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Title: No sacrifice, no victory


Renamon was resting under a tree near Rika’s house. “How can I become the strongest digimon?” she asked herself.

She tried to evolve but failed, “why I can’t digivolve without Rika? What’s my purpose in this world? To protect my Tamer? If so, I should be able to digivolve to Mega level anytime even without my Tamer. If she dies, what will be my purpose again? Find another Tamer to protect? My whole life is to protect my Tamer only? I’m bored of this task, there must be something BIG for me to do,” She recalled a few of the last battles where she almost died because she could not evolve in the beginning. She won because of miracles or something unexpected happened to the foes. Luckily she was a digimon and she got self-healing ability.

“If I could evolve to Mega anytime, those little evils would be deleted easily,” she sighed, “as long as my Tamer don’t allow me to evolve, I’ll be forever at this powerless level. So powerless until I cannot protect myself, how am I going to protect my Tamer?”

Suddenly she sensed evil.

Renamon! Let’s go!” Rika shouted.

“Well, I think another purpose I’m here is to protect this world. Protect…protect…I want MORE things to do, not just protect this and that. Anyway, I hope the enemy isn’t that strong this time.” she told herself.

Renamon and Rika set off to the town after they locked the house.


Their enemies were Vajramon and Pajiramon. Vajramon was the Ox Deva that served the Sovereign Ebonwumon. Pajiramon was the Sheep Deva, and served the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon. Terriermon fought with Pajiramon while Renamon chose Vajramon. However, Takato forgot to bring Guilmon along and so he returned home.

Suddenly Vajramon told Renamon about their God using telepathic, “You’re also a digimon, why you joined the useless and pathetic human?”

“God? We got God?” Renamon was interested.

“God created us, and granted us the power to evolve,” said Vajramon proudly.

            “I thought we’re created by human and our main duty is to protect them?” asked Renamon.

            “Bullshit, only Guilmon is created by human and that’s why his IQ is near 0. He only knows how to eat, sleep and play with himself. But you’re different. You’ve the feelings, worries, desires and you want MORE from your life,” answered Vajramon.

            Renamon was shocked. “He knows so much about me,” she thought.

“So you found the meaning of life? Diamond Storm!” Renamon tried to ambush but Vajramon blocked it easily. He did not attack her but instead he tried to persuade her to join their God.

“I feel very satisfy now, how about you?” asked Vajramon.

“What’s the meaning of life? Renamon Punch!” Renamon punched Vajramon’s body many times but his body was hard as rock.

“Ouch, my paws! He’s stronger than the other foes!” Renamon thought.

Rika used the Blue Card and Renamon evolved to Kyubimon, but still could not defeat Vajramon. Kyubimon needed to evolve to Ultimate level so that she could beat him. They leaped to the top of a house and continued to fight.

Kyubimon, you’re getting weaker because you depend too much on the human. Join us and we’ll make you the strongest digimon!” remarked Vajramon again.

Kyubimon had to admit, she depended on her Tamer too much. She could not evolve anymore even though she would like to. She knew that they needed miracles again now. “How’re you going to make stronger?” she asked.

Kyubimon, look at your friend,” Vajramon pointed at Gargomon, who was having a tough battle with Pajiramon.

Pajiramon managed to pin Gargomon on the ground with some arrows. “Thunder Stomp!” she shouted and stamped on his belly. She stamped so hard until he released pee and shit uncontrollably.

            Rika and Lee tried to help the poor Gargomon, “Lullaby Bleat!” Pajiramon shouted, immediately Rika, Lee and Gargomon felt sleepy.

Pajiramon laughed at Gargomon and kicked his groin with force. He shouted painfully as she kicked again. He could not move because the arrows were holding him securely.

            Kyubimon, what if I kicked your cunt like that?” asked Vajramon, teasingly.

Kyubimon did not answer but her body shivered. “Well, I can see that you’re scared now,” he observed.

            “What are you going to do with me?” asked Kyubimon coldly.

“Join us and you won’t become like that,” said Vajramon sensibly.

Kyubimon had to agree, she did not wish to be tortured like that. She had been humiliated many times before and she did not want to suffer anymore. Poor Gargomon, his dick was going to be broken. She suddenly recalled the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. “What’s the meaning of life?” she asked again.

Suddenly Gargomon Matrix Evolve to Rapidmon and deleted Pajiramon easily. He de-digivolved to Terriermon and collapsed to the ground. His groin was bleeding and he fainted immediately.

“Miracles again,” Kyubimon thought. “But if we could evolve directly to Ultimate or Mega level in the beginning, we could beat the foes easily and there would be no more tough battles