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Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed



Title: Who Wants To Be A Leader?


         One day, the Digidestined Digimon were quarreling about choosing a leader.


         “Why must we choose a leader?”  Asked Hawkmon in astonishment.


         “It’s elementary, my dear Hawkmon.  Every movies and anime would sure have a leader.  For example, Power Rangers, Pokemon, Batman, Thunder Cats, Voltron, X-Men and etc.”  Veemon explained sternly.


         “I’m a Champion Digimon, so I should be the leader.”  Said Gatomon, chuckling to herself.


         “Girls can’t be leader.  In comic books and anime, the leaders are always boys.  Girls are for boys to play as sex slave only.”  Tentomon retorted.


         “Besides, bad guys liked to kidnapped girls.  All girls were use to be kidnapped and waited for a hero to rescue her.  So I suggest that I should be the leader.”  Gomamon continued, clapping her fins, and looking as delighted as a child with a new toy.


         Agumon glanced at Gomamon and raised his eyebrows sardonically.  “You’re too weak.  My Pepper Breath is stronger than your Marching Prawn.”  He said.


         “It’s Marching Fish!  You only shoot one small size of fire but I can shoot five fishes at one time.”  Gomamon exclaimed curtly


         Gabumon rubbed his paws in a self-satisfied way.  “My body size is bigger than anyone of you, so I should be the leader.”  He chimed in.


         “Size does not matter.  I can fly, so I should be the leader.”  Said Patamon triumphantly.


         “Right…a flying pig.”  Palmon remarked with a smile.


         “You all can’t be the leader because you can’t armor-digivolve.”  Said Veemon good-humouredly.


         “You shut up.  You’re just newly born but we’ve been here for more than ten years.  We’re your seniors and you must listen to us.”  Said Palmon with some impatience.


         “Let’s vote and end this discussion.”  Biyomon suggested tartly.


         After about ten minutes, Agumon and Veemon had same votes.


         “This means Agumon would lead the old team while Veemon would lead the new team.”  Gatomon concluded.


         The others agreed.


         “But how to differentiate between a leader and non-leader?”  Asked Patamon in a depreciatory voice.


         “I know!  The leader must wear goggle!”  Cried Hawkmon curtly.


         The others also agreed.


         “We’ll tell our partners tomorrow.”  Said Armadillamon warmly.




         That night, Veemon told Davis about the incidents.


         “Fortunately I got a goggle, but I feel uneasy when only me is wearing goggle.”  Said Davis, smiling.


         “C’mon, you’re the leader now.  Feel proud and happy.”  Said Veemon affably.


         Davis grinned in returned.  “But I don’t know how to lead, to tell you the truth.”


         “It’s very easy only.  Run when you sensed danger and give orders like a king.”  Said Veemon, his eyes twinkling.


         Davis thought for a moment, then shrugged.  “Okay.  I should put on a cloak because almost all heroes had a cloak.”


         “No, you’ll look like that kinky Digimon Emperor with a cloak.”  Said Veemon casually.


         “You’re right.  That bustard mimicked Rosemon.  Wearing cloak, covered his eyes with that ugly glasses, whipping and kicking Digimon.  I think his parents are bondage king and queen too.”  Said Davis in frustration.


         “Like father like son!”  Cried Veemon, laughing.




         The next day, the children went to the Digital World.  When Davis put on his goggle, Kari stared at him.


         Davis, you look more handsome with the goggle.”  Kari observed.


         “Really?  Thanks.”  Davis answered, his face reddening slightly.


         The Digidestined children worked hand-in-hand to destroy the Dark Towers and defeat any foes they encountered.  Davis and Veemon felt very proud because they could give orders to the others.


         Davis, can you empty the dustbin?  I’m busy here.”  Asked Cody.


         Davis folded his arms across his chest and thought for a moment.  “In all company, no boss would empty the dustbin himself.  The boss would ask someone to do it.  He would not humble himself and empty the dustbin.”  He answered.


         Cody sighed and emptied the dustbin when he was free.


         Gabumon held a paw to his chest.  “Agumon, you spoke louder than actions.”


         Augumon was resting under a tree, “Managers are like that.  The staffs were working hard while he was browsing porn site.  But he’ll tell you that he’s very busy.”  He grumbled.


