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Title: Cherish your partner

After the Digidestined children defeated MaloMyotismon, the Earth found peace once again and almost every child had a Digimon partner. What would you do when you got a Digimon as your partner for the first time?


“Floramon, come here!” John – who was now naked – shouted to his Digimon partner. “Show me your pussy.”

“Yes Master.”

Floramon nodded and spread her green legs to show her first master her private parts. John would make love with her every night before they slept. She opened the hidden skin that covered her pee hole and prepared for the coming actions. She purposely put on a smiling face so that he would not feel unhappy and punished her.

John was an 18-year-old teenager. He was five feet tall and still studying. He was lucky because he also had a female Digimon – Floramon. However he never treated her well. Instead he treated her liked a sex slave. She felt sad because she had a bad master but she still had to obey him.

John inserted his manhood into Floramon’s sensitive pussy with one thrust, and then started pumping. He did not like foreplay; in fact he liked to go to the main event directly. She felt pain instead of pleasure because he never cared for her. To him, she was just a toy to release his desires. After a few minutes, he ejaculated and filled her womb with his sperm. She was glad because the first torment had finish.

“Floramon, doggie-style now.”

“Yes Master.”

After resting for a while, Floramon prepared for John to penetrate her anus. He humped faster and deeper, she just moaned softly and pretended she was enjoying it. Finally they came, after John finished ejaculating, he waited for a while before pulling out his manhood. He went to washroom and cleaned himself, and then he slept with only his underwear.

Floramon went to the washroom and grumbled, “I wish I could find a better master, he treated me liked…I’ve been with him for four months, and yet I’m still at Rookie stage. I can’t digivolve to Champion stage and he never understood the reason,” after she cleaned herself, she switched off the light and went to sleep too.



“Who’s it?” asked John, he opened his eyes but did not see anything. He also found out that he was floating instead sleeping on his bed, “oh great, it’s the same dream again!” he murmured.

“John, after three warnings, you still treated your Digimon like a slave, so I’m going to punish you! Tomorrow morning, I’ll swap both of your spirits – you’ll become Floramon for one day and Floramon will take over your place. You’ll feel the pain that she felt and only with this method shall you know that digimon are not just digital data,” a voice warned him.

“Wait, who or what are you?” John shouted but no reply. A light engulfed him and he fainted. When John woke up again, he quickly checked at his body. He was stunned when he found out that he has become Floramon!


(Author’s note: From here onwards, I will use ‘I’ or ‘me’ when referring to Floramon.)

John’s spirit went inside Floramon’s body and vice versa, I would live as a female Digimon for one day! The voice told me that Digimon were not just a digital data. If they were not just data, then what were they – animals that could talk and think? To me, they were just a tool to help mankind! If cats and dogs also could talk, did we need to respect them too? Of course not!

I (now I was Floramon) did not know why I could get a digimon but I did not care. After I got Floramon, I did not need a girlfriend anymore because Floramon was much better than a real girlfriend. Floramon got good blowjob skill, wonderful pussy and elastic asshole. Floramon never disobeyed me, a real girlfriend might fuck with another guys secretly. And finally Floramon would not give birth to a baby no matter how many years I fucked her. Babies…where got money and time to take care of them? I wanted happiness, not responsibilities!

I (Floramon) looked at the clock. Oh no! It’s 6:00 a.m.! I grumbled too much already, nobody would help me now. The secret voice (ghost?) might be watching me and laughing happily now. How the hell the voice did this to me? Turned me into a female animal! I now felt so embarrassed, uneasy and shameful. If my friends knew about this, I better kick the bucket – I would not have the courage to live anymore.

“Look, John became a female digimon!”

“OMG! ‘She’ is so cute!”

“Hey John, how do you feel now?”

No! I could not endure this! Hopefully my friends would not visit me today! Luckily my parent has divorced and I was alone in the house now. If I met that ‘voice’ again, I would surely kill him, mark my words! I quickly entered the washroom to have enemas. Floramon always complained that the enemas was too much, now I would find out was it really too much.

“Shit! It is really too much!” I grumbled. My stomach was already full but the enemas bag still not empty yet! I glanced around and secretly poured the remaining water into the toilet. Luckily he did not wake up yet. If he saw what I did just now, I would be in great trouble. I inserted the butt plug into my anus and lay on the floor. My stomach was so rounded and almost exploded. After a few minutes, I crawled to the toilet and released everything into the toilet.

“Shit! I can’t walk!” After I finished, I was exhausted and could not move! I just lay on the floor and gasped. No wonder Floramon took so long to finish enemas. The effect was too strong for this tiny body! My whole body was shivering and tears rolled down from my cheek.

Finally I could stand up again. I quickly clean my body so that he would not punish me. When I walked out from the washroom, I glanced at the clock and it was nearly 6:45 a.m.!

“Shit! Must prepare breakfast before 7:00 a.m.!” I grumbled.

Suddenly I got a question: did the real Floramon know about this? What if the ‘voice’ told her about this ‘switching souls’ matter?

“John, you fucked me so badly and treated me liked a sex slave, now it’s revenge time!”

