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Renamon: before and after

Chapter 3


Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This lemon took place before season 3.



Act 1: The wrath of Ken


         That same night, inside Ken’s room.


         “Finally the time has come!  After one hour, I’ll change the history!”  Ken declared.


         “^o^”  Wormmon looked at Ken.


         Ken asked Wormmon to look at his notebook screen, “I’ve completed charging my D3.  Now I can use it to transform myself to digital data.”


         “^0^” Wormmon still do not understand.


         “Wormmon, who sealed your mouth?  Why don’t you say anything?”


         “I’ve nothing to say, I’m waiting for explanations.”


         “Okay, listen carefully.  After I transformed to digital data, I’m going to absorb the power from the Dark Ocean.  And then I’ll rule the digiworld!”


         “You’ll never succeed.  The Holy Beasts will stop you.  The children will ban you.  Gennai will kill you.  The digimon will hate you.”


         “Wormmon, can’t you say something that encourages me?”


         “Okay, correction.  All people will hail and proclaim you as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!”


         J I like to hear that.”




         Flash back of Ken.


         Seven years ago…


         “Mummymon, help!  The children and their partners are invading my castle!”  Ken switched on the screen and asked for help from Mummymon.


         “Sorry kid, that’s your problem.  Our contract is finished and you’re fired.”  Mummymon answered.


         “But you promised that you’ll help me!”


         “We promised to build a castle for you but not to protect it.”


         “But I built the Control Spire for you…”


         “Thanks.  Your job is finished, so I terminated our contract.  You helped us with the Control Spire and we helped you on your castle.  Now we don’t know each others.”


         “Mummymon, you betrayed me!”


         “Tutt, tutt, tutt.  Watch your words.  You found us and made a contract.  You didn’t mention about protecting your castle and we didn’t mention about helping you when you’re in trouble.  Besides we gave you an extra gift, the dark seed.  So you must at least say ‘thank you’ to us.  Now I’m making love with Arukenimon, so don’t disturb us again.”


         “Hey Mummymon, you better wash your head.”




         “Because I’m going to pluck your head from your body and kick it like a football.  Mark my words!”


         “My head is here, come and get it if you dare!  Aahhhh!!!  I’mmm coming!!!!!”


         Ken switched off the screen with anger.


         After a few hours…


         Ken was defeated, Wormmon was dying.


         “They’re so strong, may be they can help me to destroy the traitors.”  Ken sat on the ground and thought.  Suddenly he got an idea.


         He walked towards Wormmon and hugged him; he tried to weep, “c’mon let me cry, I need tears.”  He thought, finally tears rolled down from his cheek, “good, now I’m going to say some sad words so they may think that I’m really sorry for what I’ve done.”


         “Wormmon, *sniff* *sniff* I’m sorry.  Please don’t leave me.”  Said Ken with a tearful face.


         “Stupid Wormmon, I didn’t ask you to die for me.”  Ken thought.


         “Wormmon, *sniff* will you forgive me?”  His eyes filled with tears.


         “Ken, you became normal again.”  Said Wormmon wearily.


         “He’s dying…” Cody interrupted.


         “Shut up fucker!  He’s my digimon and we knew that he’s dying!  You don’t need to remind me.”  Ken thought.


         Finally Wormmon shattered into data, “now I’ll shout his name, just like the actors/actresses in the T.V. series.”  Ken thought, so he shouted, “Wormmon!!!!”  Everyone was touched to tears.


         “Ken, don’t be so sad.”  Davis comforted him.


         “Wow!  They really believed me!”  Ken laughed in his sleeve.


         After Wormmon disappeared, Ken walked away slowly, “I hope the children will forgive me.”  He thought.  He walked like a drunken people.


         “Ken!  Where do you want to go today?”  Asked Davis.


         “I’m going to kill the traitors, and I hope that you can help me.”  Ken thought, but he said nothing.


         “Ken!  Go home!  Your parents are waiting for you!”  Davis shouted.


         “He really believed in me, good.”  Ken giggled, but suddenly he tripped.


         “Poor Ken, he’s so sad until he couldn’t walk properly.”  Said Yolei.


         “Damn stone!  I’ll destroy you later!”  Ken stood up and walked again.


         After a few miles, Ken stopped under a tree and laughed, “a bunch of foolish people!  I can’t believe that I acted like Jim Carry, no…may be Keanu Reeves because I’m so handsome.”


