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This Lemon is Dedicated to One of my Best friends ((I only have 2 best friends)) DEDICATED TO!!!! : XAVIER!!!!!!!!! Well, I hope I did your request well my friend! and for others, I hope you people enjoy it though I wish I was a better writer  =(





                                                             Work of Gabumon Bubu                                                                      


                                                                Work of Gabumon Bubu





                Kindred Glow, Missing                       Ash



((note:: It may be a long lemon....but please read it...at least read it in sections!!! LOL. Dont worry....it's not too long...hehe >=))



Shining spry colors glittering around, over head, under, and the sides. Light blue bubbles blinking, pink glaring soap film bouncing and reflecting. It was like light through a crystal. Refracted light. Nothing but the colors existed, no dead floor, no lively sky. Nothing was there to wieght down life. Everything seemed gloomy but cheerful. Tredding in mid-air, floating and lowly roatating witnessing the colors pulse and glow. All the shining colors watched eyes without speach. The shined and followed this red dragon. Smiling but with a tongue too thick, no words were said, no words were needed. This was ecstacy, was like heaven.... but no one was dead. This cheerful silent experience, spinning smoothly like bubbles, surounded by the glowing colors. Feeling so light, nothing was felt by the paws. Only light was felt. Colors switched, pulsed, blinked, glittered coating EVERYTHING around, flowing as they blinked, the bubbles, flowing like vanilla cream, but only flowing in circles around this dragon.


        Guilmon. His eyes were lit up, his jaw hung down and the sides of his mouth was lifted up making his smile. His eyes shined and glared in all these colors surounding him. Guilmon was baffled and was drenched in a sense of safe, warmth, comfort....a sense of happiness and purity. His yellow eyes glared in these blinking colors as the colors slowly spun around him. His eyes captured every color, every bubble.

        Every bubble unique but every bubble the same. They each sent glee, but sent it with their own finesse. The bubbles slowly gliding through the silk fresh colored air, and smoothly caressed Guilmons lizard red skin, smoothly sliding across his white belly rubbing him letting Guilmon spit out a bit of a giggle with his light child-like voice. His chuckle echoed, blanketing him.

        Guilmon just relaxed himself, floating around by the mezmorizing surounding. His eyes were still wide and face in an overflowing joy, with his jaw dropped. His beautiful yellow eyes just scanned what was around him, being touched by every color, every bubble, not taking any of them for granted. He savored each one. His eyes soaked them up. His jaw hung like a slackened rope. The surrounding and warm feeling was overwhelming, it stole breath from his tongue. The life in his lungs paused its' work, and his love in his heart was beating, unleashing pounding waves of love each time his heart stomped. Though his heart was light, very bouyant, his love that was gushing out was heavy. His eyes flared up still never forgetting never remembering, only experiencing. His vertabre was loose, nothing to be tense for, no worries, no fear, no stress, no sweat. His back was like jellow on smooth Cool Whip. His arms hanging to his side, restless, hanging in sweet surrender. His legs and feet dangled as well, jjust inhailing the delicious scent and feeling. Everything flowed smoothly. Guilmon layed in the light air like a restless rag doll, but eyes bright and alive, holding everything.

        It was like as if Guilmon was just floating with his lit up face, so happy and excited, but resting body, floating in his own Utopia. His eyes, his eyes, his eyes! They were almost everything, to yellow shells on the sunset beach, two stars alon in the blanket of sky, like gems on a rusty table.

        His eyes worked with his heart. The Hermes for Juno. Juno actually the one watching, but Hermes only greatful to watch and report for his beautiful loving master. The eyes, Hermes, gathered all that he knew, all that he saw, and hen swiftly swooped down into heaven to meet Juno, the heart, and let it know to keep beating....it's worth staying alive to witness everything that was around.

        Guilmon, still floating in relaxation, his face was stuck and not heavy at all, didnt sag. It was wieghtless and smiled up. He blinked everynow and then, but only if he must, he wanted nothing to ever take his sight off the beauty around him, the glittering colors, the bubbles swimming around him. It was breath taking, and his own breath had escaped and was lost wandering the unknow area. But his breath didnt even want to return, having to leave this warmth around.

        No thoughts were rushing through his head, because ANY thoughts ALWAYS carry worry or stress along for the ride. His head was empty and light, only full of the happiness that the colors were sharing.



~        ~          ~          ~          ~           ~            ~              ~           ~            ~         ~         ~


            As the glaring yellow eyes continued to sway all the colors inward, they were interupted by a figure, another life. The eyes paused at this, and the smile of Guilmons' remained. Guilmons eyes widened wider, his jaw dropped lower, and his breath was stolen again. Everything just suddenly turned three times happier for Guilmon. The blood rushed through his viens, his body was surging, about to burst into energy. His mind once empty was now overflowing with the thought of his tamer....Takato. Guilmons face just so bright and happy, his heart was overflowing, and Guilmon just wanted to yell, wanted to scream his heart out, just to call his tamer over. His heart was stomping, beating the inside of his chest as if it wanted to escape. Thumping and Thumping, Guilmon could feel his own heart bumping, just wanting to explode and have his tamer by his side. His presence seemed like everything, though words were valued...just his presence was golden. Guilmons' stomach began to fly around, it felt so light and lig Everything just rushed him, his body became tense from the excitment of seeing his tamer. His eyes began sending jolts down his vertebre, and his nerves were numb, his cheeks began hurting from all the big smiling. He gave out a small chuckle.

            "TAKATOMON!!!" Guilmon yelled out 'Takatomon' over and over, bursting his lungs just to say it, his chest began to hurt a bit, but Takato was more than worth it to Guilmon. He threw his arms forward, trying to reach for him. His claws wiggled, struggling just so anxious to have his dear tamer in his arms. Guilmon reached and reached with his arms stretching out. His arms were being pulled off his arms from desire, his shoulder socket felt tense. Guilmon had arms of negetive, and Takato was all postive.


((in sciences....positive and negitive charges attract))



            His arms had his blood, his heart rushing through, and energy was being flourished from his arms sticking stright out for Takato to be in his arms. All he wanted was Takato, the bubbles still glowed and they became more spry with every ounce of love and anxiousness Guilmons heart leaked. Guilmon was spilling gallons of his love.

            Guilmon sarted to swish his legs in the air, running in the breeze, but he wasn't moving much. His legs continued to rappidly swish up and down, seeking for friction to run. He didnt care where he was, he tried his hardest, sweated strings of tempt, and just tried anything he could no matter how far they seemed to work. Guilmon began to pant from his muscles moving so fast, his body leaned forward, his arms stright out and erect being shot out to Takato, and his legs behind him rolling in the air. Guilmon began to moan exploding out all his pure energy and love to run, to hold Takato. HIs face grinned and turned into a scrunched face, he gritted his teeth which felt like puddy by now, he felt like he could have shattered his own teeth if he kept biting his own teeth, but none of his own cautions were in mind. Thoughts of Takato was clogging his mind. Heaven was only a couple meters away, and Guilmon only wanted to at least touch it. The angels seemed to fly around, under and over Guilmon and mirrors shattered. Though Hell was no where in sight, it still lended Guilmon raging fire for his pulsing life. Guilmon would die trying to catch Takato, but Guilmons death without Takato would be enough to make the Devil weep. Guilmon planned to die with Takato, and he knew Takato wouldn't die without him. That's why Guilmon felt so close to Takato for, He knew Takato was the ONLY one who truely and purely cared for him. No other human or digimon cared for Guilmon as much as Takato did, Takato would cry the most for Guilmon, and Guilmons heart would shatter, be stompped on and twisted out of shape if Takato ever died. Life wasnt worth living without him.

            Guilmon shut his eyes tight, squeezing his eyes lids togeter surging out more eneergy, as much as he could, as much as the angels let him. His demons were far away only watching and cheering him on. Only the ice in Guilmons feet were supporting his eyes. Guilmons moans became louder, became piercing. He felt the needles on his back, and the mace wacking his head around making him dizzy and bruised. But his determination blocked out the pain. Pain couldn't reach his mind.

            The bubbles glowed brighter and brighter as Guilmon went all out trying to reach, moaning a bit, he got faster and faster, releasing more energy and more. Through Guilmons shut eyes, no matter how tight they were shut, images and flashbacks with Takato flustered across his sight. Takato has always been there for him, brought him bread, peanut butter, screaming along with him, and crying along with him. They both shared a heart, and right now, they were spilt up, and alll Guilmon wanted was to re-unite. The bubbles began to cry silently. The pulsed their beautiful spry colors, spitting out blues and pinks and yellows nad greens. Showering Guilmon in these beads of colors, illuminating Guilmons body, a breath away from his very anxious skin. The bubbles gathered up behind the stammering Guilmon who ran in air, only pushing air behind him. The bubbles all united, all holding together, all crying for Guilmon. They all charged forward as a mob of colors. The bubbles sliced through the unique happy scented air. The air was happy to move out of the way for the bubbles who only wanted to help. The slammed againts Guilmons back with their film wet bodies. Hundreds, millions of bubbles were charging onto Guilomns back, ramming him in one long push. The bubbles tightened, and Guilmon felt the entle bubbles press his back, he knew, but couldn't stop concentrating on Takato. Guilmon was still rollong his legs in the air without motion. His sillhouette was too lazy, and his shadow was there pinning him down. But the bubbles wouldn't let the black hold Guilmon away from Takato, they beat down the black, and continued to push again Guilmon scaley lizard back, pressing againts the scales, and as if a knife could merely slice through diamond, these bubbles did what they wanted. Guilmon began to gradually float forward, toaward his Takato, still letting his legs tumble and turbo as if they helped. All they did was release Guilmon and that was enough of a reason to continue.

