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Title: Gabumon x Veemon


Haha, I finally finished it!” said Smartmon. He was a Digimon that look like Leomon except that he has a tiger-head.

            “Good, this afternoon we can test it out on the Humanoid Digimon,” said Arukenimon.

            “Well, are you sure this will work? We sacrificed too many comrades,” asked Mummymon.

            “If he said can work, it means 99% can. Don’t forget, he has the DNA of Ken – the genius kid. I created Smartmon with Ken’s hair mixed with my hair, so they’re equally genius,” answered Arukenimon.

            “Nah, I’m more genius. I can create things that he can’t create,” corrected Smartmon.

            “Ok, but the Digimon are Ultimate, is this thing strong enough?” asked Mummymon.

            “For this, I’m not sure. But for the ring, it is unless they evolve to Mega,” answered Smartmon.

            “I can’t wait to see them fucking with each other,” said Arukenimon.

            “Remember, this thing is only enough for two Digimon. If you missed, I’ll have to spend another 4 months to make it,” remarked Smartmon.

            “Anyway, what’s the name of your new invention?” asked Arukenimon.

            “I’ll call it Water Z for now but I’ll change it to a better name if it works,” answered Smartmon.


Part 1: Ambushed

            During that afternoon, Davis and his friends visited the Digital World as usual. “There’s a village calling for help around here,” said Gabumon.

            “Here they come, separate the wolf and Vee from others,” said Arukenimon from behind a tree.

            “Charge!” an evil Digimon shouted and rushed towards the kids.

            “Attack!” shouted Davis and their Digimon began to digivolve.

            Without Dark Towers, all of them could digivolve to Ultimate Digimon. The foes tried to run around so that their targets got separated. Soon, ExVeemon was at the left corner alone while WereGarurumon was at the right corner alone.

            “I’ll shoot the wolf,” said Mummymon.

            “I’ll shoot Vee,” said Smartmon.

            Mummymon picked up the shotgun and aimed at WereGarurumon. When WereGarurumon deleted the foe in front of him, there were nobody in front of him anymore and Mummymon pulled the trigger. Immediately WereGarurumon was engulfed by a light for a few minutes but he was not hurt after the light disappeared. “What happened? What was that?” he asked but nobody could answer her questions. None of them noticed Arukenimon and Mummymon.

            Meanwhile, ExVeemon also engulfed by a light. Smartmon quickly hid himself before anyone saw him. “Nice shot,” said Arukenimon.

            After about 10 minutes, the children had defeated all enemies. “WereGarurumon, are you alright?” asked Matt.

            WereGarurumon nodded. “Don’t worry, I don’t feel anything bad,” he answered.

            “And you?” asked Davis.

            “I’m ok,” answered ExVeemon.

            “It looked like a trap again but we didn’t see any towers,” remarked Agumon.

            “Weird, why they called us to here without giving us a big trouble?” asked Davis.

            “Beats me. But at least its peace again here,” answered Tai.

            Later, the children decided to go home to do homework.

            WereGarurumon and I will patrol this area,” said ExVeemon.

            “We’ll remain at this form since there’re no towers here,” remarked WereGarurumon.


Part 2: Captured

            Arukenimon and Mummymon did not go back to their headquarter, instead they were still hiding at nearby. “How much longer do wee need to wait?” asked Mummymon.

            Smartmon shrugged, “but I’m sure it works,” he answered.

            “Hey, that wolf is moving away,” said Arukenimon.

            “Dinner time? Good, let’s get him at that forest,” suggested Mummymon.

            “I’ll use this Enhanced Dark Ring on Vee,” said Smartmon.

            WereGarurumon entered the forest to find something to eat. Suddenly he got headache, and then he got stomachache. He felt so painful until he collapsed to the ground. Soon he felt his whole body was burning with fire. He tried to call his partner but he could not open his mouth.

            “Quick, let’s get him back to our place,” said Mummymon.

            WereGarurumon did not faint and he could feel that someone was carrying him away. His vision was blurred but he still recognized the foes. He tried to struggle but he was exhausted. Soon, he dozed off.


Part 3: Surprised

            When WereGarurumon opened his eyes again, he used a paw to rub his head, “ouch, what happened…” he groaned painfully.