         After a few days…


         Ken went to the digiegg garden to pick up Wormmon’s digiegg, “if they saw Wormmon, they’ll help me because Wormmon will only re-born if I turned to good guy.”  And so he pretended to weep sadly, finally he found Wormmon’s digiegg.


         “Wormmon, thank you for re-born again!”  Said Ken, but he thought, “son of a bitch, you made me lose so much tears!”


         After a few weeks…


         “Ken is not the best student anymore!  He’s not as cleaver as last time.”  One of Ken’s friends said.


         “The dark seed has left Ken.  He’s a good guy now.”  Said Davis.


         But actually the dark seed still inside Ken’s body.


         “They starts believing me, except Cody.”  Ken thought.


         So Ken pretended to rescue Cody and assured him that he has turned over a new leaf.


         “Yes!  He believed in me finally!”  Ken giggled.


         After a few months, Ken was surprised to see MaloMyotismon who deleted the traitors.


         “Shit!  How are we going to beat him?”  Ken thought.


         “Ken, open the Dark Ocean now!”  Davis reminded Ken.


         “That’s right!  My D3 can open the Dark Ocean!”  Ken thought.


         And so Ken opened the Dark Ocean, “I must scream so that they thought I’m very painful.”  So Ken screamed like someone is chopping his body, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! *Gulp* Oooooohhhhhh!!! *Pant* Eeeeehhhhhh!!! (rested for a while, and then continued screaming).”  He even twisted his face and shook his body.


         “We must help Ken!  He’s so painful!”  Yolei suggested.


         “Good!  I’m waiting to hear that!”  Ken thought.


         The children helped holding Ken’s hands and gave Ken extra courage.


         “Hey!  Girls’ hands only!”  Ken thought.


         After a few minutes…


         “Damn!  How much longer must I scream like this?  I’m thirsty.”  Ken thought.


         Finally the Dark Ocean opened and MaloMyotismon was sent to the Dark Ocean.


         “(Really panted) Sap! Finally he’s gone.  But my D3 doesn’t have enough energy to transform me to digital data.  Oh well, I can wait for one more week.”  Ken looked at his D3 and thought.




         “Children, we must seal the Dark Ocean with your D3!”  Young Gennai declared.


         “Nnnnnoooooo!”  Ken thought.


         And so they sealed the Dark Ocean with their D3.  Ken went home quickly to check his D3.  He looked at the screen of his computer, “L


         “5 years!!!  Wtf (dirty words)!!!!!!”  Ken shouted because his parents and Wormmon were not at home, “I’ve to wait for another 5 years! @#$%! (dirty words).  Fuck you Gennai!  Why you used our D3 to seal the Dark Ocean?!”


         End of flash back.




Act 2: The death of Holy Beasts


         So Ken has been waited for five years.  Now it’s time to act.


         Ken mimicked Yolei, he swung his body through 180 degree.  And then he shouted, “digiport open!  The digidestined child, let’s go!”  He pointed his D3 to the screen of his computer.  The portal opened and both of them were sucked into it.


         When they arrived at the digiworld, they walked to the Dark Ocean.


         Ken typed something on the notebook, “if I can opened the portal to the Dark Ocean, I can also absorb the power.”  He said.


         He took out his D3, after a few minutes, he was surrounded by light.  He groaned as he was transforming to digital data.  “I’m not a human anymore and I’m immortal!”  He laughed evilly after he succeeds.


         After the light disappeared, he turned to Wormmon and said, “Wormmon, you’re always my best partner.  I once deleted you but you re-born again. Thanks.”


         “No Ken, you didn’t delete me.  I’m glad to be your partner even you were the Digimon Emperor.”  Wormmon answered although he could not understand.


         “Wormmon, believe me, I liked you very much.”  Said Ken and lifted up his right hand.


         “?”  Before Wormmon could say anything, a fireball flew towards him.  He was engulfed by the fire and he groaned painfully.  He could not believe that Ken would delete him.


         “Wormmon, please forgive me.  I would not let you to DNA-fuse with Ex-Veemon.”  Ken explained.


         Wormmon stopped struggling and groaning, he was slowly disappearing.


         “Ken!  Don’t make the same mistakes again!”  Wormmon shouted before he totally vanished.


