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Adventures in Nanman series

Chapter 1: Transformed and trapped

One day, when Sora went home from school, she saw something in the letterbox. She pulled it out and it was a piece of leaflet. “Virtual Reality, sounds interesting,” she thought.

Sora continued to read the leaflet while walking towards the front door. “Cool, I can bring my own memory card and play under Virtual Reality,” she murmured.

Not far away from her house, Arukenimon was watching Sora behind a tree. “She got it, now I hope she go there ASAP,” she thought.

Arukenimon did not wait too long for Sora to re-appear. Sora walked out from her apartment with the leaflet on her right hand. She had changed her sailor fuku to a white t-shirt and denim mini-skirt. “I’ll try DW under Virtual Reality,” she thought.

Arukenimon took out a device and walked away quickly, “get ready now, she’s coming,” she whispered to the device.


After about ten minutes, Sora finally found the shop. She pushed the door and walked into the shop. She saw some machines and some people standing around. “Welcome,” a lady approached Sora and greeted her warmly. The lady had a huge head of hair, and huge glasses.

“Can I play Dynasty Warriors?” asked Sora and showed the lady a memory card.

“Sure can,” the lady took the memory card from Sora and led her to a TV. “Tsk, tsk, a girl liked to play fighting game?” the lady thought.

After Sora sat down on the sofa, the lady passed a helmet to Sora, “please put it on,” she said softly. Sora could not see anything at first after she put on the helmet, but soon Sora saw the familiar opening scenes of Dynasty Warriors. She chose LOAD at the main screen and used Zhu Rong as her main character.

Suddenly the screen became blank and Sora saw Arukenimon, “what the…” she tried to stand up but her hands were bound to the sofa.

“Yes, this is a trap. You’ll be teleported to the world of Dynasty Warriors and you’ll stay there forever. FOREVER,” said Arukenimon coolly, she was not wearing the fake hair and glasses anymore.

“My friends will come to rescue me!” Sora cried presently.

“Goodbye,” said Arukenimon with a snarl and walked away.

“NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” shouted Sora, almost incoherent.

Sora felt something was sucking her body from the front. It was the same feeling as she was sucked into the Digital World. It was kind of funny. It did not hurt at all. It was a little like going to sleep. It was like darkness and light at the same time. It was everything and nothing.

After Sora disappeared, Arukenimon switched off a device and the hologram in the shop vanished, except the sofa and the TV sets.


“This must be the place,” Kari said to her friends.

“Where’s Sora?” Asked Davis and glanced around.

“Let’s go in and find her,” Izzy suggested and the others agreed.

“I don’t see anyone here, it’s an empty shop,” remarked Yolei in a low voice.

“Look at this PS2, this is Sora’s memory card!” exclaimed Matt.

Yolei’s eyebrows met in a frown. “She did come here and now missing in action?”

“Let’s go and find Gennai,” said TK, seeming puzzled.


Elsewhere in the Digital World…

A bleak smile crossed Mummymon’s face. “Arukenimon, why don’t you send all of them to another dimension?”

“Not enough current,” answered Arukenimon shortly, a steely glint in her eyes.

“Sorry to interrupt but why not let me handle them?” asked a Digimon and looked at Mummymon questioningly.

“You let them get away and destroyed the towers 3 times! Do you think I can trust you again? You’re smart but you’re also careless!” said Mummymon fiercely.

Arukenimon’s lips quirked. “Now, the kids will be busy finding their friend. So, during these days, nobody will disturb us and we can do whatever we want!”

“You’re right. We don’t necessary need to capture her and wait for others to come and rescue her. Every time they come, they sure destroy the towers and free our slaves,” asserted Mummymon.

Arukenimon nodded, “the costs to repair this building and re-capture the slaves are very high. So, we must not let them do that again,” she finished with a quick smile.

“Lame excuses,” the other Digimon grunted and scratched his head.

