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Title: She fell sick

One morning, Masaru, Thoma and Yoshino were heading Infinity Ice Ridge in the Digital World.

“Guys, I’m tired,” said Yoshino.

“Let’s take a rest, in that cave,” Thoma suggested.

“Damn, I don’t feel tired yet and I want to reach there fast,” Masaru murmured.

Once they entered the cave, Yoshino collapsed.

“What the…” the guys were shocked and surprised.

“Oh no, she’s truck by a contagious virus which seemingly affects humans,” said Raramon after examined Yoshino.

“How to save her?” Thoma asked.

“Hmm…may be we can visit Wanderer's Cape…” Raramon answered.

“Where’s that place? And why…” Masaru trailed off.

“There’s a big hospital there, but now…I’m not sure. May be disappeared long time ago. We can ask other Digimon on the way to show us the way,” Raramon answered.

“We’ve no choice, let’s go,” said Thoma.

“Raramon, you better stay here,” said Masaru.

“Guys…sorry…” said Yoshino weekly.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be back ASAP,” said Thoma.


“Ikuto, the girl is left alone in the cave now. Let’s go and get her now,” said Falcomon.

“The guys must be gone out to find food, we won’t have enough time,” Ikuto answered.

“No, I overheard that she fell sick. The guys won’t be back so fast because…” Falcomon trailed off.

“Why?” Asked Ikuto.

“The place they’re heading now is full of dangers. They’ll surely need time to fight the enemies and find the cure,” answered Falcomon.

“Well, let’s go,” said Ikuto.


“This is the cave,” whispered Falcomon.

“No traps. No guards. Can you take care of that little Digimon?” Asked Ikuto and pointed at Raramon.

“Hmm…need food.” Raramon thought while flying out of the cave. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain on her head and she collapsed to the ground.

“Did you kill her?” Asked Ikuto.

“No. I still want to have fun with her,” answered Falcomon.

Yoshino was shocked to see Ikuto and Falcomon. She tried to stand up but she was too weak. She tried to scream but her voice was soft.

“Little bitch, you look like sleeping beauty now,” said Ikuto.

“What…” Yoshino gasped.

“Hurry, give me her underwear,” Falcomon interrupted.

Yoshino knew what was happening, but tried as she might, her arms would not respond as they lay limply at her side. She could hear the sound of fabric being torn, leaving her naked and totally accessible. Terror filled her heart, and she began to struggle wildly to free herself but she was exhausted and too weak to struggle. Falcomon approached them and took the underwear. Yoshino closed her eyes when Ikuto stood up and began to remove his pants.

Falcomon inserted the underwear into Raramon’s mouth and tied her with some rattans. “Ok, it’s party time.” Falcomon thought.

Ikuto had never been naked with a girl before and did not really know how to begin. He had often fantasized about sex, of course, and was determined to try cunnulingus. “Falcomon, what should I do now?” Asked Ikuto.

“Kiss her.” Answered Falcomon shortly.

Ikuto began to kiss Yoshino face and neck. She closed her eyes and moaned as his hands gently massaged her breasts. She suddenly realized she should not moan, but she could not stop moaning. He moved his head downward and lightly sucked on her nipples. She blushed and moaned even louder. He slid his hand down to her vagina and ran his fingers between her labia. He felt her wetness and was happy that she was well lubricated.

“For a beginner, you’re doing great. She liked it and is readied,” Falcomon commented.

“Hmm…now…” Ikuto murmured.

“Ikuto, better do it fast or they might turn back suddenly,” Falcomon said and Ikuto nodded.

Ikuto drew Yoshino up closer to him and lowered his lips to hers again. Her eyes were opened wide and she was trembling just a little. She closed her eyes just as their lips touched, but the tremble continued. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders and the other around her waist and pulled her body against his own. The soft mounds of her breasts pressed against his chest and he could feel the rapid beat of her heart through the contact. Her lips were soft and the kiss was long and tender.

“Something’s wrong with her,” said Falcomon.

“She’s sick, right?” Asked Ikuto.

“No, not that only. Insert a finger into her vagina now.” said Falcomon.

Yoshino breathing quickly grew shallow as the heat in her vagina intensified. A finger slipped inside of her, probing up and down her slit, taking a few extra seconds on her clit, which caused her to moan involuntarily. She stiffened slightly, waiting for him to enter her.

“Oh I see. She’s infected by virus. Now she’s look like she’s eaten ecstasy pill and wanted to have sex,” explained Falcomon.

“So, I shall help her now,” answered Ikuto.

“Knee down now, bitch,” said Falcomon.

Yoshino’s body was shivering and could not knee down properly, Falcomon moved to her front and helped her. Ikuto stood behind her and soon he was rubbing his semi-hard cock against her sweet ass. He slid into her already steamy wet pussy with one shot and she groaned painfully.

“Next time, go in slowly so that she could suffer more. Now let’s just rush it,” suggested Falcomon.

“Ok,” answered Ikuto.

Sliding in and out of Yoshino, Ikuto felt his cock getting deeper into this sexy girl’s pussy and could feel her squeezing it with each thrust. “She’s…sucking like a vacuum cleaner…” he gasped.

“This mean she’s building climax fast,” explained Falcomon.

“She…moans loudly now…” Ikuto panted.

“The louder she moans, the harder she cum,” said Falcomon.

Ikuto slammed his dick into Yoshino’s cervix and filled her womb with his own hot seed. She too began to cum when she felt his hot cum filing her up. Soon, they both stopped and she dozed off.

“Let’s go now. I can sense they’re coming back,” Falcomon said. He penetrated Raramon’s pussy with one thrust and began to pump.

“Falcomon…” Ikuto trailed.

“I want to break her virginity before we leave, but it’s seems like she’s not a virgin anymore,” Falcomon said and put his dick back to its pouch.

Falcomon and Ikuto left the cave and hid behind some bushes. They squatted down just in time to see Masaru’s and his gang came back.

“This will teach them not to leave their friend alone. Let’s go before they spotted us,” Falcomon said.

“I feel tired…” Ikuto said softly.

“This is normal. You’ll feel tired after making love,” Falcomon answered.

“From the Internet, I heard people could last very long but why I couldn’t?” Ikuto asked.

“You need practice more,” Falcomon joked.

The end.