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Renamon: before and after

Chapter 4


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This lemon took place before season 3.



This part contains rape, torture, blood and death.


Believe me, I love Renamon.  I wept after I finished this part.  Renamon is my favorite digimon but I killed her brutally, sorry.  Trust me, I had a very solid reason to do this.  Anyway please mourn for Renamon after you finished reading, and please do not flame or murder me.



Title: The death of Renamon


         The next morning, Gennai called Leomon and I to his house.


         When we arrived, Gennai told us about the bad news.


         “Renamon, we need you to absorb the power of Dark Ocean.  After you absorbed the dark power, you can destroy Ken.”  Gennai told me.


         “But why me?”  I asked.


         “Because you’re neutral.  The digidestined digimon couldn’t absorb the dark power because the light inside them will reject the dark power.  You also have the light, called Yang; but not so strong.  Now you’ll absorb the dark power, called Ying; and combined with Yang.  When both are combined, you can defeat Ken.”  Gennai explained.


         “Okay, no problem.”  I agreed.


         “But after you absorbed the dark power, you may turned to evil.  Because Ying is always stronger than Yang.  If you turned to evil, no one can stop you and this world is doomed.”  Gennai explained.


         “I’ll protect my world and will not turn to evil.”  I vowed.


         “And you’ll feel very painful during the process, you’ll fall into another dimension .  Ken has dark seed inside him, so he don’t feel painful at all.”  Gennai reminded me.


         “I can endure any pain.”  I smiled.


         “Then let’s go to the Dark Ocean.”  Said Gennai.


         When we arrived, Gennai typed something on the notebook, “are you ready, Renamon?”


         “Wait, Renamon!”  Leomon shouted.


         “Yes, Leomon?”  I turned to him and asked.


         Leomon kissed my cheek and said, “I’ll never forget you.  Good luck.”


         I looked into his eyes, “this is my chance to protect my world and I’ll never regret even if I died.”


         “Renamon, if you can come back again, will you be my mate forever?”


         “Leomon, I do.  And I’ll returned to kick Ken out of our world.”


         “Then we can live together happily.”


         “Correct, Leomon.”


         We stared at each other for a few minutes.  He moved his lips closer to me…


         “*cough* *cough* Renamon, we’re running out of time.  Ken will return tomorrow.”  Gennai interrupted.


         “Leomon, we can kiss again after I returned.”  I bade farewell to Leomon.


         “Renamon, last chance.  Do you really want to do it?”  Asked Gennai and I nodded.


         Gennai pressed the ‘Enter’ key on his notebook and I was engulfed by light.  I fainted after a few minutes.




         When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see Ken.  A digimon or human was standing beside Ken, I had no ideas about that thing.  It was about six feet tall with a human outlook.  He did not wear anything and I could see his pecker under the groin.  He had a muscular body, just like Leomon.  I knew that he would rape and kill me.


         “My sleeping beauty, you’ve fainted for three days.”  Ken smiled.


         I evolved to Kyubimon and prepared to attack him.


         “Renamon, you don’t need to fight anymore.  You failed because Gennai and his friends had surrendered to me.”


         “Thanks for the joke, and by the way my name is Kyubimon.”


         “If you don’t believe, you can ask them.”


         “No need, they won’t surrender to evil.”


         “Renamon, you’ve fainted and couldn’t help them in time.  I came yesterday and defeated them, while you’re still sleeping here.”


         “No!  It can’t be!”  I thought, I could not believe that I had fainted for three days.


         “They couldn’t wake you up, so they surrendered.”


         “I don’t believe you!  A load of bullshit!”  I attacked him but he beaten me easily.  I de-digivolved to Rookie level and lie on the ground.  I was exhausted and was gasping for air.


         “Renamon, if you can’t beat them, join them.”


         “I’ll never join evil.”


         “You’re outnumbered and no one will help you, including Gennai and his friends.”


         “Even so, I’ll not surrender.  And may be you locked them in other place to prevent them from helping me.”


         He squatted down beside me, “I didn’t imprison them.  There’re still in the house and you can visit them if you like.  And why you called me evil?”


         “Because you killed…”


         “Good people also killed others, but we called that justice or hero.  Bad people killed others and we called that evil or murderer.  Why?”  Ken sneered.


         I could not answer that question.


