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Title: Wild Kari


Somewhere in the digiworld, the children were walking along the forest after breakfast.

“Oh...my Gatomon, my love, I hunger for your pussy,” Kari was singing to Gatomon.

“Kari, please stop singing sexy song,” Izzy pleaded.


“Wait!” Kari shouted and everyone stared at her.

“I got stomachache,” said Kari and her face twisted. Gatomon immediately followed her to a bush.

Gatomon, kill anyone who try to voyeur!” Kari ordered. And so Gatomon stood at nearby to protect her.

Kari quickly dug a hole and started dumping the loads. “Ahh…” she sighed as the dirty things were released from her bowel.

But suddenly, “ambush! The evil digimon strikes back!” The others shouted.

“Kari, hurry!” Gatomon urged.

“Okay, I am coming!” Kari forgot what she was doing and stood up, but she tripped. She was holding her dress while she walked out from the bush.

Gatomon, digivolve!” Kari shouted but she could not find her digivice, and everyone was looking at her half-naked body. Kari quickly covered her groin with her dress and searched for her digivice. The children and the enemies sweated.

“Wow! She is beautiful,” praised one of the enemies.

“Yea, she’s my sister…hey! How dare you look at her! Greymon!” Tai shouted and Greymon deleted the enemy with a huge fireball.

“She wore pink underwear,” Matt indulged into fantasy.

“Her underwear is prettier than mine,” Sora thought.

Kari and Gatomon were searching for her digivice. Finally they saw her digivice in the hole, on top of her shit.

Gatomon, can you pick it up?” Kari pleaded.

“Are you nuts?! So dirty!” Gatomon retorted, “I’ll find something to pick it up.” Gatomon found a stick and she gently pushed the digivice out from the pile of shit. Then she used another stick and pushed it to the riverside. She used a lot of time to clean the digivice.

“Fortunately it is waterproof,” Gatomon sighed, “finally!”

Meanwhile Kari also cleaned herself and put on her dress. Kari and Gatomon rushed back to their friends, “where are the enemies?” asked Kari nervously.

“All fled,” answered Joe, they were eating apples. Tai brought the apples from his house.

“Oops, sorry,” Kari told them what had happen to her digivice and everyone immediately dropped his/her apple on the ground and vomited.

“Kari, don’t say nasty things while we are eating,” Tai gasped and vomited again.

“Sorry,” Kari apologized again.

After they rested for a while, they left that place.


“It’s only 10a.m., we must reach Vanilla Village before 12p.m.” Matt looked at the watch and said.

“Shit! No more foods!” Sora suddenly exclaimed.

Hakuna matata, we’ll find foods for you.” cried Biyomon merrily. And thus, Biyomon, Tentomon, Gatomon and Gabumon walked into the forest to find foods.

“What’s hakuna matata?” Sora scratched her head and asked Mimi.

“It means no worry, for the rest of your day,” Mimi explained and began to sing that song.

“Let us play UMO while waiting for the foods,” Kari suggested, and they started playing UMO.

After 20 minutes, the digimon returned with foods on their hands/paws.

“What’s this?” asked Tai and picked up something.

“Beats me,” Gabumon shrugged his shoulders somewhat indecisively.

“YOU DO NOT KNOW? You want me to eat something unknown?” Tai shouted.

“We ate many times before but mo man tai,” said Gabumon, good-humoured.

“Because you’re a digimon! By the way, what is mo man tai?” T.K. retorted.

“It means no problem,” Agumon smiled.

         So the children ate the foods carefully. After another 20 minutes, they finished all foods. They decided to rest for a while. Suddenly Kari felt stomachache again.

“Damn!  No more tissue papers!” Kari thought.

Sora, Mimi, do you have tissue or toilet papers?” Kari whispered.

Sora and Mimi searched for a while and they shook their heads. None of the children brought toilet papers.

“Kari, I got an idea,” ventured Gatomon.

“What? Hurry…I can’t…” Kari raised her eyebrows quizzically.

“You can use leafs,” Gatomon suggested.

“What an absurd suggestion! Ouch! Bring me more leafs…now…” Kari went to a bush and dug a hole again; she started to dump again while Gatomon was collecting leafs.

Meanwhile, the other children also got stomachache.

Gabumon! Ahhh…the foods…ouch…” Izzy also found a bush.

“Who said mo man tai!” Tai’s temper flared up again.

“Who said hakuna matata!” Mimi growled.

The other children found a place to release tension from stomach. The digimon went out searching for leafs and guarded the area.


After 15 minutes, the children were lying on the ground, grasping for breath.

“I’ll never eat the foods in this world again.” said Tai wearily.

“More tired than making love,” Izzy panted.

“Kari, you smelled terrible,” Gatomon remarked and shook her head.