I shook my head. I hope the real Floramon did not know about this. If not, she would play ‘SM’ with me! A guy punished by a girl? No way! Wait a minute, if she knew about this and told to every friend, what would I explain to them in the school later?

“Floramon, how’s the breakfast?”

“Master, it’s ready.”

“Luckily for 1 day only, I’ll endure!” I thought.

We ate breakfast silently, luckily she did not know about it!


After breakfast, we went to the Digital World for training purpose and sightseeing. Oh no! Today was Saturday and no school activities, I had a very bad feeling now! Although the Digital World was peaceful now, there were still some wild digimon moving around. Suddenly, a digimon appeared and he looked like a Champion Digimon!

“Shit! We’re doomed now!” I thought.

“It’s a Champion digimon!” John shouted.

His outlook looked like a medium size dinosaur and it was a Tyrannomon! When he saw us, he attacked us with a fireball and we both bounced back to the bush behind us.

“Rain of pollen!” I shouted but useless.

“Stamen rope!” I attack again but still useless, all my attacks could not do any harm to that wild digimon. I need to evolve to Champion stage!

“Floramon, digivolve now!” John shouted, but nothing happened. “Stupid Floramon, why don’t you digivolve?”

“John, we must retreat,” I suggested. I did not want to argue with him now.

“Never! As part of the training purposes, you must defeat him!” John retorted and hid behind the bush far away from the foe. I had no choice but to fight again.

“Today will be my doomsday,” I thought.

I punched the foe but I felt like punching a wall. I kicked him and I felt like kicking a brick.

“Ha…Ha…have you finished? Then it’s my turn!” The red dinosaur digimon laughed.

I gulped, swat-dropped and my whole body shivered. I recalled my friends and teachers in school. I wished I still had time to write down my will. “Goodbye everyone,” I thought.

The evil Digimon rushed to me and before I could do anything, he grabbed my feet with both paws. Then he spread my legs to a straight line and I shouted painfully – I felt my inner thigh was torn apart. Just as I expected, he began to fucked me liked there was no tomorrow.

“John, do something now, please!” I cried.

After Tyrannomon bored with my two private holes, he threw me to the ground. He smiled and dragged my left leg into a bush. He found a long vine and tied it securely on my left foot. “What the hell is he doing now? SM?” I thought. He threw me to the other side of the bush and starts pulling the vine. I was so tired to struggle now, I was shocked when I glanced at the bush. It was full of roses and prickles!

“Shit, if he dragged me through this bush…” I thought. I began to struggle but I was exhausted, I prayed for mercy but he ignored me.
“John! Please help me!” I screamed but John was not responding.

Finally my foot was near the bush! I closed my eyes and prepared for the ultimate pain to come. “Arggghhhhh!!!!” I screamed painfully as the prickles scratched my arch and sole. Then I shouted even louder when the prickles scratched my thighs!

Finally the prickles scratched my pussy! I did not make any noises because I fainted straight away. But I woke up with start again later. I shouted and pleaded him to stop. The pain was so overpowering that it made me shoot jets of pee. Soon my belly, chest, breasts, paws, face and every part of my body was cut and scratched. At last, I was dragged to his feet. My whole body was covered with my own blood already. Juices and pee flowed out from my pussy.

“John! Where’re you!” I cried but John still not showing up.

The enemy did not stop torturing me. He laughed and punted me like a football, and then punched me like a sand bag. The pain was unfathomable. I did not know how many bones had been broken and how much blood I vomited. Finally, I fainted due to the pain and loss of blood. All the while, John was just hiding behind some trees and never showed up to help me.


When I finally woke up again, I realized that I was lying on the floor, I glanced around and I found out that I was in my own room. John came in and said, “You lost again. Now is lunch time, after lunch I’ll visit my friends and I’ll come back to punish you later.”

After he went out, I examined myself and I found out that my whole body was fully healed. Digimon had self-healing ability and this was bad because John could torture me again later! I went to the washroom and murmured, “What’s the feeling of a female digimon when she masturbated? I’ve never seen before, may be they’re just same as human being.”

“I’m going to take this opportunity to learn more about female body,” I thought.

So I sat down on the floor and examined my pussy. I saw nothing – no hole and pubic hair, “Since digimon don’t wear clothes, their pussy and anus must be well hidden.” I moved my stamen to my groin and began to caress it. Wow! I felt so nice! Soon, I saw my pudenda opened wide and had genital lips – much like a woman’s. It’s like a blossom flower – so pretty and entertaining. Still no pubic hair, might be Rookie stage was too young to have?

“Hmm…how do I masturbate now?” I thought.

I pulled one of the lips with my flower hand and found what I was looking for. I saw a hole, the one thing that proved that I was officially female – the one thing that all guys liked to play with. This hole was small but it served many purposes. When I was John, I liked to put my dick, my tongue or my fingers into it. Some guys even put dildo, vibrator and even other hard objects into it. This tiny hole also could give birth to a baby!

“How deep is it?” I thought.

I used another vine to look for my nipples. That took me little effort, seeing as I had a flat chest. After I found them, I rubbed them and they were immediately stood up. “Hmm…B-cup only?” I guessed.

