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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This is an AU.  Not ordinary fiction.

Note 3: All characters are out of character (OOC).


Title: Forbidden Love



She is Gardevoir



         One day, Gardevoir was finding food near the riverside.  Suddenly five wild Pokemon attacked her.  She fought bravely but she was out numbered.


         “Help!  Somebody help me!”  Gardevoir screamed as loud as she could while she was running away from the rascals.


         “Aahhhh…” Gardevoir groaned painfully as she tripped and fell.


         The rascals smiled evilly because they knew that Gardevoir was injured and could not run anymore.  Suddenly a Pokemon landed in front of Gardevoir.


         “Mewtwo!”  The rascals shivered when they recognized the Pokemon.


         “Mewtwo!”  Gardevoir was also shocked.


         “I’m so glad that you know me...” said Mewtwo, petulantly.


         But before Mewtwo could finish his sentence, all rascals have fled away.  They knew that they could not defeat Mewtwo.


         Mewtwo turned around and glanced at Gardevoir, “Are you alright?”  He asked cordially.


         “Thanks.  I’ve to go now…ouch!” Gardevoir tried to stand up but she sat down again.  Her left knee was bleeding and she felt painful.


         “Oh no, I can’t walk.  I’m doomed!  He’s going to rape and kill me!”  Gardevoir thought when she saw Mewtwo floating towards her.  She tried to scream but she was exhausted and she knew that no one could defeat Mewtwo to save her – except Mew.


         Mewtwo knelt in front of Gardevoir and examined her wound.  “Where’re you staying?  Let me send you home.”  He said in his consequential way.


         “Why are you helping me?  What’s your purpose?”  Asked Gardevoir nervously.


         Mewtwo was shocked, “Helping others needs a good reason?”  He asked loftily.


         “Because you’re Mewtwo.”  Gardevoir replied gloomily.


         Mewtwo understood.  He was a bad guy.  He was supposed to kill others, not helping others.  But somehow he pitied this girl and would like to help her.


         Mewtwo turned his back to Gardevoir.  “C’mon, straddle my back and I’ll you home.  You need to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.”  He said severely.


         Gardevoir was still hesitating at first, but the pain on her knee urged her to make a decision.  She straddled Mewtwo’s back and locked his waist with her legs.  She held his shoulder with her paws and thought, “I hope he didn’t rape me with force.”




         Soon Mewtwo reached the destination and landed on the ground.


         “I can help myself for now.  Thanks again for the ride.”  Said Gardevoir blandly as she tried to open the front door.


         After Gardevoir opened the door, she did not feel surprise to see Mewtwo still standing behind her.  She knew that he was going to kill her in her house.


         “Can you…tell me your name?”  Asked Mewtwo suddenly.


         Gardevoir looked startled.  “Gardevoir.”  She replied with the utmost coolness.


         “Gardevoir…shall we meet again?”  Asked Mewtwo with interest.


         Gardevoir stared at Mewtwo with blank amazement.  “I’ll collect food near the river almost everyday.”  She replied thoughtfully and closed the door.


         “I assume she agreed.”  Mewtwo thought and flew away.


         “He didn’t harm me.”  Gardevoir thought and was relieved.




         The next morning, Gardevoir opened the door and was surprised to see some food on the floor.


         “Why did he treat me so good?”  Gardevoir thought as she picked up the food.  She knew who collected the food for her.  She could not collect food because her knee was still painful.


         “I know!  He’s falling in love with me!”  Gardevoir whispered as she brought the food to the kitchen.


         Gardevoir shook her head, “I can’t love him and he shouldn’t love me.  We’re from different worlds.  My friends would look down at me for loving him.”  She murmured.  She did not know that he was watching from a tree outside her house.


         Outside Gardevoir’s house,  Mewtwo was looking at her from a tree.  “Fortunately she didn’t throw away the food.”  He thought.




         After five days, Gardevoir’s knee was fully healed and she could go out to collect food again.  She sat under a tree beside the river. She had a feeling that he would come.




         Gardevoir heard the familiar voice.


         “Mewtwo!”  Cried Gardevoir, throwing back her head and looking defiantly at Mewtwo.


         “Can I sit beside you?”  Asked Mewtwo, winking at Gardevoir.


         “No, if they saw you talking with me…” Gardevoir rejected.


         “I understand.”  Mewtwo sighed.


         “Anyway, thanks for the food.”  Gardevoir remarked.


         “It’s nothing.  I’m glad that you’re alright now.”  Said Mewtwo softly.


         Gardevoir made a decision, “Come and sit beside me so that we can chat.”  She said with dignity after a few minutes’ silence.


         Mewtwo was surprised to hear that.  He sat down beside Gardevoir slowly. Immediately he smelled the fragrance from her body.


         “Mewtwo, we’re from different worlds. You can’t have feelings for me.” Gardevoir began.


         Mewtwo just kept silence.


         “If I found a place where no one would find us, would you want to come with me?”  Asked Mewtwo demurely at last.


         “Sorry.  I still don’t know why you’re helping me.”  Gardevoir replied gently.


         Mewtwo blushed.  “Because…I’m lonely and I need a friend…” he stammered.


         Gardevoir glanced at Mewtwo keenly.


         “I was created by a group of scientists. They tried to kill me after they created me.  I was mad at them, I couldn’t control my anger and I killed them.  After I’d done some killing and destroying, I began to learn to control my anger.  I realized that no matter how many people I killed; no matter how many buildings I destroyed, I still felt lonely.  I envied you.  You’ve friends and you can find a mate anytime easily.  I don’t want to force you, but I hope we still can chat like old friends.”  Mewtwo explained.


         Gardevoir could not believe her eyes when she saw a tear flowed down from Mewtwo’s cheek.


         “Why don’t you explain to the others?  I’m sure they would accept you.”  Gardevoir suggested.


         Mewtwo shook his head.  “No.”  He was too proud to plead people.


         “Mewtwo…I…” said Gardevoir, smiling.


         Mewtwo laughed indulgently, “Thanks.  I’ll return, I promise.”  He said warmly and flew away.




         Since that day onwards, Gardevoir was waiting patiently.  She trusted Mewtwo with her whole heart.  She was not afraid of the consequences. A pokemon’s life was short, so she decided to stay beside him until her final day.


         After one week, Mewtwo visited Gardevoir again.  From that day onwards, no one had ever seen Mewtwo and Gardevoir anymore.  Soon, the new generation of Pokemon had forgotten Mewtwo and Gardevoir totally.




The end.


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