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Title: Burst-mode jokes

“Lilamon, are you ready?” Yoshino lifted high her Digivice and asked.

Lilamon smiled an enigmatical smile. “Yes, I’m ready,” she answered.

“Digisoul Burst-mode, phase 2!” Yoshino shouted.

“Burst into sex-change!” Lilamon shouted, triumphantly. “Breasts burst in, dick burst out!” Her armors were disappearing one by one.

“You don’t need to shout every time you shift into male,” Yoshino’s eyes sparkled as she spoke.

“Sorry, I feel excited,” Lilamon said with a harsh voice. He was totally naked now and his wings were shrunk.

Yoshino passed her hand over her brow. “Burst Evolution got 2 phases. 1st is fighting mode and 2nd is transgender mode,” she observed.

“You’re genius. Now I can make love with you anytime,” Lilamon smiled approvingly.

“I also modified a little so that whenever Rosemon in Burst Evolution, her breasts will become bigger,” Yoshino said, raising her eyebrows.

“Every time I went through 1st Burst Evolution, all guys couldn’t stop starring at me,” Lilamon said cordially.

Yoshino put her Digivice on the table. “Come, let’s do it,” she said.

Her breasts were perfect, and smooth. With nipples just begging to be sucked. Her skin was pale and flawless under the light. Her ass was firm and just begging to be grabbed. She lye down on the bed and waited for him to act. “It’ll be a waste if other guys taste her hole, must well I taste it myself,” he thought. He still got the same old face, but his body has transformed perfectly and she could see his six-packs clearly. But the ace of the whole package was his legs and the cock that hung between them. Strong, high arched feet supported a pair of super-defined thickly formed calves and thighs.

“Hope you can give me a handsome face,” he remarked.

“It’s not easy to find a new face. Moreover, face does not matter, size does matter,” she remarked.

“This size will not be smaller than the dildo you always used,” he answered.

He climbed to the bed and they began to hug each others. She spent the next minutes rubbing his neck, backbone, thighs, calves and even feet. As her fingers made love to his body, he commented on her magic hands. She paid special attention to his butt and the back of his thighs. “This Burst Mode is so successful,” she whispered.

He kissed from her mouth back to her ear. “I’ll give you everything I got,” he whispered back. He nibbled on her ear lobe, around her earring, before sticking his tongue in her ear. As soon as his tongue entered her ear, she grabbed his chest and sucked in a quick breath. He continued nibbling on her ear. Meanwhile, his hands had found her breasts, which although they were not very large, they were high and firm. He massaged them, starting from where they met her ribs on the bottom. He slowly worked his way inward, stopping just before he reached the nipples. He teased her for a while, touching her everywhere but her nipples. She finally grew so frustrated that she tried to move her breasts into his hands, making him touch her nipples. When he finally pinched her nipples, the effect was electric. Her fingernails dug into his chest and she nearly screamed in his ear.

“Wow, never expected you’re so sensitive,” he remarked.

“Which girls aren’t?” she gasped.

They fell in beside one another and again began kissing frantically, thrusting their bodies against one another, striving to gain as much tactile stimulation as possible. She trapped his left leg between hers and began humping on it. He could feel the slickness of her cunt as she rubbed her clit against him, and the hardness of her nipples poking into his chest. “I want more…” she panted.

Her pussy was just begging to be eaten, so he went down on her. There wasn't much pubic hair to tickle his nose, and he stuck his tongue between her slit and licked around her clit. In a few minutes, he could feel her body stiffen. Then, she started to shake violently as she achieved her first orgasm. He moved up again to kiss her but she broke the kiss. She slid down slowly to get her prize.

Taking his cock into one hand and cuddling his sac with the other, she slowly began moving her hand in an up and down motion, slowly lowering her mouth to his rigid member. “Don’t you need some rest?” He purred. She did not answer but continued to massage his sex. She stuck out her tongue and lightly flicked it over the tip. She then moved down just under the rim and continued her tongue movements. She slowly worked her way down the underside until she reached the sac that contained his family jewels. She wrapped her voluptuous lips around the right one and gently suckled it in her mouth. After about 15 seconds of this she switched to the left one. She continued this back and forth motion for about three minutes. Leaving his sac she worked her way back up the underside of his organ until she reached the tip. Slowly she worked her lips over the head and started down the pole. She gradually took more and more of him into her mouth and throat. When she reached bottom, she started a steady up and down motion while continuing to play with his nut sack.

