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Author: Daniel Chan


Note 1: *********** means scene changed.

Note 2: This took place after the children defeated Ken.  Ken and Yolei loved at first sight.



Title: True love


         Yolei, do you want to go to the movies?”  Asked Ken.


         “Sure, which movie?”  Said Yolei.


         “How about Men In Black 2?”


         “No problem.”


         Ken and Yolei watched the movie happily, and then spent a wonderful time at the Vanilla Restaurant.


         Ken, thanks for the movie and sending me home.”  Said Yolei.


         “I’m glad that you’re happy.”  Ken answered.


         “See you tomorrow.”  Said Yolei.


         “Goodbye.”  Ken answered.




         One Saturday morning, Yolei went to the computer lab to check the computers.  Her responsibilities are to make sure that every computer is in good condition.


         Suddenly a male student entered the lab and sat in front of one computer.  He used the computer for a few minutes, then he called Yolei for help.  Yolei walked towards her, before she can say anything, he covered her nose with a cloth.  She felt dizzy and weak.  He called the other four friends and they carried her to the nearest male’s toilet.  The five students were only 14 years old.


         After a few minutes, Yolei was naked and was pinned on the floor.  She was too weak to struggle and she was very afraid when she saw five dicks.


         “No!  Please don’t do it!”  Yolei knew that she has reached the age of puberty and may get pregnancy.  She prays for mercy but they ignored her.


         One of the students penetrated her front entrance and broke her hymen.  She groaned in pain and burst into tears.  She lost her chastity, she tried to keep her chastity for Ken but now it’s gone, she has been raped brutally! And even worst, they did not use condoms!


         Then they invaded her anus, they even plucked her pubic hair and she was so painful.  That day not so much students in the school, so no one entered the toilet.


         After they raped her, they took out a knife.


         Yolei shook her head in fear but they stabbed her chest and belly.  They thought that she has died and so they left happily.  Later, fortunately a teacher saw her and sent her to the nearest hospital.




         In the hospital.


         “She lost a lot of blood, tonight will be the critical moment.”  The doctor told her parents and her parents burst into tears.


         The other children also felt very sad, especially Ken.


         “Ken…” Davis does not know what to say.


         “Davis, why? Why they did this? They’re beasts!”  Said Ken sadly, he punched the wall with his fist but he does not feel the pain.


         That night, her parents and Ken spent the night in the hospital.




         The next morning, Ken informed his friends to come to the hospital.


         Yolei was still alive, but she was too afraid to talk.  She was still shivering and shaking.  When she saw her parents, she hugged her mother and wept.


         The doctor told the children to leave at the moment and come back later, he also told the children that rape is a terrible thing to happen to a person, its effects are life-long, and can cause serious emotion problems.  The children left sadly.


         That night, in the hospital.


         Yolei saw the same students again.


         Hahaha…nice breasts!”  One of the students tore her bra and said.


         “Look at her pussy…” The other student said.


         Yolei tried to struggle but she was too weak and she was pinned on the ground.


         One student pushed his dick into her cunt and broke her hymen immediately.


         Noooooo!!!!”  Yolei shouted and woke up with a start.


         Aaaahhhh!”  Yolei burst into tears.


         Yolei, it’s okay.  It’s just a dream!”  Her mother also woke up with a start and comforted her.  The doctor asked her mother to stay with Yolei until Yolei is fully recovered.


         Yolei hugged her mother and cried, she was shivering and very afraid.  Her mother patted her back gently.  Although Yolei is still alive, she got the trauma that cannot be healed.


         After Yolei cried for a while, she was tired and fell asleep.  Her mother looked at her, “poor child, she’s so young, how can she tolerate these pains?”


         After two weeks, the students who raped Yolei were arrested.  Yolei refused to meet her friends except her mother, she does not trust any one, including his father.  She hated all guys.


         After another week, Yolei left the hospital with her parents quietly.  Yolei refused to return to the same school where she got the nightmare.  So her parents found another school for her.  Yolei also asked her parents to keep the secret and do not let her friends know.




         Yolei returned home and Hawkmon returned to the digiworld for the time being, he promised Yolei’s mother that he would keep the secret.


         Yolei locked herself in her room, she felt violated right and goes into deep depression.  She looked at the razor-blade, she wrote something on a paper, she picked up the razor blade, she looked at her right wrist, and then…


         Yolei’s parents were worried that Yolei will commit suicide during a fit of depression, so her mother gently knocked the door.  Yolei, do you want to eat something?”  But no replied, so she knocked harder, “Yolei!”


         The door opened and Yolei answered, “thanks, but I’m not hungry.”


         Her mother burst into the room and saw the razor blade.  She turned around and looked at Yolei.


         Yolei burst into tears and hugged her mother, “mom!  I…I’m sorry!  I wanted to do it, but I can’t!”


         Her mother patted her head, “Yolei, please don’t try again, for your beloved mother, okay?”


         Yolei nodded, “please don’t leave me alone, mom.  I’m scared.”  She said with tear-stained face.


         “Fear not, my child, for I’m with you always.”  Her mother assured Yolei.