“Did you say anything?” asked Mummymon, looking the Digimon straight in the face.

“Nothing, I’ll go to the dungeon and train the slaves now,” answered the Digimon very politely.


Sora blinked her eyes and opened them slowly. She held her hands in front of her face to hide her eyes from the blinding light. There was no pain, no sensation at all, but somehow she felt that this was the end. She knew it in her bones. She woke up slowly and sat up. “Great, where am I now? Digital World?” she murmured. She saw the sky, lake and some trees.

Suddenly, Sora’s mind crossover with another mind – it was liked someone was sending data to her brain through telepathic. “OMG! I’m Zhu Rong now? And this is Nanman?” she cried with a great voice.

Sora quickly stood up and rushed to the lake. She almost tripped because she was not used to the body yet. From the reflection on the lake, she saw a strange woman. She has transformed or somehow became another woman. She had a different face, with a large afro, huge ripe breasts, and big muscled arms and legs. She was more muscular than she was Sora. She found out that she was a thirty five year old woman named Zhu Rong, 5'6" tall and 135lbs. She examined her body and was shocked to see her costume: she was only wearing a piece of cloth covering her pudenda and a piece of cloth hiding her breasts.

Sora checked her chest and groin, “why the hell she wears so little!” she growled and began to whimper, “damn Arukenimon, how should I go back now?” said Sora to herself, for she was thinking very hard.

Sora recalled what Arukenimon said, “you’ll be teleported to the world of Dynasty Warriors and you’ll stay there forever. FOREVER,” she whined incessantly, “I don’t want to die here!”


In the Digital World, the kids were gathering inside Gennai’s house.

“Guys, I think Sora was sucked into the Dynasty Warriors’ world. The last saved file was today’s date,” said Gennai drily and put the memory card on the table.

“We played that game before and she said she liked it,” remarked Matt, mopping his forehead.

“Let’s go out and find Mummymon now!” cried Davis, flushing up to the roots of his flaming head.

“We don’t have enough evidences yet. Besides, Mummymon will sure deny everything. I don’t think Mummymon is a computer genius. May be got another gang of bad guys or they found new friends,” answered Gennai cordially.

“So, now we got more bad guys to fight with?” asked Cody with wonder.

“But first we must rescue Sora before it’s too late,” said Gennai, in his consequential way.

A frown creased Matt’s brow. He said carefully, “she’ll die there?”

“I hate to say this but she won’t last even 1 day,” Gennai grew somber suddenly.

“Whoever did this, why not just capture her and bring her back to…but instead spent so much effort to suck her into another world?” said Patamon after moment’s silence.

“Hmm…why not capture us as well when we’re there?” observed TK gloomily.

“Suddenly I feel weird. The bad guys never killed us when they had the chance, they just imprisoned us and…” Agumon trailed off.

“Tortured us only,” Gabumon continued.

“So, while we’re talking now, the bad guys are torturing Sora and we can’t do anything to save her?” said Matt, turning white to his lips and glancing about him like a rat in a trap. He wanted to save her girlfriend at any cost.

Kari collapsed into a chair, with a ghastly face and a glitter of moisture on her brow. “Poor Sora,” she stammered.


Sora stopped sobbing and accepted her fate. She was Zhu Rong now and she must continue to fight until she was dead, or found a way to go home if she were lucky. She also learned how to control both minds, “I’m sure they’ll find a way to rescue me, and then we’ll teach Arukenimon a lesson again,” she thought and giggled.

“Mistress Zhu Rong!”

Zhu Rong turned her head back and saw two women coming towards her. She quickly searched her memories and learned that they were their bodyguards. “What’s up,” said Zhu Rong getting up at once.

“Mistress Zhu Rong, its lunch time,” said one of the bodyguards demurely. Both of them were also wearing very little clothes.