         “Mistakes?  What mistakes?  One of the mistakes were I underestimated those children.  I couldn’t believe that they could destroy my castle.  Then Arukenimon and Mummymon, they betrayed me.  They didn’t help me to protect my castle, and later they wanted to destroy my world!  Now no one can stop me now!”  Ken laughed happily.


         “I will!”


         Ken turned around and saw Quinglongmon.  “You came at the right time, I need to test my new power.”  Said Ken.


         “Then take this, Blue Lightning!”  Quinglongmon shouted.


         Ken formed a shield and blocked the attack, “anymore?”  He asked.


         Quinglongmon was surprised and attacked with Wind Electricity, but still could not break through the shield.  Ken smiled and lifted up his right hand, he shot a few medium-size fireballs to Quinglongmon.  Quinglongmon avoided and countered with Blue Lightning.


         “You can’t penetrate my shield.”  Ken smiled.  He rushed to Quinglongmon and punched his face with force.  Ken was too fast for him to avoid or counter, before Quinglongmon could do anything, he felt that his nose is broken and blood flowed out from his nose like a stream.


         Quinglongmon groaned as he flew backwards.  He knocked down and broken a few trees before he landed on to the ground.  Quinglongmon could not believe that such tiny human could break his nose.  The dark power was so powerful, more powerful than a Mega digimon.


         Quinglongmon tried to stand up, but when he lifted up his head, he saw something.  And that thing kicked his chin, “arrgghh!!!”  He groaned painfully and three teeth were loosened.  Blood dripped from his mouth as he spat out the teeth.


         “Quinglongmon, show me your prick or I’ll make you suffer.”  Ken commanded.


         “Find it yourself!  Stupid!  Arghhhh!!!”


         Suddenly Ken used one of his fingers and blinded one of Quinglongmon’s eyes.


         “Wrong answer.  Now show me your prick!”


         Blood oozed out from the blinded eye, Quinglongmon felt painful and obeyed.  His prick slowly crawled out from the pouch.


         “Oh I forgot that I couldn’t see clearly.  It’s dark here, so tell me the location.”


         “It’s between my rear legs.”  Quinglongmon answered wearily.


         Ken walked towards the destination and found his dick.  Quinglongmon moaned softly as Ken massaged his dick.


         “So huge!  How many girls had you fucked with it?”  Asked Ken.


         Quinglongmon refused to answer, suddenly he screamed as Ken squeezed his scrotum.  “I’m still a virgin!”  He shouted out the answer and Ken released his scrotum.  Quinglongmon panted heavily and shivered.


         Ken walked back to his head and said, “goodbye, virgin Holy Beast…”


         Suddenly Quinglongmon ambushed Ken, but still could not break his shield.


         “So I assume that was your last struggle.”  Said Ken and plunged his right hand into his back.  Quinglongmon cried painfully for the last time.


         “I can penetrate his body with my hand!”  Ken exclaimed.


         Ken withdrew his hand and Quinglongmon exploded into data.


         “Wow!  Was he too weak or am I too strong?”  He looked at his hand and said.


         “Xuanwumon, I’m coming!  I hope he didn’t hear Quinglongmon’s screams.”  He said, then he starts singing, “four little tiger, four little tiger, one has hidden in the cave, now only three tigers left!”




         “Xuanwumon! Where are you?”  Ken shouted.


         “Ken!  What a surprised.  What’re you doing here in this hour?”  Xuanwumon appeared and asked.


         “I must act like a child.”  Ken thought.


         And so…


         “Xuanwumon, I had the same nightmare again.  I came here but I got lost with Wormmon.  Can you help me?”  Ken shivered as he told Xuanwumon.


         “Sure.  What’s the nightmare?”  Xuanwumon nodded.


         “Oh, thank you.  And the nightmare is, I deleted you.”  Ken hugged Xuanwumon and said calmly.


         Suddenly Ken’s right hand plunged into Xuanwumon’s chest and took out something.


         Xuanwumon looked at it, and then looked at his chest.  There was a hole on his chest and his heart was gone.


         “Please give it back to me…” Xuanwumon pleaded as he collapsed to ground.


         Ken burnt the thing on his hand to ashes.


         “Why? Ken, why?”  Asked Xuanwumon.  He could not believe that a human could have such power.


         “Now I’m a digimon with a human outlook.”  Ken explained but Xuanwumon could not hear anymore, before he shattered into data, he shouted, “trust no one!”


