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Renamon: before and after

Chapter 2


Author: Daniel


Note: This lemon took place before season 3.



Title: Danger Behind Romance


         The next morning, Leomon decided to collect woods for sale.


         Renamon, let’s go to the forest to collect woods.”  He said after he picked up two axes.


         I put some food and drink into a two-layer basket, “Sensai, can you hold this basket?”  I passed the basket to Leomon and said.


         Leomon was curious, but took the basket.  He put the axes into another layer.


         Sensai, I’ll evolve to Champion level.”


         I evolved to Kyubimon and invited Leomon to sit on my back.


         “Are you sure?”  He asked.


         “Sure.”  I smiled and nodded.


         He gently straddled my back.  After he sat on my back, he lay the basket in front of his groin.  I felt his muscular legs clung to the sides of my body; they moved in the same rhythm as my paces nearly massaging my sides.


         “Wow, you’ve so many tails!”  He turned his head around and saw my tails.


         “Nine in total, there’re my primary weapon.”  I explained.


         “Can you spread them for me to see?”


         I spread my tails and he exclaimed again, “so beautiful!  More beautiful than a peacock.”   I blushed and put down my tails.


         I walked slowly towards the forest, “Sensai, the weather is good.”  I looked at the sky and said.


         “It’s a good weather to collect woods.”  He agreed.


         I had a bad feeling and I walked with a heavy heart.  I tried to sweep away the bad feelings, BUT…


         No one knows that this is my last time evolving to Kyubimon.  No one knows that this is my last time entering the forest.  No one knows that I will shatter into data by tomorrow afternoon.


         After 15 minutes, Leomon decided to stop at a glade.  I looked around, we were surrounded by the woods and were far away from the school.  Leomon climbed down from my back, “don’t de-digivolve yet.”  He said.


         He put the basket on the ground and walked around me.  He did not touch me but I felt uneasy being examined so closely.


         “You’re beautiful beyond description.”  He finally said.


         “Thanks,” I blushed, “can I de-digivolve now?”


         “Oh…yes.  Sorry.”


         Renamon, you go and work on that tree.”  Leomon gave me an axe and asked to chop a small tree.


         Honestly this is the first time I chop a tree.  Leomon smiled when he looked at me.


         Renamon, chopping a tree is not so simple.  I’ll show you.”  Leomon grabbed my arms gently and I could feel the warmth of his hand.  He taught me on how to chop a tree, he explained, “Renamon, chopping tree can raise your arm’s strength.”


         After one hour, we decided to rest.  We sat under a tree and start eating and talking.


         Renamon, it’s already three months since the first day we met.”


         “Time flies.”  I sighed.


         Renamon, do you know why I trained you all sternly?”


         I shook my head.


         “During a battle, only the strong survives.  The loser will be deleted.”


         I nodded.


         “There’re many powerful enemies out there, for example Diablomon, Dragomon, MaloMyotismon and Apocalymon.  I don’t want you to die so easily, so I trained you sternly.  The children and their digimon defeated Apocalymon and MaloMyotismon by miracle, but miracle will not always follow you.  When the enemies returned, we’re doomed because none of us can stop them.”


         Sensai, I can understand your purpose.  But why the enemies were so powerful than us?”


         “I think the DarkOcean gave them the extra strength.  The DarkOcean can trap them forever, but can also grant them extra power.”


         “But how about the four Holy Beasts? Can they stop the enemies?”


         “I don’t think so because they’re outnumbered.  They had to protect the Destined Stones at the same time.”


         “So Sensai, you trained us to help the Holy Beasts?”




         “But the enemies were all deleted.”


         Apocalymon will return after the Destined Stones are destroyed.  MaloMyotismon may escape from the DarkOcean when someone with dark seed opened the portal.  And we’ve never fought with Dragomon before; he/she may strike back suddenly.  Don’t forget, Diablomon has defeated Omnimon and Imperialdramon.”


         Sensai, if all enemies returned at the same time…”


         “This world and the Earth are finished.”


         I gulped and shivered.


         “Fortunately the children used their crests to seal the DarkOcean, so MaloMyotismon and Dragomon wouldn’t escape easily.  But the digidestined digimon couldn’t digivolve to Mega level anymore, except Agumon, Gabumon, Veemon and Stingmon.”


         “So we hope that no one would open the portal or destroy the Destined Stones.”


         Leomon nodded, “Renamon, since only you finished the training, you’re our only hope.  You must fight until you die when the enemies returned.”


