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Author: Daniel

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Title: The Auction 

Sora stood nervously off to the side of the small stage as she waited her turn. For so many reasons, she found it hard to believe that this day had actually arrived. Just one week ago she had been a typical student – having fun, attracting lots of boys, occasionally worrying about her future and recently became a Digidestined child. But certainly when she had imagined her future back then, she never would have imagined this – that she would become a slave, to be sold by The Dark Masters to the highest bidder, at some sick, twisted auction. 




One week ago, inside Myotismon hideout. 


“Master, Gennai has summoned the Digidestined children and they’re now in the forest at sector 10.” Gatomon reported. 


“Called the Dark Masters now!” Said Myotismon loftily. 


“Yes master.” Gatomon answered politely and left the office. 


Gatomon took up her cell-phone and prepared to call the leader of the Dark Masters, cursing as she discovered the battery dead. “Wizardmon, my cell-phone battery died on me, can you lone me your phone?” She asked her mate. 


Wizardmon took out his cell-phone and passed it to Gatomon. 


“Motorola-888? Wow! The latest design! How much did this cost you?” Gatomon asked in astonishment. 


“Only 1K, very cheap!” Wizardmon said, with a merry laugh. 


Gatomon looked at her Nokia-888 cell-phone, “I’ll buy a new one after I got some money.” She said with a shrug. 


“In that case, you should buy this model. It has color, its small, and you can change the ring tone…” Wizardmon boasted about his new cell-phone. 


Gatomon nodded for a moment, before shaking her head at the pointless discussion, “Okay…I must call Piedmon now or else our boss will cut our pay.” She said at last. 


One hour later, the Dark Masters were gathered at Myotismon’s hideout. 


“My comrades, Gennai has gathered the chosen children to fight against us. We must kill them now before their Digimon reach Mega level.” Myotismon said, gruffly. 


“Hmm, I believe I have an idea.” Piedmon chimed in. 


“Yes?” Asked Myotismon. 


Piedmon grinned, a dark and sadistic smile. “Why don’t we make them our human slaves?” He asked. 


“Excellent idea… And when we finished using them, we can sell them to someone else.” Myotismon remarked with a smile. 


“Alright then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get them now!” Said Puppetmon, gleefully.


The Dark Masters easily found the Digidestined children and deleted their chosen Digimon. Since the battle had come before its time, the children and their partners never had a chance…


The Dark Masters kept the children in their private dungeon and prepared to train them before selling to the other evil Digimon. Within two days, Gennai had sent an army to try to rescue children but sadly, it failed. The Digimon were hastily moved to another dungeon. 




Back to Sora. 


Sora was astonished by the auction. Those being placed on the auction block were both male and female. They also ranged quite dramatically in age; she was the youngest, being only ten years old. The audience consisted primarily of experienced dominants – both masters and mistresses. Mimi stood shivering on Sora’s right hand side. No matter who bought her, she knew she would become a sex slave forever. She felt a pang regret and scolded herself for ever becoming one of the chosen children. 


“If Gennai had given us better Digimon, we wouldn’t have lost so easily.” Tai thought. 


The first pleasure slave to be brought before the crowd of potential buyers was Sora. She stood there with her long red hair, classically pretty face, small but voluptuous breasts, and an hourglass figure trembling before the intimidating faces of the crowd, her body naked flushed with shame. As she was instructed to stand before the audience with her hands behind her back and her legs spread wide, Matt noticed that her nipples, ears, and privates were all pierced with small gold rings. He felt anger flow through his body as he thought about what the Dark Masters had done to his girlfriend.


At about that time, Piedmon invited all potential buyers to come up on the stage to ‘inspect’ the girl up close. One master in the audience brought with him a rather large dildo, which he intended to use to establish that the girl was willing and able to accept such a large object inside of her. 


Sora was nervous although this was not the first time she had seen such large dildo. The Dark Masters had taken away her chastity in the dungeon as they also trained her to be obedience. Her entire body shivered whenever she recalled those days in the dungeon. Now she was going to receive even more torment. 


The Digimon now standing before her smiled evilly. Sora dared not look him in the eye, as she had been taught that a slave may never look at a master directly in the eye. He commanded her to lay down on the stage and spread her legs. Sora obeyed dispiritedly, knowing that resistance would only bring more torment for her. He smirked as he bent down before her pussy and plunged the dildo deep into her vagina without any warnings. 


Sora released a piercing scream as she forced herself not to kick the mon away from her. The Digimon smirked as he pushed in again, her body jerking at the forced intrusion. As he twisted the dildo inside of her she nearly fainted. She felt like someone was tearing at her cunt. When he stood up, leaving the dildo half way in her twat, she thought it was over and sighed with relief. 


The Digimon turned to ask two Digimon to hold Sora’s body tightly, grinning maliciously as they made sure she could not move. Suddenly his foot lashed out and he kicked the dildo forcefully into her body. She screamed painfully and finally lost consciousness. Blood dripped from her pussy, the dildo amazingly fully inserted into her vagina. He could not have cared less weather the dildo had penetrated her cervix or not. He merely smiled and nodded as though in approval of something as trivial as a painting at a gallery. 


After the Digimon had bought Sora, the next slave to be brought to the block was Mimi. Her lithe body was trembling nearly to the point of collapse as she glanced at the blood on the stage, praying silently that her master would not have such kinky tastes. But all hope left her and she filled with despair as she saw a Digimon approach the stage with a cat-o-nine whip in hand…




The auction continues…the nightmare of the children has just begun…when would the nightmare ends? Who could rescue the children? Who could possibly defeat the Dark Masters? Will children really spend the rest of their lives in the Digital World as slaves?



The end??? 


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