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Renamon: before and after

Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This lemon took place before season 3.



Title: Sad victory


         Finally my heart stopped pumping.  I felt a light engulfed me, I felt my legs were slowly shattered into data.  I could not feel my legs anymore.  I could not see anything but I could feel that my legs had shattered into data; and then my thighs.  I do not feel painful anymore and I was not afraid.  I was a digital data; someone created me, now I am going back to my own world.  Someday, people would create me again.


         At last, my whole body disappeared.


         “Leomon, I’m sorry.  We can’t live together happily…”






         Suddenly I heard someone calling my name.




         Oh!  It must be the Angels!


         “Renamon!  Open your eyes!”


         Hmm…the voice, so familiar.  I opened my eyes slowly.  I could feel the light and the heat.  I blinked my eyes for a few minutes, finally I managed to open my eyes wide.  I prepared to see Angels, but instead I saw a familiar face.


         “Renamon, thank Heavens you woke up!”


         I was too surprise to see him.  My eyes bulged and I stared at him for a few minutes.  My mind was blank and I was speechless.


         “Renamon, I’m Leomon, do you remember me?”


         Suddenly I screamed, “my tail!  My legs!!   My hands!!!  Where’re they?”


         “Renamon, calm down!”  Leomon tried to comfort me, “look, this is your tail!”  He pointed at my back.  I turned around a little and saw my beloved tail, I tried to swing it and it can be swung!  I looked down and saw my legs, I can also shake my legs.  Finally I tried to lift up my hands and I lifted up my hands easily without any pain.


         “I…I’m still alive?  I thought I had been deleted by Ken…” I asked wearily and told them everything.


         “Since you don’t have the dark seed, the dark power tried to persuade you to turn to evil.”  Gennai answered.


         “So he tortured me to make me afraid and join him?”  I asked.


         “Yes.  Fortunately you rejected.”  Gennai nodded.


         “But it’s so real and I almost agreed.  The pain, the feeling, the blood…” I trailed off and looked at my paws.


         “Renamon, we saw you struggling and rolling on the ground.  We couldn’t wake you up although we heard your screaming.”  Said Leomon.


         “What will happen to me if I agreed?”  I asked.


         “You’ll wake up without any pain and delete us, we won’t have the chance to talk to you.”  Leomon explained.


         My body shivered, fortunately the nightmare ended and I became normal again.


         “Leomon, you forgot to hug me.”  I tried to joke.


         “Oh my love!  My darling!  Welcome back!”  Leomon hugged me and said happily.


         “Leomon, I missed you!  I thought that I failed and could never see you again.”  A tear rolled down my cheek.






         We stared at each other, ignoring the other people.


         “*cough* *cough* Renamon, let’s return home.  You must rest now.”  Gennai interrupted.


         “Renamon, let’s go.”  Leomon helped me to stand up.




         After dinner, Gennai asked me to evolve to Ultimate level and I succeed.  Gennai taught me how to use the Ying and Yang power.




         Finally, the moment has come.


         I brushed my teeth with extra toothpaste, I combed my fur carefully, I put on a serious face and I did some push-up to warm up.


         “Renamon, are you okay?”  Asked Gennai when he saw my facial expression.


         “I’m fine, why?”


         “Err…nothing, just be careful.”


         The children and their digimon hid in Gennai’s house.


         At last, Ken arrived.


         “Ken, we’ll not surrender and I’ll stop you!”  I told him.


         Ken looked at me from my head to my toe, “what makes you think that you can stop me?”  He smiled.


         “This!”  I said and digivolved to Taomon.


         “Impressive!  But not as pretty as previous level.”  He joked and lifted up his right hand.  Immediately I saw some fireballs flying towards me, I quickly dodged aside.


         I saw him rushing towards me, “Thunder Gemini!”  I summoned thunder to strike him.  Many lightning appeared from the sky and struck him, but he was faster than the lightning and none of the lightning could strike him!


         He released a few punches to me but I managed to block all.  We retreated backwards at the same time to launch new attacks.


         “Wow!  You’re better than the Holy Beasts!”  He exclaimed.