“Because I don’t have enough leafs,” Kari blushed.

“Matt, you legs…” Gabumon trailed off.

“Shut up and give me more leafs!” cried Matt somewhat recklessly.

“Matt, you tripped and fell to the hole, right?” asked Joe bluntly.

“Not your business!” Matt roared.

“I must bath after I reached the village,” Mimi vowed.

“Let’s go now,” Izzy looked at his watch and said softly.


         The children continued walking like a drunken person under the sun.

“I’m sweating,” said Tai and took off his t-shirt. The other boys also took off their shirt.

“Me too,” said Kari and prepared to take off her clothes.

“KARI! Wait! What’re you doing?” Tai exclaimed.

But Kari already took off her dress and everyone was stunned, “what?”  Kari raised her eyebrows quizzically.

“Kari, you’re a girl,” Izzy blushed.

“So?” Kari was puzzled.

“You can’t take off you clothes even if you’re sweating,” Tai explained.

“Why?” asked Kari again.

“Because…because…just put it on…” Tai’s voice faltered as he tried to speak.

         But Kari refused to put the cloths on, “it’s late already, let’s go,” the other girls also undressed. The boys sweated and gulped; they all continued walking but gape in bewilderment.

Suddenly some wild digimon attacked them again, so the digimon evolved and fought with them. One of the wild digimon saw the naked girls and lost concentration and was deleted. The girls performed jill off to distract the attention of the evil digimon, and they succeed.

All wild digimon could not fight properly when they looked at the girls.  Fortunately the good digimon could endure the test; for girl digimon, their pussy was wet. For boy digimon, their pouch was bulging.

“Hey! Put on your cloths! We can’t concentrate!” One of the wild digimon protested.

“Am I pretty?” asked Mimi and squeezed her breasts.

Before the wild digimon could answer, he was deleted. Finally all wild digimon were deleted.

“We found a new way to defeat the enemies easily!” Sora laughed.


They reached the sea and decided to clean themselves. While they were cleaning their body, a digimon suddenly emerged from the water and shouted, “I’m Dragomon! Hahaha….” he has no legs and hands; the tentacles replaced his hands and legs.

But the kids and digimon ignored him.

“So what?” asked Kari who was washing her clothes.

“I’m going to catch you!” Dragomon threaten.

“Why?” asked Kari, still washing her clothes.

Dragomon did not say anything; he grabbed both Kari and Gatomon to the sea.

“Why he came while we are busy washing our clothes?” Mimi sighed.

“Cleaned,” Tai grinned at his underwear. And then he continued, “oh no, she was captured again, why the foes liked to capture her?”

“May be the foes liked underage girl?” Tentomon guessed.

“Why he took her and Gatomon? Why not me?” asked Sora and scratched her head.

“Because you are not pretty,” Izzy grinned, immediately his nose received a punch from Sora and bled.

“Or may be he wanted Gatomon to catch mice for him,” Joe joked.

“I’m going to wait here.” said Tai at last.

“Tai, he’ll eat them and they will never come back again, let’s goooooahhhhhh…” before Matt could finish the words, Tai had punched his face and he fell to the ground.

“Ouch…I was just joking,” Matt quickly apologized with pious glee before Tai kicked his groin.

They decided to bivouac on the plain.

“Tai, we’ve no foods,” Agumon reminded him.

“I think we have to eat the foods from this world again,  Tai sighed.

Digimon, prepare leafs! Children, prepare hole!” Izzy ordered.


Dragomon brought Kari and Gatomon to the sea and opened a portal. He brought Kari and Gatomon to another place after entering the portal, he put them on the ground and they were amazed to see the new world.

“We’re almost choked…” Kari and Gatomon were gasping for air.

“Welcome to my world,” Dragomon said happily.

“I’m Kari, she’s my partner, Gatomon. Can you give me something to cover my body? I left my cloths on the beach and I’m freezing,”

“What do you want from us?” asked Gatomon blandly.

“Give birth to babies,” Dragomon answered calmly.

Kari was shocked, “but I am only eight years old.”

“Yea, you should take the other girls instead of her,” Gatomon added.

“Come to my place and I will tell you everything,” said Dragomon cordially and borrowed a pair of shoe for Kari to wear.

They followed Dragomon to his house, they saw many digimon were building houses and working hard. One digimon was carrying a wood, when he saw Kari, he dropped the wood on his feet but he did not feel the pain. When he realized it, he shouted painfully. Another digimon was staring at Kari while he was walking; suddenly his head knocked on a coconut tree and he groaned painfully. All digimon stopped working and stared at Kari.

“You’re the first female since this world was created,” Dragomon explained politely.

Finally they reached his house; he passed some clothes to Kari.

