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Title: Kari’s first time

Kari and Izzy were walking along the playground.

“Kari, we knew each other for at least four years, but you never given me your first time,” said Izzy.

“Izzy, I’m afraid of the pain. I heard that first time is even more painful than being tortured in Hell,” answered Kari.

“You see, Sora and Matt has made love many times already. Yolei and Ken also became a good couple, and they never complained about any pains,” Izzy smiled.

“Sorry Izzy, I’m still afraid. But I promise that I’ll make love with you someday,” replied Kari.

“Kari, don’t force yourself, have you seek advice from the other girls?” asked Izzy.

Kari sighed. “Well, I asked many girls including Yolei and Sora. Some of them said that it was very painful, and some of them said not painful at all. My mother said ‘No pain no pleasure’.”

Izzy shrugged. “Then you should seek advice from the doctor,”

Kari nodded. “Okay, I will.”

They changed to other topics and were talking happily.


One day, the digidestined children and their partners set off to the Digital World to destroy the remaining Control Spires. But Arukenimon created another Digimon to ambush them. Kari and Gatomon were separated from them, and escaped to a lake and rested beside the lake.

“We managed to escape,” Kari panted.

“Yes, but I’m exhausted and sleepy,” Gatomon laid on the ground and grasping for air.

Kari sat beside Gatomon and looked at the lake, “I hope the others will find us,” she said.

Suddenly a medium-size ball emerged from the lake. It had many tentacles and it was a creation of Arukenimon.

“Tentaclemon?” Kari checked her digivice and murmured, “Just because he is like a ball of tentacles, he has to be called Tentaclemon?”

Tentaclemon attacked Kari and Kari asked Gatomon to digivolve.

“Gato…mon *pant* digivolve…to *pant*…zzzzzz” Gatomon was too tired to digivolve; she collapsed to the ground and slept.

“Gatomon! Don’t sleep now!” Kari shook Gatomon’s body but could not wake her up.

Tentaclemon laughed and wrapped Kari’s waist with a tentacle, and then lifted up her to his face. She was so afraid to look at his hideous face that her body was shivering.

“Nice cute girl,” said he. He wrapped each of Kari’s leg with one tentacle and parted them; she groaned and pleaded him to stop. His tentacles were slimy and she felt nasty.

He inserted a tentacle into her mouth before she could scream for help. “If you bit me or scream, I’ll kill you instantly,” he warned her and she nodded.

Her body shivered as his tentacle began to caress her underwear but she was too weak to struggle. Finally his tentacle prepared to remove her underwear. She began to sob when he tore off her underwear.

He used his tentacle to rub her pussy and was surprised, “You’ve no pubic hair? How old are you?” he asked and removed the tentacle from her mouth.

“I shave…” she answered softly and he nodded, and then he inserted his tentacle into her mouth again. The smell of the tentacle made her wanted to vomit and choke.

He continued to rub her pussy and she felt so good, “Why do I feel so good?” She asked herself.

“Do you like it?” he asked, she nodded and then quickly shook her head.

He caressed again and finally her pussy was soaking wet, “You cannot cum yet,” he said and stopped playing her smooth pussy.

He smiled and put her down, “Now undress yourself or I’ll kill you.” She immediately vomited as soon as he withdrew his tentacle from her mouth.

She dared not reject. She pulled her sleeveless shirt above her head, along with her pink gloves, and digital camera. After a few minutes, she was standing naked in front of him and covering her important parts with both hands. He used two tentacles to lift up her two hands. She blushed and turned her face to one side. He lifted her up again and spread her legs to a straight line. She groaned painfully and almost fainted. He caressed her belly and her pudenda at the same time; she moaned softly and her body jerked a little. “So nice, I’m loving it!” she thought.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked curiously and she nodded.

“After I deflowered you, you’ll become a woman,” he laughed happily.

He slowly inserted a tentacle into her vagina. “Here I come,” he said and entered the hole with one thrust. Her eyes bulged and he opened mouth to cry but he quickly inserted a tentacle into her mouth. She felt so painful and fainted.


After 2 months. Inside Izzy’s room…

“C’mon, you cannot produce milk anymore?” asked Kari while staring at his dick.

Izzy panted. “Kari…I produced milk 4 times within 1 hour…now I’m exhausted…”

She lifted up his dick, “then I’ll help you,” she said and began to play it with both hands.

“Kari, please stop…you’ll kill me…” he gasped and moaned at the same time.

She massaged and masturbated his dick but his dick still could not erect. She continued for a while and finally it began to expand again. “See? You still can produce milk,” she remarked.

“You don’t understand…I…” he suddenly groaned loudly as she covered his dick with her mouth. Finally he came again and prepared to drink his milk but he could only ejaculate very little only.

Since the day she was raped, she began to enjoy making love. Poor Izzy, he finally could fuck her but she was too wild and rough for him.

The end.