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Warning: This part contains candle, needles, cigarette, dildo and crop.



Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: The Revenge Of Renamon


         Renamon was reading lemons.


         “Renamon: All-purpose Maid…” she was reading Daniel’s lemons, “I like pain?  No pain, no pleasure??  I like BDSM???  I am a sex maid????” she gripped her paws and murmured.


         “Renamon was being tortured by Impmon….” she read another lemons, “shit!  So many Impmon torturing Renamon lemons!”


         “Renamon made love with…” she read next lemons, “I am not a slut!  How can I make love with anyone?”


         “Renamon is raped by…” she continued reading, “@#$% I am not a sex slave!”


         After she finished, she punched her PC angrily, “everyone says that I am horny!  And everyone likes me not because I am pretty, but because I am suitable to be raped and tortured by any living creatures!  This is bullshit!  I am going to take a revenge!”


         After she put back her PC, she read the lemons again, “hmm…Daniel seems very perverted, I think I can look for him and also tell him that I am no maid!”


         She sent e-mail to Daniel saying that she would like to visit him.


         Daniel was very excited, “Wow!  Renamon wants to visit me!”  He gave Renamon his address, not knowing that this is was trap.




         On that day, Renamon set off to Daniel’s house, “Fortunately, his house was not far away.”


         Finally she reached a building, she took out a paper and checked the address, and “This must be the place.”


         She pressed the doorbell and a boy opened the door, “Renamon!”  He exclaimed.


         She looked at him; he was about 25 years old, with dark hair and about five feet tall.  She tried to hide her anger and asked cordially, “Are you Daniel?”


         “Yes!  Please come in!”  He invited her to his house.


         Inside Daniel’s room, she told him her real purpose, “I want you to write a lemon for me, and I want to torture Impmon in the lemon.”


         “Are you serious, Renamon?”


         “Do you see my fingernails?  Good,” she showed him her sharp fingernails, “if you refused, I will turn you to a girl the quick and painful way.”


         Daniel gulped.


         “And if you tried to report to the police, I will make you disappear from this planet.”


         Daniel sweated.


         “So start writing now!”


         “But people dislike rape lemons.”


         “You are the author and you write what you wanted to write.”


         “And the plots?”


         “Use your brain!  Just use any plots!”


         “Still I think it’s very illogical to suddenly torture Impmon…”


         Renamon bared her sharp fingernails.


         “Okay!  I will start writing now!”


         “Good, I will wait for you.”


         “Wait for me?  But I cannot finished within a day, I need to find someone to proofread my lemon.”


         Renamon showed him her fingernails again.


         “Well, I do not think the proofreader likes rape lemons.”


         Renamon smiled and sat on the bed.


         “Renamon, why do you want me to write this?  I mean there are so many authors out there.”


         “Because you are the most perverted guy I could find.”


         “I thought you are a very friendly Digimon.”


         “I am very friendly.  But now I am very angry because you always put me in a rape and torture lemons.  Some of you even killed me!  I want to show you that I can also torture people or Digimon.  I do not want to be raped or tortured forever!  And one more thing, I AM NOT A MAID!!!”


         “Okay, I hear that, you do not need to shout…why don’t you write it yourself?”


         “Because you are more perverted than me.  Stop asking questions unless you decided you want me to make you into a girl.”


         And so, poor Daniel was forced to write the torture lemons.  He felt like there was a boom in his house.  Renamon left his room and entered again with a cucumber.


         “Renamon, please do not jill off on my bed…”


         “Shut up and start writing!”


         And so the lemon of torturing Impmon began…




         One day, Rika and her parents were not at home.  Renamon prepared something, put on the table and left the house.  She sniffed and ran to a place; there she saw Impmon.


         “Impmon, want to have a tea break?”


         Impmon was surprised, “Why?”


         “My Tamer and her parents will be back after two days.  So I feel lonely and I want…”


         Immediately his groin bulged and he gulped, “Let’s go.  I am willing to help you.”  He thought that she wanted him to release her desires.


         Inside Rika’s house, he gulped down the water and looked at her, waiting to help her.  Suddenly he collapsed to the floor and Renamon smiled evilly.




         “Oohhh…” Impmon groaned and opened his eyes slowly.  He was surprised to see the ceiling.


         He tried to rub his head, but he could not move his hands.  He was stunned and looked at himself.  His hands and legs were chained to a table in a spread-eagle position.  The room was small but bright enough to see clearly.


         And then Renamon entered the room with a big bag.


         “Renamon!  What is the meaning of this?”  He shouted.


         “I told you that I was lonely and wanted to play with you.”


         “Let me go!  How can I play like this?”


         “I am going to play the game alone.”  She put the bag on the floor and said.


         “Then let me go home!”


         “You cannot leave because the name of the game is SM.”


         He sweated, “You must be joking.”


         She shook her head and took out a candle.


         “What…what…are you… going… to do?”


         “Wax you.”  She answered and caressed his chest.  When she found his nipples, she rubbed them and made them stood up.


         “Stop this!  I do not want to play anymore!”


         “Stop struggling.  No one can hear you.”  She said and lit the candle.


