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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel

Proofread by: 4I Falcon


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: A Memorable Night


         After dinner…


         “Honey, want to have a blow?”  Makuramon asked Antylamon. He was wearing a blue windbreaker.


         “Sure, darling.”  Antylamon took her windbreaker and walked out from her room.


         “So are you afraid?” asked Makuramon as they were walking along the aisle.


         “Of course not.  I am a warrior.”  Antylamon quickly answered.


         They reached the front entrance and Makuramon entered his own password to open the door.  As they walked out from the building, a cold wind blew across their face.


         “Ah…” they both took a deep breath.


         They walked for a few minutes and finally they reached the garden.  There were many flowers and trees, and a border surrounded the garden.  There were around ten lampposts on the border.


         They saw a Digimon working at the vegetable garden.


         “Hello, Majiramon!”  Makuramon walked towards Majiramon and greeted him.


         Majiramon was surprised and turned around. “Oh it’s you!”  he exclaimed.


         “Thanks to you, the vegetables are fresh and delicious.”  Antylamon praised him.


         “I am glad to hear that. Thanks,” Majiramon smiled.


         “Do not work so hard. Save your energy for tomorrow.”  Makuramon reminded him.


         “You too, I wish you good luck.”  Majiramon answered.


         “Thanks.”  Makuramon nodded.


         Makuramon and Antylamon walked to the other side and saw a Digimon was bending in front of the border.


         “Hi Sandiramon!”  This time Antylamon greeted the Digimon.


         Sandiramon turned around and saw Makuramon and Antylamon.


         “So you are talking to the flowers again?”  Antylamon asked, bending down beside Sandiramon.


         “Yes. By talking to the flowers, they grow faster.”  Sandiramon nodded.


         “No wonder the flowers smell so good.”  Antylamon said, sniffing appreciatively.


         “Sandiramon, you are good in taking care of the flowers although you are a man.”  Makuramon also bent down and said.


         “Who said only a girl can take care of flowers?”  Sadiramon asked back.


         “Indeed, sometimes men are better than women.”  Antylamon agreed.


         They talked about the flowers for a few minutes, and then Makuramon and Antylamon bade goodbye to him and left.


         Makuramon and Antylamon found a park bench and sat together.


         “Look at the moon.”  Makuramon pointed at the sky.


         “A crescent moon!”  Antylamon exclaimed.


         “Honey, tomorrow will be the final battle.”


         “Darling, they killed three of our friends, this time we must win!”  said Antylamon, putting her bunny head on her mate’s shoulder.


         “You are right, we must be determined to avenge our dead friends.”  Makuramon nodded.


         “We knew their secrets, thanks to Mihiramon.”  Antylamon continued.



         Flashback of Makuramon and Antylamon:


         Mihiramon was fighting with the Growlmon, bet before he could delete Growlmon, he suddenly Matrix Digivolved to WarGrowlmon and defeated Mihiramon.  Mihiramon managed to escape before he shattered to data.


         “Makuramon… *cough*… kill the Tamers… *cough* and they…cannot evolve anymore…”


         “Mihiramon, thanks for the information.  We will not forget you.”  A tear rolled down from Makuramon’s cheek.


         “Mihiramon, do not worry, we will kill them next time.”  Antylamon hugged Mihiramon; Mihiramon smiled and shattered into data.


         Makuramon and Antylamon looked at the data with tearful faces.  They vowed to kill the Tamers next time.


         “Antylamon, let’s go.”  Makuramon rubbed the tears from his face and said.


         “Goodbye my friend.”  Antylamon looked at the sky and murmured.


         End of flashback.



         “Tomorrow we will attack the Earth at the same time, the first thing we need to do will be kill the Tamers.”  Remarked Makuramon.


         “Darling, you must be careful.  Do not die before I kill those idiots.”  Said Antylamon.


         “Honey, we will return together and celebrate the victory.”  Makuramon said, looking at his beautiful mate.


         “Right, after that, we rule the Earth together.”  replied Antylamon.


