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Title: Ancient ghost story


“Father, breakfast is ready,” Kari told his father.

“Hmm…smells good,” Kamiya looked at the table, “You’re not only as beautiful as your mother, but also as good as her,” Kamiya praised her daughter.

Kari was six years old and her father was 40 years old. His father loved her very much.

“Kari, I’m sorry that I don’t have money to send you to school. And I’m sorry that you’ve to work hard like a man,” her father apologized.

         “Father, stop talking and start eating. Never mind about that and I’m proud of you,” Kari sat down and started eating.

“Delicious!” her father exclaimed.

After they finished eating and cleaned the table, her father taught her how to read and write. Her father was an educated person and has the knowledge to teach her daughter. They could not go to work because it was raining.

“I hope the rain will stop after lunch,” Kamiya sighed.

Finally the rain did stop after lunch. They went out and started working. Kamiya would collect woods while Kari would collect herbs from nearby. Two hours later, they rested under a tree to have teatime.

“Oh! Sandwiches!” Kamiya looked at the small plastic bag.

“How’s it?” asked Kari.

“Of course it’s delicious!” answered Kamiya.

Suddenly a cobra bit Kari’s left leg, she picked up the snake and killed it easily and threw it aside. She continued eating until finished and then they started working again.

“Kari, I think it’s time to go home,” Kamiya looked at the sky and suggested.

Unfortunately they got lost in the forest. They were walking in the forest for a few hours. Finally they found the exit, but it was already dark and they could not go home in the dark because they did no bring lantern.

“Father, an inn!” shouted Kari happily.

They found an inn and they went into the inn. There were only a few customers in the inn. They found a table and sat down. The shopkeeper – Oikawa approached them with smiling face, “what do you want to eat?” Oikawa was 35 years old and almost six feet tall.

“Si Chuan Cau Fan (Si Chuan fried rice) and Tan Tan Mian (Tan Tan Noodle),” said Kamiya.

“Mo man tai (no problem),” Oikawa nodded and went to the kitchen, the shopkeeper operated the inn all by himself. He did not have assistants.

            “She’s so pretty, I’m can sell her at very high price,” Oikawa thought.

Oikawa peeked from the kitchen, “hopefully tonight no other customers,” he smiled evilly and poured something into the food.

While they were eating, the other customers left the inn one by one, finally only Kari and her father left.

“Thank Heaven! Please, no more customers,” Oikawa thought.

“Father, very delicious,” remarked Kari.

“Kari, you can order some more if not enough,” said Kamiya.

They did not suspect anything and were eating happily. Oikawa was waiting patiently and finally they finished eating. They paid for the meal and rented a room. But before they walked towards the room, they felt tired and collapsed.

“What…” said Kamiya weakly.

“Father…” Kari was too weak to talk.

Oikawa quickly locked the door and smiled evilly, “now you’re mine,” he stared at Kari.

“No…” Kamiya tried to protect her, but Oikawa took out a knife and stabbed his chest many times. Kamiya collapsed to the floor and cannot move anymore.

Father…” Kari tried to crawl to his father’s corpse but Oikawa grabbed her and brought her into a room. “Let…me go…” she was too weak to struggle and she was weeping for her father.

Oikawa threw Kari to the bed and began to undress. Kari was shivering and praying for mercy when she saw his penis. “I’ll sell you to the black market after I finished enjoying you.” he said.

Oikawa laughed and walked towards her. He tore off her clothes and saw her breasts immediately as she was not wearing bra. He tore her gown and then her panties. Finally he took off her slippers. He examined at her body and laughed happily. His penis erected immediately and prepared for battle.

“So pretty. If I were your father, I would have fucked you day and night,” Oikawa told Kari. He looked at her pussy, it was an unopened flower and be in bud. He would make it blossom.

Oikawa slid his prick into Kari’s pussy with one thrust, her body jerked and she screamed, but he shut her mouth with his mouth. He kissed her while pumping her twat. She was so painful because his prick was too big for her and he was ripping her pussy. He pumped faster and deeper until almost pierced her cervix. Each thrust was so powerful until she almost fainted.

Finally, Oikawa reached climax and shot his cum into Kari’s womb. When he withdrew his penis, blood and vaginal fluid flowed out from her pussy. She knew that she had lost her chastity, she tried to keep her chastity for her beloved one but now it’s gone, she had been raped brutally! She was sad and tired.

Hahaha…now you’ve been promoted to a woman, you’re no longer a girl! Haha…” Oikawa laughed happily.

“Beast!” Kari used her only strength to shout.

She did not know how many times she has been fucked, she did not know how long she has been tortured and she also did not know how many times she has reached climax. She was shivering, wearily and wanting to die. Oikawa has used many methods to humiliate her.

“I’m satisfied and I’ve to sell you as I’ve promised,” said Oikawa.

“Can I help you?” suddenly a voice was heard and Oikawa lifted up his head. He screamed when he saw the person. He was Kamiya and he was very alive.

“…” Oikawa pointed at him but speechless, he was so scared until he peed. He was sweating and shivering. He felt ghastly and cool.

“We came from the nether world and you’re under arrest.” Kamiya explained.

            “When the people from the dark market came, they’ll be arrested too,” said Kari, she was fully dressed.

“You raped and murdered a girl last week, her name was Yolei, do you still remember?” asked Kamiya.

“…” Oikawa still struck dumb as a wooden chicken. He recalled Yolei, a ten years old girl. He met her in the forest, she was lost and he pretended to help her, but he raped and killed her, he buried her corpse in the forest. The security guards and her parents could not find the corpse until now and no one suspected him.

“You wanted to sell her but she struggled and you killed her accidentally,” remarked Kari.

“She was weeping in the nether world and asking for justice. She died with regret and can’t ascend to Heaven,” Kamiya continued.

“I’m sorry! Please forgive me!” Oikawa suddenly knelt down and apologized.

“It’s too late,” said Kari.

Kari suddenly transformed to a five and a half feet tall woman, “actually I’m 30 years old and Kamiya is my partner.”

Oikawa dared not to say anything, he just looked at them.

“I transformed to a six years old girl to test you, if you didn’t rape me and kill us, we’ll punish you lightly, but now…” Kari trailed off.

“Please give me one more chance!” Oikawa knocked the floor with his forehead.

“Sorry, you’re like a beast,” answered Kamiya.

“People liked you must suffer eternal perdition!” Kari said angrily.

“Now, we’ll give you the first punishment,” said Kamiya and grabbed Oikawa’s penis, Oikawa did not feel anything, but he was surprise when Kari was holding a penis on her right hand. Oikawa quickly touched his groin but he could find his penis. Oikawa face turned pale when he realized what had happen.

Don’t worry, you still can pee,” Kamiya joked.

“Now you can’t rape women anymore,” said Kari, her hand blaze and burnt Oikawa’s penis into ashes.

Oikawa cried.  He became a freak, he regretted what he had done but it was too late.


In the nether world, Kari and Kamiya were joking.

“Kari, it’s nice to act as a father, I hope we can have another chance.”

“I liked the job but I don’t like to act as a six years old child.”

“But he wouldn’t rape you if you’re a 30-year old woman.”

“You mean now I’m not attractive?”

“No, you’re always very attractive and pretty,” suddenly a voice interrupted them.

They turned around and saw their boss – Gennai, “I’ve a new assignment for you, are you ready?” asked Gennai.

“Yes sir!” Kari and Kamiya answered at the same time.


The end.