            "TAKATOMON!!!!!!" Guilmon panted and yelled, squeezing out his brain out of his  head. The devils were cheering out through glee and thid ounce of hope that existed, though it was a mere speck, it was still there, and that was enough to free the devils free, and let them cheer, finally on the side of hope.

            Guilmons screaming shattering voice, though it sounded like a screaming child with a squeaky voice, it pierced many ears, and was able to reach his heart with his eyes. His ears felt like rubber, his own voice and words rattled in his own ear.

            Guilmon was only a meter away from Takato. Takato, arms stretched out as Guilmons were, Takato was trying as hard as Guilmon, it was no surprise. Takato and Guilmon had two bodies, but shared the same soul, the same heart, the same life. But life was notihng...only a mere time interval, only a strip of paper, barely glue it was....care was the only thing....only thing that existed...the only thing there. Guilmon and his Takato...Takato and his Guilmon...they were one of the few who were blinded from the blindness. They were the only two of the four who could see TRUE love...everything else was artificial and meant only tears. Only four survivers...Gabumon and Matt....Guilmon and Takato.

            Guilmon grunted as he gave one final budge, jerking him forward a bit, but enough to finally reach his friend. Guilmon sighed in glee and in a celebration of his patience meeted and over. Guilmon held Takato tight, and felt Takatos arms hold him tight. Just at that scene, Guilmon got a feeling tickling his heart. He felt so safe and he finally knew that this person he was hugging was the person meant to be his friend, his true friend....his soul mate. Nothing to shatter, nothing to bend, it was all written in crystal which was how clear everything seemed to Guilmon now. Guilmon shut his eyes in exhaustion and so as did Takato as their cheekes pressed againts eachothers. They both just savored the moment with there eyes shut, and there faces in glee. They held eachother last as if they were the only lastings. Not like most times, instead of a mere second, the world seemed to stop for hours and revolve around these two holding eachother in their caring arms never wanting to hold anything else. They were glued together with warmth, and Guilmons chin rested on Takato's shoulder as Guilmon felt complete all of a sudden, complete for the very first time, and nothing could ever break their bond.

            His heart felt warm melting in soothing thick drips and sputters as his heart matched the cracks perfectly with Takato's. The two pieces fit perfectly together, and how wonderful it must feel when complete. Guilmon held Takato as something single and in sanctity as he charished every second he was with him. He knew Takato did the same for him.

            If angels were in solid form, you would see cupid at their side.


            LUCIFER! BEELZEBUB! AZAZEL! SAMAEL! MARDUK! MEPHISTOPHELES! AZRIAL! SAITAN! FALLEN ANGEL! PRINCE OF DARKNESS! MASTER PERSUADER! MEMNOCH!  Whatever name you choose to call for the devil, you'll see that he was crying too much to respond as he witnessed these two. The devil is only able to persuade people on earth, only because everyone had a weakness and some drops of hatred in them, but Guilmon's love with Takato, and Gabumon's love with Matt...not even the Devil could break through true love. Only one of these four wouldn't be inflicted with evil as long as they were pure and didn't allow the devil to enter in whispers through his ears.


            As Guilmons chin rested on Takato's chin, they both let sighs of relaxation escape from their lips as they both felt safe once again. Felt like they were in a barrier with eternal life. As they held eachother's body and sould together, their legs, their arms, they chests pressing againts eachother, Guilmon still smiling in relief and complete comfort with his eyes gently closed, felt his heart pounding in happiness and excitment that he had made it to Takato through it was a hard task, he had done it. His heart pounding, and hit Takato's chest softly. Guilmon didn't notice later when he felt his chin moist. Just as he noticed that, he slightly opened his eyes holding Takato without lolosing any ounce of emotions, and relized that his eyes and cheeks were wet as well. His smile never left his face. '

            He felt his heart pounding, jumping and rumbling, pounding his chest as if it wanted to escape. No sticky questions were webbed in his mind, nor did he seek anything. He had all what he need, all in one body, he never knew it would all be in this one friend of his.

            Just the simple touch and the warm of their flesh just pressing againts eachother was something to hold in great light above their head up proud.

            The bubbles, the colors continued their chronic dancing in silence  as they danced around the two who floated in a place with nothing but colors and that group of bubbles were their. These small soft gentle bubbles in a unering shot, began to tornado around the two who mended into one. The bubbles swirled around and around the two, so fast, blurs were all around them and only a couple inches away from their flesh.

            Guilmon watched the bubbles spin as the motion lullaby began to drift his eye lids down. His arms were still wrapped around Takato, and Takato's arms were around him.

            Everything seemed to move slow, and Guilmon just felt as safe as he would ever feel. Most of his body felt numb in this silent ecstacy. Guilmon felt like a melting candle with his arms still locked around Takato, feeling eachother's holding and pull almost as if they actually wanted to squish their body into the other. None of them wanted to move and they didn't.

            Guilmon later, losing track of how long it has been, slightly opened up his eyes. The first thing he saw were the blurs spinning around them cheerfully. Guilmon smiled in relief never losing the feel of Takato. He broke the long silent interval as he whispered in words drenched in passion,

            "::sighs:: Takatomon...." Guilmon spoke freely with a gushing out his warm passion from his heart, "....Just like the bright stars that sparkle...which I see in your eyes.... ::sighs::....let us rest as sweet surple....hold together until we die....," Guilmon recited softly into Takato's ear in his youthful tongue.

            Takato sighed and set breath onto Guilmon's opposite shoulder, and Guilmon listened as he rested with his eyes shut and his smile.

            "....because just like the sun....and just like the moon...::sighs::....We'll never be done....because I'm with you." Takato finished.

            Their poem. They both recited it at first words, never saying it before. Though it was a first, it seemed so right, nothing foriegn. Guilmon with his part of the poem blended just perfect with Takato's part. Alone it was meaningless, but once together, it made the most sense in this crazy world.

            Guilmon listened as he felt Takato's breath spray softly onto his shoulder. Guilmon sighed to himself as he felt Takato's last breath, finishing their poem. Everything gradually became white to Guilmon though his eyes were already closed. He smiled, and everything was white, just as he savoured the feeling of Takato's last soft warm breath brush onto his shoulder, finishing his completeness.







            Guilmon's chest hurt. He felt a sudden sagging, a complete exhaustion, a despair. He gently opened his eyes, and sighed in loss as he only saw the cement cieling of his "house" in the park. His pupils expanded sucking more light as he stared at the old, rusty cieling feeling so empty, so incomplete. He felt cold. His back laid againts and down on soft straw, and his body was neatly laid out with his legs together, and his arms to his side. Guilmon blinked a couple times traveling too fast from sweet dreams, then choking as he was whacked into the ground from Reality's massive mace. His heart pounded, and his body felt tense. Tingling spiders of shock rolled up his body.

            Things seemed blurry, and Guilmon gave a long sigh of despair just as he relized why he suddenly felt like this, so sad and full of blank air....it was all a dream, and he was alone once again in bed.

            Guilmon, his eyes open now with the yellow in his eyes glimmering in the morning morning sunlight which crept slowly in the dark home not yet reaching Guilmon's flesh. He gazed through the cieling into nothing, his body feeling dead, a mere corpse spread out on straw, as he journeyd back, remembering his dream. A mere shadow it was, only a play....an apparition if you may. His eyes focused as he had time in his pocket waiting for nothing, he was in oblivious, lost and wandered through his recent dream as the atmosphere seemed to be moving in slow-motion and droopy.

            Guilmon didn't remember much of the dream, but perfectly and sharply remembered how he felt. But he felt even less and drooped more as he relized what he lacked. He remembered feeling something warm on his shoulder. Something soft, light and fluffy. Thinking of that, he remembered Takato's chin resting on his shoulder and remembering his final breath he let onto Guilmon's shoulder. Remembering the soft breath...he then remembered  other scenes of his dream.

            Guilmon suddenly, out of nowhere, and without even noticing, found himself whispering to himself,

            " Just like the bright stars that sparkle...which I see in your eyes.... ::sighs::....let me rest as sweet surple....hold together until we die....," Guilmon  felt confused as he heard those words escape his lips without warning. His ears twitched hearing a sound so familiar.

            "Wow...what a beautiful poem.....wonder who told me that one...." Guilmon whispered in his young child-like voice with that slight squeek in it almost sounding as if someone was holding his nose. But this is how he normally talked, but more aired.

            Guilmon just continued to lay there motionless, not even feeling his body, and stared into the cieling thinking about the dream. He was still confused not sure what his dream meant, not sure why felt like this, like slop.


            "Guilmon!...." The familiar voice came calling from out the small gate of Guilmon's "house". Guilmon jolted his head toward the gate and his face was suddenly lifted, and a smile grew on his face as Guilmon began to sit up with his head locked toward the gate behind him. His face was suddenly brightened up and Guilmon had no idea why, but just as he heard this familiar voice, he assumed....But just as he saw the face he remembered, the warmth returned to Guilmon. Guilmon felt it, and felt it as familiar, and his heart began to pound again as Guilmon struggled onto his feet watching his loving tamer open the gate and start to run in. Everything was rushing through Gabumon's body, familiar feelings. Guilmon went from feeling depression from pure bliss in less than a second.

            Guilmon was finally on his feet, and almost fell back down as he tried his fastest to turn and run. The two, running for eachother as Guilmon cheered in a long 'yay!'. Their feet patted on the straw as they dashed.

