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Title: Shocked

One morning, the Daimon family plus Agumon were enjoying breakfast until there was only one egg left. Masaru and Agumon tried to grab the egg, and Agumon won.

“How can you eat my egg?” Masaru asked in astonishment.

“Your name is not embedded on the egg,” Agumon retorted and swallowed the egg.

“You’re just a Digimon, can’t you behave yourself like Gaomon?” Masaru asked in undisguised wonder.

“I helped you to defeat all foes, you can’t beat them without me,” Agumon answered and gulped down the glass of water.

Masaru sniffed sardonically. “Huh! I can beat them without you. Moreover, you can’t evolve without me,” he said, in angry voice.

“Fine. I’ll sit back and relax, and see how many foes you can take down,” Agumon said and burped. He then confined himself in the Digivice and refused to come out unless Masaru apologized.


Masaru left his house angrily. “Now, I will find a wild Digimon and beat him up. And then I’ll show Agumon the egg,” he thought.

Meanwhile, Elecmon came from the Digital World and messed with the traffic lights, causing many automobile crashed.

“Ha! My lucky day!” Masaru thought and began to chase Elecmon. After a few minutes, Masaru saw Elecmon paused on top of a bus. Elecmon felt happy to see the chaos he had make. Masaru picked up a stone and threw at Elecmon. Elecmon groaned painfully and almost fell down from the bus. Elecmon turned around and saw Masaru with another stone on his right hand.

Masaru threw the stone out but Elecmon dodged it easily. “You’ll regret about this!” He shouted and leaped down from the bus.

Masaru was prepared to fight with Elecmon but Elecmon had run away. “Coward!” Masaru shouted and began to chase Elecmon again.

“Fool. I’ll teach you a lesson – a lesson that you won’t forget,” Elecmon thought.

A few minutes later, Elecmon leaped into an abundant building. The building was not big, it has no rooftop and Masaru could see the entire place clearly.

“Hey! Looking for me?”

Masaru traced the voice and found Elecmon at the corner of the building. He was surrounded by walls and there were no doors or windows.

Masaru’s eyes sparkled. “There you are! C’mon, fight with me like a man!” He shouted and prepared to fight.

“You asked for it!” Elecmon shouted and leaped to Masaru.

“If I can beat Agumon, I can beat you too,” Masaru thought. He aimed at Elecmon’s face and sent out his fist. But when his fist connected to Elecmon’s forehead, Elecmon released electricity and shocked Masaru’s whole body. Masaru groaned painfully and collapsed to the floor.

“Now, who wins?” Elecmon leaped to the back of Masaru and asked with a deep harsh voice.

Masaru gasped but could not say out any words. Elecmon released electricity again, Masaru felt the pain but his mouth was numbed and could not scream or cry. Elecmon stopped and Masaru thought he was dead.

Elecmon laughed heavily. “Don’t worry, you’re still alive. I just released enough electricity to burn down your clothes,” He leaped down from Masaru’s body. “By the way, I thought you’ll be dead but luckily you’re not,” he continued.

“You cheated…” Masaru panted.

Elecmon crawled to a corner. “Hey! Recognize this?” He asked blandly.

Masaru’s vision was blurred by his own tears and he could barely see anything. He was sweating and gasping heavily on the floor liked a dying fish.

“This is a generator,” Elecmon said in his consequential way.

“So what…” Masaru murmured.

Elecmon walked towards Masaru and lifted up his face with a paw. “I’ll molest you before I eat you. I never ate a human before and you should be proud to be the first victim. You deserve to be molested and eaten because you hurt me just now,” he remarked.

Elecmon released his paw and Masaru’s head fell to the floor. Elecmon grabbed both Masaru’s hands with his paws and began to drag him to a stool. Elecmon placed Masaru’s on the stool so that his stomach was on it. Masaru knew what Elecmon was going to do but he was to week to resist.

“Now I’ll show you why I lured you to here,” Elecmon said with his utmost coolness and leaped to the generator. A bright light surrounded Elecmon and Masaru closed his eyes quickly.

When Masaru opened his eyes, Black Garurumon was standing in front of him. “Black Garurumon at your service. Surprised?” He asked with a stare and a snigger but Masaru refused to say anything.

“Damn, that generator gave him the power to evolve…” Masaru thought.