         Ken entered Xuanwumon’s hut and washed his hand, “Last time I just whipped the digimon, but they called me bad guy.  I didn’t kill any digimon but they called me bad guy, why?”  He asked, then he continued, “oh I forgot, no one is here.  Now I’m going to take back my world and I’m not going to whip digimon anymore, I’m going to delete digimon!”  His laughter filled the hut.




         “Ken!  What’re you doing here now?”  Asked Zhuqiaomon when he saw Ken.


         “Good, he found me.”  Ken thought.


         “I felt uneasy, so I came with Wormmon.  But I got lost.”  Ken lied.


         “Don’t worry.  I’m protecting this area.”  Zhuqiaomon comforted Ken.


         “Thanks.”  Ken hugged his right head.


         Suddenly, Ken plunged his right hand into Zhuqiaomon’s right head.  Zhuqiaomon groaned painfully and attacked Ken, but Ken managed to delete Zhuqiaomon with some fireball.


         Zhuqiaomon could not understand when he saw Ken shooting out the fireball.  He also could not understand that Ken could block his attacks.  “Who’re you?”  Zhuqiaomon wanted to ask but he had no chance to ask anymore.


         “Now I’ll protect this area.”  Ken joked and entered Zhuqiaomon’s hut.


         He found a radio and switched on the radio, “one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, rock!…”


         “I love this music!”  Ken exclaimed and danced around the house.


         After a few minutes, he reminded himself, “wait a minute, I came here to wash my hands, not to dance!”


         Finally, he found the washroom.


         “Hmmm…his blood is more tasty than Xuanwumon,” Ken licked his hand and said, “if he didn’t shattered into data, I’m going to eat him.  I think his meat is delicious.”  He cleaned his hands and murmured.


         Later, “next, ambush Baithumon!”  Ken declared.




         “Hello Baithumon, I came here because I can’t sleep.”  Ken greeted Baithumon.  He smiled like this ‘^__^’.


         “I can’t sleep too.  Come, let’s talk.”  Said Baithumon.


         Ken hugged Baithumon’s neck.  But suddenly he twisted Baithumon’s neck until a ‘crack’ sound was heard.  He released his hands and Baithumon collapsed to the ground slowly.  He could not speak anymore although he had a lot of questions to ask.


         Ken smiled evilly, “I absorbed the power of Dark Ocean.  And I deleted the other three Holy Beasts.  You’ve guarded this area for a long time, now you can RIP.”


         “Rest in peace?  How can I rest when an evil is here?”  Baithumon thought.  Slowly his body shattered into data.  Before he disappeared totally, he thought, “don’t trust anyone!”


         Ken looked at his hands, “I deleted him without seeing blood, good.”


         Ken entered Baithumon’s hut, “nice hut, who built this hut?  The Holy Beasts had no hands to build a hut.”  He looked around and murmured.


         “Ha!  Coke, Sprite and Pepsi!  Cake!”  Ken exclaimed when he entered a room, “Baithumon, since you’re not here anymore, I’ll help you to finish the foods and drinks.”


         After a few minutes…


         “BURP!”  Ken ate until he is full, “yummy!”  He patted his bulged stomach gently and relaxed for a while.


         “Now…burp…digiegg garden.”  He left the hut and set off to the digiegg garden.




Act 3: The craziness of Ken


         Later, Ken went to Gennai’s house.


         Gennai and the digidestined digimon were surprised to see Ken.


         “I’ve deleted the four Holy Beasts and destroyed the digiegg garden.  If you surrendered, I’ll not kill you.”  Said Ken happily.


         Gennai and the digimon could not believe and understand.  So Ken explained to them about the Dark Ocean.


         Everyone looked at Ken like this °o° (eyes and mouth bulged).


         “Ken, why?”  Asked Gennai, still *_* (puzzled).


         “To take back everything.  When you destroyed my castle, I knew that I couldn’t win.  So I pretended to join you.  But later I found out that new enemies appeared and blocked my way.  So I waited until you deleted all enemies.  But again you used my D3 power to seal the Dark Ocean.  So I waited until today, I got back my D3 power.  I used the D3 power to transform myself to digital data.”  Ken explained.


         “Why?”  Asked Gennai again, still #_# (stunned).


         “To absorb the power from Dark Ocean.  Now I’m a digimon, I’m Kenmon!  No…I’ll call my myself Ken Master!”  Ken laughed evilly.


         The digimon were angry and attacked Ken.  But Ken beaten them until they all spat blood.


