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Author: Daniel


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Title: Sweet First Time


         One afternoon, Tai, age seven, and his five-year-old sister were watching anime at home after having lunch.  Their parents had gone to visit a relative and would return before dinner time.


         "Damn, so hot."  Tai grumbled and picked up the remote control.  He clicked a button but the air conditioner didn't respond.  He changed the batteries but it was still useless.


         "The air conditioner chose this time to stop working?"  Tai looked angry enough to throw away the remote control.  His face was bronzed and smooth.


         Tai switched off the TV and was wondering of what to do next.  He just sat on the sofa and waited for Kari to come out from her room because he wanted to play board games with her.  His eyes popped open wide as his jaw dropped when he saw his sister. 


         "Tai, want to play Monopoly?"  Kari asked lightly.  She was wearing a t-shirt that was almost transparent and Tai could see two tiny dots on her chest.  She did not wear a skirt or pants.  Her shirt was just long enough to cover her groin.  Immediately he found himself lost in fantasy and his pecker began to get erect. He really wanted to see her pussy and touch her chest.  He shook his head and could not understand how he could think such thoughts.  He dismissed all the incestuous thoughts from his mind, telling himself that it was wrong to think that.  But he could not stop himself from looking at her.


         "Oh...you don't want to play Monopoly?"  Kari said, winking at Tai when he shook his head.  When she smiled, her teeth were as white as sheep that had just been shorn and washed. Her lips were like a scarlet ribbon, how lovely they were when she spoke.  Her cheek was glowing with health and her eyes were shining with love.


         Tai blinked.  "Err...actually..."


         Kari walked towards Tai and before he could stop her, she sat on his thighs.


         "Argh!!!"  Tai shouted painfully and Kari sprung up at once.


         Kari looked surprised.  "Tai, what was that hard thing?"


         Tai was speechless for a while, his sister had sat on his manhood and almost broken it...it had not broken but it was still painful.  A tear rolled down from his cheek as he bent down to massage his precious male reproductive system.


         Tai frowned.  "Fortunately no bleeding."


         "Tai, are you alright?"  Kari asked again, seeing the expression on Tai's face.


         Tai did not know how to explain to Kari.  Suddenly he got an idea.  He knew it would be a bad idea but he could not tolerate any more.  "Kari, want to play another game?"  he lifted up his head and asked wearily.


         Kari gave Tai a big grin.  "Sure.  What game?  Scrabble? Boggle?"


         "Err...let's go to the bathroom first."  Tai said with some pleasure and stood up.  He didn't hurt anymore. His desires had defeated his conscience.


         Tai took a stool and entered the bathroom.  Kari followed from behind and was eager to start the game although she had no clue what it was about.


         "Kari...can you lift up you shirt?"  Tai turned to Kari and asked excitedly.


         "Huh?"  Kari stared at Tai curiously and lifted up her shirt slowly.  His pecker grew to full length when he saw her smooth pussy.  She did not wear anything to cover her groin and this was her first time exposing her secret area to a boy.  She was both frightened and excited at the same time since up to now she had never had a sexual experience of any kind and she did not know what she was supposed to do.


         "Kari, can I touch it?"  Tai inquired.


         Kari was too young and ignorant.  She did not know that it was wrong for Tai to continue.  She nodded and his strong hands began moving up and down her legs driving her into frenzy.  Then he used a shivering finger to caress her peeing hole that he longed for.  This was the first time he touched a girl's most private part and he felt excited.  She felt an electric shock and backed off a step.


         "What?" Tai was surprised and thought that Kari hated him.


         "I feel...strange..." Kari said nervously.


         "Do you like it?"  Tai asked, smiling broadly.

 Kari nodded and Tai continued.  Her mind was a total blur because she was never so excited in all her life.  What he did next totally shocked her.  He got down on his knees and began to kiss her on her thighs running his tongue higher and higher until he kissed her clit.


         "Ooohhh..." Kari purred and could not believe Tai would kiss her urine hole.  To her, that place was dirty.  But she did not feel disgusting or nasty.


         Tai moved his head closer to her groin to examine it closely. He breathed into her cunt and her legs shivered.  She felt weak and could not stand properly.  His tongue then began licking her pussy, and she collapsed onto the stool and closed her legs.  But his head was still buried in her private area, so she spread her legs again and was wondering what those feelings were.  She shuddered and let out a little yelp.  There was nothing to compare with the electric charges she felt pulse throughout her body.  Very soon, she had her first orgasm and he tasted her juices.  He thought she'd peed, but the taste was different.  It was salty and a very strange consistency but not unpleasant.


         "Kari, are you alright?"  asked Tai when he saw Kari was gasping and speechless.  "Sorry, did I hurt you?"  he asked again earnestly and he looked almost regretful.


         "I'm...fine..." Kari panted.


         After a while, Kari stopped gasping.  "Tai, what's the name of this game?  I like it."  She wondered.


         Tai let out his breath in a relieved sigh and glad that Kari liked the game.  "There's no name for the game..." he stammered.  Actually he just wanted to touch her pussy.


         "Tai, what was that hard thing I sat on just now?"  Kari remarked, curious.


         "Uh-oh..." Tai thought and wrinkled his nose. "Well...it's my...do you want to see it for yourself?"  he offered.


         Kari nodded and Tai quickly removed his pants to free his manhood.


         Kari was puzzled.  "So huge!  Why don't I have one?"  Tai's pecker was actually only 2 to 3 inches in length, but to her it was gigantic because she had not seen one before.  If she had seen her father's manhood, she would have known that this one was too small to even compare.


