's better than raping you."

            "What is... raping, Matt?"

            "It's like... forcing you to have sex or having sex with you without your permission."

            "Oh.... that's nice." Gabumon said casually.

            "You wanna be raped!!!" Matt yelled in shock and fear.

            "No!" Gabumon yelled in fear of Matt's confusion, "I meant it was nice that you would never force me to have sex with you or forced to do anything. But you know that if you wanted to have sex with me that I would most of the time be up to it unless for some odd reason I didn't feel like it. But I'm pretty sure that I'll be glad to have sex with you most of the time, even if it's every day. All you have you have to do is ask." Gabumon said nicely.

            "Ok Mr. Horny-mon. I'm sure you'll be glad to have sex, even if it isn't me." Matt said teasingly.

            "No.... Matt.... you don't understand, I mean it! I meant I'd be glad to have sex with you, not anyone else. " Gabumon said scared.

            "Gabumon, I know, I know, I was just teasing."

            "Oh. *sigh*" Gabumon said relaxing.    

            "Gabumon, do all male digimon have big dicks?"

            "Ummm.... I guess so." Gabumon said unsure.

            "Well, if they do, I bet they don't taste as good as yours." Matt commentted.

            Gabumon blushed, "Aww. Matt. you're just saying that." Gabumon said modestly.

            "No, I really mean it."

            They paused and smiled at eachother for awhile. Gabumon was still holding Matts hips while he was still inside him. Matt was still on his hands and knees looking back.

            "So... how was Agumon?"

            "Oh Agumon felt real good. I was actually the one who started, While Tai and you were fucking us, I was flirting with Agumon in my own way. I first put my hand on his back. Then I became braver and put my whole arm around his shoulder, making it look like I was just doing this as a buddy proud of him. I was actually a buddy who wanted to make love to my yellow digimon friend. Agumon didn't know it yet. I noticed that Agumons mouth was open from the pleasure he was feeling, I then stuck my tongue in his mouth without hesitation. I began to slurp my tongue with his. Agumon didn't seem to mind 'till later to ask Tai."

            "Oh, so you enjoyed him, that's good." Matt said happy. "I'm pretty sure your dick fits inside me now Gabumon."

            "Oh...yeah. I forgot all about my penis." Gabumon pulled out and his dick imideatly turned limp. Gabumon and Matt both got up and stood with Agumon and Tai.

            " guys liked it?" Matt asked

            "Yup." Agumon answered. Then all four of them looked around. Everybody was still masterbating. Tenamon was masterbating next to Izzy, Gommamon was masterbating next to Joe, Biyomon was fingering herself next to Sora, Palmon was fingering herself next to Mimi, and Patamon was fingering herself next to Tk who was masterbating.

            "Wer're you guys watching and masterbating from us this whole time?" Gabumon asked surprised but not angry.

            Everyone besides the four new lovers, nodded. It was night by now and everyone got cleaned up.

            "Don't you guys feel weird about all this?" Biyomon asked Gabumon and Agumon.

            "About what?" Agumon asked confussed.

            "Well, you two are having sex with your human partners, your friends."

            "So... we still love our human friends don't we Agumon?" Gabumon said proud. Agumon nodded. " Love is love, and when you love someone, you show it. I have always loved Matt ever since I met him, he is so caring, nice, cute, and more."

            "But I'm more concerned about you guys all being male."          

            "So...what's wrong with that? Like Gabumon said, love is love. I love Tai and Gabumon loves Matt, and we show our love with sex. There's nothing wrong with that, we still have penises which is for sex." Agumon figured.

            "Ok Ok! I'm sorry, I understand now." Biyomon said sorry she had asked. After everyone finished getting cleaned up, they all went to the floor to sleep. It was a cold night and everyone used big bannanna leaves as blankets. Matt and Gabumon had no blanket though, there were no more bannanna leaves. Matt and Gabumon were shivvering. Matt had brown shorts like Tai's and his original green shirt.

            "I got and idea Matt! Lay down and I'll keep us both warm." Gabumon said softly. Matt smiled and did as he was told. "Here." Gabumon said inocently. Gabumon began taking off his fur. First he took off the strap on his right hand then left hand. All was left was for the head.

            "Gabumon, are you sure you want to take off your fur and be naked for the first time for me?" Matt said in care. Gabumon nodded. Gabumon slowly pulled the fur off his head. Matt smiled lovingly staring at the new Gabumon, his soft, yellow, gentile face was so cute. Gabumon blushed a little shy.

            "Well, what do you think? Do you like the way I really look? If you don't, I could still put my fur back on." Gabumon said shy.

            Matt just stared at Gabumon softly shocked at his looks, smiling with tears. "Oh Gabumon! You're so beautiful. You're amazing, I don't deserve you."

            Gabumon blushed more, "Awww, Matt, your so nice."

            Matt patted the ground next to him, "Come lay down with me Gabumon, help keep me warm while I'll keep you warm." Matt said softly. Gabumon nodded and layed next to Matt. Matt and Gabumon were on their sides both face to face. Gabumon wrapped his warm leg around Matts waist.  Matt put his leg around Gabumons leg. Gabumon put his warm, yellow arm around Matts neck and Matt put his arm around Gabumons neck. They both layed there staring and smiling into eachothers eyes. Gabumon had put his fur over both of their hugging bodies.

