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Title: Underground Maze


            “Night shift is boring.” Yoshino remarked. She was reading Playboy magazines.


            “Don’t worry, I’m here to accompany you.” Raramon answered cordially. She was watching porn movies on a notebook.


            Suddenly, they heard a sound outside the room. Yoshino turned around but did not see anybody. Raramon quickly switched off the notebook while Yoshino put the magazines back into the drawer. They exited from the room and investigated around. “Raramon, did you see anybody or anything?” Yoshino asked, but Raramon shook her head.


            They tried to re-enter the room, but it was locked. “Weird, the password is incorrect.” Yoshino said in her consequential way.


            “Someone has sneaked inside and changed the password,” Raramon guessed.


            “Damn, I hope he doesn’t destroy this place,” Yoshino said while trying to unlock the door.


            Finally, Yoshino managed to open the door. They entered the room and saw Touma on the Digital Dive. Before they could do anything, Touma disappeared.


            “What the hell…” Yoshino began to grumble but the door opened again.


            “Agumon, we’ll crawl to the portal.”




            “What now?” Yoshino stood in front of them and asked.


            Masaru and Agumon stood up quickly. “Hi, we…err…just want to help you…” Masaru chuckled to himself and rubbed his long, nervous hands together.


            “Luckily you’re not as smart as Touma,” Yoshino remarked.


            Masaru clapped his hands softly together and chuckled. “Touma? Where’s he now?”


            “He went into the Digital World,” Raramon answered thoughtfully.


            “We want to help him,” Masaru lied. He and Agumon went over to a computer terminal with Yoshino.


            “Quickly, send us to there now,” Agumon said.


            Yoshino shook her head. “I don’t want to lose both friends in one night,” she said demurely.


            “Please, it’s me that caused Drimogemon escaped. I must go there to destroy him,” Masaru said calmly.


            “That world is very huge, how do you find them?” Raramon asked.


            “Well, I’ll figure a way when I reached there.” Masaru looked across at his partner with despair in his weary eyes, as though the question was already answered.


            “No way. Now we’ve to bring Touma back.” Yoshino said gravely.


            Masaru ignored Yoshino and started banging and storming on the Digital Dive. Agumon joined him shortly after. “Let’s destroy this thing so they can’t come back again,” Masaru said coldly.


            “You’re mad!” Yoshino and Raramon shouted together. Afraid they would destroy the Digital Dive and Touma would not be able to come back, Yoshino agreed to send them through the gate.


            “You must go to the section B by 5 o’clock. You can see the location on your digivice,” Yoshino said solemnly.


            But Masaru did not seem to be paying attention. “Agumon, can you sense him?” he asked.


            Agumon shook his head. “I’m not a dog or cat,” he answered, glancing up at his companion.


            After sending Masaru and Agumon to the Digital World, Yoshino sighed. “What are we going to tell the others if they never come back?” she asked.


            “May be you can tell them that they started a fight and accidentally entered the portal?” Raramon guessed.


            “And then I accidentally clicked the ‘launch’ button?” Yoshino added.


            “This is not going to work,” Raramon said after a long silence.




            Somewhere in the Digital World, Gaomon slowly opened his eyes. “Ouch, what happened?” he murmured. He remembered he and his master fell into a hidden hole that was dug by Drimogemon. He tried to move his body but realized his arms were bound with handcuffs behind him, and his legs were securely fastened with leather straps. His tail was lifted up and he could touch it. He then found out he was on a table and his dick was covered by plastic. Was it condom? Who and why did this to him? He had no ideas at all.


            “Finally, you’re awake.”


            Gaomon turned his head around and saw a Digimon entering the room. “I’m Wizardwomon, Wizardmon’s sister and Drimogemon’s mate,” she introduced herself.


            “I don’t want to know you. Where’s my master?” Gaomon asked with a deep harsh voice.


            “He’s fine, unless you do something stupid here,” Wizardwomon answered and began to undress.


            “Release me if you want to make love with me,” Gaomon said dryly.


            Wizardwomon ignored Gaomon and continued to remove her clothes slowly. After she was done, she walked around the table and showed him her naked body. Her body was a single liquid curve; ripe, melon-smooth breasts, petite, flowing torso, Earth Mother hips, all gentle, delicate and inviting.


            Gaomon gulped and indulged into fantasy. “Ouch! What had you done to my dick?” he asked loftily.