         Yolei ceased weeping, “sorry mom, I promise that I’ll never try again.”


         “Good, remember, I’ll be with you always.”  Her mother smiled.


         “Mom, I’m tired and I need to rest.” Said Yolei wearily.


         Her mother nodded and left her.


         Yolei lie on the bed to rest, she fell asleep until someone called her gently.  She opened her eyes and saw her mother.  Her mother smiled and informed her that dinner is ready.  Yolei woke up and sat at the bed for a while, and then she entered the bathroom.


         Yolei undressed and saw the scars, she gently touched the scars on her chest and belly.  Immediately she recalled the incidents.  According to the doctor, the students missed her heart and thus she is still alive, but she has to rest for two months to be fully recovered.  She looked down and saw her almost hairless pussy, they almost plucked all the pubic hair.


         After 20 minutes, Yolei was eating with her mother.  Her father has finished earlier because he knew that Yolei wouldn’t have dinner with him.  Yolei hated every man, including her father but she does not know the reason.


         The next day, Yolei took out the vacuum cleaner to clean the house.


         Yolei, you still can’t work.  Let me do it.”  Her mother stopped.


         “But mom, I want to do something.”  Yolei protested.


         “You can do it anytime after one month.  Now, sit back and rest.”  Her mother answered.


         “But mom…”


         Yolei, although you can walk and stand, you’re still in a weak condition.  Now rest or your wound will bleed.”


         Yolei felt useless and returned to her room.  She can understand her mother, but she need to do something to keep her busy so that she could forget the incidents.


         After one month.


         “Dad, how’s the fried rice?”  Asked Yolei, she was slowly picking up her confidence towards her father.


         “Delicious!”  Her father smiled.  Her mother also smiled because Yolei has overcome the fear.




         After two months.


         Yolei went to the new school, she met new friends at there, but she still hate buys.


         After three weeks.


         One day, Yolei went home after school.


         Yolei, your call, from Ken.”  Her mother told her.


         Yolei was stunned, she hesitated for a while and picked up the phone.


         “Hello.”  Yolei hesitated again before she spoke, she would like to see Ken but she still could not forgive the boys.


         Yolei, I’m glad that you answered my call.”  Said Ken happily.


         “So what?”  Asked Yolei, her heart was pounding fast.


         Yolei, can I see you.”




         There was a long silence.


         “But you still can call me.”  Yolei broke the silence.


         Ken was happy and tried to tell her the things that could cheer her up.  Yolei was also happy to hear his voice again.  After a few minutes, they bade goodbye to each other and hung the phone.


         Yolei’s parents were also happy that Yolei finally took the first step.  They knew that time alone will efface those unpleasant memories.


         From that day onwards, Ken called Yolei and talked to her like old friend, he hoped that Yolei could meet him someday, but he also knew that he could not force her.




         After another one week, Yolei agreed to go out with Ken.  Ken visited Yolei again, both of them no need to go to school that day.


         Yolei, how do you do?”


         “Ken, I’m fine.  Don’t treat me like you’ve never seen me before.”  Yolei was happy to find someone she can cling on.


         Ken smiled, “then let’s go to the Vanilla Complex.”


         Ken tried to grab her hand but she avoided, “sorry Ken.  I…”


         “It’s okay, I’m sorry.”


         They spent a wonderful time that day and the following days.  Although Yolei was still nervous, she somehow feels safe when she saw Ken.  Yolei slowly forgot about the incidents.  They thought that they can stay happy forever from that day onwards, but once again they were tested by fate.




         After three months, in the hospital.


         Yolei, I’ve a bad news.”  Said Dr. No.


         Yolei and her mother were nervous.


         Yolei, you’re pregnant.”  Said Dr. No calmly.


         Yolei was shocked.  Her mother asked, “what should we do now?”


         “Abortion.”  Dr. No answered.


         “Will I die?”  Asked Yolei sadly.


         “50%-50%.  You’re too young for the operation.”  Dr. No explained.


         “Can she give birth to a baby?”  Her mother asked.


         “Also half-half.  She’s still young.  But I warn you, it’ll be very painful and you may die due to the pain.”  Said Dr. No.


         “Dr., if I accept abortion, will I get pregnant again next time?”  Asked Yolei.


         “Yes, I’m sure of it.”  Dr. No answered with confident.


         “Mother, I’ll accept the operation.”  Yolei burst into tears.


         Yolei…” Her mother also burst into tears.


         The next day, Yolei and her parents signed some documentation.  The operation date will be next week.




         Yolei was sent to the hospital and she stayed at a second-class ward.


         Yolei, don’t worry, you can make it.”  Ken grabbed her hands and said.  Yolei no longer afraid of Ken and she also grabbed his hands.


         Ken decided to stay with Yolei until the operation date.


         “Ken, you still remember the first time we met?”


         “Of course I remember.”


         They were talking about how they met and the digiworld.


         “Ken, look at the tree, it’s so beautiful.”


         Ken looked at the tree outside the window, “it’s going to blossom.”