            Suddenly he saw his own paw. He then quickly checked his other paw and both of them were human hands. He woke up with a start and began to examine his body. He now has a pair of human legs and even worse, he was naked and he saw his own dick. He glanced around and saw a standing mirror. He climbed down from the bed and rushed to the mirror.

            “OMG! What the…” he gasped. He caressed his face and his head. He has a human face now. In fact, he was a human now. The color of his body remained same. His belt across his upper body and blue jeans were gone. The glove that covered one arm and spiked brass knuckles that covered both hands also disappeared. His earrings vanished too.

            He looked down and tried to hide his penis but he could not find the pouch. His body looked tougher than he was a Digimon but he has no six-packs on his belly. “This must be a dream,” he told himself.

            “Well, finally you woke up.”

            WereGarurumon turned around and saw the familiar foes and a white Digimon which was standing upright and has an anthropomorphic build too, he has a tiger-head and he was smiling. “See? My invention is working,” he said.

            “What have you done to me?” asked WereGarurumon.

            “Let’s introduce another friend to him, shall we?” asked Arukenimon and immediately a guy entered the room, his whole body was light blue and he looked muscular. He has six-packs on his belly and his penis was bigger than WereGarurumon.

            “He is ExVeemon,” said Mummymon.

            “What! You…he’s a human now? How? Why?” asked WereGarurumon.

            ExVeemon, this guy here is your foe, go and beat him,” ordered Arukenimon.

            Vee, it’s me! Wait!” shouted WereGarurumon.

ExVeemon did not say anything and began to attack WereGarurumon. “Vee, I don’t want to fight with you!” cried WereGarurumon, suddenly he saw a dark ring on ExVeemon’s neck and his eyes were red color.

“Damn, he got controlled by that ring again,” WereGarurumon thought.

ExVeemon tried to attack WereGarurumon again but WereGarurumon refused to fight back. However, the room was small and WereGarurumon was caught eventually. Soon, the two humans began to wrestle on the floor. WereGarurumon tried to remove the dark ring but he failed.

            “Poor wolf, he refused to fight back,” remarked Arukenimon.

            “That Vee still can fight so well even in human form,” said Mummymon.

            “Well, let’s switch side and let Vee feel regret,” suggested Smartmon.

            “Good idea,” answered Mummymon.


Part 4: Two broken virgins

            After about 1 hour later, ExVeemon and WereGarurumon were left alone in the room. The room was locked and there were no ways to escape, especially in human form and without any powers.

            Vee, sorry for beating you so hard,” said WereGarurumon softly.

            “Nah, you’re controlled by the ring. Anyway, I feel sorry for kicking your ass,” answered ExVeemon.

            “Damn, what’re they going to do to us?” asked WereGarurumon.

            “Why us? I thought they liked girls because girls got more holes,” joked ExVeemon.

            WereGarurumon shrugged, “May be they want to turn us into girls,” he guessed.

            They talked and waited for some time, finally the door was opened and they stood up with a start. “Now, let the fun begins!” shouted Smartmon.

            “What do you want from us?” asked WereGarurumon.

            “You’ve a lot of questions but we won’t answer any of them,” answered Smartmon, he took out the dark ring again and controlled ExVeemon again.

            ExVeemon, fuck WereGarurumon,” ordered Mummymon.

            “No! Please don’t do it!” shouted WereGarurumon.

            Very soon, WereGarurumon was pinned on the floor with ExVeemon on his back. ExVeemon buried his face in WereGarurumon’s ass crack and began to devour his asshole. “Vee, please stop,” WereGarurumon sobbed.

WereGarurumon’s eyes were closed and he felt like he was in a dream state. It was a whole new experience in which he had never experienced. It looked like it was going to be that kind of day – fucked by a guy for his very first time. “Vee, wake up,” WereGarurumon begged again.

WereGarurumon felt the tip of something hard pushing into him, ExVeemon’s huge cock began to enter WereGarurumon’s virgin ass. “Vee, please lubricate first,” WereGarurumon pleaded.