He moaned softly and tried to hold back. She stopped when she tasted the pre-cum, “enter me now,” she begged.

“Sure. This is the moment we had been waiting for,” he teased her.


Meanwhile, in another room.

“Gaomon, let’s do it.” Touma lifted up digivice and said eagerly.

“No, master. I can’t,” Gaomon answered, anxiously.

“C’mon don’t be shy. You did it 3 times already,” Touma remarked.

“Well…seriously, master, you need a girlfriend,” Gaomon said.

“Don’t change the topic. Raramon also can do it, why you can’t?” Touma asked.

“She’s…lesb…” Gaomon trailed off.

“Every time you refused, you ended up begging for more,” Touma answered with a laugh.

“I did it not because I liked it but because you’re my master,” Gaomon answered.

“Then do it for me again now,” Touma said, chuckling to himself.

Gaomon gave up. “Alright. But you really need a girlfriend,” he said.

“Digisoul Burst-mode, phase 2!” Touma cried, with a merry laugh.

“Burst into sex-change,” Gaomon murmured. “Bye bye to my precious dick…”

Touma lie on the bed with naked body. “Come, let’s do it before our shift starts,” he said.

Gaomon had finished sex-changed. Now Gaomon was a girl and was same height with Touma. Her outlook was same but she has no more six-packs. Her gloves and the band on her forehead had disappeared.

“Master, the breasts are too big…” she remarked.

He stared longingly at his partner. Certainly she was sex conscious, with budding breasts, spreading hips, new growth of pretty pubic curls. “No, they’re not. D-Cup and I’m loving it,” he answered.

He set her down upon the bed, and, sitting next to her, he held her face gently as he began to kiss her. She was very responsive, meeting his tongue with her own, and they kept kissing. His hands slowly trailed form her face to her bosom. Her nipples were hard as pebbles, and she was breathing heavily. She broke the kiss and stared at him.

“Master…although I got a female body now, my mind is still male and I felt gay about this…” she raised her dark eyebrows.

“But still you’re enjoying, aren’t you?” He asked, facing round to her.


He kissed him on the cheek, “shh…don’t deny your desires,” he whispered. Their lips met, and they kissed. She felt so much joy at that moment. They kissed a little more, kissing deeper, their tongues probing in every direction. His hands explored his back, while hers did the same to him.

He broke the kiss and cupped her breasts in his hands, and lifted them. They were large and firm, and weighed more than he had expected. He carefully massaged her breasts, and began running his tongue up and down the space between them. He trailed his tongue up the side of them, and gently put one of the rosy nipples in his mouth. She moaned in ecstasy as he alternated breasts...licking and sucking until she felt as if she would burst. He then let his tongue move down across her stomach...she arched her back, not knowing what to expect. “Who am I now, boy or girl?” She thought.

Then he motioned and helped her into a position with her on “all fours” leaning the headboard of his bed. He got behind her and played with her large dangling breasts as they stiffened even more and she moaned. She then looked behind her as he started to finger her now slick cunt. He eventually go to working 2 fingers in her, and her head fell limp as she moaned in pleasure. He knew it was the time, and pulled out his fingers and brought his cock to her pussy. He gently separated her cunt’s lips and caressed her around with his dick. Then he slid his hands back up to cup her breasts again. She brought her head back up looked around at him, and asked, “where will the sperm go after I turned back to male?”

“No ideas, but you won’t get pregnant for sure,” he answered.

“Master, I don’t want to labor through asshole,” she remarked.

She felt him inside of her. He pushed gently until her vagina had stretched enough to accommodate him. He paused a while and began to pump. He increased the pace, as his peak got closer, moaning softly with pleasure. He felt her body tense beneath his just before she came, and this would trigger his own orgasm, and she felt his body shudder.

Afterwards he snuggled up to her, half wrapped around her body, stroking her and feeling completely relaxed in the after-glow. Slowly their breathing returned to normal, and the sweat dried on their bodies.

“Ready for night shift?” He asked, rubbing his hands.

“Yes, Master. Yoshino must be waiting for us now,” she responded.

She turned back to normal size and they bathed together before they started their duties.

The end.