            They quickly shifted into a tight hug wrapping arms around eachother's body's, embracing the other in their arm's. Holding what they missed, and just as Guilmom felt Takato's arms wrap around him tight, he felt Takato's warm breath on his shoulder once again, and Guilmon finally relized what was missing.

            Guilmon needed Takato, and was willing to do anytihng for him. They grasped onto eachother, and this whole feeling felt so familiar, and Guilmon sighed, just savoring this precious moment, not taking a second of it for granted. The both rested in silence constricting one another tight, pulling the other in. Both of their chins rested on eachother's right shoulder, with their heads side againts side, cheek pressing on eachother in such a touch of gentleness and glee.

            "I dreamed of you, Guilmon," Takato whispered with his eyes closed as he felt Guilmon.

            Guilmon gave a bit of a squeel of pleasure as he heard Takato speak in his bright voice enter his ears.

            "Me too, Takatomon!" Guilmon yelped in excitment with his eyes shut softly as well, holding Takato with a soothing tenderness hug.

            "It was a dream of...." Takato was interupting by two more voices creeping in,

            "Hey Takato!" Two voices both fusioned and smoothly flowed into one; a feminine and a boy's voice.

            Takato's eyes opened up suddenly as he heard the two voices. Takato turned his head back as he continued to hold Guilmon tight with his amrs, only turning his head around.

            Rika and Henry stood at the entrace standing ine a casual stance. Henry stood with his hands in his pocket, and his terriormon on his head.

            Rika stood leaning a bit on the opposite entrance corners with her arms crossed. Renamon stood behind Rika.

            "Hey guys!" Takato hollered as he held Guilmon tight turning his head back toward them. THe light crpt in deeper now, and shined a bit on Takato's back.

            Henry and Rika gave a little swish with their hands, a smiple gesture, a symbol saying "let's go". Takato got the hint, and let go with one arm still around Guilmon neck.

            "Common Guilmon....let's go play!"Takato said cheerfully walked with one arm around Guilmons neck. They both walked out Guilmon's "house" together both chuckleing. All three tamers walked down to the grass feild, but Takato and Guilmon were the only one out of the three that were walking as close as they were. Terriormon was only resting on Henry's head, not really holding on with Henry. Rika merely walked side by side with Renamon.

            Just as they turned, moving around a tree, Takato and Guilmon had noticed that the others had already set up a picnic, with an old-fashioned picnic blanket and basket.

            The blanket, nothing checkered or tacky as the traditional one. This dark blue blanket, webbed in soft cotton was laid out neatly over the grass. IT laid the right under a tree and shade was freshly hanging over. The basket sat in the middle of the large blanket which was able to easily fit all the digimon and their tamers.

            The view was classic, breath taking as Guilmon and Takato withdrew their breath as they laid their eyes upon the sight. Guilmon and Takato both ran to the picnic laughing all the way with eachother. Takato had took his arm off around Guilmon's neck, and sprinted to the picnic as he raced Guilmon wo did the same. Takato was a bit ahead of Guilmon, so Guilmon pounced up into the air, launching himself forward, and landing on Takato, pushing him onto the ground.

            Guilmon was sitting on Takato's back, but they were both on the blanket.

            "YAY! I WIN!" Guilmon hollered with his bright eyes closed, and his jaw flapping as he threw up his arms into the air as he celebrated his victory.

            Takato laid under Guilmon and was gasping for air as Guilmon sat up and down a bit slamming Takato deeper into the ground. Takato could hear Guilmon cheering in his little cute child voice, and this made Takato smile thikning,

            'This cute digimon, may look dangerous, but nothing as it seems....my best friend....'

            Takato was running out of breath, and spent his last one yelling,

            "GUILMON!" Guilmon heard his name be yelled by Takato. Nothing in an angry tone at all and Guilmon froze standing up over Takato as he heard his name. Guilmon's eyes were round as he looked down reliing he was sitting on his tamer this whole time.

            "Hey there Takatomon....What are you doing there? I thought you were behind me?" Guilmon spoke in a curious vioce as he walked off Takato, helping him up. Takato gasped breeathing in for his air, then stared at Guilmon blank....a silence gew between the two until Takato finally bursted out laughing which had made Guilmon laugh just at the same time. Rika and Henry had just caught up with the two as they walked noncholantly to the picnic finding Guilmon and Takato both sitting in front of eachother holding their belly's in laughter.

            Their laughing and chuckles filled the forests atmosphere richocheting off the trees and heading back in a soft echo. Soft breezes brushed the leaves of the trees but the wind kept its whistling at a quiet level, nothing distracting.

            All of them, as soon as Takato and Guilmon calmed down, opened the basket and left hungry Guilmon and Takato in awe as their jaws hung drooling onto the blanket. Guilmon spotting bread and peanut butter, Takato laying his eyes on rice balls.

            Henry, Rika, and their digimon casually reached in for some food, but Guilmon and his tamer both paused still baffled from all the great lip-smacking food. They all of a sudden jolted their arms into the basket pulling out the food they desired. As they bolted, Rika and Henry gasped not even seeing their arms, but only the basket rumbling in place softly and seeing that Guilmon and Takato had already began preparing their food. The two were surprised how fast the two were able to move.

            "If only Takato and Guilmon were that fast in battles ::chuckles::" Henry let out. Only Rika chuckled, Guilmon and Takato were in oblivious distracted by the food, but....Guilmon and Takato were in oblivious together, seeing only eachother and the food. They didn't hear Henry make his comment.

            Takato and his digimon chowed down on peanut butter sandwhiches and rice balls, eating as if they had never eaten before. The gulfed the food down their throat, chomping loudly with their powerful jaws. The rest sat their with eyes wide trying to eat but distracted by the two eating, stuffing their faces.

            Sighs of relaxation and saticfaction was finally heard from the two as they chewed and swallow their last bite. The rice balls were sweet with a slight touch of honey, and the crunchy peanut butter, not too much peanuts, and not too little. It was perfect, and Guilmon moaned in pleasure as he swallowed the last piece of his last sandwhich. The smooth and creamy peanut butter, with the crunch of roasted peanuts as he bit down with his teeth.

            The two fell on their backs feeling exhausted with their hands on their warm bellies as hey sighed. The rest only blinked to see the two eat so fast, something they've never seen. It was like rolling lighting, and the sound hadn't caught up with the flash yet, but just as it did, the rest bursted out in a flow of extreme laughter. Takato and Guilmon joing all the laughing as they rested with their eyes closed not even sure wha was so funny.

            As they had calmed down, and everyone had eaten, they rested awhile, resting in the warm breeze, and fresh forest listening to the birds chirp and sing softly for them. The mocking birdds just singing their hearts out as they flew from tree to tree creating a shadow racing around the ground.

            Takato opened his eyes noticing Guilmon absent from his side. Takato gasped in worry, but sighed letting his heart rest once more as he saw Guilmon running in craze chasing the shadows on the ground. Takato gave a tired smile and a soft chuckle seeing how playfull and cute Guilmon played. Guilmon running in random directions in the sunlight reaching down with his arms, and his head sunk, he chased the shadows gliding on the grass. Guilmon only chuckled as he ran all around.

            The blades of grass, swaying and dancing as it flourished with the wind. Guilmon's full and pure skin in a soft shade of red, nothing rusty at all, but in a full volume and spoke loud. His muscled shaped his body not too much or little. His body was in perfect preportion, and had a beautiful voice to match. His courage and "mature", as that opinion differs, he nevertheless was able to fufill the meaning out gracfully better than most. But though he had courage, boldness, stregnth, stamina, etc....he only used this for the likes of good. He was no savage, but had the power to be The Perfect Savage if ever a black miracle landed upon him.

            This was obvious, that he could never be evil, if you only witnessed what Takato saw. Through his eyes, as he laid there body feeling lifted as he watched lightly upon his digimon, his best friend, his kindred spirit running around in laughter, so happy and full of glee as NO human has. Unlike humans, Guilmon never showed anger againts those who never deserved it. Takato just watched silently with a surrendering smile, a soft smile of astonishment as he saw what he seeked throught his whole short life, watching his best friend running around as he thought....


            "This digimon...my friend! I found one....a true friend, no one that would ever let me down, never put me down as so many have done, never doubt me, but instead....only encourage me. He doesn't even try to make me happy! He has the heart that can beat for both of us, and offers it all to me not wanting anything in return! As everyone puts me down, throwing threats at me, hammering me into the ground, not rememebering, caring for me.....this digimon, my best friend....He for some reason LOVES ME ever sinse he saw me, without even knowing me, loving me without considering all the things I do wrong.....He loves me...."


            Takato didn't notice, until he tasted a drop of saltyness slip through his lips, that he was crying. He came back, shot through the vestibule of rality, but unlike so much others who dream, Takato wasn't dissappointed to still see his dream playing before him. He slipped from oblivious, and felt his warm tears slide down his soft red cheeks as he felt his heart pound for Guilmon. Wet warm tears began to flow in a steady pace as he sniffled. The tears ran inro the cracks in his lips as he smiled.

            The laughter of Guilmon's childish giggles shot into Takato's ears only to tug and drag more tears from his eyes. Takato sniffle, and wiped his arm across his face making sure not to let anyone catch him crying. Too proud of himself as a male to cry which humans now have persuaded others to belive that that is a bad thing. Takato planted his hands behind them, and pushed himself up slowly as he wobbled trying. As he stood on his feet, he slowly took steps off the blanket, and onto the grass. He continued to walk with a soft crunch of the grass with every step. Guilmon hadn't noticed Takato, and resumed his playing as he ran randomly chasing the shadows of the birds flying around. Takato had his hands drop from his sides as he walked, trying not to cry.