         I looked at my gloves, “Sensai, I’m not afraid of death.  I’ll transform to digiegg again, right?”


         “Provided they didn’t destroy the digiegg garden.”


         I looked at the sky; I could feel the burden.


         Renamon, I don’t want to force you.  But when they returned, there’s no place to hide or escape.”


         “I know, surrender is not an option.” I sighed, “but wait a minute.  After MaloMyotismon was defeated, almost every child got a digimon.  So…”


         “No, none of them can digivolve to Ultimate or Mega level.  They’re not real digidestined children and has no tags to evolve.”


         “So we can only depend on Omnimon and Imperialdramon?”


         “Yes, and you, Renamon.  Last time, we don’t have enough power to delete them, so we just sealed them.  But when they struck back, we must delete them once and for all.”


         I stared at my breads, “Sensai, I was hungry, but now I can’t eat.”


         Leomon smiled, “Renamon, what ever will be; will be.  So relax and enjoy while you still alive.  Eat and drink while you still have the chance.”


         “I think you’re right.”  I ate the bread and said.


         “Let’s enjoy this meal.”  Said Leomon.


         After we finished, we decided to rest for a while.


         Renamon, I’ve something to tell you.”


         “What?  New enemies?”


         “No, it’s…I…I love you, Renamon.”


         I was not surprised, I knew that he loved me since the first day.  May be this is called a girl’s six-sense?






         We kept silence for a few minutes.


         Sensai, I also love you.”  I leant my head on his muscular chest and said.


         Renamon, you’re my first female student and first student who completed the training.”  He pulled me closer to his chest and said.  His hands are so strong and his chest is so sturdy, his shoulders are broad and I knew that he could give me safety.  As usual, a girl needed a man to protect her; even though she is a warrior.


         Sensai, I met with so many guys but none of them can give me safety,” I caressed his chest with one of my paws and continued, “you’re a man, a dream man.”


         “And you’re a girl, a perfect girl.”  He massaged the fur on my chest.


         I lifted up my head a little and looked at him.


         Sensai, there is a fragrance about you, the sound of your name recalls it.  No girl could help loving you.”


         He was surprised at first, but he managed to answer, “Renamon, my love, excite men as a mare excites the stallions.  Your fur is beautiful upon your chest and encircles along your neck like jewels.”


         I pointed at the grass and said, “how handsome you are, my dearest; how you delight me!  The green grass will be our bed, the cedars will be the beams of our house, and the cypress-trees the ceiling.”


         “Like a lily among thorns is my darling among girls.”  He whispered into my ear.


         “Like an apple-tree among the trees of the forest, so is my dearest compared with other guys.  I love to sit in its shadow, and its fruit is sweet to my taste.”  I whispered back.


         “Apple tree?  I’m an apple tree?”  He smiled and teased, “then you are a fig-tree.”


         We laughed for a while.  I removed my head from his chest and looked at the sky again, “Sensai, look at the birds.”  I pointed to a pair of birds who were resting on a branch.  They were rubbing each other’s feather.


         “The birds are so relax even this world is surrounded by danger.”  Said Leomon.


         “I think they don’t sense the danger.  Or may be they knew that they’ve no way to hide when danger comes, so they cherish now.”  I said.


         Renamon, we should cherish now.”  He put his right hand on my left thigh and I felt so good. 


         “Yes Sensai.”  I grabbed his hand gently and said.


         We enjoyed the wonderful sight and picturesque.  It was a warm and sunny weather.  I really hoped that we could stay forever like this.  BUT…


         No one knows that this is my last day in this world.  No one knows that my fate will be changed after tomorrow.  No one knows that I will be deleted brutally by tomorrow afternoon. 


         He used another hand and gently turned my chin to him.  We stared at each other.  He opened his mouth a little and moved towards me.  I knew that he is going to kiss me.


         “Wait Sensai.  We can’t do this!”


         He was stunned, “why?  Did I force you?  I’m sorry…”


         Sensai, we’ve sweated and smelt badly.  We should bath first.”


         He laughed and we collected the woods to the riverside.  He put the woods on the ground and jumped into the river, “Renamon, the water is warm and shallow!”  He stood in the river and the water level was just only near his bellybutton.


         I put the woods on the ground and said, “Sensai, your pants.”


         Renamon, I’ll take off my pants when you’re ready.”


