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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This is an AU.  Not an ordinary fiction.

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Note 4: Thanks to those who encouraged me.


Title: The Game


         Mewtwo woke up and glance around, he saw his mate still sleeping beside him.   He smiled and floated gently because he did not wish to wake her up.  He floated to the door and opened it gently.  He landed on the floor and decided to walk towards the washroom.


         Once inside the washroom, Mewtwo began to brush his teeth and wash his face.  He closed the door and took a warm shower.  He still could see the sperm and juices on his groin.  He took a sponge and rubbed the stain away gently.  After he finished taking bath and pissing, he dried his body with the towel and walked out from the washroom.


         “Morning Mewtwo.”  Mew greeted her mate when he was on the way to the kitchen.


         “Morning Mew, sleep well?”  Asked Mewtwo in a husky voice.


         Mew raised an eyebrow at Mewtwo.  “Of course!”  She replied.


         Mewtwo entered the kitchen and put on a pinafore.  He hummed happily while taking out a frying-pan.  He used his physic power to prepare breakfast while Mew was changing bed sheet.  When Mew finished her work, she entered the kitchen.


         “Smells delicious!”  Mew exclaimed while floating in the air.


         Mewtwo removed the pinafore and sat down on a chair.  “Let’s try this coffee which I bought from Coffee Bean.”  He remarked.


         Mew sat down in front of Mew, “Hmm…white coffee, I like it.”  She observed.


         Mewtwo grined at Mewtwo. “I bought it with staff price.  I’m glad that you like it.”  Mewtwo worked at a Coffee Bean café nearby.  Thus he could buy the white coffee at a cheaper price.  Today it was his rest day and he could enjoy his breakfast because he did not need to rush like normal days.


         “What’re we going to do today?”  Asked Mew with interest, taking a sip of coffee.


         “Child’s play.”  Mewtwo replied, he frowned and stabbed at his barbecued beef with his fork.


         Mew looked up from her meat pie.  “You mean…” she guessed and Mewtwo nodded.


         “That’s really interesting,” said Mew, her brown eyes gleaming.




         After breakfast, they cleaned the kitchen and then returned to the room.


         “I’ve been waiting for this moment.”  Mew said quietly, her smile broadening.  She took out some diapers from the drawer.


         Mewtwo couldn’t help laughing at Mew’s enthusiasm.  Mew opened the top drawer of the dresser and took out a bottle of baby oil and some baby-powder.


         “Let me try first.”  Said Mewtwo, raising his eyebrows.  After he rolled back over for Mew, she applied a thorough coat of baby oil to his diaper area and then some baby powder.  With each application, she lifted his ankles together with her left paw and folded his legs back to oil and powder his bottom as if he were an infant.


         “Mew, you’re an expert.”  Mewtwo teased.


         “Of course!  Or else how am I suppose to change diaper for our children in the future?”  Mew replied, her eyes gleaming.


         Mew then slipped the thick, cloth diaper under Mewtwo and expertly pinned it on.  Finally, she pulled his blue plastic pants on over his diapers and put him in a yellow sleeper with snaps at the legs and crotch.  Mewtwo felt so good and moaned softly.


         “Ta da!”  Mew announced.


         “You’re a genius!”  Said Mewtwo, taking Mew in with appreciative eyes.


         “How do you feel?”  Asked Mew, her arms crossed over her chest.


         “Perfect!”  Mewtwo replied, applauding.  As he was trying to walk, he felt so good and excited.  The diaper and plastic pants somehow caressed his groin and made him horny.  Soon Mew could see a bulge on his crotch.


         “Mewtwo, I want to try too.”  Said Mew, here eyes were fixing on Mewtwo’s diaper.


         “Sure.”  Mewtwo replied sincerely.


         Mew raised up as Mewtwo slid the diaper under her, and then pulled it tightly up her crotch.  It was a little big for her, but he said that would just make it work better, as he fastened the two tapes on each side.  With her diaper on she stood up and tried to climb down from the bed.  At first she could not walk properly and almost tripped, but soon she could walk around the room.


         “Fantastic!”  Mew laughed.


         “Let’s try to urinate inside it.  I’m sure it would be more fun.”  Mewtwo suggested.


         Mew agreed and both of them concentrate for a while.  Soon they began to pee.


         Mew purred after she finished, “Arh…so warm…you’re right, I feels so good.”  She said, her eyes lighting with excitement.


         Mewtwo hugged Mew, “Let’s rub with each other.”  He added with a grin.


         Mew nodded and hugged Mewtwo.  Together they tried to knock and caress each other with the diapers.  They also began to kiss and explore each other’s body.  They liked the sensations and the sound of their diaper made they arouse even faster.


         Mew broke the kiss after she felt her pussy was soaking.  “Mewtwo, I can’t wait for you to enter me now.”  She whispered.


         Mewtwo stared at Mew and gently placed her on the carpet.  She moved her paws to his belly and began to release his pecker from the diaper.  She kissed his belly and chest while slowly removing his diaper.  Finally he flew up a little and let his diaper dropped to the carpet.  Immediately his pokehood sprung up in full length.


         Mew sniffed his diaper for a while.  “Your urine didn’t smell nasty.  In fact, your urine smells like nothing, just like pure water.”  She felt her face redden.


         Mewtwo also took down Mew’s diaper and sniffed it, “I only smell your juice.”  He joked.


         They threw away the diapers and prepared for next steps.


         “Wait, let’s have some music.”  Said Mew with a smile and she used her physic power to switch on the radio.


         “Wow!  Rock music, is this mean that you want rough sex?”  Mewtwo called out.


         Mew blushed and nodded.  “C’mon, I’m ready now.”  She said softly.


         Mewtwo moved Mew’s legs until they were on both sides of his waist.  Shifting into position, he gazed at her body and smiled.  Then he thrust his hard pecker into her dripping clitoris.  He kept moving back and forth, with her arching her hips to meet his in rhythm.


         “I will I will ROCK YOU!”  Mewtwo hummed.


         “YES YES!”  Mew echoed.


         “I will I will ROCK YOU!”  Mewtwo hummed.


         “GOOD GOOD!”  Mew echoed.


         Mewtwo pumped Mew deep, fast and hard but she did not feel painful at all.  They held back as long as they could but finally they climaxed.  She convulsed as he squirted his juices in her.  Then he withdrew his pokehood as she moved her legs off of his waists to the carpet.


         “Do you like the games?”  Mewtwo gasped.


         “Yes…” Mew panted.


         They hugged each other and dozed off.




The end.


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