         “Ken, I’m afraid.  I don’t know what’ll happen after I die.  Where should I go?  I don’t want to be alone.”


         “Then you must not leave us.  Many people needs you, especially the digiworld.”


         “Thanks.  Ken, I love you.”


         “Me too, Yolei.”


         “Ken, after I’ve fully recovered, I’ll returned to the digiworld and kick the enemies out of that world.”


         “That’s the spirit!”


         They looked at each other, then Ken kissed her cheek and left.




         Finally, the operation date arrived.


         “Fear not, Yolei, we’re always with you.”  Her parents encouraged her.


         “Ken, I’ll keep the promise, so wait for me.”


         “I’ll wait for you.”


         Yolei was pushed into the operation room.  Her parents and Ken waited at the guest waiting room.  None of them speaks.  Sorrow filled the room.


         Finally, the doctor came out, “operation success.  But you can only visit her next morning.”


         Her parents and Ken were very happy.


         “Ken, take good care of her.”  Her mother said.


         “I will.”  Ken answered.




         After a few months, Yolei was fully recovered and joined her friends to protect the digiworld.   Finally they defeated the last enemy and peace returned to the digiworld again


         “Ken, the war is over and we can enjoy.”  Said Yolei merrily.


         “Let’s go shopping, than a movie, finally a romantic dinner.”  Ken smiled.




         After one year, in Ken’s house.   Ken’s parents went to outstation already, inside Ken’s room.


         They sat and talked about the digiworld and about life for a while.  He had turned on the radio softly in the background.


         Yolei, want to dance?”


         Yolei nodded and they danced, fortunately Ken’s room was big enough for them to dance.  And then they ended up with champagne.  After a few minutes, he looked at her in the eyes, he took down her glasses and reaching down gently he kissed her.  She did not reject and kissed him back.


         Their bodies seemed to melt together as their arms wrapped around one another.  His left hand caressed her back as his right cupped the back of her head.  As the kiss ended he moved his head down slightly to begin kissing and her neck.  She tilted her head back obligingly.  Then her hands came around and pushed lightly on his chest.


         “Why?”  He backed off abruptly, but realized his mistake as she smiled at him and began unbuttoning his shirt.  He also began to undress her, finally only her underwear and her bra left.  He looked at her from head to toe, even with her bra and underwear, she is still pretty and attractive.  He gave her lavish praise and she blushed.


         He embraced her then, feeling their bare skin pressing together and her body diffused fragrant that almost made him drunk.  Then he kissed her again, first on the mouth, then down to her neck, and finally down her smooth chest as far as he could get between the cups of her bra.  He moved his lips first to one breast and then the other, cupping his mouth around the nipples beneath the lace and blowing warm air softly over them.  She moaned and her body shivered a little.  He felt them begin to stiffen beneath his tongue, and then pulled his arms around from her back, tracing his fingers across her sides as he went.  He cupped her breasts lightly, and then undid the closure in the middle and slowly pulled the lace cups aside.  She shuddered slightly as the lace brushed her now hardened nipples, and once her bra had slid down her arms to the floor, he stared at her newly formed breasts like a baby for a while.


         The soft music still playing as they sat together on the bed and kissed deeply once again.  Finally they broke the kiss, “can I?”  Asked Ken and looked at her underwear.   Yolei blushed and nodded.  Ken gently pulled her underwear off and put it aside.  He saw the pubic hair covered her pussy.  He caressed her pussy until she’s wet.


         He faced down, body weight mainly supported on knees and elbows.  Meanwhile she was flat on her back and looking at him.  He slid his prick into her twat and start pumping.  With this position, they can also kissed with each other.


         When he felt like he was going to cum, he withdrew his dick and laid it between her breasts.  She tried to clamp his dick with her breasts, meanwhile he used his dick and rub in between her breasts.  Both of them moaned and were thrown into ecstasy.  Finally he came and ejaculated on her breasts and chest.


         He lay besides her, gasping for air.


         After a few minutes, they changed to 69-position.


         He used his tongue and penetrated her twat while she gave him hand/blow jobs. They were building pleasure by pleasure, finally he tasted her vaginal fluid and she tasted his spersm.  They lay side-by-side and grasping for breath.


         Yolei, after I found a job, I’ll marry you.”  Said Ken.


         “I’ll wait for you.”  Yolei answered.




         After they finished studies, Ken worked as a Detective.  He married Yolei after one year.  Everyone was very happy and blessed them.


         Later Yolei gave birth to a baby and Ken was very proud.


         But after one year, Ken walked out from his office.  He entered his car and started the engine.  Immediately the car exploded, Ken and Wormmon died instantly.


         All people were very sad and Yolei was broken-hearted.  Although the murderers were arrested, Ken and Wormmon were gone forever.


         Yolei was already 40-year old, and is still single.  She cannot forget Ken and she refused to marry again.  Her son understood and respected his mother.


         Yolei passed away at the age of 50 due to illness.  They buried her beside Ken’s cemetery.


         “Mother, now you can meet father in the Heaven.”  Her son said sadly, “Hawkmon, let’s go home.”  Hawkmon and him went back.




The end.


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