         I ignored him and shouted, “Electro Bolt!”  I shot a few medium-size electric-ball to him.


         “Ah-Sue-Lua Evade!”  He shouted and flew high to avoid my attack, he released some medium-size fireball to me at the same time.  I lifted up both hands and formed a small shield just enough to block the fireballs.


         The remaining fireballs hit the ground and created a lot of smoke.  He disappeared from the sky for a moment; and then suddenly he appeared from within the smoke and plunged his left hand into my chest!  He was too fast and I could not block the attack!


         “What…!?  He was surprised because I turned into a wood!  His left hand has plunged into a wood, not me.


         I appeared from behind and took out a big brush from my left sleeve, I wrote my name in the air and he was surprised.


         “Argh!  Your handwriting is so ugly!”  Ken teased me.


         After I finished, my name flew towards Ken and hit Ken hard.  This was a special attack that could not be blocked but consumed a lot of energies.  I combined the Ying and Yang power to create such final attack.


         Ken formed a fire shield to block it but the shield was broken and Ken fell to the ground with a loud ‘thud’ sound.  I prepared to launch another attack when I noticed Ken still could stand up.


         But Ken immediately spat blood and collapsed to the ground again.  I walked towards him carefully.  He was gasping for air and his body was shivering, I saw bruises on his entire body and blood still dripped out of his mouth.


         Suddenly I saw dark smoke released from his body and he shouted, “nnnoooo!  Please don’t leave me!”  After the dark smoke disappeared, he sent a flying kick to me but I blocked it easily.  The dark power has been released from him and he became a normal person.


         Ken lie on the ground and wept, “I lose again.  Why?”


         “The power of darkness shall not prevail in the presence of the Holy light.”  I answered.


         “Virtue will prevail against evil.”  Gennai appeared and continued.  The other people stood beside Gennai.  We won, but we do not feel happy.


         The dark seed had left him and he turned back to normal.  But he was dying.


         “I’m dying, just like Okaiwa.  I wanted to create a whole new world, a world where everyone is equal and no bad guys.  But why you stopped me?”  Said Ken wearily.


         We all were speechless.


         “Yolei, can you forgive me?  I’ve cheated you for so many years.  But I truly loved you.”  Ken turned to Yolei and asked.


         “Sorry Ken, you’ve deleted the Holy Beasts and Wormmon.  But I’m glad that you loved me.”


         Ken smiled, “I won’t blame you.  I’ve done so many killings, including my own digimon partner,” he turned to Davis and said, “Davis, please take care of Yolei.  I knew she loved you before she met me.”


         Davis nodded and Ken turned to Gennai, “Gennai, I’ve something to tell you...”


         Gennai moved his left ear to his mouth and Ken whispered, “…”


         Gennai nodded and thought, “you still remember me…”


         “Oh no!  I killed him!  This was the first time I killed people!”  I sighed as Ken slowly shattered into data.


         “Renamon, it’s time for you to release the dark power.”  Gennai reminded me.


         “With this power, I can rule this world and no one can stop me.”  I laughed evilly.


         Everyone was speechless and looked at me.


         I walked towards Gennai and Leomon immediately stood between us, “Renamon, what’re you going to do?”


         “Release the dark power, of course.  What?  You thought that I turned to evil?”  I laughed happily.


         “Renamon, are you alright?”  Asked Gennai again.


         “I’m fine.  Let’s do it.”  I answered and walked towards the Dark Ocean.


         “Leomon, is she really alright?”  Gennai whispered to Leomon.


         “Sometimes she likes to joke.”  Leomon whispered back.


         After I released my dark power, I could not evolve to Champion and Ultimate levels anymore.  But I was very happy because I protected my world.  Leomon and I returned to the school happily.


         Gennai set off to Ken’s house to explain everything to his parents.


         But he never told us what Ken had whispered to him.


         We did not celebrate our victory because we do not fell happy.  We lost a best friend; we lost Wormmon and the Holy Beasts.  Gennai had done something to the Dark Ocean so that no one could absorb its power again.




         The next morning, “Leomon!”  I shouted.


         Leomon yawned, “what?”  When he walked out from the school, he was surprised.


