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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This is an AU.



Title: Pride Will Have A Fall


         In the Digital World, Calumon was hiding behind the bush.  He took out a lighter and cigarette that he stole.  He lit the cigarette and began smoking.  Calumon glanced at his watch on his left arm.  He still has ample time to finish a cigarette.  He looked at the road in front of him.  There were no Digimon passing by but he was sure that Nyaromon would pass by.  He did not know where Nyaromon was going but he did not care so much.


         Calumon was a virus type Rookie Digimon.  He raped and killed In-Training Digimon whenever he was free.  He was not afraid at all because he deleted them after he tortured them.  When a Digimon re-born, he/she would lose the previous memory, i.e. he/she would not remember who deleted him/her.  Calumon humiliated and deleted countless of Digimon.  He did not know why but he loved to do so and he felt very proud after killing the victim.


         After about 15 minutes, Nyaromon was approaching.  Calumon glanced around but did not see anyone; she was alone.  He has been monitoring her for a few weeks and knew that she would pass this road at this time.  When she passed the bush, he ambushed her.  She was surprised and tried to struggle, but obviously he was stronger than her.


         Calumon slapped Nyaromon’s cheeks a few times, “Shut up or I’ll kill you now.”  He said, petulantly.


         Calumon grabbed the half-conscious In-Training Digimon into the bush.  The bush was large enough for him to do anything, besides no one would use that path at that time.  She was doomed and no one could save her.  Another poor unfortunate soul was going to be re-born.


         Calumon uses his superior strength to pin Nyaromon’s back on the ground.  He massaged her chest and grabbed her exposed breasts.  He sticks one finger in her tight pussy and stirs up some juices that he could.  “I like to deflower girl.  Brace yourself!”  He said, brusquely.  Whenever she screams or struggles, he would slap her.  Finally she gave out and just let him do whatever he wanted to do.


         Calumon inserted his black prick in Nyaromon’s virgin pussy very slowly.  Her eyes got wide as the pain shoots through her.  He purposely penetrated her slowly because he wanted her to suffer more.  Finally his manhood reached an obstacle and he knew what was it.  He pulled out his pecker a little and thrust in with full strength.  The mushroom head pierced her hymen like a sharp dagger.  She screamed painfully and lost conscious.


         Calumon did not let Nyaromon to faint for too long.  He pinched her nipples and she woke up with a start.  He continued and soon his penis squeezed through her cervix with the head of his dick inside.  He started to withdraw and push in again.  He was pumping directly into her unformed uterus and she thought someone was stepping her womb from inside.  Her face twisted with pain and she grasped heavily.


         Calumon tortured Nyaromon’s cunt for a while and soon they reached climax.  He enjoyed the moment where he ejaculated into her womb.  After he finished, he withdrew his pecker and rested on her breasts.  She did not have hands or legs to kick him away.  He did not waited for too long, he crawled up again and looked at her anus.


         Nyaromon pleaded Calumon to stop but he ignored her.  “I told you, I like to screw virgin girls.”  He said petulantly and penetrated her anus with one thrust.  She screamed and fainted again.  He did not wake her up, he just continued to hump her until he came again.  After he withdrew his prick, he looked at both holes and smiled satisfactory.  Blood, juices and sperm flowed out from the wounded holes like a stream.


         Calumon looked at Nyaromon and thought that she was still fainting.  He turned around and took out a knife that he hid under some leaves.  Suddenly she leapt up and knocked him back.  The knife dropped to the ground and he fell forward.  She grabbed the knife from the ground with her tail.  He turned around just in time to see her inserting the knife into his chest.  The knife-edge cut through his skin and ribs.


         One, two, three…Calumon lost count how many times Nyaromon stabbed him.  She stabbed him like a mad girl and the blood splashed onto her body.  He could not struggle because his strength subsided very fast.  He did not regret because he knew this day would come.  He smiled and nodded.  “One stab is equal to one Digimon I deleted.”  At last he shattered into data, leaving her starring at the bloody knife.  She lifted up the knife and…




The end.


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