            As Guilmon turned his body in all direction looking to the floor, his back was facing Takato as Takato smoothly embraced Guilmon into his arms with such a grace that was worthy to whistle with the wind with such an extravigant finesse.  his arms slid smoothly under Guilmons holding Guilmon so soft in an eternal love tightness as he held him againts his own body. Guilmon gasped as the surprise crept up on him by surprise, but immideatly sinking into his arms as he noticed the arms around his chest. Takato rested his head againts the back of Guilmon's head as he felt Guilmon's soft, smooth, almost rubber scaled body. They hardly seemed scaley because of the smoothness. Takato's warm skin pressed againts Guilmon's. Guilmon smiled immideatly ignoring the shadows and birds. Once he felt Takato's gentke touch, he immideatly sunk into his feeling in warm melted marshmellows. With such a fragrence  love seemed to create. Takato shut his eyes as he held Guilmon in sanctity, in glory, and such gratitude. Takato had everything in the world as he savored this feeling of Guilmon safely tucked in his arms knowing he would never leave him. Knowing humans ALWAYS abandone eachother, he remembered as tears couldn't help but squeeze out from his eye-lids. He held Guilmon feeling his own heart pound a vibrant and unering shot to his eyes as it pounded with waves shocking his body in a slight sting of stimulation.

            A sigh escaped Guilmon's lips as he sunk back into Takato's arms closing his eyes gently feeling safe and warm. Feeling just as he did in his dream with a smile of bliss and exhaustion from life. Smiled as if he'd been working all his life, and finally finding a time to rest. Feeling Takato, not as a tamer, but as a friend forever, a best friend hold him in such emotion made Guilmon relax. Knowing his friend was here to stay always seeming to care for him always offering to him. He remembered the first day with Takato, his smile on his face just because he was around!

            Guilmon gradually opened his eyes letting light enter back into his eyes as his vision slid the the corner. He broke the silence  as he slowly opened his lips to speak.

            "Oh Takatomon...." Guilmon whispered, " You're so good to me....I wish I could...return the favor."

            Takato gave a sigh of relaxment as he continued to hold Guilmon without losing feeling with his eyes still shut, he spoke.

            "Oh Guilmon....you're returning the favor, giving more than I deserve every second you're just with me."

            "No Takatomon...." Guilmon smiled, "....You deserve everything."

            The two's hearts beat on the same time spilling warm love and care as they sighed on the exact same time that their hearts beat.

             "Takato...." Guilmon whispered, "....Are you as hungry as I am?"

            Takato opened his eyes and bursted in chuckles as he heard his best freidn say this. Guilmon blushed still in Takato's arms.

            "But Guilmon...we just ate an hour ago, and you're hungry again?" Takato spoke without an ounce of anger, only happiness and a bit of humor. Takato softly released Guilmon, and Guilmon turned around face to face with Takato and smiled putting an arm behind his head as he blushed and smiled brightly with a chuckle of embaressment. Takato smiled  brightly as well as he watched his cute digimon hungry already. Takato nodded.

            "Alright my friend...::chuckles::....let's go gets some food for that little belly of yours." Takato tickled Guilmon's tummy a bit, and Guilmon chukled stampering his feet a bit. Takato put and arm around Guilmon's neck and smiled down at him as they began to walk toward the picnic blanket for more food.


                Takato and Guilmon ate as Rika and Henry with their digimon went off to play. As hey sun began to set, The three tamers and digimon headed home. They all walked together, and were dropped off one by one to their homes. First Rika and Renamon...then Henry and Terriermon, and then finally Takato and Guilmon was left. Takato snuck Guilmon upstairs with a box.


                " ::yawns::....Takatomon....I had a great time today ::smiles brightly::...." Guilmon replied as he prepared for bed, crawling into the bed under the sheets.

            " ::smiles::....I'm glad you did Guilmon, I too as well...." Takato just slpped on his pajama pants, soft white cotton with red stripes riding down them. He had only worn those pants, and nothing more as he soon took off the goggles  from his head, and set them on his work desk.

            The room was coated in a soft, dim, and vibrant light from the wall lamps. They softly bent and shimmered off the wall with a dim. The white walls painted gently by the yellow white, and the carpet, so soft to the toes as it almost massaged your feet with every step. White

fur-like carpet covered the floor.

            Takato climbed into bed with Guilmon in it as well near the wall facing Takato who was just getting under the covers. Guilmon gave an exhausted smile as he watched Takato creep in.

            Takato first slipped his fis legs one by one, then sinking his body , and pulling the covers over his and Guilmon's body. Takato turned his body so Guilmon and him were face to face, only literally two inches away from eachother's nose.

            Takato smiled as he saw Guilmon smiling at him just as he closed his eyes. Takato felt warm as he lay there closing his eyes with his smile stuck on his face.

            Guilmon rested as his body felt so warm as his body was slowly filling back up with energy as he was sleeping still concious. Guilmon wanted to wrap his arms around his beloved friend just to hold, feeling so happy with him. He loved to be with his freind who just took well care for him. Guilmon felt he would do and give up anything for Takato. As long as he was with him, he knew he'd have the stregnth to fight. Guilmon hesitated to hug Takato as he thought in his mind, " I might accidently wake him up" Guilmon thought, just as an excuse from his shyness.

            But Guilmon soon soaked in warmth and comforst as Takato put his arm around Guilmon first. Guilmon smiled from Takato who agreed with him, and put his own arm around Takato pulling him closer a bit. Takato did the same, and the both hugged eachother planning to sleep like this. They were both in silence but dancing in joy and fufillness as they held eachother in eachother's protection and warmth. They both held eachother feeling eachother's breath on their face brush softly againts their skin.

            Guilmon, still awake now relixing he never was asleep thinking of  Takato and how much he loved him thinking of all the things he has done for him. Care, love, play, encourage, friend, help, feed of coarse, etc. Guilmon rested in Takato's arms absorbing the warmth. A soft melody played in their hearts together, exhausted from the day, but finishing it off with a perfect ending of sweet surrender and slumber. They let their bodies sink into the bed, resting like rag dolls wrapped together. Though rag doll felt nothing like how Guilmon felt. His blood rushing through his viens and his body feeling a web of love over his flesh as his flesh pulsed. He thought and came to the conclusion that this....all of it was no accidental epiphany. This all almost seemed like God's work of jape, but obvious this was for God does not such things. Things only seemed so for the feeling drenched in so perfectly, too worthy for the earth to hold.

            A small silent time interval slipped between the two in the form of stillness. Guilmon was in ecstacy, and too blind from it to know what he should do next. He was not horny at all, but so full of bliss that Takato was hugging him as they slept. He use to feel sorrow through his chest some days thinking only during the day that always seemed short, if he could hold Takato, but knowing now and feeling for the first time that he can even gracfully wrap with him in lost slumber.

            Guilmon gave an unforgetable smile of regain as he knew he could be with Takato for even a longer time, and that meant so much to Guilmon. Takato was everything to him, he didnt want to do anything without Takato.


            Guilmon all of a sudden felt his tongue become warm and slippery for some unseen reason. He immideatly shot his eyes open, and discovered that he was kissing Takato and his lips were locked and his tongue was inside Takato's mouth. Guilmon's eyes widen in shock, and was just about to pull his mouth off as he noticed that Takato was asleep, and couldn't have known this had ever happened. Guilmon hestitantly broke his accidental kiss with Takato with a small pucker sound popping as he pulled apart. Guilmon slid his own tongue back into his mouth blushes a bit at what he had done, and looked downward in shame.

            Guilmon gasped as he heard Takato was rustling, starting to awake. The covers rustled over Guilmon as he froze, trying not to wake Takato up. His body grew tense as Takato continued to rustle as if lacking comfort, maybe his back crushing something. He felt a net of static grizzle, coating his body. His heart racedas he heard his own heart beating every sweat drop.His eyes wide, he was in a rapt silent panic.

            Takato finally slowly began to open his eyes. They were open slightly, but as he saw a blur of Guilmon awake, he opened his eyes the rest of the way as well. Guilmon blushed more as he saw Takato awake thinking about the kiss he had sent.  Guilmon's red skin covered his face, but the red skin, his cheeks blushed turnimng his flesh even more full! Takato gave a sleepy smile and spoke in a whisper.

            "Hey Guilmon....what's up?"

            Guilmon stared off into Takato's eyes and argued with himself with the voices in his head. HE panicked, having no idea if he should be honest and risk the possiblity of being yelled out, or tell the truth and accept that what he did was wrong....Another sweat drop rolled down from his forehead as Guilmon began to stutter his words, trying to spit, but only segments and sputter slipped out from his lips.

            "T....T....Mon....I....I....SSED....SS..S.....Y.....YO...U!!!!" Guilmon's eyes glaring, as they flared up in paranoid and panic. His body began to tremble shaking the sheets over the two. Some chatter from Guilmon's teeth shot through Takato's ears smacking his ear drums with a pick jousting through softly. Takato's face grew confused as he became concerned.


            But Guilmon didn't blink, and continued his stutters.

            "I....I.....sss......s......o....oh....rry!!" Sweat covered Guilmon's red body , and made his soft skin glare and shine. Takato began to caress Guilmon's back as he attempted to bring Guilmon back. Trying to comfort him so he would be able to spit out whatever he was trying to say. Guilmon continued to gag on his own words. Guilmon looked cold.