         Makuramon looked at the sky again. “Ah…the stars are shining.”


         “Twinkle twinkle little stars…” Antylamon hummed.


         “No, you should sing silent night, all so calm…” Makuramon said and hummed.


         “Wrong lyrics, darling.”


         “Honey, you know I cannot sing well.”


         Antylamon taught him how to sing.


         “You are really good, honey.  Not only a good fighter, but also a good singer.”


         “Darling, you are also a good fighter, as well as good at praising people.”


         “It’s true.  I swear.”


         “You do not need to swear, I trust you.  That’s why I gave my heart to you.”


         “Honey, even if we couldn’t return here again tomorrow, I would not forget you.”


         “Darling, although we are not born at the same year, same date and same time, I hope we can die at the same year, same date and same time.”


         They stared at each other. “Let’s go now.  It’s getting late already.”  Makuramon said at last.


         Antylamon smiled and nodded.




         In front of Antylamon’s room…


         “Want to do it again?”  Asked Antylamon shyly.


         “Of course.”  Makuramon answered.


         Antylamon opened the door and they entered the room.  They took off their windbreaker and hung them on the rack.


         Makuramon helped Antylamon to take off her scarf that goes around her neck. “Your neck is so smooth and so soft I want to kiss and bite it....” he murmured and she whispered back, “Tut, tut, how can you bite me?”


         He smiled and then removed her large shoulder/chest plate and her padded armor-like shirt, “I love to look at your body.”  He said and she answered, “Me too.”


         He sniffed and said, “Your perfume smells good.”


         She blushed and answered, “Thanks.”


         He undressed her slowly and gently. He straightened out her clothes and put them on the table.  Meanwhile she illuminated the room with soft indirect lamps, and turned on the heater to where they would be comfortable lying down naked even though a gentle breeze was blowing through the windows.  He also helped her by putting a CD of their favorite music on repeat play.


         She smiled and also helped him to take off his hat. “You look more handsome without the hat,” she whispered and he smiled with pleasure.


         She removed his scarf and his armor shirt. “You make me so hot.”  She smiled.


He echoed, “Then let me cool you down.”


         She also undressed him slowly and gently, arranging his clothes and putting them on the same table.


         They gazed into each other's eyes, and started caressing each other’s face and hands.  They rested their hands on each other’s back; then they gave a relaxing massage on each other’s back, legs, and feet.  They praised each other and indulged in pleasure.


         The paused for a while, he took off her pink pants. “Your thighs are so soft they make me hard,” he teased her.


She answered with happy expression, “Me too… I need to feel you inside me…”


         She took off his baggy pants and slip-on shoes, “I love to look at your beautiful penis.”  She said cordially. He smiled. “It’s all yours.”


         And then they lay on the bed, her on top of him


         They fondled each other’s back, legs, and feet, this time, without any obstacles.  They kept their hands in contact with each other, taking their time, being rhythmic yet sensitive, and proceeding from long gliding strokes to deeper ones.  They used their body weight rather than arm strength for deep strokes; during gliding strokes they kept their knees slightly bent and fluid.


         After a few minutes, they touched each other’s chest, arms, and hands.  He then glided down to her legs and she moaned softly as he fondled her groin.  After he finished, she brushed the front of his legs and feet, gliding down and up slowly; brushing over his genitals and he purred.  They caressed the inner thighs near the genitals of each other’s body, very lightly touching the pubic region.  Their erotic energy was building, making it a natural time to start shifting the focus to more explicitly sexual activities.


         “Honey, you are beautiful beyond description.”


         “Darling, you are too handsome for words.”


         They stared at each other, silently praying that tonight would not be their last night, they hoped that they could make love every night since after tomorrow.


         But who would celebrate the final victory tomorrow?  Could they return safe and sound?  What would happen after tomorrow?


         No one knows…


         Night, still silent and calm.


         Stars, still shining in the black void of the night.


         Moon, still hanging in the sky.


         Tomorrow would be the final battle…




The end.


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