         “Oh!  My precious blood!”  Patamon shouted and fell to the ground.


         “My blood was so tasty!”  Tentomon exclaimed as blood dripped from his mouth.


         “Aahhh!  My teeth!”  Gomamon groaned.


         Omnimon tried to attack Ken, Ken yawned and teased him, “you’re more boring than the Holy Beasts.”  Ken blocked all the attacks from Omnimon, “no wonder Diaboromon could beat you easily.”  Ken countered and Omnimon was beaten.


         Ken grabbed Patamon’s ears and swung him to a tree.  Patamon’s belly was hit directly on to the trunk and he groaned.


         “I hated pot-roast.”  Said Ken.


         He treated Patamon as a baseball bat, he swung a few times and Patamon shouted painfully.  Finally Patamon vomited and fainted.


         Ken laughed evilly and rushed towards Veemon, he kicked Veemon’s belly with force; Veemon groaned as he flew backwards like a football.  He knocked on to a tree and felt dizzy.  He was too painful to stand up or groan.


         “Goal!  One point goes to Ken Master!”  Ken shouted happily.


         The other digimon could not do anything, they were amazed at Ken’s power.


         “Wow!  Ken, you power is really amazing!  I wish that I’ve such power.”  Gatomon praised Ken.


         “GATOMON!!!!!!”  All digimon shouted.


         “Oops, sorry.”  Gatomon apologized.


         “If you joined me, I’ll share my power with you.  You will be my right hand.”  Ken smiled.


         “Oh…no wonder Yolei loved you.  You are even more handsome when you smiled.”  Biyomon exclaimed.


         Every digimon stared at Biyomon and Biyomon quickly apologized.


         “I forgot to tell you, I also deleted Wormmon because he betrayed me.”  Ken laughed again.


         He walked towards Palmon, “no…” Palmon shivered when she saw Ken.


         “Stop!”  Agumon shouted but he was too weak to stop Ken.


         Ken slapped Palmon’s face, Palmon groaned and blood dripped from her mouth.


         “Girls must stay at home and play with Barbie™, understand?”  Said Ken as he slapped Palmon again.  After a few slaps, he stopped and looked around.


         “Hey!  Why no one tried to stop me?!”  He turned around and asked.


         Gennai and the other digimon were too weak to stop Ken.


         “Ken!  You’re insane!  Pervert!  Sick!  Fucker!  Shitter!  Err…err…moron! @#$%^ (dirty words)” Gennai shouted and every digimon looked at him.


         “Wow!  Gennai can say so much dirty words!  I thought he IS a nice and educated guy!”  Gomamon thought.


         Ken laughed, “I declare, today will be your independence day!”


         Every digimon sweat-dropped and gulped.


         “I shall return after two days.  Surrender or you’ll die.”  Ken warned them, “up up and away!”  And then he flew away.




Act 4: Aftermath


         “Argh…his power…” Agumon groaned.


         “Gennai, who can stop him now?”  Asked Biyomon wearily.


         “Wormmon is deleted, Omnimon is defeated, I think no one can stop him now.”  Veemon shook his head.


         “I hope he didn’t destroy the Destined Stones.  Or else…” Gabumon trailed off.


         “Palmon…argh…are you alright?”  Asked Agumon.


         “...” Palmon was too painful to talk.


         “Palmon, let me help you.”  Said Agumon and hold her in his arms, he brought her back to her room.


         “Biyomon, argh…” Gabumon crawled slowly towards Biyomon.


         “Ga…” Biyomon still feeling dizzy.


         Gabumon helped Biyomon to return to her room.


         “Veemon, are you alright?”  Asked Gatomon.


         “I’m alright.”  Veemon tried to be strong but he groaned painfully again.  His belly was badly injured.


         “Let me help you.”  Said Gatomon.


         Veemon blushed because he was helped by a girl.


         “Gomamon, are you alright?”  Asked Tentomon with a sweat voice.


         “Fuck off!  I’m not gay!”  Gomamon shouted.


         Patamon had regain conscious, he murmured, “I wish that Floramon is here, she’ll sure help me.”


         Suddenly Gatomon told Gennai, “Gennai, I’ll make love with Ken.  He’ll sure lower down his shield when he’s making love.  Then I’ll bite his penis and you’ll attack him.”


         “Gatomon!  Ouch!  This’ll never work!  Argh!!”  Veemon shouted.