         She moved the candle to his right nipple; a drop of wax dropped on it and he screamed painfully, “Go jump off a cliff!”  He hissed.


         She moved to his left nipple and waxed it; he wept for pain, “Stop!  Please stop!”  She ignored him and dropped the wax over his chest and belly.


         She stopped and put down the candle, and she showed him some needles.  He shook his head wildly and asked nervously, “What…”


         She removed his gloves, “Wow!  You got fingers!”  She exclaimed.


         He and took up his thumb a little and said, “in order to prevent you from using your Bada Boom attack, I must cut off your fingers.”


         “No!  Please, no!”  He cried out.


         “Okay, then I will just do this…” using one of the needles, she slowly slid in the needle under his nail.  He bit his lips and tried not to scream in front of her.


         “So you do not feel painful, huh?”  He pushed the needle until it reached the cuticle.  He sweated but still refused to shout.  She smiled and played with the needle, blood dripped from the finger and his body shivered.


         “Still refuse to scream?  Good, now your index finger.”  She lifted up his index finger and picked up one needle.  She pushed the needle with one thrust and it reached the cuticle immediately.  He moaned but still did not cried out.


         “Why you chose me?”  He gasped.


         “Because you are not my friend.”  She smiled and took another needle.


         “Now your middle finger.”  She spun the needle as she pushed it into the cuticle.


         Finally she finished with his fingers on his right hand, he almost fainted due to the pain.  She walked towards his left hand and did the same thing to his right hand.  He could not endure anymore and screamed painfully.


         She smiled at him and asked, “Do you feel the pain?”


         “Of course, you stupid fox!”


         “Wrong answer.”  She said and took out a cigarette.  She lit the cigarette and smoked a little.


         “Your answer earned you more punishments.”  She moved the cigarette towards his let nipple, he quickly apologized but she ignored him.


         She pressed the burning head of the cigarette to his left nipple, smoke arose, a “Sssssyyyyyy!!” sound was heard. He screamed until whole house shaken.  Before he fainted, she quickly pressed the burning head of the cigarette to his right nipple.


         He woke up again and groaned, he wished that he could never wake up again.


         She smiled and caressed his groin.


         “No…” he tried to protest when she took out his dick.


         “So small, but do not worry, I will make it big.”


         She grabbed his small, low-hanging balls and squeezed them.  Then she stretched them down.  He groaned from the pain.  But his cock got even harder.  "Oh ho.  Looks like you enjoy this.  Look at the size of these milk-balls, your body is small but your balls are big.  Must be a lot of juice in them.”


         “You @#$%!”


         “Ooo…dirty words,” She said. “Now tell me, how many Digimon you had fucked with this?”


         He refused to answer.


         “If you refuse to answer, I will cut it off.”


         “Wait!  I fucked too many Digimon and I forgot to count!”


         “Have you fucked any male Digimon?”


         He kept quiet again.


         “Where is my knife?”


         “Yes…” he answered softly.


         “Ah ha, I found my knife.”


         “I answered yes!”


         “Yes to what?  Oh, yes to cutting down your member?”


         “No!  Yes to fucking with male Digimon!”


         “So you are gay!”


         He stared at her angrily.


         She took out a knife from the bag and showed him the knife.


         “Wait!  I am bi!”


         She smiled and put back the knife.  He blushed and panted.


         She took the candle again and he knew what she was planning to do next, “No!  Don’t do it!”  He struggled with all strength.


         “Okay.”  She put the candle on the floor, but she took out the knife again.


         “No, please pour wax on me!  I like to be waxed!”


         She smiled and grabbed the knife, she showed him the knife and swung down to his dick…


         “NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!”  He cried and peed himself.


         Her hand froze in front of his dick, she did not cut his dick; she was just threatening him.


         “You peed yourself, Impmon!”  She laughed happily.


         He blushed and sweated, “At least I still can fuck girls.”  He thought.


         She put down the knife and picked up the candle again; she positioned the candle on his pecker, his eyes bulged as he saw the candle.  He cried in agony as the wax dropped on to his piss hole.


         “You said that you like this.”


         Before he could protest, she dropped the wax on his mushroom head.


         He screamed and he felt a griping pain in the stomach, “I never said I liked this!  Please stop!”


         Another drop of wax poured, and he thought that his pecker was burning.


         After a few drops, his body shivered and he fainted.


         She smiled and unchained him. She turned him over and chained him again.


         After a few minutes, he woke up again.


         “Okay, now I am going to slash you with this.”  She showed him a hunting crop and he groaned.  His belly was pressing the table and he felt uncomfortable.


         She began caressing his legs, “hmm…your legs are like girl’s legs.”


         She massaged his thighs, “wow…your thighs are soft.”


         She patted his back, “Such smooth skin. I hope you can stand the pain.”


         She pinched his buttocks, “Voluptuous hips.”


         She pulled his tail, “A useless tail.”


         She inserted a finger into his ass hole and he moaned, “Mmmmm. Very tight.”  She said.


         He felt uneasy being examined so closely, even worse, he was going to be punished by a girl.