I inserted a stamen into my twat, “Ohhhh…” then my other stamen while I was rubbing my breasts with another vine, “sooo goood…” two stamens already could fill my whole twat. Then I started ‘vine-fucking’ – I pulled out my stamens and pushed in again until they could go no further. I moaned in pleasure as my vines moved in and out faster and faster. Finally, I felt like I’m coming, I let out a loud cry and cum. When I took out my vines, I licked the juices on my vines, “sweet. I’m loving it!” I murmured. After I finished and cleaned myself, I walked out from the room and rested again on the floor.

After some time, I felt stomach-ache, “Funny, a Digimon can have stomach-aches?” I grumbled and entered the washroom again.

I opened the door to be greeted by the Japanese toilet, which was much like a urinal except that it was on the ground and not against a wall. This was the place where Floramon would do enemas every morning. I placed both of my legs on either side of the toilet, and I squatted down, automatically feeling my pussy and anus open up because of stretching muscles between my legs, crotch and crack. After I prepared myself, I began to push down with my anal muscles. I felt the shit flowing right out of my tight anal hole, and at the same time, feeling as if I lost 5 pounds – after the enemas I did this morning, I lost nearly 20 pounds. I cleaned my anus with tissue paper and water but I had not done yet.

Then I took a deep breath, exhaled, and started to pee. I looked at my light green pussy. My labia opened automatically and a little yellow piss shot out from my urine hole. I wondered if my pee was just as warm as a human’s was, so I placed my flower hand onto my pissing pussy. YEOWCH!! It was as hot as slightly hot water, but at the same time, it felt nice, maybe even natural to feel my own pee spray out of my opened pussy. My pussy looked even more beautiful peeing than it did when I looked at it previously. I could feel the tension inside me was going. I knew then that I was almost done.

When I finished, the labia closed automatically, but urine was still around my pussy, so I tried to shake my butt to get the droplets off of myself. That didn’t work, so I cleaned it with a tissue paper, I felt the pleasure again as I rubbed my pussy, “A boy can shake his penis, but a girl needs tissue paper. No wonder all girls bring tissue paper to the toilets with them.” After that, I flushed the toilet, and I walked out to rest again.

Later, John came back and started to fuck me. Now I knew how painful when being fucked merciless. When he reached climax, he shot his cum into me and I could feel the liquid flowing into my womb! Finally the nasty time came – clean his dick! He asked me to suck his penis clean and drink all his remaining sperm! After that, he continued to punish me until dinner time, and then continued to screw me again until bed time!


That night, Floramon heard the voice again.

“John, tomorrow you’ll be back to normal again.”

“Thanks. But I have a request, can you invite my partner to come too?”


When the real Floramon appeared, John told Floramon everything and asked for forgiveness. Later, John told the ‘voice’ about his request and Floramon was shocked.

“I’ll protect my partner at all cost,” I thought.


The next morning, when John woke up, he found out that his spirit has gone back to his own body. He was now John again, not Floramon! He felt happy and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast; he walked slowly because he did not want to wake up Floramon. He knew that Floramon was over-exhausted.

After the breakfast was prepared, Floramon rushed to the kitchen. “Sorry master, I was late,” she apologized and prepared to be punished, but to her surprise, John smiled said, “Come, sit down. Are you all right now? Do you feel any pain?”

“I’m alright now, thank you master.” Floramon replied.

“We will beat him next time, don’t you agree?” asked John cordially.

“Yes, master,” Floramon answered gently and sat down beside John. Suddenly she remembered the dream. “Master…”

“Don’t call me master again. We’re friends and you’re not my slave or pet,” John interrupted.

“Yes, Mas… I mean John,” Floramon answered. “Last night you made that request, are you sure about it?” she asked slowly.

John nodded. “I started to love being fucked, as well as using female body,” he answered.

That same night, John was reading on his bed. Floramon approached him and asked, “John, do you want me to serve you?”

“Sure,” John answered and began to undress.

Floramon quickly lay on the bed and opened her private parts again, she was nervous and hoped that John would do it gently. To her surprised, he started off with foreplay! That night, Floramon was really enjoyed the sensations. He vowed silently to serve her master with her life.


A few days later…

Friday, 9:30p.m. Both Floramon and John were waiting for the moments to come. “Floramon, teach me everything, ok?” asked John.

Floramon nodded, “my pleasure. And you also must teach me everything, ok?”

John smiled, “of course!”

Finally, it was 10p.m. and they were engulfed by light. After the light disappeared, they blinked their eyes and looked at each others.

“I’m Floramon again,” said John.

“I’m John now,” said Floramon.

They both laughed and began to make love happily. Floramon taught John about female bodies while John taught Floramon about male bodies. John had requested to become Floramon every Friday and Saturday nights – and Floramon also agreed although she was shocked.


Many years later, John found a girlfriend whom had a male digimon partner. John could not become Floramon anymore since then – he never heard the ‘voice’ anymore. John married with her while Floramon married with her partner. Both digimon could digivolve to Mega stage already. After they married, they had orgies every night and they lived happily forever.

The end.