         “I agreed, Ken is very smart.  You’ve no chance at all.”  Gennai nodded his head.


         “How about we activate the self-destruct system?  This will blow Ken into pieces.”  Gomamon suggested.


         “But our world will be destroyed forever.  No…besides, I need at least four days to activate the system.  He’ll sure find out and left before…” Gennai trailed off.


         All kept silence, there were no ways to stop Ken.


         Gennai entered his house sadly.




Act 5: Agumon and Palmon


         Inside Palmon’s room…


         Agumon helped Palmon to lie on the bed, “Palmon, your face is even bigger and rounder after he slapped you.”  Agumon joked.


         “Ag…umon…this…is…not funny…” Palmon tried to speak but her face was still painful.


         “Sorry, let me clean the bruises.”  Agumon took a wet towel and gently cleaned her face.  She groaned softly, “Palmon, just relax.”  Agumon comforted her.


         After resting for a while, Palmon could not fell so painful anymore.


         “Agumon, after tomorrow will be the end of the world.”


         “Palmon, tomorrow never dies.”


         “But we can’t stop Ken.  After two days he’ll destroy us.”


         “Don’t worry, he’ll not destroy us.  I’ll give you two reasons.”


         “And the reasons are?”  Asked Palmon with interest.


         “He’s a boy.  So he’ll make all girls to become his sex-slave.  He’ll punish you but not kill you.  And he’ll molest the boys, but will not kill them as well…”


         Before Agumon could finish his words, Palmon interrupted, “I’ll bite his pecker if he asked me to give him blowjob.”


         “You only anger him much and he’ll punish you even worse if he’s still alive.”


         “I’ll accept the punishment because I successfully turned ‘him’ to ‘her’.”


         Both of them laughed for a while.  And then Agumon walked towards the window, “Palmon, let’s look at the moon and the stars together for the last time.”


         Palmon pulled a chair and sat beside Agumon, “we defeated so many foes, we would be able to defeat Ken as well.”


         “Sorry to discourage you.  But today he only used 60% energy to defeat all of us, if he used 100%, the effect would be same as nuclear.”


         “Agumon, I never felt so hopeless before.  I hope that miracle will happen again.”


         “Miracle will not always follow us.  For now, let’s enjoy the quiet night.”


         They grabbed each other’s hand and stared at the void of the night.


         “A meteor!  Let’s pray!”  Suddenly Palmon saw a meteor passed by and they quickly made a quiet prayer.


         After a few minutes, Agumon broke the silence, “I prayed for miracle.”


         Palmon echoed, “me too.  I’m sure that Gennai will do something.”




Act 6: Veemon and Gatomon


         Inside Veemon’s room…


         “Gatomon, do you want to continue the game?”  Asked Veemon.


         “Yes.  Sorry Veemon, you came here purposely to play but you got injured instead.”  Gatomon felt guilty.


         “For you, I’ll do anything, even death.”


         “We *sniff* are going to *sniff* die after two days if we refused to surrender.”  Said Gatomon, a tear rolled down from her cheek.


         “Don’t worry, we’re going to die together.”  Veemon grabbed her hands and comfort her.


         “Veemon, if you can’t beat them, join them.”


         “I’ll never join evil.”


         Gatomon looked at Veemon with her tearful face.


         Veemon rubbed her tears gently and said softly, “shhh…don’t cry.  Tomorrow we still have one more day to enjoy.”


         “Yea, let’s eat and play only.”


         “Good, I like your smiling face.  So smile for me, please.”




         “Gatomon, you looked prettier when you smiles.”


         “Thanks, Veemon.”


         “Gatomon, let’s play the game now and forget about Ken, okay?”




         Veemon switched on the T.V. and PS3, and then they start playing Breath Of Fire 4.


         “Veemon!  The Blast bar is full!  Use it now!”


         “Okay!  Take this…”


         “Hahahaha…you missed!”


         “Gatomon, stop laughing like that…”


         “Veemon, let me show you.”


         Althought they were playing happily, they were still weeping sorrowfully at the same time.  They tried to forget about Ken, but they could not.  They would return to void after two days.




Act 7: Gabumon and Biyomon


         Inside Biyomon’s room…


         “Biyomon, how are you feeling now?”


         “I’m fine, thanks.”


         “Biyomon, nice to meet you.”


         “Gabumon, nice to meet you too.”