         Gabumon shrugged and walked away.


         T.K. rolled his eyes.  “Tai, I think you did it in the wrong way.”


         Tai knew that he made a mistake, “Hey!  I didn’t do it, I asked Izzy to do it just now.”  He snapped in frustration.


         T.K. knew that Tai was blaming innocent Izyy.  T.K. did not want to argue with Tai, so T.K. just walked away silently, he knew that bosses would never apologized.


         Davis, it’s better to do this.”  Yolei suggested.


         “I’m your leader and you must obey me!”  Davis shouted.


         Although the leaders were high and mighty, they managed to destroy all Dark Towers.  After one month, all Digimon in the Digital World knows that Agumon and Veemon were the leaders of the Digidestined Digimon.




         Inside a building, Digimon Emperor was starring at the big screen.


         “Leader?  How dare you called yourself a leader without the permission from me.”  Digimon Emperor thought.


         Digimon Emperor felt angry and walked towards Wormmon.  From Digimon Emperor’s face, Wormmon knew that he was going to kick him.


         Digimon Emperor kicked Wormmon until he flew into the sky and dropped to the ground with a ‘thud’ sound.  “Wormmon, catch the two leaders for me!”  He shouted.


         “Yes.”  Wormmon brought some evil Digimon to catch the two leaders.


         That evening, Agumon went to the bush to shit and urine.  After he finished, he sensed someone approaching him.  He turned around just in time to see something knocked his head.  He groaned painfully and fainted.




         When Agumon woke up again, he saw Digimon Emperor and some evil Digimon.  Agumon tried to attack but he was outnumbered.  The evil Digimon pinned him on the ground.


         “Resistant is futile.”  Said Digimon Emperor with a rather malicious smile.


         “Agumon, we didn’t tie you because we want you to see something for yourself.”  Said Wormmon, glancing very keenly across Agumon’s crotch.


         “See what?  Porn movies?”  Asked Agumon coldly and stared about Digimon Emperor in bewilderment.


         The evil Digimon released Agumon.  Agumon did not struggle and waited for them to show him something.


         “Check your groin.”  Said Wormmon cheerily.


         Agumon could not understand but still checked his groin.  He was shocked and surprised when he found a hole on his groin.  He inserted a finger into the hole and he groaned painfully.  It was a hole – more precisely, cunt.  “Where is my Digihood?  What am I now?”  He thought.


         “I found out that Digimon are made of 0’s and 1’s.  So I changed your byte and your dick disappeared.  I also given you the womb but I didn’t give you the breasts because I want you to live as a eunuch.  I also locked the code so that no one could change it to make you to become a boy again.”  Digimon Emperor explained.


         Wormmon laughed heartily at Agumon’s perplexity.  “Now you should change your name to Aguwomon.”  He said bluntly.


         Agumon was so angry that he tried to attack again.  He was cursing the foes while they were pinning him on the ground.  He was angry because he could not make love with girls anymore.  Moreover, his friends would tease and look down at him.


         “We did this to you because you’re the leader.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find Veemon, or else there would be two eunuchs today.  This is to teach you a lesson, don’t make any decisions without my permission.”  Digimon Emperor concluded.


         “Who the hell are you?  Why must we listen to you?”  Asked Agumon in a shaking voice.


         “I’m Digimon Emperor – the ruler of this world.  How dare you called yourself a leader in my territory?  Now I’ll punish you so that you wouldn’t make the same mistake next time.”  Digimon Emperor replied in his bustling way.




         The foes dragged Agumon to a small cell.  They threw Agumon into the cell and locked the door.  Agumon was curious and frightened when he saw them setting up some cameras.


         “We’ll take every photo of you being punished.  I’m sure we can earn a lot of money by selling these photos.”  Said Digimon Emperor, blandly, smiling at Agumon’s surprised faces.


         Agumon continued to curse the foes and tried to break the cell.  What would happen after all Digimon in the Digital World saw the photos?


         Digimon Emperor ignored Agumon, “Are you ready?”  He asked the other evil Digimon.


         “Yes!”  They answered in one voice.


         “Then let’s bring in Sukamon!”  Digimon Emperor shouted merrily.


