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Title: Sweet second time


One day, Tai and Kari were going back from a bookshop. The sky suddenly started raining and they had no umbrella. Luckily they were near their house and they decided to rush back. They both were completely wet when they reached their house. Their parents were not in but they got the keys to go in.

            “Kari, let’s change our clothes before we got sick,” suggested Tai.

            Tai, age seven, and his five-year-old sister entered their room to change their clothes.        Tai took off his pants and t-shirt and was just left in his underwear. “Kari, do you need my help?” asked Tai.

            Kari was shivering. “I…will…change my clothes in the washroom,” she answered.

            “Come, let me help you. Don’t be shy, we’re brother and sister,” said Tai.

Kari nodded and so Tai slowly untied her cloth and brought it out of her legs. Kari was so shy and closed her eyes. Tai lifted her top out and Kari helped him out by lifting her hands. Finally Kari was standing in front of Tai in her panty only. Tai moved to her behind and grabbed her from her stomach. “Feel warmer now?” He asked.

Kari nodded, “Thank you,” she told Tai that it felt so good and hot during this cold.

            “Kari, let’s remove our under garments too,” suggested Tai.

            “Sure,” Kari agreed.

Tai removed his underwear and his penis was freed. Tai was still holding Kari and she could feel his hard one at her ass. Tai’s hands slowly moved down and reached her panty. Gently Tai moved the panty down and during it his hands touched Kari’s pudenda. Kari moaned softly and she felt good. Tai’s loving sister was nude in front of him and both of them were getting excited. “Tai, we’re playing the same game again?” asked Kari.

Tai could not forget the game that he played with Kari last month. “Yes, do you want to play again?” he asked.

Kari nodded, “I liked that game,” she answered.

Holding Kari’s tight, Tai’s hands started playing with her clit and the other hand massaging her nipples. Kari started moaning in pleasure, “This is better than I did it alone,” she said.

Tai went in front of her and sit down between her legs to kiss her pussy. “You…touched…you body?” he asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t feel that good,” answered Kari.

            “I’ll make you feel good, trust me,” said Tai.

Kari spread out her legs wide and so that Tai could do his work easier. Tai started licking Kari’s cunt and she just kept moaning. Kari’s soul went to the Heaven and she came after a while. Tai sucked Kari’s pussy juices and it tasted good. Kari did not feel chill by now.

            Tai helped Kari to the bed and he was on top of her. Tai leaned down and kissed Kari’s soft, sweet lips. Kari’s lips were demanding and she savored the kiss as much as Tai did. When Tai finally broke it off, he started kissing the line of Kari’s jaw, then her ears and finally started working down over her soft throat and chest. “How’s that?” asked Tai.

            “Please continue,” answered Kari slowly.

Tai began to taste Kari’s two tiny dots on her chest and they were unbelievably sweet and vulnerable, so small and fresh. Kari’s skin was smooth and very elastic. Kari’s stretched out her hands to Tai’s back and pressed him down to her body when she felt Tai took her nipples into him mouth, gently sucking and then licking. Kari was enjoying it and she groaned loudly. After a while, Tai lifted up his head and they stared at each other, “your turn, ok?” asked Tai and Kari nodded.

            Later, Kari moved down to Tai’s groin and stared at his penis. This was the second time Kari saw Tai’s penis at this close distance. Kari peek Tai’s penis a few times before when he was in the washroom. “You don’t need to put it into your mouth if you don’t want to,” said Tai.

            Kari smiled, “I liked the taste,” she answered.

Kari then began to lick Tai’s balls, the underneath of his cock – all up and down, and his head real, real slow. “Wow, it…larger…how do you make it…larger?” asked Kari.

Tai gasped, “I don’t know,” he answered.

Suddenly Kari tried to pull down the foreskin and Tai woke up with a start. “Sorry, are you ok?” asked Kari.

            Tai moaned softly, “Kari, it’s not…banana…you can’t…pull down the skin…” he answered.

            “Hey, it…small…again…” remarked Kari and began to massage it. Kari finally closed her mouth over Tai’s shaft and began to suck. Moaning and groaning, within minutes Tai came into Kari’s mouth and chin.

            Tai gasped, “Thanks,” he said.

            Kari giggled and lied on Tai chest, Tai pulled up the blanket to cover their bodies, “Can we do it again next time,” asked Kari.

            Tai nodded, “anytime,” he answered and they doze off together.



The end.