            “What do you think is that?” Wizardwomon asked blandly.


            “Condom?” Gaomon guessed.


            Wizardwomon shook her head. “It’s a plastic and it prevents your dick to activate. Now it cannot erect or cum. I took it out from the pouch, and quickly wrapped with the plastic when it was at the smallest size. So, now it cannot shrink anymore. In fact, you have to break the plastic with your dick,” she explained but Gaomon did not understand.


            “How do I set my dick free from the plastic-prison?” Gaomon thought.


            Wizardwomon began to explore Gaomon’s body. “You have to enlarge your dick to break the plastic. Don’t worry, I’ll help you to enlarge it now,” she said with the utmost coolness.


            “Why don’t you just remove it with your hands now?” observed Gaomon gloomily.


            A little smile came to Wizardwomon lips and she gazed downward.  She leaned forward, and kissed Gaomon on his belly, and softly swirled her tongue on his flesh. He could feel her warm breath against his skin. He breathed deeply and wondered just what she had in store for him. Suddenly a sharp pain on his dick again.


            “Argh…please stop…” Gaomon pleaded. He realized he was enjoying and his dick was going to erect. However the plastic was wrapping his manhood and made him felt painful. Even worse, his sperm gathered at the tip of the head but could not come out.


            Wizardwomon lifted up her head. “How is the feeling when you’re going to reach orgasm but cannot erect nor cum?” She asked with a stare and a snigger.


            Gaomon gasped and sweat dropped from his forehead. Wizardwomon smiled and continued to tease him. She began to kiss him behind his ear, in the spot she knew drove him crazy. Indeed, this caused him building orgasm fast. He wanted to cum, he wanted to ejaculate, but he could not do so – the plastic still gripping his penis tightly. He was sending wave after wave of strength to his dick so it could break free. He was so concentrated until he farted.


            Wizardwomon laughed indulgently but a flush stole over Gaomon’s face. “You’re cute,” she said serenely. He felt shameful to be tortured by a female and then farted in front of her. The pain was within his penis glans, was particularly acute at the tip and seemed to affect the underside of his penis to his rectum – like a wriggling worm that occasionally bit.


            Wizardwomon ran her fingers through Gaomon’s head and ears, and he moaned softly at the gentle touch of her massage. But then he groaned painfully. The more pleasures she gave to him, the more pain he would get from his dick. “Ahh…you don’t have six-packs,” she said, winking at him.


            Wizardwomon’s body pressed tightly against Gaomon, and he could feel the gentle touch of her nipples poking him. He continued to break the plastic prison – with a loud cry, his manhood finally broke free. Immediately he ejaculated, his penis was happy to release as much semen as possible. He dozed off and let the sperm and blood dripped down from his pecker.


            When Gaomon opened his eyes again, he was facing the table and could feel the pain on his dick. He groaned painfully and tried to check the situation but he was still bound. “Welcome back again,” Wizardwomon greeted him.


            Gaomon looked startled. “Don’t mention it,” he answered.


            “What now?” Gaomon thought when he saw Wizardwomon walking towards him.


            Wizardwomon used a paw to lift up Gaomon’s tail and began to explore his buttocks with another paw. She found a hole and inserted her middle finger into his anus. He groaned softly and his body shivered. “Hmm…very tight, you must be a virgin,” she pulled out her finger and said.


            “I’m not as perverted as you,” Gaomon said presently.


            Wizardwomon showed Gaomon a dildo. “Tut! Tut! Pervert is my middle name,” she answered laughingly.


            “No, don’t do this…” Gaomon stammered.


            “I’m going to enlarge your asshole,” Wizardwomon said, chuckling. With that she rammed the dildo into Gaomon’s anus as far as it would go, all in one thrust. He felt like he was being torn apart.


            Gaomon screamed painfully. “Stop it!” he cried.


            Wizardwomon pulled the dildo all the way out. “Say cheese,” she said and rammed it back in all the way.


            Gaomon almost jump up with a start. “Argh! Please stop it!” he gasped.


            Wizardwomon continued to pull it all the way out and ram it in for some time, not giving Gaomon muscles a chance to get accustomed to the size of this invader. Finally, she remained stationary long enough for his asshole to recover from the initial shock. She tried to spin it further in and he just kept shouting painfully. She began fucking his ass fast and furious until he was pleading with her to stop. She giggled and began even harder thrusts; he could feel his inner organs were being crushed. He thought he would pass out but she stopped and pulled out the dildo again.