Black Garurumon crawled to the back of Masaru and positioned himself on top of Masaru. Masaru could feel Black Garurumon’s hair caressed his back. Black Garurumon looked down at Masaru, “open your asshole for me, tough boy,” he said serenely.

Masaru hesitated. “Why should I?” He asked with his finger-tips together and eyes to the floor.

Because you’re my slave now. Open with your fingers or I rip them apart,” he whispered into Masaru’s ear.

Masaru tried to struggle but Black Garurumon’s body was pressing his back. Masaru gave up and stretched his right hand to his buttocks. Masaru opened his anus gently with two fingers and waited to be molested. Black Garurumon poked Masaru’s buttocks with his dick and finally when he found the hole, he tried to push the mushroom-head in. “ARGH!” shrilled Masaru with harsh voice as he experienced immense pain and pleasure all at once. He could feel the huge dick slowly separate and stretch out his virgin hole.

Black Garurumon laughed at Masaru’s anguish. Black Garurumon started to insert his remaining penis inside Masaru, moaning while he pushed the whole length of his penis inside him. Masaru did not move but Black Garurumon did not mind. “Oh, you’re still a virgin. As a virgin, you’ll feel painful at first but later you’ll beg for more,” Black Garurumon observed. Masaru felt humiliated, he could no longer control his tear to drop down from his face.

At first Masaru thought Black Garurumon would tear his ass in two, but after several thrusts, the pain began to turn to pleasure. Black Garurumon began to fuck Masaru harder and actually took his dick completely out of him just to thrust it in harder. “You like it, don’t you?” Black Garurumon asked, keenly interested but Masaru kept quiet.

Masaru was moaning like a cheap whore and Black Garurumon loved every second of it. Black Garurumon felt proud as he conquered Masaru. Masaru was badly undermined; he was broken and deflated completely. Black Garurumon increased his pace and Masaru felt the change. Black Garurumon struck Masaru’s ass harder, as Masaru felt himself go in Heaven. Masaru started to breathe in harder and he felt his skin burning. Black Garurumon’s fur caressed Masaru’s back as he was pumping Masaru. This made Masaru ticklish and horny.

“I’m cuming…” Black Garurumon gasped. Just after that, Masaru sensed a hot fluid inside him. Black Garurumon ejaculated into Masaru’s wounded rectum and Masaru felt even more shameful. Black Garurumon’s penis softened down and he took it out. Black Garurumon crawled away happily. When Masaru thought it was over, Black Garurumon asked him to suck his cock.

By now, Masaru did not feel the pain of being burn by electricity because the pain of his anus was greater. Black Garurumon has crushed Masaru’s anus and rectum. Blood and sperm dripped from Masaru’s anus to his own pecker. Masaru refused to give Black Garurumon blowjob. Black Garurumon laughed indulgently. “Ok, then I’ll take away your left ear now,” he remarked and Masaru quickly shook his head.

Black Garurumon turned around so that his back was on the floor. Black Garurumon spread all his legs wide and Masaru was surprised to see Black Garurumon’s penis. It was about 5 inches long although it softened a bit. “Actually I haven’t finished ejaculating. I saved up some for you to taste. Now will you put it into your mouth?” Black Garurumon asked with dignity.

Masaru began to lower his head to engulf the monster. Masaru closed his eyes and opened his mouth as wide as possible. “Do it properly, or else…” Black Garurumon warned Masaru.

Masaru took Black Garurumon’s dick into his mouth and closed his eyes. Black Garurumon used his hind legs to press Masaru’s head down and forced him to engulf whole length. “By the way, I never washed my dick before,” he observed. Masaru felt so nasty and was going to vomit but his throat was blocked by Black Garurumon’s penis. Masaru did not wait for long. Soon Black Garurumon ejaculated and shot his sperm directly into Masaru’s throat. Finally when Black Garurumon was done, he released his hind legs and pushed Masaru aside. Black Garurumon laughed when he saw how Masaru tried to vomit out the sperm from his stomach.

Suddenly Black Garurumon shattered into data. Masaru lifted up his head and saw his friends coming.

“Agumon, I’m sorry…” Masaru trailed off.

“Sorry for not giving me your first time?” Agumon asked.

“No, I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings,” Masaru said.

“Oh. It’s ok, let’s go home now,” Agumon answered.

“So, Masaru has become a gay?” Touma thought. “That’s good for me.”

“Touma, are you alright?” Yoshino asked with concerned.

“Yes, let’s go home,” Touma answered and walked away quickly.

The end.