ExVeemon was gentle and patient, but WereGarurumon’s ass was tight and the pain came quickly as ExVeemon forced himself into WereGarurumon. WereGarurumon’s asshole stretched to make room for ExVeemon’s insistent dick. “Vee, you’re too big to enter, please stop,” WereGarurumon panted.

            ExVeemon lost his patient and pushed in with force. “OMG! Please take out immediately!” WereGarurumon screamed as jolts of pain and pleasure shot through him at the same time. ExVeemon buried as much as he could in WereGarurumon and WereGarurumon thought he was going to be ripped apart.

            ExVeemon just kept pumping away gradually fucking WereGarurumon faster and hard with each stroke. WereGarurumon could not believe this, he lost his first time in such situation. WereGarurumon had never had a cock inside of him before. Suddenly ExVeemon lifted up his head and groaned loudly. “Shit, he’s cuming,” WereGarurumon thought.

            Smartmon quickly removed the dark ring and ExVeemon became normal again. “Oh no! I’m fucking WereGarurumon! My first time just gone like that!” exclaimed ExVeemon. ExVeemon tried to withdrew but he ejaculated.

            “Sorry,” ExVeemon gasped.

            “It’s ok,” WereGarurumon panted.

            ExVeemon withdrew his dick and collapsed to the floor. “What a nice show, we want to see more,” remarked Arukenimon.

            “Damn you!” shouted WereGarurumon.

            “Look at your penis, so wet already, don’t you want to cum?” asked Mummymon.

            WereGarurumon blushed, “I won’t cum on my friend!” he answered.

            Smartmon sent out the dark ring on WereGarurumon and controlled him immediately. “WereGarurumon, fuck ExVeemon,” ordered Mummymon.

            “No, please…” ExVeemon pleaded.

            WereGarurumon picked up ExVeemon and forced him to the wall. “Please stop…I’m still a virgin…”  ExVeemon begged.

            Mummymon and other Digimon laughed, “wow, he’s rough,” said Mummymon.

            ExVeemon has a big dick but his asshole is small,” remarked Arukenimon.

            Before WereGarurumon cum, Smartmon removed the dark ring so that WereGarurumon could see what he was doing and felt sorry about it. “Shit! I gave my first time to ExVeemon!” cried WereGarurumon. After WereGarurumon shot his cum into ExVeemon’s rectum, he pulled out his dick and both of them collapsed to the floor.

            “Now, position-69 and fuck each other,” ordered Smartmon.


            WereGarurumon, we’ve no choice…”

            ExVeemon and WereGarurumon began to suck each other’s cock and finally they came together. They were exhausted and felt sleepy but the evil Digimon refused to let them doze off.


            Part 4: Agony of dick

            Some evil Digimon pinned WereGarurumon on the floor and handcrafted him. Another evil Digimon began to work on WereGarurumon’s dick, he could not see what the evil Digimon was doing but he could feel the pain on his balls. When all evil Digimon walked away, WereGarurumon saw his dick was tied with a rope – he did not see clearly but he assumed it was some kind of rope.

            Smartmon pressed a button on the wall and soon the rope was pulled even tighter. WereGarurumon groaned painfully and thought that they were going to crush his balls with the rope but he was wrong. Smartmon pressed the button again, “I hope you like this invention too,” he said.

WereGarurumon was getting nervous as he saw the rope was pulling his penis upwards. Soon he realized that they were going to hang him up-side down –with his penis supporting his body! “Please…ouch…put me down…argh…” he begged but Smartmon ignored him.

            When WereGarurumon’s penis was about one foot from the floor, Smartmon paused and examined his penis. “Good, he can continue,” he said.

            “This one also in good shape,” remarked Arukenimon after examined ExVeemon.

            “Let’s remove their hairs,” said Mummymon suddenly.

            Arukenimon grabbed WereGarurumon’s both hands so that he could not struggle. WereGarurumon began to cry liked a kid, “pain! Please…pain! Don’t pluck…aahhhh…them…ooohhh…” he screamed when the evil Digimon began to remove his pubic hair. Soon WereGarurumon peed uncontrollably and they laughed again. They stopped when they could not pluck anymore hair from WereGarurumon.

            “Now, ExVeemon’s turn,” said Smartmon.