            Wizardwomon rolled Gaomon’s body over. He was gasping and sweating. Suddenly she plunged the dildo into his mouth. His eyes bulged and he tried to struggle.


            “Clean it or your master dies,” Wizardwomon said in a crackling voice.


            Gaomon closed his eyes and began to lick the dildo.


            “How’s the taste of your own shit?” Wizardwomon asked sternly.


            Gaomon felt disgusting and was going to vomit. Wizardwomon pushed the dildo further in until it reached the back of his throat. Suddenly she groaned painfully and collapsed to the ground with the dildo on her paw. She stood up and turned around. More fireballs hit her chest and she groaned painfully. Her defense was very low now because she was naked.


            “Don’t kill her!” Gaomon shouted. He looked deeply chagrined.


            Touma quickly released Gaomon from the bondage. “Are you alright? Your dick…” Touma trailed off and stared at him on amazement.


            Gaomon gave a rather shamefaced laugh. “I’m alright, master. Leave her to me,” he said.


            Masaru quivered with emotion. “What if she evolved?” he asked.


            “I’ll break one of her legs, then she won’t be able to evolve anymore,” Gaomon answered.


            “Well, I’ll wait for you at outside,” Touma said passionately.


            After Touma and Masaru left the room, Gaomon rubbed his paws and smiled at Wizardwomon. “Agumon, let the fun begin,” he said.




            “I received your signal, but this maze is too complex to reach here,” Masaru said.


            “Did you find Drimogemon?” Touma asked.




            Masaru chuckled grimly. “No. Wow, our Digimon really gave her a lot of pain,” he answered.




            “If Drimogemon heard her screams, he’ll surely show up,” Touma said.




            “Obviously Drimogemon is not around,” Masaru said.


            Suddenly there was a silence. “They’re done? Where did they learn to torture others?” Masaru said.


            Touma shrugged. “Beats me,” he said, and then they heard the screaming again.


            Masaru checked his digivice. “We have to leave by 5 o’clock, please hurry!” he shouted.


            Ten minutes later, Gaomon and Agumon walked out from the room. “We’re done,” Agumon said sweetly.




            They heard a sound when they were walking back to the surface.


            “Drimogemon is down there,” Agumon said.


            “Let’s ask him to drive us out, it’ll be much faster,” Masaru suggested.


            Before Touma could ask any questions, Masaru grabbed his hand and asked him to jump from the cliff. They landed on Drimogemon’s back and Gaomon groaned painfully. Gaomon had his dick back to the pouch but still felt painful. Masaru then climbed up onto Drimogemon's head and grabbed his fur and got his attention. Drimogemon started drilling and tunneling, and Masaru controlled his direction by pulling on his fur. Drimogemon drilled up and up and up, and they broke out on the surface.


            “My…ouch…painful…argh…” Gaomon stammered.


            Masaru drove Drimogemon toward an ice coliseum, where Drimogemon could not escape. Once inside, Masaru punched Drimogemon, causing his Digi-Soul to come out, and they all jumped off. Masaru evolved Agumon into GeoGreymon, and Touma evolved Gaomon into Gaogamon.


            “There is no escape…oh no…” Masaru trailed off when Drimogemon evolved into Digmon.


            Touma, consulted the device he has, noted that Digmon was more powerful and agile than Drimogemon. GeoGreymon attacked with Mega Flame when Digmon rushed towards him, but it was ineffective. Digmon was not hurt although he was burning with fire. Digmon reached in front of GeoGreymon and send a drill-arm to his groin. GeoGreymon eyes bulged while flying backwards.


            “Are you alright?” Masaru asked.


            Geo Greymon groaned. “Painful, but luckily my dick is still with me,” he gasped.


            Gaogamon's attack was also dodged. Digmon leapt to the back of Gaogamon and sent a drill-arm to the part below his tail. Gaogamon cried painfully while flying forward. “My ass, why you liked to attack our private parts!” he shouted.


            “Combine your attacks!” Touma shouted.


            The two Digimon combined Mega Flame and Spiral Blow just as Digmon leaped forward. The resulting flaming tornado killed Digmon.


            “Let’s go to Section B now,” Masaru said cheerily.


            The others agreed and they began to walk out from the building.




The end.