            "What is it Guilmon?!" Takato let in such a vioce carrying stress and worry.

            Guilmon swallowed the apple from his throat, and took a deep breath to get calm moanig a bit in pleasure as the massage on his back from Takato felt soothing. As he began to moan, he snapped his eyes relizing he had something to tell. He spoke nervously.

            "W....Well....you see, Takatomon....I just....k....kissed you now," immideatly following his last words, Guilmon rushed his next couple words as his eyes buldged, and sweat in nervousness, "BUT I DIDN'T MEAN TO!"

            Takato's eye-lids flung wide open as his eyes pulsed by the shock. Guilmon blushed. Takato's lower jaw hung like nothing, as a mere left-over. His body was still, though it pulsed warm waves. Guilmon sensed anger flow from Takato, though he still looked in shock.  Guilmon sighed in regret and despair as he shut his eyes left in a soft shadow. Guilmon mumbled in his head feeling so embaressed and even hated him self for letting that happen. He knew he loved Takato, but he had no idea he loved Takato in "that" way. Guilmon was surpriesed at himself! He sunk into his own puddle of embaressment, only sinking deeper knowing Takato was in one as well, except with a bit more anger. Guilmon layed their numb, and squeezed himself inward, trying to keep himself away from Takato judging from Takato's appearence at the moment.

            Guilmon shut his eyes tighter every word he yelled in his mind. Guilmon began shouting at himself in his mind, He was in rage at himself just praying Takato would forgive him and let time flow steady once again without change. Needles pierced Guilmon's back. As he continued to yell aghast at himself squeezing his eye-lids together as hard as he could, he just noticed he tongue felt warm again. Guilmon cried, and felt a warm tear flush from his eyes. HE hate himself completely now. First made Takato feel uncomfortable around him by kissing him, then as he was in shock, kissing him again knew it made it worse. His shoulders shook, and his back strightened, and he slightly and cautiously opened his eyes, and saw Takato's lips locked with his. He was just about to pout and burst our in more tears until he noticed that his body hadn't moved from its spot every sinse he felt embaressed. He looked carfully with a sharp eyes this time, shoving through clouds, and discovered Takato was leaning forward towards him!

            Guilmon sucked his tears back in as now he was in shock. Takato was kissing him! Guilmon still had the wind taken from his lungs, but as he reached and recieved segments of it, he began to give in with Takato. Afterall, he never said he didn't want this, he only said that he hated himself for kissing Takato on his surprise.

            Guilmon's body began to slacken, began melting once again in the familiar droop in adhiesive passion. Guilmon slowly flooded toward Takato once again as he fears blew away with the breeze away to an eternal frolic. Guilmon wrapped his warming arms, smooth leathery almost rubber caressing, creating friction on Takato's bare body as Guilmon smoothly dragged his arm around Takato, pulling himself closer to Takato.

            The two began to slurp with a work of passion building. Soft slurping sound escaped from their lips. The sound of wet and moist kissing, bleeding in a ever-lasting passion, letting drips of saliva so small escape from their lips, but never letting the passion evaperate. Guilmon and Takato parted their lips a bit, just to tilt their heads a bit, but immideatly locked up again in a slurp. Their tongues danced, swirling as a slippery eel in eachothers warm mouths. Their warm tongues slipping into one another's warm slimy coated mouths, slipping and gliding, twisting with eachother's tongue. Takato threw his arms around Gulmon, and pulled himself closer as well. They both slurped, pulling eachother closer together, pressing their bodies onto the other, diving deeper into the kiss. Guilmon flung his tongue into Takato's mouth, and slid it on the walls of his mouth, and wrestling with Takato's tongue once more, leaving a trail of his own saliva. Takato's tongue did the same.

            The blanket was at their waists, tumbled and tangled from the body shifts from the two bodies. White soft sheets, so loose and thin, you could almost see through it. The dimmed lights seemed to reflect off the sheets so perfectly for the scene and mood.

            Guilmon began to softly suckle softly on Takato's lower lip as Takato did with Guilmon's upper lip. Two different textured lips only made the two feel more comfortable and gratitude to eachother. Knowing that their different species factor had no effect on their love that grew. Nothing lustful knocked, and things were kept, sealed tight as they were now. Guilmon's charity for Takato floating up above with his bouyant heart. His eloquency flowing in a beautiful stride, cascading downward over Takato in such a smooth velvety glaze, glimmering in the lights of the sky.

            The two had a face of bliss like a drunk as they exchanged love. Then as a needle on a board, they both softly bent the kiss at first, then eventually broke it gently pulling a bridge of saliva from the two's lips. The bridge broke as Guilmon sighed blushing in relief and comfort, glad that Takato didn't just mind the surprise kiss he first sent, but he felt glee and joy shooting through his veins knowing now that Takato even embraced it. Guilmon's sigh softly blew onto Takato's face in a light feathery brush.

            Their bodies felt as one, mended together wih their faces literally an inch from eachothers. His trust in his, and his trust in his.

                Guilmon slowly brought his hand downward, and grasped the thin sheet, and threw it behind him softly leaving the two bare in bed. Takato smiled and Guilmon smiled just the same in a sense of agreement, smiling deep within Takato's eyes as he threw the same arm behind Takato's head. Guilmon pushed himself up on his hands and knees with Takato laying on his back under Guilmon. Guilmon's paws pushed down on both sides of Takato's head, Guilmon's white clows digging in the sheets. Guilmon's knees pressing on the springs of the bed on both sides of Takato's waist. Takato relaxed though his body felt tense. He looked up restless, his eyes glimmering in such a crystalline Guilmon savored as his eyes watered up seeing who he loved in such a beautiful form. Takato smiled up into Guilmon's yellow eyes. Yellow so pure like the center of an egg. The were beautiful pools Takato loved to bathe in. Everytime he gazes in Guilmon's eyes, he pondered such fantasies he only thought could be on a stage in such a guise f phoney. Guilmon's ink spilled over Takato leaving him in such a romantic trance, and everything seemed to sparkle. Things seemed to move in slowmotion for the two as they savoured every second, as if it were their last gazes. They felt warmer without the blanket, and Takato and Guilmon both breathed, chest tender as their hearts pounded in such an extravigant finesse that only love can create and behold. The flames ignited brighter as their bodies numb from a state of bliss showering them.

            Their hearts screamed in such forte's and stretched out through atmosphere no matter how delusional, and finally reached in an embrace. They both felt like they were locked in a container together, yet they both felt the freedom, the lightness as gravity cut them off letting them reach the heavens. The seeked and finally found what in their eternal search which was finally over, they found what they had wanted all their lives. Guilmon leaned his neck down in such a stary romance, as he sealed his promise with Takato with a gentle kiss. Their lips touching and pressing againts eachother. One lip over the other. Softly throwing their tongues into the other warm cavern. Guilmon softly broke the kiss leaving a remarkable scent of final love. Love was finally found. And with this, eternal hearts were true and existed, not only a mere rare fairy tale anymore. Love proved to be real once more in these two. But maybe this was one of the lasts of love for the two couples in the world have proved love existed, and they no more wonder. It takes what they have to make this love but who else has enough love to produce such a passion? Humans with humans? Heh....not likely. Guilmon's head was back up, his eyes locked with Takato's.

            These two as pariah's, in a remiss stroll along feeling as such an omnisciet about their love, without a sibyl...they were the sibyl, and almost like God, knew their fate. And with there fate in their palms for them to mold, they kept their hands in silence and stillness at a steady level which was difficult with the world againts them. But they both held the world on their backs, sharing the pain, no matter how much it was, they would never abandon the other.

            Guilmon leaned his neck down once again, sinking his neck in the warm air, unzipping the atmosphere, to reach Takato's neck. Guilmon opened his mout slightly , and gently licked Takato's neck leaving a trail of smooth saliva. His red tongue, with a texture unbelievable as soft moist and warm flesh being gently dragged along the skin of Takato's as it left a small gift behind of saliva that reminded Takato of each lick, never letting him forget it. Guilmon's wet tongue, soft like rubber, and moist like a damp sponge of warm water except thicker in a wet streak in slipping eels.

                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon's tongue longer than humans, and even warmer considering his factor of living as a fire dragon digimon. After his first lick gushed in a pssion only recieved by Takato, Guilmon continued down his neck gently. A sigh of complete relaxation escaped Takato's lips from his tongue. His eyes droopy in a passionate ecstacy as his lower jaw hung from the wieghts of pleasure and passion hanging from his chin. A smile remained on Takato's face looking exhasuted but he was anything but exhausted. Guilmon continued licking in a slow and dragging motion, his tongue swaying over Takato's skin, over his neck as Takato tilted his head giving Guilmon his room. It looked as if Guilmon was some vampire feeding on his prey. Takato moaning softly in such a whisper that as his moans were stretched like caramel. Sticky moans flung from Takatos tongue as breath through the tongue shot as life from his lungs bursted in a tense tease of aggresive striding.

                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon's tongue eventually slid downward leaving Takato's neck coated in a wet glare from saliva. If only a sight of his face and neck, he'd look like as if he had just came from the shower for his hair was a bit wet from sweat. Takato shut his eyes softly as he moaned quietly feeling Guilmon's tongue smoothly glide across his chest in small moist licks of warmth between his warm but hard nipples. His nipple in a light color, blending perfectly in a sweet fusion flavor of fruit with the dimmed lights as they swirled in the air like vanilla, creaming in a swirl creating smooth velvety ice-cream pleasing one's delight.