            "Goodnight Matt. "Gabumon whispered softly.

            "Goodnight." Gabumon then happily french kissed Matt showing love. Matt held on to the kiss. Their tongues played with eachother. Gabumon then finally wrapped his tongue with Matts tongue, their tongues felt so warm together and their siliva was in eachothers mouth which helped slide their tongues everywhere it went. They both made slurping sounds as their tongues were wrapped, just using their lips. After 30 minutes off kissing, they fell asleep in that posision.

            Matt woke up from the cold in the middle of the night to find Gabumon wasn't with him anymore, he spotted Gabumons silouette out the cave sitting on the ledge with Agumon. Gabumon had his fur back on. They were watching the moon together as they talked. Matt quietly walked out the cave and watched and listened to the digimon.

            "Gabumon...." Agumon said softly.

            "Yeah?" Gabumon replied still watching the big moon.

            Matt imideatly tip-toed back into the cave and woke Tai up. Matt and Tai went back out the cave to watch and listen to their digimon talk.

            "I want to apalogize."

            "Apalogize? For what?" Gabumon asked softly and bit confused.

            "Well, Gommamon and I were both wrong about love and we kept discouraging you to love Matt anymore. I also want to thank you again for bringing me and Tai together."

            Gabumon smiled still facing the moon. "It's ok Agumon, you don't have to thank me or apalogize to me." Gabumon said soft, modest, and then finally looked at Agumon. The two digimon studied eachothers faces silently. Gabumon looked into Agumons shining eyes while Agumon did the same. Agumon softly smiled looking at Gabumons shiny red eyes. Gabumon also smiled looking into Agumons green eyes.

            "Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for saving all of us from that flying digimon."

            Gabumon was flattered and blushed, "Awww, it was nothing, really."

            " I'm so sorry for being beat so easily, I could've helped you if I was still up." Agumon said then looking down at his lap feeling sorry. Gabumon slowly reached his hand out to Agumons sad face and gently held Agumons chin with the top of his index finger, Gabumon slowly pushed Agumons face up. Agumon turned his head toward Gabumons face and stred sad into his face.

            "Awww, Agumon.... We were all beaten, including me."

            "Yeah, but you were the one who defeated him."

            "I couldn't have done it without you though." Gabumon said trying to cheer Agumon up.

            "What do you mean?" Agumo asked confused.

            "Well, without friends like you, I would be nothing, besides I would have been to scared to attack all by myself."

            Agumon smiled, "Thank you Gabumon." Agumon said recovering from his sorrow seeing what a good friend Gabumon was for trying to cheer him up.

            "Don't mention it Agumon. Whenever you need someone to cry on when Tai isn't around, my shoulder will always be here for you to lean on, remember that ok Agumon."

            Agumon nodded with tears of joy in his eyes about to drip, Agumon felt so happy to have caring Gabumon as a friend.

            "Never sweat anything Agumon, I love you my friend..." Gabumon said ever so soft and lovingly. Gabumon turned his hips and leaned forward and wrapped his arms all around Agumon. Agumon turned his hips and held Gabumon in his arms returning the love. The two digimon were hugging in the shimmering moonlight as the world waited for them to release. The music of the night smoothly played through the fresh night air. Later when the two digimon released, They turned their hips back and both strared at the moon once again with their arms at their side. Gabumon passionatly held Agumons soft warm hand. When Agumon felt Gabumons gentle hand, he looked down to see his hand in Gabumons, then stared back at the moon smiling. Matt and Tai then slowly crept up behind them not wanting to scare them. Matt sat next to Gabumon and Tai sat next to Agumon. The digimon stared at their lovers surprised.

            "What are you doing up Matt?" Gabumon asked still shocked.

            "That was really nice, what you said to Agumon. I'm proud of you."

            Gabumon blushed again and smiled modestly, "You two were listening?" Gabumon said still blushed but not angry.

            "I'm sorry Ganbumon but..."

            "It's ok Matt. I'm not trying to hide anything from you."

            "You two must be great friends, how long have you guys been best friends for?"

            Agumon spoke for this question, "Ever sinse We can remember." Gabumon smiled at Agumon then back at Matt. Tai wrapped his arms around Agumon and snuggled with him. Matt  put his arm around Gabumons neck as Gabumon wrapped his arm around Matt's waist, Gabumon rested his head on Matt's arm.

            "*sigh*  Oh Matt, I love you so much." Gabumon whispered. Matt leaned his head down and softly pressed his lips on Gabumons forehead, which was part of his fur, kissing Gabumon's forehead softly but with passion. Matt kissed Gabumon for only a second then released from Gabumons head. Matt sighed as well and rested his lazy head on Gabumon's head who was still leaning on his arm. Matts head was in front of Gabumons hron.

            "I love you too my beautiful Gabumon." Matt whispered as they both watched the big glimmering moon in front of them holding eachother in their arms. The two digimon and their two new lovers fell asleep slowly as they all watched the moon together.





            THE END...






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