         After a few minutes, Biyomon broke the silence, “Gabumon, can you tell me about your fur?  Who gave it to you?”


         “My first partner.  He gave me as a birthday present, but he passed away due to sickness after two years.  That was before I met Matt.”


         “Sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you.”


         “It’s okay.  I’m fine.”


         “Then why you never took it down before?”


         “This fur is to cover the scars on my back.  I was captured and molested by foes.  Although I escaped, the scars still on my back.  So my first partner gave me this fur to cover the scars.”




         “Biyomon, I didn’t tell you because I don’t want to remember my past.”


         “I can understand.  It was an unpleasant past.”


         “So Biyomon, what’re we going to do to pass the night?”


         “I’m sure Ken will torture us.  So let’s discuss about how he’ll torture us.”


         “Biyomon, are you afraid?”


         “Not at all.  I fought for so many years and had been raped for so many times.  The worst was they inserted a funnel into my pussy, and then they poured boiled water into the funnel.  My vaginal was burnt and smoked rose up from the funnel.”


         “Oh my Heaven!  What happened next?”


         “Fortunately Gatomon digivolved to Angewomon and healed me.”


         “For me; the worst was they penetrated my anus with hot rod.  They humped my ass hole with the hot rod.  I fainted and woke up, woke up and fainted for many times.  Finally they left me alone.  Fortunately Angewomon healed me.”


         After a few hours, “Gabumon, let’s sleep now.  What ever will be, will be.”


         “Agree.  The future is not for us to see.”


         “Gabumon, wait!  Where are you going?”


         “Return to my room.  Why?”


         “Let’s sleep together.  Since this will be our last night.”


         Although they lie on the bed, none of them could sleep.  They were going to say goodbye to their beloved world after two days.




Act 8: Last hope


         Gennai typed something on his notebook.


         “Should I use this?  But if she turned to evil, we’re doomed.”  Gennai stared at the screen and murmured.


         “Gennai, what’s this?”  Asked Tentomon.


         “Our last weapon.  Absorb the power from Dark Ocean and used it against Ken.”  Gennai explained.


         “But who’s she?”  Asked Gomamon.


         “She’s…we’ve no choice.  We’ve to trust her.  She’s our last hope.”  Gennai continued typing and murmured.


         “Gennai, why can’t we do it?”  Asked Patamon.


         “Because you’re the chosen digimon.  The light inside your body will reject the dark power.  She’s neutral, so she can combined both light and dark power.”


         “In other words, she’ll become stronger than Ken?”  Asked Gomamon.


         “Yes, provided she can conquer the nightmare.  If she let the nightmare controlled her, she will turn to evil.”  Gennai sighed.


         The digimon kept quite, this is the risk they had to take.  This is the gamble they had to bet.  This is the digimon they had to trust, this digimon would be their last hope.


         “Gennai, if she lost to Ken…” Tentomon trailed off.


         Gennai did not answer the question, he does not need to answer.  Everyone knew the answer.


         “Tomorrow morning, she’ll decide the fate of this world.”  Gennai switched off the notebook.


         “Gennai, should we inform our partners now?”  Asked Patamon.


         “I’ll inform them tomorrow morning.”  Gennai answered and returned to his room.  Gomamon and Tentomon also returned to their own room.


         Inside Gennai’s room…


         “Ken, why?  Why you did this?”  Gennai covered his face and murmured.  After a few minutes, he walked to his table and picked up a photo.  There were four people in the photo: Ken, Ken’s brother and parents.


         “After his brother passed away, I promised his parents to take care of Ken.  But now…” Gennai wept, “I should not have gave him the Digivice.  He’s totally lost in the darkness now, he even deleted Wormmon.”


         At that time, Ken was still young, besides Gennai had changed his outlook after the photo is taken.  So Ken does not recognize Gennai.


         Inside Tentomon’ room…


         “Why no girl serving me?”  Tentomon asked himself, “goodnight and goodbye everyone.”  He said sadly.


         Inside Patamon’s room…


         “Goodbye Floramon.  Farewell T.K.  Thanks for the memories.”  Patamon burst into tears.


         Inside Gomamon’s room…


         “Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you.  That is how I know you go on…*sniff*” Gomamon sing softly and whispered, “this is my last song to my beloved world,” and then he continued, “…you are safe in my heart and my heart will go on and on.”




To be continued.


Who is she?  Will she be able to stop Ken?  Find out in my next lemon!