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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed.


Title: A Little Trouble


         One day, while Rika was having lunch, Renamon felt bored and horny at the same time.  Renamon looked at Rika’s writing desk. She was searching for something that could be inserted into her cunt.


         Finally she found a rubber, a round-head rubber.  The rubber was about two inches long.  She tried to insert her finger into her cunt but her fingernails were too sharp.  She entered the washroom with the rubber and sat on the floor. Her buttocks felt the coolness of the floor.


         She inserted the rubber into her vagina slowly. Suddenly, “Ah-choo!  Oops!”  She let out a loud sneeze and groaned.  The rubber slipped inside completely.  She tried to calm down and used her fingernails to dig out the rubber. “Ouch!”  Her fingernails scratched her inner walls.


         She took a deep breath, “Calm down Renamon.  Ah, I know!”  She tried to pee, but the urine was unable to push out the rubber.  She stood and walked towards the writing desk again, but the way she walked was very funny.  She could not walk properly due to the rubber inside her vagina.


         She glanced the writing desk, looking for something to dig out the rubber.  She saw a paper-clip and murmured, “This should work.”  She inserted the paper-clip into her vagina.  She moaned as she tried to dig out the rubber, but still failed to take it out. “The rubber must be in horizontally! Damn!”


         She tried to jump as fast and as high as she could. “Ouch!”  She groaned painfully as her fox head knocked the ceiling-fan.  She knelt on the floor and rubbed her head.  “I should go out and jump.”  She murmured.  After a few minutes, she stood up and prepared to try another method.


         At that time, Rika entered the room.


         “Rika, I have a little trouble and I need your help,” said Renamon softly. Her pussy was getting wet already.


         “What’s the problem?”  Asked Rika curiously.


         Renamon whispered her trouble to Rika.  Rika’s eyes bulged and stared at her.  Renamon blushed and felt uneasy.


         “Let me see.”  Said Rika at last.


         Renamon lie on the floor and showed Rika her pussy.  Rika took out a touch light and checked Renamon’s vagina.  At that same time, her D-Arc beeped.  Rika took out her D-Arc and looked at it. “Renamon, let’s go.”


         “But Rika…”


         “We can continue later.”


         Renamon stood up and followed Rika to the destination, “Renamon, can you run?  If you want to walk, can you walk properly?”  remarked Rika.


         Renamon blushed and told Rika about the rubber. “The rubber made me even hornier and I cannot walk properly.”


         “In the first place, why did you choose a rubber?”


         “Because I never tried a rubber before.”


         Renamon, next time, choose a longer rubber.”


         “Yes, Rika.”


         While Renamon was running, juices dripped from her pussy to her thighs.




         Finally they found the Digimon.


         “That’s Tekkamon. His special attack is Slamming Skull.”  Rika warned Renamon.


         “Diamond…” Renamon leapt to the air and tried to use Diamond Storm, but she felt her cunt itch as she spread her legs.  She fell to the ground and Tekkamon attacked her at the same time.  She managed to jump aside and countered with Diamond Storm.


         “I must concentrate.”  Renamon reminded herself.


         “Wisteria…” Renamon tried to punch Tekkamon, but her vagina made her uneasy and her punch became weaker.


         Immediately Tekkamon punched Renamon’s face and she flew backwards.  He rushed to her and tried to kick her, but she managed to control herself and kicked him rapidly.  While he was flying backwards, she did not attack him again, she took the opportunity to rub her clit.




         “Sorry Rika… I’m too horny.”


         Renamon stopped rubbing her clit and rushed towards Tekkamon, but he already climbed up from the ground and attacked her with Slamming Skull.  She evaded to one side but she felt horny again and slipped.


         Tekkamon leapt to the air and sent down a punch towards Renamon.  She quickly rolled aside and stood up again.  Diamond… St…orm…” she used her right paw to rub her clit while attacked him with Diamond Storm.


         The attack hit Tekkamon but not enough to delete him.


         Tekkamon was angry and shouted, “how dare you fight with me while jilling off!  You looked down on me and I will not forgive you!”


         “You…are…ahh…nothing…oooh…” Renamon panted. She could not tell Tekkamon about the rubber in her vagina.


         Tekkamon attacked Renamon again and Rika used a few cards to help Renamon, “Speed up!”  Rika shouted but Renamon could not run faster due to the rubber.  “Power up!”  Rika used another card but Renamon missed him.  “Ice Attack!”  Rika tried another card, and Renamon opened her mouth to fire an ice beam. Tekkamon thought that she would miss him, so he did not avoid it.  But the ice beam hit Tekkamon and hurt him.


         Renamon!  Digivolve!”


         “I cannot, Rika!”




         Before Renamon could answer, Tekkamon interrupted them. “You think you can defeat me without digivolving?  How dare you!  I am going to torture you before I kill you!”


         “Of…course!  Aaaa…you are injured, oohhh…you have no chance…” Renamon answered coolly, but actually the rubber prevented her from digivolving. She had to take out the rubber before she could digivolve.


         They continued the fight, but suddenly Renamon tripped on the ground.  Before she could stand up, Tekkamon stamped down on her belly and shouted, “I am injured but I can still defeat you!”


         Ahhhh…” Renamon groaned and tried to use her strength to push the rubber out.


         “What?  You feel good?  How dare you!”  Tekkamon was mad and stamped Renamon again. He stamped down near her groin.


         Ohhh…harder…please…” Renamon gasped and pushed again.


         Grr…” Tekkamon stamped again with force.


         Yeaaa…” Renamon shouted as the rubber was pushed out from her vagina.


         Before Tekkamon could stamp again, Renamon rolled aside and screamed, “Rika, now!”


         Renamon, digivolve!”


         Immediately Renamon digivolved to Kyubimon.


         “I decided to end this game!”  Kyubimon told Tekkamon.


         Tekkamon was afraid but still attacked Kyubimon.


         “Dragon Wheel!”  Kyubimon shouted and deleted Tekkamon.


         After Kyubimon downloaded the data, Rika rushed to Kyubimon and asked, “Kyubimon, are you alright?”


         Kyubimon did not answer, she was searching something on the ground.  Finally she found the rubber.


         “Damn it, Kyubimon!  I cannot use this rubber anymore!”  Rika looked at the rubber and exclaimed.


         “Rika, you can use it again after you washed it.”  Kyubimon answered cordially.


         “Every time when I looked at the rubber, I will recall your juices.  How can I use it?”


         Kyubimon bowed her head in silence; she could not say anything.  Rika picked up the rubber and covered it with a tissue.


         And then Rika straddled Kyubimon and said, “Let’s go home.”


         “Sorry, Rika.”


         “Next time use a longer rubber.”


         “Yes, Rika.”




         After they went home, Rika took out the rubber and entered the washroom to clean it.


         Meanwhile, Kyubimon was looking at the writing desk again.


         “What should I use next time?”  Kyubimon murmured.


         Kyubimon, why are you staring at my writing desk?”


         “Ah!  No reason, really, nothing!”  Kyubimon answered and walked away from Rika’s writing desk.  Rika pulled a chair and sat in front of the writing desk to finish her homework.




The end.


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