         He watched in terror as she raised the crop and began to whip his legs.  He nearly jumped a foot off of the table in pain as it landed.  She continued by criss-crossing his legs with lashes from her crop.  She began to move her lashes up his body - hitting his thighs, back, and then his buttocks.  It all hurt so much that soon he lost all sense of pain; it seemed to blur together as she kept up her merciless attack.  Suddenly she stopped, and put the crop down.  The pain he had tried not to think about he could no longer avoid as it flooded into him in the absence of any new pain.


         She left and returned with a bowl, she poured a little water on his wound and he screamed again; it was salt water.  She knew that salt water would make him felt like a thousand needles were piercing his body.  She poured again and he screamed again.  Finally he could not shout anymore, his body shivered and he panted.  Although she stopped, the pain was still there.


         “How is the pain now?”  She asked as she put down the bowl.


         “Bastard!”  He gasped.


         She brought a medium-sized dildo with a large bulge at the base.  After smeared with red chili powder, shoved it up his ass.  He groaned and rolled his hips, trying to resist the invasion. But there was no resistance possible, and soon, he felt the flat base of the prong snap into place against his hole. His cock was drooling pre-cum all over the table and he fainted due to the pain.


         He woke up with a start as he felt someone was burning his ass.  He turned his head around and saw her heating the dildo with the candle.


         “Ahh…you awoke already.” She smiled.


         “No…” He shook his head.


         He was panicked, the dildo was getting hotter, and so does his ass.  He pleaded her to stop but she refused.  He cried louder and louder as his ass was getting hotter and hotter.  His cock was leaking pre-cum like a faucet.


         “So you like this?”  She teased him.


         “No!  Please stop!”  He struggled.


         After a few minutes, she stopped and he panted on the table.  She released his legs and tied them together, and then she used a towel to remove the dildo.  She saw the gap and she knew that he could not sit down or defecate properly for weeks.


         She unchained his hands and turned him around, he groaned as his ass touched the table.  She saw her nipples, dark and reddish.  He was too weak to struggle now.  She tied his hands to his back and took a cup from the floor.


         “Drink it.”


         He could not resist and drank the water.


         She smiled evilly, “Once you wake up, you will not remember anything.”  She put back the cup and said.


         “Now let’s see how much milk you can produce.”  She rubbed and caressed his pecker.


         He moaned and his body shivered.  He tried to control himself, he does not wish to cum in front of her.


         “Cum now, or I will crush your balls.”  She warned him and squeezed his scrotum.


         Finally he ejaculated.  But she still continued, “Please… stop.”  He pleaded wearily, but she continued until he shot again.  She looked at his limp pecker, she engulfed it with her mouth and sucked it, his body jerked and he moaned in pleasure. 


         After a while, his pecker erected again.  She removed his pecker from his mouth and massaged it until he cum again.  She continued again and again, he does not remember how many times he ejaculated.  Finally he cried painfully and fainted.


         She looked at his pecker and thought; “I don’t think he’ll produce any ‘milk’ for weeks.”




         When Impmon woke up again, he was exhausted.  He tried to stand up but failed to do so, and he groaned painfully as he felt the burning pain on his ass and his back.


         “Ouch!”  He groaned as his hands pressed the ground.


         He removed his gloves and saw the blood stain on his fingers, the needles were removed but the pain was still remained.  He also found out that his nipples were injured badly.


         “What…happened?” he asked himself wearily.


         He looked around and found out that he was in the forest.  He laid there to rest for a while.  After an hour or so, he managed to stand up slowly.  But he got another problem, a not so friendly Digimon showed up.


         “BADA…OUCH!”  He could not attack the Digimon because his fingers were badly injured.


         The Digimon crawled towards him and before he could escape, he has no strength to run anyway; the Digimon pinned him on the ground.


         “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!”  Impmon screamed as the Digimon slid his penis into Impmon’s wounded anus with force.


         Renamon could hear the scream; she purposely left him alone in the glade.  “Do not worry, he will not delete you.  After he finished, he will leave.”  She returned home happily.




         “Renamon, finished.”  Daniel turned around and informed Renamon.


         Renamon crawled down from the bed and sat beside Daniel.  Daniel’s groin bulged when he smelled the perfume from her body.  He glanced at her while she was reading and editing the lemon.  He glanced the fur on her chest and indulged into fantasy.  He glanced at her groin and blood almost dripped from his nose.


         Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his groin.  He looked down and saw her grabbing his bulging groin.


         “What is this?”  She stared at him and asked angrily.


         “Err…ahh…” he was stunned and speechless.


         “So you want me?”  She grabbed harder.


         He sweated and nodded eagerly.


         “I had submitted your lemon.  Now I will do you a favor for writing the lemon for me.”


         He smiled and stood up, and he quickly took off his clothes.


         “What are you doing?”


         “You said you wanted to do me a favor?”


         “Did I ask you to take off your clothes?”




         “I will do you a favor by playing Scrabble with you, understand?  I want to thank you for writing the lemon for me, now let’s play Scrabble.”


         “I thought you want to make love with me.”  He thought.


         He was disappointed and put on his clothes again.  He took out the Scrabble and start playing with her.  After they play three games, she bade farewell to him and went home.




The end.


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