“Let’s go home,” answered Zhu Rong, winking at them. Soon she found out why they were wearing so few clothes, because that place was very hot – worse than the Digital World. They did not wear bra and panties or underwear; instead they were wearing some kind of clothes that could absorb their sweat. Their clothes were securely attached to their bodies and would not slip down easily - which was important during battle in the water.

“I’ll never give up,” Zhu Rong thought.


Back to Gennai’s house.

“Wait a minute, why do we keep saying Sora is sucked into another world? May be she got kidnapped by Mummymon in that shop? May be kidnapped by…err…another human?” cried Matt passionately.

“We don’t know yet. We’re just making assumptions only,” answered Gennai thoughtfully.

“Instead of making assumptions here, why not go out and find her?” Davis suggested, rising from his armchair.

“Hmm…why not we split into 3 groups? I’ll go back and see if her family receives any ransom notes. Davis and others will go out and find her while the rest stay here?” Kari suggested.

“Alright, let’s go!” Davis snapped.

Izzy glanced sharply across at Davis with a slight shrug of his shoulders. “Davis, don’t engage into battle because we don’t have enough people,” said Izzy, he somehow knew Davis would go to investigate Mummymon’s place.

Davis gave a rather shamefaced laugh. “Ok…” he answered.

After five minutes, Gennai continued to study the memory card. “Matt, do you know which character she used?” asked Gennai in a quavering voice.

Matt hesitated for an instant. “I think…Zhu Rong…” answered Matt with a sidelong glance.

“Gennai, what’s wrong now?” asked Gabumon quietly.

The remaining children looked at the TV screen as Gennai selected Zhu Rong under Story Mode. “See? Got 8 chapters here,” asked Gennai in a crackling voice.

“Let me guess, she can come back after she finished all 8 chapters?” Matt guessed, leaning back in his chair.

“I hope so,” observed Gennai, shading his eyes, “but not that simple.”

They began to read each chapter.

“OMG! She got captured a few times,” cried Izzy breathlessly.

“We Digimon can stand any torments, but Sora is just a little girl…” said Gomamon quietly.

Matt looked very grave, frowning a little, “Gennai, I hope Davis is right – she isn’t sucked into that world. And even she’s in that world, I hope she’s not Zhu Rong,” he said, setting himself down in an armchair and closing his eyes. He kept thinking about his girlfriend. Could Sora survive there? Could she endure the torments? Most important thing was: could she come back again?


Zhu Rong had finished her lunch. “Delicious,” she thought.

“My love, how’s the food?” asked Zhu Rong’s husband - Meng Huo and burped. He was wearing a cloth to cover his groin only.

Zhu Long laughed heartily. “Yummy.”

“I’m going out to hunt more food for tonight,” said Meng Huo, in intense excitement and stood up slowly.

“Be careful, my love,” answered Zhu Rong suavely.

After Meng Huo left the camp, Zhu Rong began to help her bodyguards to clean the place. “Phew, luckily no need make love with him. He’s so giant, I can’t imagine how painful it’ll be if he enters me,” she thought.

Zhu Rong left the camp and saw many male warriors walking around, they greeted her warmly and she smiled back at them. “WOW! I feel so proud to be the ‘queen’ here,” she thought.

Zhu Rong’s camp was situated at the center, just located beside her husband’s camp and were surrounded by four other camps. Meng Huo purposely built a camp for her to do her ‘private stuffs’. “So boring, nothing to do now. Let me check and see what they’ll do to pass time. Hmm…OMG!” she thought.

One of the guards entered the camp slowly, “Mistress Zhu Long, do you want me to serve you now?” she asked, smiling.

Zhu Rong understood what she meant, “Cai, where’s Mei?” she asked, rubbing her hands.

“She’s guarding at outside, Mistress. Do you want me to invite her too?” asked Cai. A quick blush passed over her fresh young face as Zhu Rong shot one of her keen, questioning glances at her.