        I smiled and joined him.  I could feel the warm water flowing passed my feet as I stepped into the water.  I paused for a while; let my sole feels the sands under the water.  The water is so clear and clean.  I looked down and saw my white bare feet stepping on the sands.  I walked a few steps and shivered a little when my tail touched the water.  I turned around a little and saw my footsteps on the sands, but washed away by the water quickly.  I bent down and plunged my paws into the water.  I cupped the sand, but before I could lift up my paws; the water washed the sand away again.  I saw the sand slowly slipped through my paws.  I felt so good and I did it again.


         Renamon, are you going to play with the sand for whole day?”  Leomon teased me.


         I lifted up my head and smiled at him, suddenly I kicked the water to him.  I laughed when his face got wet.


         “So you want to play this?”  He smiled and splashed the water to me, wetting my face.


         We were splashing water over each other for a few minutes.  Finally I surrendered and sat on the sand, gasping for air.  He also sat beside me, “Renamon, I didn’t play like this for years.”


         “Me too.”  I answered.


         Renamon, I prayed for this world, I hope real peace will cover this world.”


         Sensai, I also hope so.  I don’t want to see war again, I also prayed that we can stay together forever.”


         Renamon, nothing can separate us.”


         But he was wrong, because I will die by tomorrow afternoon.  And none of us knows, even if we realized; we could not change the fate.  We are in the circle of life and could not escape from fate.


         We kept silence again for a few minutes.  Then we walked out from the water and rested on a rock beside the water.  I do not feel chill because there is no wind.  We both lay on the rock and enjoyed sunbathe.


         Renamon, your fur is loose again.”  He pointed at the fur on my chest and said.


         Sensai, your pants is bulging again.”  I retorted and pointed at his pants.


         We smiled and I continued, “Sensai, do you want to go to the forest to release again?”


         He blushed, “you purposely lured me that day?”


         I smiled, “Sensai, you should say ‘accidentally’ instead of ‘purposely’.”


         “How about now? Purposely or accidentally?”


         I put my hands on his pants and rubbed the bulged, “both.”


         He held me in a warm embrace and I embraced him warmly.  We closed our eyes and prepared to kiss.  Finally our lips encountered.


         “Her lips were so incredibly soft and her breathe so sweet.”  He thought.


         “His lips were so incredibly warm and his breathe so mild.”  I thought.


         My lips part slightly and then my tongue slowly washes over his lips.  Following my lead, he opened his mouth slightly and allowed my tongue to enter, gingerly touching it with his own tongue, absorbing my warmth and wetness.  We caressed each other’s back while we were kissing.  After a few minutes, we broke the kiss.


         He slowly began to run his fingers across my entire body.  As his fingers ran across my nipples they became hard to the touch.  He caressed the inside of my thighs and could feel the heat of the passion I am now feeling.  He found himself rock hard and larger than he had ever felt before.  He took off his pants and underwear, immediately his penis jumped out.


         He looked down at me and admired my beauty,  “your beautiful eyes shined like

diamonds in the soft glow of the fire.  Your fur dances, like a flock of goats bounding down the hills.”


         I smiled at him, enchanting him with my angelic charm.  Sensai, your teeth are as white as sheep that have just been shorn and washed.  Not one of them is missing; they are all perfectly matched.”


         Then he began to kiss my soft neck and kissed downward.  When he got to my furry breasts he took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked it, making me moaned with pleasure.  He then switched to the other nipple and sucked it, making me moaned again.  He placed my feet on his shoulders and began to kiss my elastic legs.  When he got to my pussy, he slowly extended his tongue and began licking my vagina lips.  The smell started to make him licked like a madman and I began to buck a little and moaned.  He then put his tongue in my vagina and began to lick inside.  When his tongue touched my clit; I shivered and jerked.  He kept licking my clit and I began to moan more and more.  He put my legs down and started to kiss back up to my furry breasts.  As he began to lick my hard nipples once again, he noticed that his cock kept lightly brushing against my vaginal lips.  That and him sucking on my nipples made me go wild and I was thrown into ecstasy.


         Leomon, I want you in me as deeply as possible.  I want to feel every inch of your dick deep inside my body.”  I pleaded although I felt a little afraid.  I was so excited that I called his name, but he accepted happily.  At this moment, we are not student and teacher.  We are a pair of lovers.


         I was lying on the rock but I do not feel uncomfortable, instead I felt excited.  He faced down staring at me, his body weight mainly supported on knees and elbows.  He gently rolled my knees to my breasts and put my ankles over his shoulders.