            ExVeemon screamed until whole place shaking when the evil Digimon began to pluck his pubic hair. Finally, his groin was smooth and they left him alone.

Smartmon pressed the button again and finally WereGarurumon’s body became a straight line, with his head touching the floor and his dick pointing at the ceiling. “My…dick…is breaking…please let me down…” WereGarurumon pleaded again and again. The more WereGarurumon struggled, the more painful his dick felt.

            Smartmon examined WereGarurumon’s dick again, “you’re right. Your balls now look like a tennis ball but I don’t care,” he remarked. He pressed the button again finally WereGarurumon’s head was lifted up from the ground. WereGarurumon cried until his voice became harsh.

            When WereGarurumon’s head was about one foot from the ground, they hooked his handcraft to the floor so that he could not move his hands. “We’re going to catch some Z’s now, see you again tomorrow morning,” said Smartmon.

            ExVeemon was also lifted high and his handcraft was also hooked to the floor. “Please…put me…down…” he gasped.

            “My dick will break…by tonight…” WereGarurumon panted.

            But no one talked to the two poor humans anymore. “Oh my precious dick, please don’t leave me alone,” WereGarurumon thought.

            “My penis, please don’t die,” ExVeemon thought.

            When everybody left the room, WereGarurumon tried to see his dick. “Shit!” he murmured. His dick has become purple color and he has no idea how much longer it could hold. 1 hour? 2 hours? What would happen if it broke? He could not sleep because the room was as bright as daytime.


            Part 4: Confessions

            WereGarurumon, are you alright?”

            “Not at all. How about you?”

            “I can see my penis but I don’t feel it. WereGarurumon, before my penis exploded, I have something to tell you.”

            “What’s that?”

            “I…love you…please don’t hate me…WereGarurumon, I know this isn’t the right time to tell you this…”

            ExVeemon, I’m not surprised to hear that. Actually…I love you too…but I thought you’re in love with Gatomon. So…I dared not tell you so…”

            “She rejected me. I only liked Humanoid Digimon and that’s why I loved Gatomon at first sight. But she’s in love with Patamon, so I tried to find another Humanoid and I chose you.”

            “I see. No wonder you always partnered with me whenever we accepted missions. But why me?”

            “Whenever I bathed with Davis, I had the urge to fuck him there and then but I knew, he’s a human and he’s straight. I need a Digimon, not human. WereGarurumon, I chose you because your penis is very attractive and you looked wild.”

            “Let me guess, you voyeur me, ExVeemon?”

            “Yes, I also noticed you…masturbate…before you slept. I wanted to join you but I was afraid that you would hate me. Just now when I gave you blow job, I was enjoying it and I hoped I could give you more.”

            “Me too. When we got out from here, can we do it again someday? ExVeemon, I’m not a Digimon anymore and my dick…”

            “Sure. You’re a human now and you’re…more handsome…”

            “Thanks, now…let’s hope that we can last until the next morning…”


            After one week, ExVeemon and WereGarurumon were rescued by their friends.

            “Where are the foes?” asked ExVeemon weakly.

            “Beats me. They didn’t fight with full strength and they managed to escape, sorry,” answered Davis.

            Gennai, how’s my dick?” asked WereGarurumon softly.

            “About your dick…you’ve to wear diaper for a month because your dick has lost its function for now. You can’t control your urine, you can’t masturbate and you can’t make love…but it’ll recover after one month,” answered Gennai.

            “Can we…back to…Digimon again?” asked ExVeemon slowly.

            “Well, not at all…I don’t know how they made this virus, so…I can’t make antidote,” answered Gennai.

            “What if they made it again and shot at one of us?” asked Agumon.

            Gennai shrugged, “I…don’t know…” he sighed.


Two months later, inside WereGarurumon’s hut.

            “2 months…finally…we can use our dick again,” remarked ExVeemon.

            “What’re the enemies doing now? They didn’t give us big troubles recently,” said WereGarurumon.

            ExVeemon sighed, “We’re not Digimon and we can’t fight anymore. I really hope the new Digimon can replace us,” he said.

            “Well, let’s begin to test our dicks, ok?” asked WereGarurumon.

            “Of course. Let’s worry about it after they come later,” answered ExVeemon.


The end.