Zhu Rong shook her head and sat down on the mattress, “not yet,” she answered and invited Cai to sat beside her. They began to undress and very soon, they were both naked on the mattress. Their weapons were put on top their clothes. Cai’s short hair was brown, with just a hint of auburn and her little tits were topped by big areola. Cai’s stomach got 4-packs but not very solid.

Zhu Rong’s was on the mattress while Cai was on top of her. Cai pressed her lips against Zhu Rong’s and kissed her, then Cai put her tongue inside Zhu Rong’s mouth and held Zhu Rong’s face with her two hands and pressed her lips firmer against Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong put her hands on Cai’s back and pulled Cai against her body. Zhu Rong could feel the heartbeat of Cai’s while they continued to kiss each others deeply. Zhu Rong then ran her hand over Cai’s bum and squeezed the cheeks of her bum. They kissed each others for another 5 minutes and finally Cai released her hands and broke the kiss.

Zhu Rong turned Cai‘s body around and switched position with her. Zhu Rong began to run a hand over Cai’s breasts. The puffy, pink nipples quickly hardened into tight knots of flesh under her touch as she traced around Cai’s areole. Cai felt so good and gave a small gasp at Zhu Rong’s touch.

Zhu Rong kissed Cai softly on the lips, the cheek, nibbled at her earlobe a moment, then outlined the ear with her hot, wet tongue. Cai moaned as Zhu Rong’s hands continued doing wicked and wonderful things to her nipples and Zhu Rong’s tongue traced intricate patterns along the soft skin of her throat, dwelt a moment in the hollow between her collar bones.

Zhu Rong spun her body around to face Cai’s pudenda and now they were in 69-position. Cai parted her legs in anticipation, Zhu Rong could see Cai’s lips swollen and moist and ready. With the tip of the tongue Zhu Rong flicked at Cai’s clit. Cai’s juices began to flow and the taste filled Zhu Rong’s mouth. Zhu Rong ran her tongue fully into Cai’s pussy, her lips so swollen now and her clit as hard as rock. Zhu Rong knew it would not be long before Cai came.

Meanwhile, Cai spread Zhu Rong's ass cheeks with her fingers, Cai leaned over and began to lick and kiss the cheeks of Zhu Rong's ass until Cai found what she was looking for, Zhu Rong's puckered little anus. Cai put her lips on Zhu Rong's asshole and kissed it like it was a person’s mouth. Cai slid her tongue into Zhu Rong's anus and could feel Zhu Rong's ass start to move in a slow circler motion, as her tongue penetrated her ass deeper and deeper with every thrust.

Zhu Rong liked to be ass-fucked and Cai was sending her to Heaven. Zhu Rong did not wish to come first and so she slipped two fingers into Cai’s pussy. Cai’s body shivered by such sudden invasion but still could continue her job. Cai also inserted two fingers into Zhu Rong's pussy. Zhu Rong's almost gave up but managed to hold back. Zhu Rong increased the pressure on Cai’s clit while exploring her cunt with two fingers. Cai also increased her tongue speed while finger-fuck Zhu Rong's cunt deeper. Cai was young but her techniques were near expert.

Finally Zhu Rong let go an orgasm that almost made her forget where she was. Zhu Rong locked her legs around Cai’s neck as she came with a violent rush. Zhu Rong also felt Cai’s pussy clamping around her fingers and her orgasm hit her. Cai’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream of pleasure. They then licked dry each other’s pudenda.

Zhu Rong slid up beside Cai, and kissed her again. Zhu Rong could taste herself on Cai’s mouth. “Cai, later call Mei to come in,” she panted. “Yes, Mistress,” Cai gasped. Cai closed her eyes and enjoyed the aftermath. Zhu Rong smiled satisfactorily and lay there, waiting for second round to come. They never spoken any words during the process but they understood each others very well.

“So, this is a way to pass the time: orgy. Now, where’s the bathroom?” Zhu Rong thought.

To be continued.