         He continued, “we can’t kill people; we can only bring them to the court for judgement.  If we killed others, we’re murderer; not hero.  There’re no such thing as hero, when you died; people will forget you.  Renamon?  Who is Renamon?  Who asked Renamon to protect this world?  Who gave Renamon the authority to kill?”


         I could not retort; I was speechless and stared at him.


         “Renamon, you’re a young girl.  I’m sure that you wanted to enjoy your life.  So why don’t you join me?  Together we can rule this world in peace and harmony.”


         I laughed, “peace and harmony?”


         “Why don’t you give me a chance?  I also hated wars.  I wanted to create a new world – a world full of peace, filled with love and surrounded by faith.”


         “What a wonderful plan, but you deleted the Holy Beasts and Wormmon.”


         “Because they tried to stop me.  I didn’t kill Gennai and his friends because they surrendered.”


         “Oh you’re soooooo kind.”


         “Do you want to surrender?”


         “Surrender is not an option.”


         “Renamon, why?  What benefits do you get?”


         “I got happiness by protecting my world.”


         “You’ll die due to your stubbornness.”


         “Stubborn is my middle name.  Even if you killed me, someone will somehow stop you.  Anything else?”


         “Yes, I forgot to introduce my latest creation to you,” he pointed at the thing that was standing beside him and said, “he’s Plasticmon.  He’ll rape you unless you surrender.”


         Plasticmon grabbed my left arm with his right hand.  He positioned himself and prepared to pull my left arm.  I closed my eyes and prepared to accept the pain.  I was too tired to struggle.


         “It’ll be very painful, I promise.”  Said Ken.


         “Thanks for reminding me.”


         Plasticmon smiled and pulled my left arm with force.  A ‘crack’ sound was heard, followed by my screams.  My shoulder-blade was out of joint.  I sweated and my whole body shivered.  I felt something kicking from inside my head, the pain made me almost fainted.


         “Renamon, do you want to join me?”




         Plasticmon moved to my right arm and pulled my right arm, another ‘crack’ sound was heard.  My slim elastic thighs shudder; my eyes were damp with tears; my face was contorted with pain and my full crimson lips quivered.  I sobbed silently; the salty tears gushed more heavily now from my eyes, down my slanting nose, across my full quivering crimson lips, into my wet pink mouth.


         "So, my pretty little defender of the digiworld," Ken purrs malevolently, "how have you enjoyed your punishment do far?"


         “Kill me now!  Or I’ll kill you!”  I gasped.


         “What?  Kill you?  The punishment has just begun.”  Ken smiled at me.


         Plasticmon walked towards me, he stretched out his five fingers from his left hand and wrapped my body.  He moved my body towards him until we were staring face to face.


         “Ah, one more thing.  He’s like a jellyfish, his fingers, toes and even his male reproductive system are stretchy.”  Ken explained.


         Plasticmon put me down on the ground and released his fingers.  But he used two fingers and wrapped my two ankles.  He then slowly pulled my ankles to different directions, I could not resist and I felt nervous.  I cried painfully as he pulled my ankles to a straight line, now my legs are 180 degree straight and my cunt is exposed to the air.


         Plasticmon bent down and looked at my pussy.  My secret place was already unveiled, so he could insert a finger into my vaginal easily.  I moaned as he penetrated deeper and deeper.  Finally he reached my cervix, he stopped and pulled out a little, then he thrust in again and I groaned painfully.  He thrust again and again, faster, deeper and harder.  I wept and pleaded him to stop.


         Ken was standing beside me and was smiling at me, “so do you want to surrender?”


         I shook my head and stared at him.


         “Don’t look at me like that, I gave you last chance but you rejected.”  Ken answered.


         Finally Plasticmon pierced through my cervix and entered my cervix canal.  I shivered, screamed and pleaded him to stop again.  He ignored me and continued until he reached my womb.  He used his finger to hit around my womb and I shouted painfully.  He continued again and I fainted due to the pain, but Ken woke me up after a moment.  He wanted to break my spirit.  But I would never surrender.


         Ken laughed happily, “wow!  I wish that finger belongs to me.”


         Finally Plasticmon withdrew his finger and I felt relief.


         “I’ll ease your pain on your shoulders so that you can endure more pain next.”  Said Ken and touched my shoulders, immediately I do not feel so painful anymore.  He took off his pants and I could see his erected prick.


