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Title: In the woods

“Mom, good night,” said my son and yawned.

I smiled. “Good night,” I answered. I switched off the light and closed the door.

I returned to my room where my husband was waiting to fuck me. My name was Yolei and my husband was Ken.

“Honey, how’s our son?” he asked. He was already fully naked and lying on the bed.

I locked the door behind me slowly. “Phew, finally he decided to sleep,” I answered and began to undress.

“Tomorrow, we’ll visit our old friends,” he said.

I nodded, “darling, I’m sure they like to play with our son,” I climbed to the bed and switched off the light with the remote control.

My husband embraced me gently. “Let’s make children now,” he whispered. I giggled and began to make love with him.

I felt lucky because I could have a normal and happy life now. We managed to defeat all enemies and protected both worlds. However, when we were fighting the enemies in the Digimon World, we got captured and tortured by the enemies many times.

Davis and his partner, Veemon, both of their dicks were infected by virus and could not produce sperm anymore. Sora’s womb was infected by virus and had been removed. I was raped too but luckily I was not infected by virus. I got a son now and he was very healthy.

I could not forget the first day I got raped. As a result, I was badly injured and could not go to school for a few weeks. I wanted to commit suicide but Ken stopped me. From that moment, I fell in love with him.


I recalled the day I got raped for the first time:

One afternoon, I entered the Digimon World to help my partner. My other friends were busy at that moment, so I decided to go there first. I glanced around but did not see my partner. I was pretty sure that this was the correct place.


I turned around and saw my partner flying towards me happily. I smiled and greeted him. Suddenly there was a light shot out from the bush and my partner collapsed to the ground. I tried to help him but some Digimon leaped out from the bush.

“Surprised!” said one of them.

“We had been waiting for anyone who would come here,” said another Digimon.

“Damn, it’s an ambush!” I thought.

I glanced at my partner, was he dead? Blood flow out from his body and he was not moving. Suddenly the enemies grabbed me before I could flee. They half-dragged, half-carried me up the path that led into the woods, and then into the woods themselves. I screamed and struggled but the enemies held me firmly and securely. “How did they know that we’re coming today?” I thought.

They wasted no time. In seconds, they had me stripped. I screeched and writhed, but strong arms held my arms down and strong paws drew my legs back. “No! Don’t!” I pleaded. I twisted and jerked, trying to break free, but to no avail. They removed my shoes and threw them aside, and then they slowly brought my body up so that I was in standing position. I felt shameful and nervous because my body was exposed in front of so many strangers.

“Pain!” I screeched again as rough paws rubbed and squeezed my firm breasts. A Digimon grabbed my head from behind and a bird-type Digimon landed on my face, he thrust his dick into my mouth before I managed to close my mouth. This bird-type Digimon was small – might be a Rookie Digimon, but his meat was huge and furry. My hands were free but not for long.

“Bitch, use your hands,” said the bird-type Digimon. I had no choice but to follow his orders. I had never done this before and this was my first time sucking a man’s dick. I began to do what I thought was right and hoped that he would be satisfied.

Meanwhile, one of the Digimon parted my legs and pushed his crotch forward. I squirmed and tried to pull away, but the Digimon behind me took this opportunity to insert his dick into my anal. I almost fainted as the hard dick dug up my cunt and anal almost at the same time. I felt a sharp pain inside my cunt as he pierced my hymen with force. He stuffed every inch of his dick in me. My vagina was deliciously minty and tight and he groaned at the exquisite feeling. The invader behind me also screwed my anal hard and fast, pumping his meat into my rectum, smacking his balls against my ass-cheeks.

I did not know how long I had been sucking the bird’s meat, but finally he came and ejaculated directly into my throat. “Ooohhhh….wonderful,” said he. My head was firmly held and I had to swallow all his seeds. When he withdrew his dick, I was going to vomit but another little bird inserted his cock into my mouth and I was forced to please him again.

“Good!” the front invader cried aloud and humped his dick as far as it would go up my pussy and spewed a stream of semen into my womb. The Digimon behind me also came and released his semen in my rectum. They took turn to rape me until I became numb. I just cried silently and let them plant their seeds in my womb.

Suddenly there was a loud sound. The invaders released me and collapsed to the ground. I saw my friends before I fainted.


I was rescued by my friends and I thought that was the last time I got raped, but I was wrong. Many weeks later, we got captured and got humiliated badly again.

I did not want to think about it again anymore. The nightmare was over and now I was having fun with my husband. He married me and gave me strength to live again. I decided to love him forever.

The end.