                                                                                                                                                     As Guilmon finished up his work on his chest, he turned his head slightly, and licking Takato's nipples leaving them in a wet shine. Takato spit out slightly louder moans as he felt nipples turn moist, being gently caressed from Guilmon's tender tongue. Guilmon continued traveling down Takato's body keeping his hands and knees on both sides of Takato's body. As Guilmon knelt his head down for a lick, Takato's body seemed to elevate closer to Guilmon's body feeling his body heat coat him in such a blanket warming each single nerve with a soothing creamery in Takato's body. Takato's moans flowed from his lips like a river of coffe cream, and even the scent of his moans tasted as saticfying as the cream itself.

                                                                                                                                                     Only soft moans and breath swayed in the air, rattling smoothly in their ears as their minds were spoiled in a pink and flourished clean sparks, popping like popcorn in a fresh aroma. Things richocheted and landed once more to a pillow touch of a settle. Nothing seemed jagged or rough, but droopy as caremel, and sootihng as Matt's harmonica playing a lullaby through the music of the night.

                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon resumed his tender licks in a gyro spin of waves as he traveled down Takato's tummy, licking over and past his belly button.  Takato's body was knocked out from the passionate pleasure Guilmon was exposing and continued to moan trying to keep quiet though careful not to wake his parents. Guilmon licked Takato down to the tip of Takato's pajama pants of soft cloth brushing agiants Guilmon's lips. Guilmon paused in his all-four position over Takato.

                                                                                                                                                     "Takatomon...." Guilmon whispered not because of carefulness, but with passion as his smooth words seeped into Takato's ears sinking the whisper in a childish tongue. Takato lifted his lazy head in a drag and gazed ahead, examining Guilmon's stare back at him. Guilmon's yellow eyes sparkling like the stars in a dark night sky. Takato nodded and dropped his head letting it sink into the cushions of the bed with a soft bounce. Guilmon's smile grew a bit more on the corners as he sat up a bit on his knees reached his claws at the waist of the soft pajamas. Takato shivered a bit feeling Guilmon's cold claws feeling like smooth bone sliding a bit benieth the gaurder of his pajamas. He felt Guilmon slowly slide the pajamas down his though feeling the air hit his bare legs in a smear of freshness. Wearing no briefs in his pajamas as pajamas were meant to replace underwear, Guilmon spotted Takato's fresh penis fling up as he pulled the pajamas past his crotch. Guilmon continued to slide the PJ's down from his thighs, down his legs, and finally off his ankles and feet. Guilmon, keeping head and eyes locked on Takato's face, threw the PJ's behind him as mere trash letting it flutter through the air like a butterfly only fluttering to fall on the floor.

                                                                                                                                                     Takato laid on his bed sweating a bit, still covered in Guilmon's saliva glycining his soft skin. Takato softly let his eyes lids meet in a soft kiss as he was lost in passion sufficating him. Takato gasped hearing his pajamas hit the floor in a soft 'plop'. Guilmon scanned his eyes over Takato's smooth toned body, not muscular, nor boney....but perfect proportion to Guilmon as Takato laid with his body in pale and soft tender flesh over his bones, perfectly symetrical. His body seemed flawless in appearence, and Guilmon was thankful for that though appearence was nothing much to Guilmon.

                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon scanned down until his eyes caught Takato's half limp penis hanging like a dying flower from the grass. Takato's plump chewy cock hanging at about 2 1/2 inches long, and about an inch thick. Light and softly paled skin surrounded the cock, and Guilmon didn't seem to hesitate as he set his warm palms on Takato's thighs, gripping his claws a bit without yet inflicting pain, and brought his lips to Takato's dick. Guilmon's jaw hung, and his warm breath clouded Takato's cock in a warm brush of  breath. Takato's sensative cock immideatly began to grow as he felt the blood rushing, feeling his cock harden and stiffen up to around 5 inches.



   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*       YAOI  LOVE WARNING    *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon doused his warm mouth over Takato's cock, with his warm and sticky saliva wrapping and caoting Takato's cock in a slippery slime. Guilmon wrapped his tongue around Takato's cock, massaging it as he stroked his tongue around, swirling it up and down his cock, rubbing like slippery warm rubber/leather, up and down, spinning his cock. Guilmons lips touched the base of Takato's penis.

                                                                                                                                                     Takato lifeted his heavy head, and took a single glance at Guilmon engulging his cock. He gave a shakey sigh and dropped his head, closing his eyes moaning softly. Guilmon slid his lips up the cock, watching the cock, sliding out his mouth, all wet and shine in wet dripping saliva. Guilmon kept his lips wrapped around the head of Takato's cock, suckling softly as if it were a lollypop. The wet moist sound of sucking shot through Takato's ears only making him moan louder. I thick drip of saliva escaped Guilmon's lips and slowly slid down Takato's cock in a trail of wetness as it dragged againts his cock. Takato felt the cold air brush againts his shaft part of his cock now that Guilmon's mouth was only on the head.  He felt the soft and light tickle of the drip slowly drooping in a thick wad, down the shaft of his cold cock. The tickle only aroused his cock more. The drip finally sliopped onto the base where the penis emerged from his body. It created a small warm puddle, but soon split into two drips dripping a thick slime down around both sides of his cock and dripping dragging a tickle down his balls which hung like a sack of marbles. Guilmon suddenly quickly doused his mouth over the stiff cock, coating it in webs and strings of warm saliva, creating a thick glaze of warmth and saliva over Takato's cock. Guilmon once again wrapped his tongue around his cock massaging it, stroking it upward, feeling his veins pulsing over his cock.

                                                                                                                                                     Takato felt shattered static trickle all over his flesh in a excited feeling.

                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon began to moan as his tongue cushioned Takato's cock like a warm leathery/rubber, moist flesh pillow, tugging softly on his cock. His cheeks inflated a bit, and quickly were jerked inward as Guilmon sucked hard with a moist suckle sound hitting the walls. Guilmon's warm mouth, the inner walls and tongue splashed pleasure over the cock in such a warm comfort that was rare to feel. Guilmon began to bob his head up and over Takato's cock, sliding his lips over and over on his cock, sliding it majestically adding more saliva as the cock slipped into Guilmons mouth smoothly getting stroked by the muscles in Guilmon's mouth. His cock felt cold as his Guilmon's mouth was slid up, but then rewarded by an exra warmth as his mouth slid back all over his cock all wet and slimy. More drips began to slide down Takato's cock and over his balls. Guilmon's head bounced quickly in a smooth motion with his tongue wrapped around his cock and his lips sliding up and down like a fast bouncing basket ball. Dribbles of saliva dragging  in a moist slip to his balls more and more came.

                                                                                                                                                     Takato noticed his balls felt tight and a slight ache of pain pinching, as he knew what he had to do. Takato arched his back digging his head into the bed as he gave out a long moan as he spoke one word with the last tickle of saliva on his balls.

                                                                                                                                                     "Guilmon!" Takato whispered in a long moan as he felt his rock-hard penis, all veiny, erupt in a rumble as a volcano, splashing, shooting a steady stream of hot cum of cream, a scent of spunk suddenly filled the air as Takato heard Guilmon squeel in delight sucking as if his cock was a straw. Takato cummed, feeling the cum drag out warm pleasure, pulling on his cock, a tickle, a bright sensation raging on as his penis screamed spurting out hot cum down Guilmon's throat.

                                                                                                                                                     Guilmon's throat motioned in a wave as he gulped down Takato's hot cum feeling it like warm thick milk, gooey in his belly feeling saticfied in such a comfort that tightly queezed him.

                                                                                                                                                     Their hearts raced and their body's sweat as they both panted hard, their chest hurting from the heart trying to burst out, trying to escape. Their bodies feeling tense with sheets and layers of electricity static like snow and spider-web's string up all around them. Takato gave out a sigh of pleasure and a returning as he bent his knees up letting his heels sink into the bed as he spread his legs, just letting them drop in exhasution. His chest heart and the only thing heard was the breathing of Guilmon and himself. Their ears swallowed these sounds up only making the experience feel better.

            As Guilmon felt the last blob of warm slime, tasting the salty drag all the way down his throat. Guilmon swallowed the last glob of cum in fatigue as he haggered and felt battered, feeling the last goop of cum splatter to the pit of his belly. Guilmon struggled to get himself up, and as he sat up as if drunken on his knees still panting in dyspnaeic, hearing Takato puffing and anhelose, gasping for air. Takato's knees were still bent, and Takato's head fell to the side in exhaustion as hi breath puffed, running in crazes of clouds from his lips. Takato had felt like he had just ran a hundred miles non-stop feeling his heart beat louder and louder, feeling it pulsing, hitting his rib cage harshly as his throat felt a burn.

            Guilmon put his hands on his hips, staring down at Takato, panting, his  shoulders lifting up everytime he panted hard. Guilmon smiled feeling his sweat trickle down his body. He smiled at Takato laying there smiling, and knowing he had made Takato happy had made Guilmon feel like the most important digimon in the universe. As the both borrowed the time to once again catch some breath, at least enough breath to talk, Takato, still smiling in a soggy saticfaction, finally turned his head and dived back into Guilmon's two yellow pools of spry crystal with an unforgetable sparkle.

            'This is definately God's usual finesse, except with a bit more....' Takato thought to himself panting softly now, staring up into Guilmon's eyes, smiling-meeting the eternity that had came to him to play. He smiled in exhaust, a tired smile with his eye's half open. Takato's eyes were glazed in tears, shimmering lightly in the dim lights, though instead of these two seeing the dim colors and lights, they both witnessed before them- colors; spry colors, colors even beyond our own spectrum and beyond human comprehension. The colors so very blinding yet so seductive; maybe a gift, or maybe a punishment.