         "Because you're a girl," Tai tried to explain.


         "Can...I touch...it?  I want to see it, too."  Kari said gently.


         "Go on."  Tai said, a big grin on his face.  He was glad that Kari was not frightened.


         Kari grabbed Tai's manhood. It felt like she was holding a skinned banana.  To her, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.  It was warm and hard.  She cupped his balls and was about to squeeze them.                   


         "If I squeeze it, what will I get?"  Kari thought.


         "Kari, don't bend it or squeeze it!  Just lick and kiss it." said Tai quickly.


         Kari stared at Tai's pecker for a while.  Then she did something she had never even dreamed of.  She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it.  His dick was just the right size to fit in her tiny mouth and she liked the feeling.  He moaned in pleasure as she breathed on his groin.  He tried  not to come into her mouth but failed.  His cock exploded in her mouth before he could withdraw it.


         "Kari...I'm sorry...I was not able to take it out before..." Tai gasped.  HE thought he had urinated into her mouth.


         "It tasted...like Yogurt..." Kari commented while chewing the remaining liquid.


         "You don't need to eat it..." said Tai, shaking his head.  He didn't know what that liquid was, either.


         "It's okay.  It's not nasty,"  Kari answered brightly and swallowed it all.


         "Kari, don't tell anyone, or else they'll punish us,"  Tai said absently.


         Kari nodded.  "Tai, can you go out for a while?  I need to pee..." she stammered.


         "Can I pee with you too?"  Tai suggested.  Now he wanted to see how a girl urinated.


         Kari blushed, "I think it's nothing wrong to pee together,"  she thought.


         Kari lifted up her shirt and sat on the Western-type toilet.  "How?"  she asked.


         "Please spread your legs...good...now I can join you."  Tai said reassuringly while fixing his eyes on her pussy.


         Tai aimed his pecker in the toilet and prepared to urine. Soon he saw Kari's pussy parted a little and a quite yellowish liquid flowed out from the slit.  He also let the water out from his bladder and pissed in the gap between her legs.  The two ‘streams’ intertwined and joined into one.  Her slit was like a waterfall and his cock head was like a fountain.  He finished first and shook his manhood to shake off the last few drops.  She finished later and tore some toilet paper to wipe off the remaining urine on her pussy.  She moaned as she gently cleaned her vagina.  She stood up and flushed the toilet.


         "Tai, want to shower together?"  Kari offered.  They'd never taken a shower together before.


         "Sure, it should be fun too."  Tai answered and immediately walked out from the room to take two towels.  After they fully undressed, they began to bathe.  He took the opportunity to look at Kari's chest.  He saw her nipples, which he'd been dying to see.  To him, her tiny breasts were like bunches of grapes.


         "Kari...can I kiss you?"  Tai grinned.


         "Of course."  Kari answered while staring at Tai curiously.  His hair was wavy and black as a raven.  His eyes were as pretty as doves by a flowing brook.  His cheeks were as lovely as a garden that was full of herbs and spices.


         Kari thought Tai would only kiss her cheek gently as usual.  He looked into her eyes as their faces got closer together and he could see that she wanted this as much as he did.  He reached out his arms and pulled her to him in an embrace.  She responded by wrapping her arms around him as well.  He placed his lips on hers and tickled her lips with his tongue.  His lips were like lilies, wet with liquid myrrh. She parted her lips slightly and let his tongue invade her mouth.


         His nose pressed against her nose and his chest against her chest.  His hands slowly massaged her back and she mimicked him.  Her bare back was burning hot under his arms. Their chests touched and her erect nipples were pushed gently by his skin and the slight friction on them gave her the most incredible sense of pleasure.  The taste of honey was on her lips and her tongue was warm.  Before he could French kiss her, he broke the kiss and went up for air.  They tried different positions to kiss with each other but in vain. They did not know how to kiss properly.  In the end, they just kissed each other's cheek.


         Tai instructed Kari to wet herself under the shower's spray before she soaped her body.  He watched as her hands moved over her body in a smooth motion.  His intense stare seemed to excite her more than her soapy fingers moved over her hardened nipples.  She did not feel uneasy because she was used to bathing with her mother.  He also got wet and began to soap his body with a sponge.


         "Tai..." Kari turned around and asked Tai to wash her back.


         Tai opened his eyes wide to examine Kari's back before he washed her up.  Her hair was beautiful upon her cheeks and fell along her neck like jewels.  She was still young but she already had a slender figure.  She also had voluptuous hips with a tiny hole in the middle.  He sponged her back slowly down to her buttocks.  He put down the sponge and massaged her buttocks with his other hand.  She purred and her body shivered. He tried to cup her right buttock and was surprised at how elastic it was.  He used the sponge to massage her buttocks and she really enjoyed the treatment.  He bent down to examine her asshole but she suddenly farted.  The fart hit his face directly and he almost gagged. 


         "Argh!"  Tai quickly rushed to the door and as soon as he opened the door, he stretched his head out of the door and gasped.  The fart was so nasty that he almost fainted.  This was his first time to smell a fart from a girl and he'd thought girls would never fart.


          "Sorry Tai..." Kari apologized.


         "Kari..." Tai panted and closed the door again.  "Next time, control yourself."  He said.


         "Okay..." Kari blushed.


         After they finished the shower, they walked out from the bathroom happily.  Tai was excited despite the fart.  He hoped he could shower with Kari again next time.




The end.


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