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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed.



Title: Partner


         “Renamon, you still cannot evolve.”  Said Rika.


         “Sorry.”  Renamon could only apologize, she has no idea why she could not evolve.  Renamon recalled the battle between her and Allomon, fortunately Rika used the correct Modify card for her to defeat Allomon.


         Before they could continue, Rika’s mother called her.  Immediately Renamon leapt to the rooftop, she was pondering her inability to digivolve.  She looked at the sky, she wished that she could digivolve.


         “I absorbed so much data, and yet I cannot evolve, why?”  Renamon asked herself.


         After Rika returned back to her room, she also asking herself the same question, “the enemies are getting stronger, if I do not make Renamon evolve, we will lose.  But why can't she evolve?”


         Rika was checking the cards, she was thinking about the combination attacks and techniques.  If Renamon could not evolve, Rika must use the correct cards to win the battle, or else…Rika shook her head.


         Meanwhile, Renamon thought, “I was like a fighting machine.  Totally depends on Rika, fortunately she is good in card battles, or else…”


         After about two hours, Rika left her room for lunch.  After she finished, she returned to her room with some foods.


         “Renamon, lunch time!”  Rika stretched her head out of the window and shouted.  Renamon leapt down from the rooftop and sneaked into Rika’s room through the window.


         “She’s cool and proud, but she has a heart of gold.”  Renamon looked at her lunch and thought.


         “How dose it taste?”  Asked Rika coolly.


         “Yummy,” Renamon answered, “sorry Rika, because of me, you spent extra money.”


         “Don't say that, we are partners.”  Said Rika blandly.


         “Partners…” Renamon thought.


         After lunch, “Rika, do you want to eat me now?”


         (Author’s note: Eat means lick her pussy.)


         “No, let’s go for a walk.  We can do it tonight.”


         And so they went strolling near the forest.




         While they were strolling and talking about the evolution problems, they were startled to find a webbed forest.  Renamon told Rika to run away, as she tried to attack the newly crossed over Digimon, Dokugumon.  Dokugumon blocked Renamon's Diamond Storm, and trapped both her and Rika.


         Rika took out her D-Arc and scanned Dokugumon, “careful, she is a black widow spider with a poisonous attitude,” Rika warned Renamon, “her special attacks are Poison Cobweb and Poison Thread.”


         Renamon tried to attack Dokugumon, but all her attacks could not hurt Dokugumon.  Rika tried a few cards but still could not harm Dokugumon.  Renamon knew that she must evolve in order to beat and delete Dokugumon.


         Suddenly Dokugumon tied Rika with his web, but Renamon saved her in time, “Rika, you must get out of here now.”  Said Renamon.


         Rika shook her head, “I cannot leave you here alone.”


         Renamon looked at her and said, “let’s beat her together.”


         Renamon attacked Dokugumon again.  Dokugumon avoided and countered, she was so fast and Renamon could not avoid.  She opened her big mouth and bit Renamon’s body.


         “Arghhh!!!”  Renamon screamed while feeling Dokugumon’s huge teeth pierced through her soft body, blood started to pour out of her wounds... wanting more Dokugumon tried to grit his teeth grinding the shredded body between his yaw’s... in total terror and agony Renamon screamed out her pain; and silently pleaded for the torture to stop.





         Dokugumon opened her mouth and released her teeth, she threw Renamon aside and said, “delicious.”  She knew that Renamon was dying, so she turned his attention to Rika.


         “Poison Thread!”  Dokugumon attacked Rika.


         Renamon used her last strength to protect Rika, she leapt and stood in front of Rika.  She blocked the Poison Thread with her back. She was shivering and her face was twisted with pain.  The Poison Thread was like a thousand needles piercing her wounded body.  She does not know how much longer she could hold on, but she would not collapse, she vowed to protect Rika until her last blood.


         Finally the Poison Thread stopped, Renamon was relief and collapsed.  Rika hold Renamon in her arms.


         “Renamon, your wounds are too huge for plasters.”  Rika wept when she saw five holes on Renamon’s body, the holes were as big as a tennis ball.  Blood was still oozing from the wound.


         “Rika, run…” said Renamon wearily and closed her eyes.


