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Title: Fairytale ending


“Kari, are you alright?” asked Nefertimon.

“I’m alright, and thanks for saving me again,” answered Kari.

The enemies ambushed the children and their digimon were fighting with them.

“Kari, four years ago, I almost killed you. Now I vow that I’ll never make that mistake again and I’ll protect you with my life,” said Nefertimon.

“Thanks, but I think now you should concentrate and help the others.” Kari reminded Nefertimon.

Kari straddled on Nefertimon’s back and was thinking, “how could I have feelings on her? She’s a digimon, not human. May be I talked with her and slept with her everyday. Funny, I don’t have the same feelings with Davis or T.K. I wished that I were a digimon.”

            “And Kari, please don’t pee or wet my back,” said Nefertimon suddenly.

Kari liked to straddle on Nefertimon’s back and gently caressed her body.  Nefertimon also liked Kari to straddle on her back because she could feel Kari’s crotch rubbing her back.


“What?” Kari woke up from the meditation.

“Kari, are you really okay? We called you many times already,” asked Davis with concerned.

“I’m really fine,” Kari smiled and glanced around, all enemies were fled and the battle was over.

“I think we should go back now,” T.K. suggested.

“Yes, let’s go back now,” Kari agreed.

“Kari, can you put your feet on the ground now? I need to de-digivolve,” asked Nefertimon.

“Oh! I forgot, sorry,” Kari apologized and climbed down from Neferimon’s back.


That night, Kari was alone in the house. Her brother will be back after She invited Gatomon to her house again.

Gatomon ‘popped-out’ from the computer when Kari was changing costumes, she took off her clothes and prepared to change to pajamas. Gatomon glanced at her body and immediately felt horny. “Every time I looked at her naked body, I feel horny,” Gatomon thought.

Kari smiled at Gatomon, “Gatomon, am I pretty?” Gatomon nodded and gulped. Kari took off her panties and sat on the bed, “are you ready?” she asked.

“You bet!” answered Gatomon and lay beside her. They stared at each others, “we’ve known each others for so long and made love so many times, and yet we don’t feel bored,” remarked Kari.

Gatomon smiled and took off her gloves. They hugged and kissed with each others. Kari always found out that kissing with Gatomon was better than kissing with Davis or T.K. Gatomon also liked to kiss with Kari; it has a different sensation compared to kissing with another digimon. While kissing, their hands (paws) were exploring each other’s body. Kari massaged Gatomon’s groin gently, Gatomon felt so good and returned her favor by rubbing Kari’s groin with her tail.

After a while, Kari broke the kiss and looked at Gatomon. Both of their pussy already wet. Gatomon crawled down to Kari’s groin and started licking Kari’s clitoris. A firm, smooth "nub" of flesh, surrounded by a softer "hood," the clitoris was exquisitely sensitive, so sensitive that Kari was thrown into ecstasy. Gatomon massaged and pulled on the labia, giving another quite a bit of pleasure to Kari. Gatomon stroke with her fingers firmly up past one side of the clitoris; down the other side; not quite touching it directly, but pulling enough as she glide by. Kari appreciated the variety and creativity in Gatomon’s touch.

Gatomon learned such techniques when she was serving under Myotismon. At last, Kari came and vaginal fluid flowed like a small stream. Gatomon sucked and licked her pussy until she was clean. Kari rested for a while, and then she did the same thing to Gatomon until she tasted Gatomon vaginal fluid.

            After they cleaned everything, Gatomon returned to the digital world and Kari slept happily.


After a few months, the children defeated the last enemy and the digiworld became a peaceful place again.

            “Kari, we’re going to split again, just like 5 years ago,” remarked Gatomon.

            Kari sighed, “I hope we’ll meet again in future,” she answered.

            Gennai appeared and said, “I’m to seal the gate again,” he said.

            The chosen children began to say goodbye to their partners.

            A Holy Beast approached them, “don’t say goodbye. Your partner can stay with you on Earth,” she said.

            The chosen children were so happy to hear that.

            Another Holy Beast appeared, “however, you cannot come back to here again anymore. Surrender your digivice to me now, but your partner still can evolve to Mega stage without it,” he said.

            The chosen children took out their digivice and put on the ground. Gennai opened the door to the Earth and they left happily. Kari listened to Gatomon’s advice and found a boyfriend. Many years later, each kid got married and they lived happily forever.


The end.