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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note 1: ************ means scene changed
Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.

Title: Impmon’s First Love

In the Digital World.

“Hi Lopmon! You still look pretty and attractive.” Impmon complemented Lopmon when he met her.

“Am I dreaming? Is this the real Impmon?” Lopmon exclaimed.

“Lopmon, don’t say that. I am looking for someone to love. Have you found one?”

“You’re an impostor. The REAL Impmon wouldn’t be so polite.”

“Babe… Lopmon, I’m the real purple imp, choose me and you’ll never regret it.”

“Yes, this is the REAL imp.”

“C’mon babe, I’m the real imp and I’m dating you.”

“Sorry, I love Guilmon.” Said Lopmon at last.

That sentence, like a sword, pierced through Impmon’s chest and shattered his heart into pieces. He tried to calm himself and put on a smiling face.

“Lop, you must be kidding, normal girls wouldn’t love a childish dinosaur.” Impmon tried to smile.

“You silly purple imp, I’m very normal and I love him very much. As you know, girls love boys with muscular body because girls need protection. Sometimes girls can put her face on his broad shoulder to cry on, or sleep on his chest.” Lopmon explained.

“I hope you won’t become as stupid as him afterwards.” Impmon joked.

“If I chose you, I’ll become a playgirl.” Lopmon retorted.

“I’m no playboy! I like to joke and tease people but I’m no playboy!” Impmon paused for a while and continued, “Besides, there are so many girls beside you and Renamon. Now, if you mind, I’m going to find some other girl.” But he does not know any other girls beside Renamon and Lopmon.

Lopmon burst into laughs and Impmon turned around. He stared at her, she was laughing like she just watched a comedy show.

“Why the hell are you laughing? You really think I can’t find another girl?” Impmon shouted.

Finally Lopmon stopped and looked at Impmon, “Do you really think I love that dumb dinosaur?” She said at last.


“Impmon, I have no mate yet.”

“So do you accept me?”

Lopmon nodded and continued, “Yes, but you must change the way you talk.”

“Lopmon!” Impmon opened his arm wide and ran slowly towards Lopmon.

“Impmon, don’t mimic the movies.” Lopmon stopped Impmon.

“Okay.” Impmon put down his hands and walked towards Lopmon.

“So let’s go to the lake for a romantic stroll. Shall we?” Asked Impmon cordially.

“Oh, you also know he to be romantic, eh?” Said Lomon and they set off to the lake hand-in-hand.


When they reached the lake, they found a boat in the boat-house. They put on the boater and pushed the boat slowly to the lake.

“Hmm…the fucking boat is in good condition.” Impmon checked the boat and nodded.


“Sorry, Lopmon, no swearing from now on.”

“That’s more like it, one more dirty word, and you’re out of my life.” Lopmon sat on the boat and warned him.

Impmon leapt to the boat and start to row the boat. The wind has subsided and the waves have calm down and it was warm and sunny, so they do not need to worry about windstorm.

Lopmon looked at Impmon, “Now I know that you have an elegant and graceful carriage.” She said at last.

“You are a woman of great charm.” Returned Impmon.

“You also know how to praise people, very rare in a male.” Lopmon smiled.

Impmon almost swore, but calm down immediately and said naturally, “C’mon. Everyone knows how to praise people.”

They looked at the surroundings, “What a wonderful sight.” Lopmon said merrily.

“It is picturesque.” Said Impmon with a cheerful disposition. He felt funny saying ‘picturesque’.

Lopmon bent down a little and stretched her right arm into the water, “The water is so warm.” She said and withdrew her paw.

“Oh you can stretch your arms!” Impmon was surprised to see that.

“Of course. How else do I clean my ears, horn and head?”

Impmon smiled and nodded, “You should change your name to ElasticLopmon.” He thought.

After about ten minutes, Lopmon asked Impmon to let her row the boat.

“Err…but your paws…”

“Don’t worry. Trust me!”

“…okay…be careful…”

Lopmon gripped the oar and continued to row the boat.

“My paws are sticky, so I can grab any huge objects easily. But I cannot climb walls, like Spiderman.” Lopmon explained as she saw the surprising expression on Impmon’s face.

“You are amazing!” Impmon sighed. But he thought again, “Now you’re SpiderRabbitmon.” Lopmon laughed out loud.

They started talking with each other for what seemed like an hour.

“You know Impmon, you’re really nice once I got to know you.” Lopmon smiled.

“Of course, we are on friendly terms. Now you should know how polite and handsome I really am.” Impmon nodded.

“Everyone can pretend to be polite, and …you’re not as handsome as Guilmon.” Lopmon teased him.

Lopmon rowed for another few minutes and asked, “Where do you want to go afterwards?”

Impmon thought for a while and answered, “How about we go to the Vanilla Café to have tea time?” Actually he wanted to fuck her already.

“Sounds good.” Lopmon agreed.

After another five minutes, they left the lake. They were strolling hand-in-hand to the cafe.

“Babe, where are you working now?”

“Teaching at a kindergarten, and you? Still teasing people around?”

“Nah! I also need money, so I’m working as an assistant shop keeper for a book shop.”

“Poor shop keeper…” Lopmon sighed.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Impmon leered at Lopmon

“I hope you didn’t scare the customers away.” Lopmon smiled and winked.

“I know when it’s play time and when it’s time to work.” Said Impmon.

They continued to discuss about their jobs; finally they reached the café.