         Renamon, are you a virgin?”  He looked at my pussy and asked.


         “Yes.”  I blushed.


         “Do you really want to do it?”  He asked.


         I nodded gently.


         “If you felt painful, you just ask me to stop.”  He comforted me.


        “Thanks.”  I smiled.


         “I’m coming, just relax.”  He said.


         He aimed his rock hard dick at my soaking wet pussy and inserted into my twat slowly.  At first, I do not feel the pain, but after he entered a few inches, I groaned painfully.


         “Sorry Renamon.”  He withdrew his dick immediately.


         I felt the emptiness in my vagina, I am still horny and I wanted something to fill my vagina, “Leomon, please come in again.  I’m alright.”


         He began to enter me again, I felt the pressure of his stiff penis against my hymen...a resistance that he felt also.  He withdrew his penis from my ever-so-tight sheath only to re-enter and put more pressure on my maidenhead...between us, the moment is beyond description and the desire beyond waiting any longer.  On the next stroke, his thrust was met by my upward flexing of my hips and then...we both feel it: the mushroom cap of his penis was tearing through my hymen - for me, there was a momentary flash of discomfort as that thin membrane was reduced to history but it is immediately replaced by the unknown but fantastic pleasurable feeling of completeness...knowing that in every respect I am now "a woman".  At that instant, the cry that escaped my lips comes from deep inside my body, mind and soul...it was not a cry of pain but rather of fulfillment, ultimate satisfaction.  I closed my eyes and my body jerked.


         I felt his hand gently caressing the fur on my chest. "Are you in pain?  Should I stop?"  He paused for a while and looked at me.


         I open my eyes, and he is looking down at me in genuine concern. "No, keep going..." I murmured.


         He begins to slowly move in and out of me, which helped me to relax because it felt good. I began whimpering again.  He pushed himself deeper inside me, the rock is uncomfortable beneath me, but the slight pain it causes was somehow arousing, too.


         "Leomon…" I squealed.


         "Oh Renamon, am I doing it right?  I want to make you feel goooood, are you feeling good…mmm…"


         "Yes, yes Leomon, I like it, ohh," I moaned with pleasure.


         He quickens his pace, pumping in and out of me harder and faster.


         "Leomon I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, oh, ohhhh!"


         Hearing my moan that I am going to cum pushed him over the edge and he dumped a load of cum inside my pussy.


         It kept shooting and it would not stop.  I never imagined he could make that much cum!  We did it. We came together.  The ultimate in love and sexual satisfaction!


         "Renamon, I love you so much," he said to me as he collapsed on top of me after he withdrew his penis.


         I could feel his heart beating; our hearts are in perfect sync.


         "I love you too, Leomon.  You gave me a good first time."  I said.  Smiling at him with my sexy grin.


         We rested for a few minutes, “Renamon, can you evolve again?”  Asked Leomon.




         I evolved to Kyubimon again.  I knew what he was planning to do, so I spread and lifted up my tails.


         He turned to my back and looked at my anus.  Excitedly, he spread my tight butt cheeks, and using some of my own wetness and the cum that still clung to his cock as lubricant, he pushed the fat head of his pecker against my tiny butthole.


         I softly grunted, "Ummm!" as my asshole spread open for him.


         I was not sure that it was going to fit, but finally he managed to get in.  My butt was so tight around his cock that he thought he was going to explode.  He gently pushed in and out as I moaned from pain at first, but pleasure replaced pain very fast.  Meanwhile, I caressed his face with my tails and he enjoyed this treatment.  Finally, I shivered and moaned with pleasure, and he instantly shot his load right up my butt with a dizzying orgasm.  He felt weak as he pulled his cock from my butt.  I de-digivolved to Rookie level again.


         He lay beside me, I looked at his digihood and exclaimed, “I can’t believe that you can put your member into my anus.”


         He just smiled at me, both of us were breathing heavily.


         We could not rest on the rock anymore because the rock was getting hot.  So we moved to the river again and relax ourselves in the water.  We closed our eyes and let the water cleaned us.


         He thought for a while and said, “how beautiful you are, my love; how your eyes shine with love!”


         Girls liked to be praised and he has done a great job.  I smiled and answered, “Leomon, that’s great.  I really enjoyed it.”


         Leomon smiled, “me too.”


         We didn’t know this was our last time of having sex.


         After we had enough rest, we decided to leave.  We took the woods to a village to sell and exchanged for foods and drinks.




To be continued.