         “So small!  Hahahaha…” I teased him.


         He was angry and inserted his dick into my mouth with one push, “if you bite it, you’ll get more punishment.”  He warned me.


         Plasticmon knelt in front of my pussy and positioned his pecker into my front entrance.  With a powerful thrust he penetrated me until he reached my cervix again, and then he slid two fingers into my ass hole.


         Ken humped my mouth like a wild horse while Plasticmon pumped my vaginal like he never make love before, Plasticmon just want to release desires and does not enjoy the on-going process.


         By now, I was almost crazy from the pain. My small, tight asshole felt like it was being ripped apart.  I twisted and squirmed, chest heaving, screaming from the agony, desperate to free myself from his finger and the enormous cocks.


         Finally they groaned and ejaculated.  Ken shot his semen directly into my throat while Plasticmon released his loads deep into my womb.  Plasticmon released his finger from my ass hole and I collapsed to the ground, gasping for air.


         After a few minutes, Plasticmon extended his fingers and grabbed my thighs.


         “Arrrghhh!!!”  I screamed as he squeezed my thighs.


         I panted as he released his fingers.


         “Nnooooo!!!”  I screamed again as he squeezed.


         “Urrrgh!!!  Stoooppp!!!”  This time he squeezed tighter and tighter, finally he squashed my bones and I shouted hysterically.  My body shivered; I peed out of control and I fainted again.


         After a while, I woke up again.  I wished that I would never wake up again.  Plasticmon has released me and I was lying on the ground.  But I could not feel my hands and my legs anymore.


         After a few minutes, they turned me around, “Renamon, I like you tail.”  Said Ken and Plasticmon started pulling my tail.


         “No!  Please stop!”  I groaned.


         “If you surrendered, I’ll stop.”  Said Ken.


         I kept quiet.  Plasticmon understood and continued pulling my tail.  He pulled harder and faster, I groaned louder and louder.  Finally a ‘pop’ sound was heard and my screams filled the sky.  I do not feel my tail on my back anymore.


         “Renamon, this is your tail.”  He swung my tail in front of me.


         I felt my blood was oozing out from my tail-hole.  I felt dizzy and weary.  I felt weak and strength loosing from my body fast.  I felt my heart pumped slower and slower.  The image of Ken was getting blur although he was bending in front of me.  The last thing I saw was my tail.


         “Give me back my tail…” I whispered.


         According to the doctors, when a person is dying, he/she will recall back his/her past memories.


         I recalled what my boss told me, “Renamon, this is your second home and you can return anytime.”  But I could not return anymore.  Someone please build a small cemetery behind the shop.


         I recalled the first day I met Leomon.  He was about six feet tall, wearing pants only.  He has a muscular body and there were six-pack on his belly.  His voice was majestic and his eyes were like blazing fire.  I would never forget his figure.


         I recalled our first date in the forest; we were splashing water over each other; we were singing happily.  Now we had no chance to play or sing anymore, thanks for the memories and I would cherish the memories.


         I also recalled my first kiss; his lips were so incredibly warm and his breathe so mild.  The taste was like red wine; lingered on my lips forever and I still can remember it.  I hope the taste would follow me wherever I go.


         I also recalled that I gave him my first time; he aimed his rock hard dick at my soaking wet pussy and inserted into my twat slowly.  Oh, the feeling was so good.  He really gave me a good first time and I would never regret.


         Before I lost conscious, I recalled the promise that I made, I promised that I would become Leomon’s mate and I would return to kick Ken out of our world.  But I could not keep the promise anymore, sorry.  I hoped that you could find another girl and forget me.  Leomon I wished you had a happy marriage.


         Finally my heart stopped pumping.  I felt a light engulfed me and my legs were slowly shattered into data.  I could not see anything and I could not hear anything.  I do not feel painful anymore and I was not afraid.  I was a digital data; someone created me, now I am going back to the other world.  Someday, people would create me again.


         At last, my whole body disappeared.


         Goodbye Leomon, goodbye my friends.  I failed.  I hope someone would continue to protect this world.  Let me tell you one last thing: if time can reverse, I will choose this path again.  I will never regret, no matter how many times must I die.




To be continued.


With the death of Renamon, who can defeat Ken?

Who will celebrate the victory in the end?


Next, the final chapter: Sad Victory.