            Takato gradually became limp once more, still coated in wet shine from saliva. Takato regain a bit of energy as well as Guilmon. Their lungs felt stretched out and warm.

            "Takatomon...." Guilmon spoke softly, finally breaking the silence with small pants after he spoke. He spoke in a casual questionary tone, as if he had step back from the passion, not from fear but for love. Merely to step aside to reassure their love.

            "Yeah, Guilmon?" Takato answered in curiousity, still catching the last of his breath. He kept his head on the bed.

            "Why....are we like this? Is this bad?"

            Takato smirked in confusion. " ' This'...." Takato spoke softly, repeating the words to himself, " You mean....this- our love?"

            "Well....you're not a female....or even a digimon....I don't care that you're a human, but do you mind I'm a digimon?"

            Takato smiled, "I don't care at all....I never knew I was gay, but I don't mind being gay, as long as I'm with you...."

            "Gay?" Guilmon repeated lost in twisted knots.

            "Yeah....Gay....attracted to your own same gender."

            "Gender?" Guilmon repeated.

            "Yeah...like if you're a boy or girl. We're both boys."

            "Boys?" Guilmon once more replied with a lost and confused face.

            "Yeah....boys.... like.....you have a penis and so do I. Boys have penis's"


            Takato couldn't help but burst into laughter. Takaot laid there feeling so complete, so happy as he laughed from Guilmon's cuteness. Guilmon sat there confused for a second, but soon joined Takato in his laughter. They both sunk into laughter together, ripping their sides as they laughed through the warm night util they heard a noise. They both suddenly shot quiet, with their male organ still hanging slightly. The screaming loud silence rambled through and sudden as they began to hear rumbling in the next room- Takato's parent's room.

            They both froze, being cautious not to make a sound as their eyes turned. They waited, and soon the rumbling in the next room stopped. Takato and Guilmon sighed, sinking back in a nervous and finally relaxed warmth, releasing their nervousness in a warm breath. But as soon as they relaxed their muscles, they immideatly shot into a frozen state again once they heard noise again. Their bodies were coated in irritating static as their bodies stiffened up, turned warm-too scared to think of what would happen if they were caught. Their hearts beated loudly, screaming in rage, stomping into their ears, piercing their ear-drums with a thump. Then finally as the sound of shuffling stopped once more, a long silent time interval fell between everybody. Everything set to a loud silence except for Takato and Guilmon's beating hearts. It beat louder....and Louder.....and LoudeR....and LOUDER! Sweat drops seemed to drip slower, drip with a heavy drag of heat and irritating scratches down their sensative skin.

            " ::sigh!!::" They both gave a long sigh of relaxation, sinking into the smooth air once more, feeling all the itching sooth away as they both sunk down, Guilmon on Takato and Takato under guilmon. They both simply laid their as rag dolls, relaxing thier body.




            They both suddenly heard deep consecutave thumping seeping through the wall from the next room as if someone were hitting the wall with a hammer from the other side. 'Thump' after 'Thump' Takato and Guilmon laid on the bed sculptured in the same position as they both turned their head's to the wall, face shifted in curiousity. They waited and listened and Takato finally blushed realizing what the noise was all from.

            " ::Laughs:: You don't wanna know what they're doing in there, Guilmon! ::laughs::" Takato spoke teasingly.

            "Why Takatomon? What are they doing in there?" Guilmon spoke in total confusion.

            Takato paused at first, staring at Guilmon, their faces close together, merely 12" away from eye to eye.Takato scanned Guilmon's eyes, scaning the yellow crystals.

            "You really don't know huh?"

            Guilmon nodded.

            Takato slowly reached down, slipping his hand between their own body's and touched Guilmons warm penis, it was still a bit hard. Takato held Guilmon's meat softly, gazing off into Guilmon's eyes, pleading to him, begging for permission. Guilmon didn't see it at first sight, but soon smiled knowing what Takato was asking thriugh the screaming, deep silence, besides the thumping.

            Takato sunk his head deep into the matress under him as he arched his back, shifting his hips into the air a bit as he set the warm tip og Guilmon's cock to his tight hole. Takato wihspered,

            "They're doing this...." Takato reached and held Guilmon's hips, pulling himself over Guilmon's rock hard cock- his cock as if a masterpiece worthy of the glow of sanctity and glimmer. Wrapped around the shaft in red flesh, a pure and full shade of red, red like swollen muscles though swollen might gave been one of the perfect words from human language yet it remains so distant from Guilmon's beautiful dick, so many grips away from its true essence which seems to fail to seep through people's eyes. Guilmon's warm and hard penis, shooting up into the air, taking the shape of a sore bannanna in red-pulsing warm heat, the size of an average bannanna as well in thickness and legnth-around 8-9 inches long with 1.5 inches thick. In texture of tender flesh in warmth yet a bit with the smooth touch of rubber, but foolish it would be to merely use the word "rubber" alone for Guilmon's masterpiece was in such a stiffness, it would be an insult to call it simply rubber. 

            Guilmon moaned, closing his eyes as he shuddered from the overwhelming pleasure, feeling his warm cock being devoured by this tight, smooth, and literally hot hole. Feeling his thick cock burry deep, drilling deep in a warm harnest, a goop of warm and tight flesh hugging his cock tight from around the whole cock. FEeling Takato push himself over his cock gave Guilmon the final strip of pleasure he lacked.

            Takato-as he pulled himself over Guilmon's dick, feeling his ass being spread wide apart for the first time, feeling his flesh, his ass being stretched out, stretching strubbernly, having a warm cock sink between the flesh walls, tearing his skin, injecting Takato with pain. His face scrunched as he continued to pull trying his best to ignore the pain. All the wrinkles gathered on Takato's face as the pain summoned them, the pain in his ass stretching apart, swallowing Guilmon's thick cock. Feeling the warmth, the veins rippling, grooving through his ass only made the pleasure more pleasurable, makng this all worth it. But as he opened his eyes in pain, barely even to open them, he witnessed Guilmon's feeling, he knew Guilmon more than excepted this and for that, Takato smiled throigh his pain as he felt the base of Guilmon's cock finally enter him. He looked up smiling with a fusion of pain, now taking this pain for Guilmon's delight with less wieght in guilt, he now did this to pleasure who he loved rather than himself-Guilmon to Takato was worth this and much more.

            Guilmon threw his warm clawed paws up upon Takato's tender chest, feeling so worn and used out. Takato's heart pounded, stomping, thumping and beat his chest as if it wanted to escape, being tortured be the pain he stretched out in a moan. But as soon as he felt the warmth of Guilmon's warm paws on his chest, feeling the leathery skin, the grip resting on his chest seemed to be his boat, to stay above, and float above most of the pain. Guilmon shut his eyes gentely as he sighed, sliding his warm paws down Takato's body, strolling and sliding down in a trail, feeling and appreciating Takato's body well. feeling every groove in his skin, feeling every inch of warm and soft flesh as he reached Takato's sides of his lower belly.

            Takato merely remained and maintained, enjoying Guilmon's beautiful touch and the wonderful finesse Guilmon's hands seemed to posses, spraying it in a smooth vanilla. He sighed able to maintain the pleasurable smile upon his face, allowing his ass below adjust to this new activity.

            Guilmon's hands finally found Takato's hips, and he gripped them tight, never wanting his own skin to leave Takato's. His claws grudging into Takato slowly. Takato slowly moaned in pain, and Guilmon immideatly removed his claws, leaving only his tight palms. Takato immideatly sighed in his familiar pleasure and relaxation feeling the claws sucked out of his skin. Guilmon held Takato's hips tight as he began to thrust forward, then pulling back only to ramm back in. Guilmon panting as he began to speed up, ramming his warm cock deep into Takato, ripping his ass open. Guilmon smoked out a deep moan pf pleasure, closing his eyes letting his jaw hang as well as drool as his hips jolted forward and back hearing the squishey sound of his stiff cock punching through between Takato's moist felsh ass. Guilmon's precum began to slip between his cock and Takato's ass which made that moist sip.

            Takato dragged his legs apart, creating the shap of a crooked field goal post with his legs, bending his knees, only wanting to give Guilmon an easier job. Takato moaned and whined in pain with every push he got from his ass, feeling his whole body be pushed up the bed, feeling a hard long warm cock jab in and out of his ass, spreading his ass further apart than he even knew was possible. Takato's face in stressed pain, but a mere disguise it was as Guilmon knew as well as Takato that this was only for Guilmon, and Takato was willing, and Guilmon felt so close knowing his friendship...his relationship had no limits.

            Guilmon gripped Takato's hips a bit tighter as he shoved his hard cock into Takato, as deep as he could dig. his cock felt safe, wrapped around tight, hugged, being strangled by Takato's tight ass. Guilmon picked Takato up off the bed by the hips, keeping his cock burried in him. Takato panted, breathing hard laying in the hands og Guilmon like a rag doll, letting himnself be taken care of, letting Guilmon have his way with him. Guilmon struggled at first, but eventually got up onto his feet holding Takato tight, making sure he didnt fall. He jumped off the bed never letting his cock leave its nest, keeping it tucked in tight in Takato's warm hole, feeling Takato's balls lay on Guilmon's skin. Guilmon walked slowly, taking careful steps, careful not to drop Takato. As Guilmon walked toward the wall, he gazed down into Takato's eyes, smiling down at him in passion and gratitude, loving him with sinking eyes of warm love. Though Takato's face was in remained in pain, his eyes and tears refracted the light enough to sight his love...the passion he held for Guilmon in the pools of his eyes. Guilmon smoked out a soft sigh of pureity as he savoured this familiar feeling which he now rememebered from his dream. But the feeling now of comfort, security felt more sharp and vivd with the spectrum glimmering within their eyes inside out of a figment, more than an apperition. His sigh and drunkin smile down at Takato, and Takato felt the same shiver he felt in the same dream.

