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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Assumptions: Ai was 4+ years old.



Title: Child’s Play


         One day, Impmon was sleeping on the carpet, there were no in the house except Ai because she was not feeling well.  Impmon promised that he would take care of Ai.




         Immediately Impmon woke up with a start.


         “What do you want, Ai?”  Asked Impmon.


         Ai did not answer, she pointed to her crotch.


         Impmon pulled her panties, and found out then she has peed inside of it.


         “Fortunately, she didn’t crap her pants.”  Impmon thought.


         Impmon hugged her to the washroom and said, “I am going to clean you groin.”  This was the first time he was going to clean her groin, he tried to control him self although he was excited.  He felt that his pouch began to bulge when he saw her smooth pussy.


         “She’s my Tamer, I can’t do that to her.  Her parents trusted me, so I must behave myself.”  Impmon told himself.


         Impmon used a towel and gently rubbed her pussy.


         She purred and moaned softly, “Impmon, please rub it again. It feels so good.”  She pleaded.


         Impmon rubbed again and her body shivered a little, she groaned again and Impmon’s penis almost crawled out.


         “Impmon, I…want to…”


         Before she could finish…Impmon shouted and almost dropped her on the floor.


         She had peed on his paws, as well as his body.  “Sorry.”  She apologized softly.


         “Anymore where that came from?”  Asked Impmon while looking at himself, he must take a shower.


         “No more.”  She smiled.


         Impmon put her in the bathtub, and began to clean himself.  His dick has shrunk and could not erect even if he looked at her little pussy.  The urine has dripped into his pouch and he decided to clean his dick.  Beside, he needed to pee as well.  He took out his dick and turned on the shower.  He soaped his body and washed his gloves.  He peed and sighed in relief.


         “Impmon, what is that?”  She asked and pointed to his groin.


         “Oh, it’s something I used to pee with. Mako should have one, too.”  Impmon thought that she would not ask any questions.


         But she looked at her pussy and asked again, “Why I do not have that?”


         Impmon turned off the shower, toweled his body and put his pecker back to its pouch.  “Err…you better ask your parents because I don’t know.”  He lied to Ai.


         “Why did it feel so good when you touch me here?”  She pointed at her smooth baby pussy and asked curiously.


         Impmon used his fire ability to dry his gloves, “Sorry, I also don’t know about that, either.”  He blushed as he lied again.




         “Ai, you should ask your parents.”


         “Impmon, I just want to tell you something.”


         “What, Ai?”


         “You are stupid! You do not know anything.”


         Impmon was angry and shouted, “I know everything but I do not want to tell you!”  And then he closed his mouth with his paws quickly.


         She smiled satisfactory, “Impmon, show me that thing again.”


         “Sorry, I can’t.”


         “Impmon, I am your Tamer.”


         “But…” Impmon knew that he must obey his Tamer.


         She cried loudly and shouted, “I’ll tell everyone that you’re being mean to me!”


         Impmon became nervous, “Shh… please do not cry, I will show you.”  He comforted her.


         “Really?”  She rubbed the tears from her face.


         “But promise me that you won’t tell anyone.”  Impmon knew that he would be killed if they knew this.




         “But first, let me dress you first.”  Said Impmon, he hugged her and put her on the floor.  After he washed and dried her pussy, he helped Ai with putting on her clothes; first her underwear, then her socks and skirt, then finally her shirt.




         “Okay…” Impmon surrendered and took out his pecker.


         Immediately she pulled his pecker, “Argh!!!!!! Don’t pull that!”  He screamed.


         She ignored him; she put his pecker into her mouth and bit it.


         “Ooohhhhh!!!!!”  He shouted painfully and pulled his dick out from her mouth.


         “Impmon, did that hurt you?”


         “YES!”  Impmon was jumping around the washroom, holding and caressing his penis.  He controlled himself not to swear.


         Impmon, please showed me again, I promise I won’t pull or bite it this time.”


         Impmon showed her his cock again.  She rubbed it gently and he moaned softly.


         Suddenly…Impmon shouted again and rolled on the floor because she squeezed his balls with pressure.


         “Impmon, what was that?  I felt like something was inside, like two balls.”


         Impmon was in too much pain to answer her question right away.


         After about two minutes, Impmon stood up from the floor slowly, “Ai, never squeeze my balls again or else I will die from the pain.”  He said and rubbed the tears from his face.


         “Sorry, I didn’t know.  If it’s ok, can I touch it again?”


         Impmon sat down on the floor and spread his legs.  She knelt down and caressed his dick again.


         “Impmon, it’s getting bigger!”  She was surprised to see his dick getting hard.


         “When I feel comfortable…. ARGH!!!!!!!”


         Impmon cried loudly again as she tried to bend his penis.  His penis was hurting so much that it became limp until it shrunk again.  He quickly checked the condition of his penis.  First she pulled and bit it, and then she squeezed his balls the wrong way, and now she bent his erected penis.


         “Impmon, why can’t I bend it?”


         “It’s not supposed to bend when it’s hard.”  Impmon gasped.


         “Okay, I will not bend it anymore.”


         Impmon sat back on the floor and spread his legs again.


         She stroked his pecker again and he moaned softly again.  After his pecker became erect again, she engulfed it with her mouth.  Her mouth was a little small, but she tried to slide Impmon’s dick in her mouth as deep as she could.


         “No…oohh…take it out now…ahhh…we can’t do this…” Impmon pleaded her to stop but she just stared at him and ignored him.  She wanted to experience that thing that she does not have, she was too curious to stop now.


         “His thing gets bigger when I rub it, what will happen I get if I suck on it?”  She thought.


         She licked his cock head and he whimpered.  She does not know what to do, so she just licked and sucked it like a lollipop.  Suddenly she felt something salty in her mouth.  She took it out from her mouth and saw liquid on the cock head.


         “What is this?”  She asked and used one finger to rub it.


         “That’s my… cream,” Not thinking of a better word to define it, he gasped as his body shivered, he was going to cum but she stopped abruptly.


         She rubbed again and tasted, “Hhmmm… it’s sticky and salty.”


         Impmon wanted to come eagerly; so he hoped that she could put it into her mouth again.


         She engulfed it with her mouth again.  After she licked and sucked for a few minutes, Impmon ejaculated.  She swallowed a little and choked, she pulled it out and he shot the remaining on to his face.


         She released his pecker and rubbed his face, “Not bad, can I have more?”


         “No…you have to wait until tomorrow.”  Impmon lied to her, gasping for air.


         Later Impmon helped her to wash her face, “Ai, remember, don’t tell anyone.”  He reminded her as he cleaned her face.


         She yawned and said, “I’m sleepy.”


         Impmon smiled and put her back on the bed slowly.


         “Impmon, thank you.”  She smiled and dozed off.


         Impmon covered her body with a blanket and sweated, “Well, at least she didn’t ask me to put it in that little cunt of hers.”  He thought.


         Impmon kept everything back to the original place and entered the washroom again.




The end.


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