         “No!  You are my partner and I will not leave you alone!”  Rika shouted.


         But Renamon did not response.





         “Partner!  Wake up!  Do not leave me alone!”  Rika burst into tears.


         Suddenly Rika’s D-Arc shines, she took out her D-Arc and the light engulfed Renamon.  Renamon’s wound was healed immediately and she opened her eyes.  She stood up and evolved to Kyubimon.


         “Rika, thanks for waking me up.”  Said Kyubimon and attacked Dokugumon.


         “Poison Cobweb!”  Dokugumon shouted.


         “Fox Tail Inferno!”  Kyubimon countered and destroyed the Poison Cobweb.


         “Poison Thread!”  Dokugumon attacked again.


         “Dragon Wheel!”  Kyubimon’s Dragon Wheel cut through her Poison Thread and eventually destroyed Dokugumon.


         After Kyubimon absorbed Dokugumon’s data, she stood in front of Rika.


         “Rika, I can evolve now.  Thanks to you.”


         “Kyubimon, I do not understand.”


         “You cared for me and you also wept for me, I was touched because that was the first time you wept for me and so…”


         Rika caressed Kyubimon’s head and rubbed the tears from her face.


         “Rika, sit on my back.  We can discuss about this at home.”


         After Rika sat on Kyubimon’s back, Kyubimon spread her tails, “Rika, you can lean your back on my tails.”  Rika turned around and saw her tails, she smiled and put her back on her tails.  Kyubimon crawled home slowly.




         They returned home and found out that Rika’s parents were not at home.  Rika found a piece of paper on the table and read it.


         After Rika finished reading, she turned to Kyubimon and said, “Kyubimon, my parents will be back after three days.  So you still have time to de-digivolve within these days.  Meanwhile, you can rest in my room.”


         Kyubimon smiled and slept on the carpet, she was exhausted although her wound was healed.  Rika caressed Kyubimon’s head gently and smiled, “sleep well, partner.”




         After a few hours…


         “Kyubimon, wake up.  Dinner’s ready.”


         Kyubimon woke up and saw the same cool face.


         Rika put some food in front of Kyubimon and Kyubimon ate happily.


         That night, Rika was finishing her assignments.  Kyubimon felt horny again, but she has no hands to jill off.  She spread her tails and rubbed her anus with the floor, but this made her even hornier.


         Rika heard some funny sounds and turned around, she giggled when she saw Kyubimon was rubbing the floor with her anus.  Kyubimon did not notice Rika, she even spread her legs and tried to crest her pussy with the floor.


         “Horny Kyubimon is feeling horny but cannot jill off.”  Rika teased Kyubimon.


         Kyubimon stopped and turned around, she blushed and stared at Rika.


         “Alright, I will help you.”  Rika stood up and said.


         “Thanks.”  Kyubimon lie on the carpet and lifted up her tails.


         Rika walked towards Kyubimon and Kyubimon spread her legs as wide as possible.  Rika kneeled in front of Kyubimon’s tails, she searched for a while; finally she found her pussy and anus.  Kyubimon closed her eyes and prepared to receive the treatment.


         “Poor Kyubimon, your pussy is soaked.”  Rika teased her.


         Rika pulled Kyubimon’s clits to the side gently and Kyubimon’s moaned softly.  Rika rubbed Kyubimon’s clits, and then penetrated Kyubimon’s cunt with her tongue.  Rika explored Kyubimon’s hole with her tongue, sending waves of pleasure to Kyubimon.


         Rika paused a while and inserted a finger into Kyubimon’s ass hole.  Kyubimon’s body shivered and she purred.  Rika inserted another finger and spread her anus.  Rika slid in another finger and started pushing in and out while licking Kyubimon’s pussy.


         Kyubimon was sent to heaven, she felt so good and she was building orgasm fast.  Rika knew that Kyubimon was almost able to cum, she licked Kyubimon’s cunt even faster and humped Kyubimon’s anus even deeper.  Finally Kyubimon groaned and came, Rika sucked her juices and cleaned her pussy.


         Kyubimon dozed off after that, Rika pulled out a blanket and covered her body.


         “Good night, partner.”  Rika smiled and slept.




The end.


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