“I knew that someday, a girl would come, so I prepared a lot of cloths in different sizes,” chortled Dragomon.

After a few minutes, Kari became a pretty girl again.

“Wow! You’re so pretty!” Dragomon praised Kari.

“Of course!” Kari answered proudly.

“I brought both of you here because you were the nearest to the sea. I wanted you to help us to increase our population. The digimon here would die someday and could not reborn,” said Dragomon earnestly, “and by the way, you are not afraid of me, why?”

“I see different digimon everyday and I used to it already, some digimon were even worse than you,” answered Kari naturally.

“Next time, I will wash my clothes far away from the sea,” Kari thought.

“So you wanted to rape us?” Gatomon was nervous.

“Not rape, just put sperm into your womb slowly and gently. I’m not forcing you, you can go home if you want to. But I hope you can listen to me first, Dragomon tried to cheer them up.

“I want coke, regular,” demanded Kari.

“Give me sprite, regular,” Gatomon continued.

After a few minutes, both of them got what they requested.

“Now,” said Dragomon at last, “there’re many evil digimon in the digiworld. So I tried to find another place to live and I found here. I accidentally found a way to enter here and I brought my friends to here. But I forgot to bring female digimon to here. Now we’re starting to build a village, we hated wars and we wanted a peaceful life. So can you stay here?”

Kari thought for a while, she was pity with him and said, “I would like to visit this place first.”

“No problem,” Dragomon brought Kari to visit the place.

Kari saw some familiar buildings, the inn, the clinic and etc. The digimon were working and talking happily. They bowed at Kari and Gatomon when they passed by.

“I’m the ruler here, you’ll become my queen if you married me,” said Dragomon.

They entered a café to rest, “how can I help you? I’m still underage and cannot produce child,” asked Kari.

“I’ll invite you to come here again four years later. This place is still under construction, so there’s no reason for you to stay. We can contact with each other through e-mail at the meantime,” Dragomon explained.

“So I must keep my chastity for you,” Kari nodded.

They continued eating, “I’m not forcing you. You can think about it after you returned,” Dragomon reminded her.

After they finished, Dragomon prepared to send Kari back to her friends.

“Wait, do you have three umbrellas?” asked Kari suddenly.

“Yes, you can take it for free,” Dragomon passed three umbrellas to Kari.

“And Sprite?” asked Gatomon.

“Okay,” Dragomon sighed.


Dragomon sent Kari and Gatomon back to the same place. This time, Dragomon formed a shield to protect them so that they did not get wet or choked. Kari’s friends were still waiting for her. They were surprised to see Kari with new cloths and three umbrellas. Kari explained everything to them and she lied to them that she rejected Dragomon.

Sora, Mimi, your umbrella,” Kari passed an umbrella to each of them.

“Kari, how about us?” asked Tai.

“Boys no need umbrellas,” Sora smiled.

They rested for a while and continued walking to the village. The girls were not feeling hot because they got umbrellas, but the boys were feeling hot and grumbling. After they arrived, they helped the village to defeat some enemies; then they set off to Gennai’s house.


Gennai, where’re our rewards? We defeated the enemies,  said Matt.

Digidestined cannot request for rewards,” Gennai shook his head.

“But we spent whole day here! We didn’t finish our home works because of this!” Tai exclaimed.

“That’s your problem, kids,” Gennai shrugged.

“Cat’s Eyes!” Gatomon immediately hypnotized Gennai.

After ten minutes, the children and digimon left the house satisfactory.

Gatomon, you’re great!” Kari praised her partner.

Inside Gennai’s house…

“Where’s my money? What happened just now?” Gennai did not remember that he gave almost all money to the children.


That night, inside Kari’s room. Kari was staring at the computer.

“Kari, do you want to help them?” asked Gatomon.

“They are so pitiful,” answered Kari.

“Kari, pity can produce love. Love can produce mistake. Mistake means marriage.”

“Thanks but no thanks for the comments. Moreover, I don’t need to do homework anymore after I stayed there.”

“Kari, shall we discuss with the others?”

“Not now, wait until after four years. I mean I don’t want them to worry for me for four years.”

Kari sent e-mail to Dragomon asking for ICQ number. Dragomon was happy and they exchanged ICQ numbers. After a few minutes, they started communicating through ICQ.

This was the conversation through ICQ (both of their English were not good):

Kari: Can I come back anytime after I got married?

Dragomon: Yes, but make sure that your computer is on.  Or else I will send you to the place that is nearest to your house.

Kari: I hope my friends and my parents agreed.

Dragomon: I understand, I am digimon and you are human being. I also hope that they can understand.  If not, I have to find another mate.  Do not force yourself, Kari.

Kari: I will not force myself.

Dragomon: You can visit me anytime.  Just send me an