            Guilmon finally set Takato gently onto the floor, setting his back againts the wall. Guilmon still held Takato's hips tight keeping his dick deep in him as Takato spread his legs as wide apart as he could, bending his knees so that his feet were flat on the floor. But as Guilmon slowly slid his warm cock out, Takato gasped as his feet were eventually lifted up off the floor as he felt Guilmon gegin to thrust his cock deep in hard, shooting his cock like a dart, striking the bulls-eye.

            Guilmon held his hips tight, forgetting about his claws and Takato panted hard as Guilmon pushed, shoved, jammed, drilling, and punched his cock in and out of Takato. He slammed Takato hard, drilling his cock hard into Takato hot ass, everytime, tearing his ass open, pushing his whole body up againts the wall. Takato felt the pain in his aching back, but he ignored it, moaning in pain, having his body crushed between the wall and Guilmon, being impaled on by Guilmon's cock. His ass felt sore and his body felt numb and tense, feeling the trickling cob webs wrap and trickle all over his flesh hearing his own moans as well as Guilmon's. Guilmon hung his head, grunting with each shot of his cock, with each unering shot, he aimed it as deep as possible, sinking it deep in the womb. Takato continued to be crushed, his body  folded in half roughly as he was being pounded over and over up againts the wall.

            Guilmon gave a low moan, feeling a shiver down his spine as he continued to throw his hips. He felt the pleasure in a warm sap-a warm and thick syrup drooping over his body. Loving the feel of his hard cock be shoved in a warm fleshy and tight hole. Feeling the sensative skin on his cock brush againts the tight walls hugging his dick. SLiding in deeper and deeper gertting warmer each inch it was dug. liding in smoothly moaning feeling the warm hole swallow every inch of his cock in a tightness, pushing all the way in deep, feeling his balls hit Takato's ass hard enough to give Guilmon personal pain. Guilmon pushing againts Takato, sliding his cock half way out of Takato's ass, but as soon as he did, he slammed his cock right back in, gliding the cock through the tight hole. Grinding back in into depth, grinding againts the tight insides of Takato, squeezing through, forcing its way in. Swiftly pulling out once more, merely to shove his cock back inside a deep harvest, feeling his cock be flourished by the pleasure of the rubbing and stroking he felt over his cock as he humped Takato hard, creating a warm friction. It felt to Takato's ass like swallowing an apple whole.

            Guilmon panted as he continued to follow his pattern, humping Takato furiously, pushing Takato up againts the wall, pushing his lower torso back, folding him in ha;f each time Guilmon packed and rammed, bursting and penatrating through Takato's small hole. Guilmon grunted in low tones, gripping Takato tight, loveing the scent and aroma of Takato, being betwen his wide spread legs, seeing both legs on both sids of him, seeing them wiggle like spegetti as Guilmon thrusted his cock into Takato's ass, stuffing his ass like a turkey.

            Takato moaned in pain mostly from his ass feeling torn apart, being ripped apart, wide apart! Groaning everytime Guilmon thrusted forward slamming his body together, his head being pushed forward as the wall behind him pushed forward.

            They both panted and grunted, and Guilmon continued to stab his cock in and out Takato's ass, jack-hammering him againts the wall until he felt the rumble surge in his red balls. Guilmon dug his claws into Takato's hips tight, and shut his  eyes tight, stretching out his whole body as he gave in one final ram, digging deeper and deeper, getting his dick as deep as it would go, strightening his back, pushing Takato's legs over his head. Guilmon spit out a loud and stretched deep moan as his cock began to sputter out warm blobs of creamy cum. Guilmon continued to moan, stretching out his body as he dug in deep, moaning, still digging, squeezing his eyes shut as he drilled, cumming in Takato, spitting a warm steady stream of cum, flowing through Takato's ass, coating his insides with a warm and slimey cream, sticky and gooey. Takato moaned with Guilmon, two moans ringing in eachothers ears, moaning into yelling, Takato feeling his legs stretch wide apart as well as his ass. Feeling the warm cream burst and explode in his ass smuthering everything in his ass in warm creamy digimon cum.

            Guilmon continued to pump his cum, filling Takato up-both moaning bodies feeling tense. Guilmon finally smoked out a warm sigh, collapesing, letting his muscles drop as he fell on Takato, both laying flat on the floor an inch away from the wall. The both breathed hard, feeling their lungs extract and retract, feeling their hearts beat trying to escape, trying to errupt and burst from the chest as it resumed whacking on the chest, making it tender. Guilmon laid on Takato, chest againts chest, with Guilmon's legs between Takato's slightly spreaded legs as Guilmon's shiny red slick and bannana shaped cock slipped out of Takato, pushing a warm sigh from Takato's tongue.

            They both shut their eyes gently, letting their breath return in puffs as Guilmon rested his cheek on Takato shoulders, both resting, sagging in place as rag dolls. Their warm bodies blanketing eachother, and time rolled by as Takato finally spoke, hearing the loud silence once more.

            "I guess we beat them...." Takato whispered as he took in one finnal breath.

            Guilmon gave a soft exhausted chuckle and sighed wraping his arms around Takato, both of them turning on thier sides as the cuddles up againts eachother, wrapping their arms around eachother, tying, melting together as one, never letting go, gripping on with the lack of consent to ever release. Their arms and legs weaved around eachother, creating the tightest bond, a complete tie with the other.

            Guilmon smiled, his eyes closed, and his smile exhausted coated as drunk, as he felt the familiar breath on his opposite shoulder, brush like a feather. A warm puff of breath, massaging his shoulder lightly, holding Takato tight, knowing and feeling the confirmation of their bond as he felt the next puff of Takato's breath. Guilmon no longer consulted the Sibyl as he knew ever sinse his dream, this human no matter the differences, their love overwieghted it all, making everything seem right. Remeberng the first breath Guilmon felt on his soyulder from Takato in his dream, remembering the ujnique exttravigant finesse the puff held, smokey and fluffed featherly sweeping across his skin, leaving tickles and trails of warmth and secureness, a lock...a love.

            The two held eachother, their eyes shut but their hearts open. Feeling everything move in slow motion, and for at least a second, the whole world revolved around these two lovers for God had smiled upon them. Feeling the spotlight, they sighed blind in eachothers comfort and warmth as they slowly drifted half way into sweet surender.

            "....Just like the bright stars that sparkle...which I see in your eyes.... ::sighs::....let us rest as sweet surple....hold together until we die....," Guilmon recited softly into Takato's ear in his youthful tongue. Guilmon had just been shot through his mind remembering perfectly now where he had heard these words of poetry as they escaped his lips, he remmebered his whole dream now but didnt react to it, not wanting to change the mood, he continued to maintain the same smile, the same love.

            But a simple surprise came to Guilmon's ears as he heard Takato tired whispers sink into his ears, "....because just like the sun....and just like the moon...::sighs::....We'll never be done....because I'm with you." Takato finished.He had no idea Takato had the same exact dream, infact he thought it was impossible! but nothing seemed impossible anymore as though Guilmon was a bit surprised, he yet also felt in his heart knowing Takato had the same dream. And knowing this, that what he had thought was impossible, but more than the dream, but the love....he never changed his smile, never changed his face, laying in Takato's arms, holding Takato in his, as thier poem rung in their ears like bells, as they both slipped into sweet surender, sweet slumber to meet eachother in their dreams where they shared the same dream, shared the same heart, shared the same love, as kindred spirits, in kindred worlds, in a Kindred Glow, Missing Ash.








{-)) Well digimon fans......that was my latest lemons, It is sharply distinct from my last two. MY last two were a bit sloppy but I must admit away from boast, I loved my story plt to my very first lemon. It's only a pitty I wrote it sloppily. Oh well...this Lemon...I enjoyed write for my friend, one of my best friends: Xavier. I wanna thank him for inspiration. He was my first fan when I sent in my first lemon which I had already said I didn't think would do any good, but E-mails I recieved proved me wrong. I merely wrote that lemon for fun and had no plans for senfing it in. Also....I must admit....those who have seen my poetry on the comments when you vote for favorites....I usually write a poem at the end.....and well, I think the poem for this lemon was actually pretty good...infact I think one of my best! It isnt too hard to understanbd and yet it holds without losing the essence of the importance.

            LOL, I dont talk this safisticated in real life by the way.

Sorry if it took me long to send this lemon out...this one took me awile because I had to decide the plot. I had brain stormed originally about 5 different plots with 5 different endings, and I guess I favored this plot and ending best. I wanna thank Xavier again, wanna thank him for being here for me and supporting me in everyway. We have so much in common, so much more than I thought was possible, makes me think of us as "kindred spirits" at most times. And my only other best friend; Doug....My first friend, and my first best friend. HE has supported me in everything and his honesty is overwhelming. HE compliments in a pure tongue, never sugarcoating and never putting you down. BOth of them have encouraged me to continue sending in my lemons, so all my thanks go to them!

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Feburary 12, 2002. 11:22pm. Kindred Glow, Missing Ash-credits scene.