“Nice fu…café.” Impmon sat down and murmured.

Lopmon looked around and nodded, “Indeed.”

“Hi, how are you?”

Lopmon and Impmon turned around and saw a female angel Digimon. An Angewomon.

“Err…do you know us?” Asked Lopmon curiously.

“Of course, Renamon told me about both of you and showed me some photos of you two.”

“And you are?” Ventured Impmon.

“Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I am Angewomon, I‘ve been staying here for many years, so I digivolved to Ultimate level one day.”

“You know Renamon?” Asked Lopmon again.

“Yes, she stays beside my house.” Angewomon explained.

“Oh…we have not seen her for some time. Maybe she’s busy.” Said Lopmon.

“So what do you want to eat?” Asked Angewomon cordially and passed two menus to them.

“Hmm…give me this one.” Lopmon pointed at the menu and Angewomon nodded.

“Fried Rice.” Said Impmon at last.

After Angewomon left, “I wonder what is Renamon doing now. Fucking with her mate everyday?” Impmon scratched his head.

“Maybe she is busy with her work, Impmon. Let’s visit her tonight. I’m sure she will be at home.” Lopmon suggested.

Angewomon appeared and interrupted them, after she put their ordered food on the table. She left and continued to serve the other customers.

Impmon stared at Lopmon and Lopmon felt uneasy.

“What’s the matter?” Asked Lopmon with a smile.

“I feel so happy because I have the honor to have lunch with you, especially in this romantic café.” Impmon praised Lopmon.

“Impmon… you are really nauseating, do you know that? What do you want, really? Don’t beat about the bush.”

“C’mon Lop, I truly love you. Trust me.”

“Impmon, I’m going to vomit if you continued to talk like that.” Lopmon looked somewhat cross.


Finally they finished their meals.

“Let’s go shopping.” Lopmon suggested and Impmon nodded.


“Ah…tired…” Impmon entered his room and sighed. He looked at the clock, 8:00 P.M. They had been shopping for half the day, and they were going to watch midnight movie. Impmon decided to have a quick nap after a shower.

A Digimon reached his house and knocked the door, but the Digimon found out that the door was not locked. The Digimon pushed the door gently and entered the house. The house was bright and it could see clearly.

The Digimon walked slowly towards his room. She found out that he was sleeping on the bed with spread-eagle. The Digimon crawled up the bed and stared at him. She looked from his chest to his groin.

The Digimon smiled and caressed his chest. He moaned softly in the sleep. The Digimon rubbed his groin and he murmured, “Lopmon…I love you.” The Digimon was surprised to hear that and shook his body gently.

He woke up with a startled and was surprised to see the Digimon, “Lopmon!” He exclaimed, he was even stunned when he felt that her right paw was on his groin. “Lopmon, what…”

“Shh…just lie down and let me help you.” Lopmon whispered and took out his pecker.

She moved her head down his body eagerly, sucking on his nipples while her hand stroked his pecker, making it even harder. Moving further down, licking the mushroom head with her tongue and tasting the sweet taste of the drops of pre-cum.

“Lop, you’re a slut!” Impmon gasped.

Drawing his balls into her mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while she ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing the tight anus. Bringing her mouth back up his dick, she choreographed the motions of his dick in-and-out of her mouth while her finger probed in-and-out of his anus. He stopped her as she felt the pulsing of his dick getting ready to explode.

“Impmon, I’m not a slut. I also love you.”

“I love you too since the first time I met you on Earth, but I thought you loved Terriermon, so…”

“I never loved him. I also loved you at the first sight when I met you, and thanks to me you turned over a new leaf.”

“Lopmon, I am glad to hear that.” Impmon smiled, but he thought, “Finally, I found a girl.”

“Then, let’s continue…” said Lopmon softly and lay spread-eagle on the bed.

He smiled and bent down in front of her pussy.

Her cunt clutched and drew at his fingers as he drove them into her, first one, then another, then yet another. Using the pad of his hand, he applied pressures to his fingers. She moaned softly as his fingers slid deeper, he start finger-fuck her twat and she felt so good. She wanted him inside her eagerly, to thrust his cock in and drive her even further into her Heaven.

He knew what she was thinking, so he stopped and they prepared in spoon-position. Then in one quick thrust, he pushed his prick into her tight, eager cunt, ripping her precious pussy sheath apart. She groaned a little and he paused a while to let her gasp.

And the he continued to pump her little twat with long, forceful strokes. Her cunt gripped his prick like a strong hand and refused to let it go. They made love wildly, their bodies moving in perfect unison. She regulated her body movements so that she would receive the full impact of his thrusts.

Meanwhile, he did not let his paws idle. He embraced her chest and squeezed her breasts gently from behind. He also kissed the back of her head passionately. She rubbed his paws and helped him to massage her breasts with her paws. Spoon-position means they lay parallel on the bed and both facing same direction. He lay behind her back and penetrated her twat from behind. With this position, he could have deeper penetration.

By now she was moaning so loud that he thought she had cum. He had no idea how long he has pounded her. Finally he felt the tingle in his balls and her twat clamped his pecker.

“My purple imp!”

“Oh… Lop!”

They shouted each other’s name. Making one final thrust into her little pleasure hole, his pecker erupted in a shattering orgasm, shooting thick loads of sperm deep into her little womb. After he withdrew his pecker, they dozed off happily.

The end.

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