         There were many digimon standing outside the school, some of them were female digimon.


         “Captain Leomon, I want to join you to protect this world.”  Said a male digimon.


         “Me too!  I want to become stronger than Renamon!”  Floramon shouted.


         “Accept us, please.”  Another male digimon pleaded.


         “Alright!  Let’s protect this world together!”  Leomon shouted happily.


         From that day onwards, I was promoted to assistant captain and helped Leomon to train the female digimon.  After a few months, all of them decided to expand the school.






         One day, my mate, Leomon asked, “Renamon, a girl on Earth named Rika needed a strong digimon.  Do you want to help her?”


         “Sure.”  I answered.  Although I could not digivolve to Champion level, I am still the strongest Rookie digimon.


         Leomon opened the portal to her house, as I walked towards her house, the other digimon bowed to me.  I felt very proud because I am their assistant captain and I am the strongest Rookie digimon.


         I entered her room and the portal was closed behind me.


         “I’m Renamon.  Your new partner.”


         “I’m Rika, nice to meet you,” she said merrily, “I’ve a digimon!  I can show off to my friends!  Hip, hip hooray!”


         Then she studied me carefully.  She picked up my hands and looked at my paws, “so thick, it’ll be very painful to perform finger-fuck.”  She pressed my belly and said, “so soft, no six-pack.”  She massaged the fur on my chest, “so furry, I assumed it covers your breasts.”  She caressed my thighs, “wow, so fat. Why got two symbols there?”  She walked behind me and grabbed my tail, “so beautiful.”


         I was standing there sweating and shivering, “what’s she doing?”  I thought.


         “Renamon, I’ve never seen a digimon before.  So I thought I may get a digimon with muscular body, six-pack, looks very strong, and must be a guy so that we can have sex.”


         “Then you’re looking for Leomon, not me.”  I thought.


         “Don’t worry, I’m a trainer and I can fight well.”  I comforted her.


         “So are you bi or straight?”  She asked.


         “I’m bi.”  I answered.


         “Good, lie on the bed now,” she instructed and took off her skirt, “I’ve never made love with a girl, especially a digimon.”  I lay myself on her bed and answered, “me too.  I’ve never made love with a girl before, especially a human.”


         Before we could have fun, her D-Arc beeps.


         “What’s this?”  She picked up the D-ARC and asked.


         “This is used to detect and check the data of the enemy.”  I explained.


         “Why it beeped?”


         “This means it detected enemy.”


         “And so…?”


         “So we must set off to that place to delete the enemy.”




         “Yes, we.”


         “And why must I go with you?  I can’t do anything, only you can delete the enemy.”


         “This D-ARC can be used to slash card and give me extra power.  So you have to be there to slash the cards and help me.”


         “Oh I see.  But where’re the cards?”


         “The cards that you used to play during the competition.”


         “Okay, let’s go.”


         After she put back her cloths, she said, “this is your first assignment.  Don’t fail me.”


         “I won’t fail you.”  I promised.


         We followed the direction in the D-ARC and reached the destination.


         When we arrived, we saw another guy with a digimon.


         “Lee, Terriermon!”  Rika greeted them.


         Lee turned around and before he could say anything, “Rika!  Behind you!  Look out!”  He shouted.


         “Rika, don’t worry, I’ll protect you!”  I exclaimed and looked around to check for any dangers.


         “Lee, she’s my new digimon partner.”  Rika introduced me to them.


         “Oh!  I’m Lee and he’s Terriermon.”  He introduced himself to me.


         “Terriermon, I’m Renamon.  Nice to meet you.”


         “Do you have a mate?”  Asked Terriermon carefully.


         I was stunned and I answered calmly, “my mate is Leomon.  You’ve to find another mate, sorry.”


         “Oh.”  He was disappointed.


         “Stop talking and start fighting!”  Lee reminded us.


         “Okay.  Diamond Storm!”  I shouted.


         “Terrier Blaster!”  Terriermon shouted.


         Together we fought and defeated the foe, “one for all, all for one!”  We shouted.


         From that day onwards, Rika and I protected the Earth together with the other Tamers.




The end.


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