         After ten minutes, five male Sukamon entered the cell and immediately nasty smell filled the cell.  Digimon Emperor and the others were wearing a mask and prepared to take photos.  Agumon shivered and sweated when the five Sukamon approached him.


         Sukamon1 caught Augumon and hugged him.  “Lick me!”  Cried Sukamon1 abruptly.


         Agumon turned his face away.  How could he lick a pile of shit?  The other Sukamon surrounded him and he almost vomited due to the nasty smell.


         Sukamon1 penetrated Agumon’s new cunt with two fingers and he groaned painfully.  “If you don’t lick me, I’ll insert all fingers into your cunt.”  He warned him.


         Agumon surrendered and began to lick Sukamon1.  Immediately he vomited and burst into tears.  All Sukamon laughed at him and asked him to lick again.  He continued to lick but vomited again.  He could not endure anymore and hoped that they could kill him.


         “I won’t suffer so much if I were not a leader.”  Agumon thought.


         Finally Agumon could not vomit anymore because there was nothing left in his stomach.  That was his first time licking a pile of shit and he did not understand why dogs loved shit.  His whole body and mouth were filled with shit.  The smell on his body would not subside for weeks.


         Sukamon1 stood in front of Agumon and sent his dick into his virgin twat with one thrust.  Agumon cried painfully and tried to push him away, but Sukamon2 took this opportunity and humped Agumon’s anus.  Agumon was in great pain as both of them attacked him front and rear doors with force.  Agumon felt so disgusting because two pile of shit were raping him.  The other three Sukamon were waiting for their turns.


         “Hey!  You’re a leader, how can you cry like a baby?”  Asked Sukamon3 with a touch of asperity in his voice.


         After a few more pumps, they reached climax and ejaculated.  Agumon could feel the liquid flowing into his womb and rectum.  Agumon hoped that he would not get pregnant.  The two Sukamon withdrew and he collapsed to the ground.  He was gasping and sobbing.  Juices, sperm and blood dripped from both holes.


         “Now it’s my turn and I want you to give me a good blowjob.”  Said Sukamon4 tartly.


         Sukamon5 positioned Agumon into doggie-style and invaded his injured anus.  Sukamon3 opened Agumon’s mouth with force and Sukamon4 slid his shithood into his mouth.  That was really a shithood because it smelled and tasted like shit.  Sukamon4 made his way to Agumon’s throat and he felt so bitter.


         Sukamon5 humped Agumon’s anus while Sukamon4 fucked his mouth.  They were in Heaven but he was in Hell.  Agumon never thought that he would become a eunuch and raped by Sukamon.  Agumon was regretting that he was a leader and he decided not to become a leader anymore again.


         When Sukamon4 ejaculated, Agumon almost fainted because the sperm was tasted like shit.  Normal Digimon would have sour taste but Sukamon has bitter sperm.  Each gulp made Agumon choked and prepared to vomit again.


         The five Sukamon took turn to rape Agumon.  Soon she became numb and weak to struggle.  Agumon did not know how many times he reached orgasm.  Agumon was hoping the nightmare would finish.  At last the five Sukamon stopped and left Agumon’s motionless body lie on the ground.


         “Now let’s take a closer look.”  Ken let out a low whistle after all Sukamon left.


         The foes brought the camera into the still disgusting cell.  Agumon was lying on the ground half-conscious.


         “Wow!  Look at her ass hole!  Quickly, take some photos on her still opening wide ass hole!”   Digimon Emperor exclaimed in surprise.


         Agumon felt so shameful as they began to take photos of his wounded anus.  They turned Agumon’s body over with a stick and took some photos of his cunt too.  Agumon was exhausted and could not do anything to stop them.  Agumon felt even ashamed as they were discussing about her cunt and anus.


         “I’ll name this tape and photos as ‘Agumon played with shit’.”  Digimon Emperor remarked firmly.




         The next day, the others found Agumon near the forest.  They were surprised and shocked when they saw Agumon.  Agumon had to use one full week to clean the smell on his body.  Agumon also changed his name to Aguwomon.


         Veemon was so frightened and decided not to become a leader again anymore.  Digimon Emperor would do anything to the leader and Veemon did not wish to live as a eunuch.


         After one year, Aguwomon found a mate and was going to labor.  They decided to destroy the egg if the egg belongs to Sukamon.




The end.


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