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Season 3 series



Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed

Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.



Title: Valentine’s Day


         It was a sunny, quiet morning when I received a telephone call.


         "Would you consider having lunch with me sometime ...tomorrow maybe?"  He asked nervously through the phone.


         I was a little surprised by his request, but I thought, "since the battle is over and nothing to worry about, it’s time to enjoy — he seems like a nice guy and has changed a lot, and I haven't gone out alone with anyone for a long time."


         "Sure, I'd love to have dinner with you."  I answered, I knew that my Tamer would allow me to go out alone.


         “How about at Vanilla Café?”  He suggested.


         “No problem, see you tomorrow.”  I nodded, but I forgot that he could not see me.


         “See you tomorrow.”  We ended our conversations and hang the phone.  But I could hear a loud ‘YEA’ over the phone.  I am sure that he was excited, because he had just made a date with a famous girl.  I was also happy to date with him too, he should be much better than Guilmon.




         Then came the fateful Saturday that changed our relationship forever.


         “Renamon!  Are you still alive?”  Rika shouted and knocked the bathroom’s door.


         “Yes!”  I shouted back.


         “You’ve been in the bathroom for 20 minutes, are you wanking or what?”  Cried Rika, rashly.


         “Please give me another 10 minutes!”  My movements were slow and sensuous as I soaped every inch of my body and thinking about him.  I indulged in fantasy until I could almost feel his hands on me as I brushed across my furry breasts, down my snowy belly, over my secret place, sliding between my elastic thighs, and down inch by inch slowly until I soaped my soft toes.  I giggled, tempted to give myself release, but knew that I had been using the bathroom for too long.  After I finished with my body, I used extra toothpaste to brush my teeth.


         At last, I walked out from the bathroom and toweled myself dry.  Rika helped me to dry my tail with her hair-drier.


         “You used 30 minutes to bath and you looks nervous, why?”  Rika raised her eyebrows quizzically.


         I blushed, before I could answer, she continued, “I know, you’re going to have a formal first date.  My little Digimon has grown up and sooner she will become a wife.”


         “Oh, please stop teasing me…”


         I glanced in the mirror, grinning at the glow the brisk toweling produced.  "I’m sure that I’ll leave a deep and good impression on him."  I thought.


         “Rika, how do I look?”  I asked nervously.


         “You’re as pretty as usual.  Just take a deep breath and relax.”  Rika answered while still brushing my tail.


         “This is my first formal date and I want to have a good memory.”  I explained, I checked the fur on my chest and it looks shining.


         “Fortunately you’re at Rookie level, if you’re at Champion level, I think I would spend more time to help you.”  Rika smiled.


         “Why?”  I turned my head around and asked gently.


         “Your Champion level has nine tails.  How much time do I need to dry and clean all nine tails?”


         “…you’re right.  Thanks for helping me.”


         “No problem, we’re partners.”


         “Yes, we pulled together in times of trouble or crisis.  And finally we managed to bio-merge.”


         We smiled for a while and then she continued, “why you chose him?  Because I thought you loved Guilmon.”


         “Give me a break, Guilmon is the most dependent and childish Digimon among us.  Without his Tamer, he’ll die.”


         “Takato is alright, but his Digimon is still childish.”  Rika put down the special brush and recited.


         I mimicked Guilmon and his facial expression, “Lenamon~~~, do you want to play?  Bai Bai Lenamon~~~.  He even pronounced my name wrongly!  I’m Renamon, not Lenamon!”


         Rika burst into laughs, “Lenamon…hahahahaha…bai bai Lenamon…I can’t stop laughing…hahahahaha…”


         I continued, “if I chose him I’ll become his MAID,” I spelled out the word ‘maid’, “not his MATE.”  Again I spelled out the word ‘mate’.


         I paused for a while, and then I mimicked Guilmon again, “Lenamon~~~I want to eat, I want to sleep, I want to play.  How to make love?”


         “Hohohohoho…enough…” Rika tried to stop laughing.


         After a few minutes, Rika stopped laughing and said, “Renamon, you’re exaggerated.  I don’t think he’ll be that worse, at least he knew about making love.”


         I looked at my watch on my left arm, “it’s almost   I must hurry.”


         Rika checked my armpits, “hmm…you used my perfume.  Good, this will attract him.”  And then she said, “open your mouth…good, you did brush your teeth.”


         Finally she encircled my neck with a necklace.  There was a card on it, with this card; I could drive a car.  This card also acts as a credit card; I do not need to bring money along with me because the bills will go to my Tamer.


         “Renamon, this is not your first time driving my parent’s car.  But I want to remind you again: be careful!”


         And so, I set off to the Vanilla Café where he will be waiting for me.  Or must I say, a romance lunch is waiting for me.




         Finally I arrived at the Vanilla Café.  I found a corner table and sat down.


         “Excuse me, can I help you?”  A waiter came and asked cordially.


         “Thanks, I am waiting for someone.”  I answered simply and he walked away.


         I sat on the chair anxiously and my face was working feverishly, “what should I say?  What should I do?”  As I waited for him to arrive, I thought back on the events that brought us together.  Six months had passed since the final battle, we also went out together before but with our Tamers.  Finally, we could have our private time now.


         I looked out through the window and I saw a familiar car stopped in front of this café.  My heart pumped faster and faster as I saw him walking down from the car.  I knew that car, it belonged to his new parents.


         Finally he entered the cafe, I waved at him and he walked towards me.  He had brought me a long stem red rose and look forward to a romantic evening, “Renamon, this is for you and I hope you like it.”  His voice faltered as he tried to speak.


         “Thanks.”  I blushed and accepted it.  Both our hands were shivering.


         When the waiter came to us, he showed him his card.  The waiter scanned it with a small device and said, “ah!  Mr. Impmon.  Please sign here…thank you.”  The waiter did not scan my card because he knew that the bill would go to his Tamer’s account.


         “Give me two set-lunch.”  Impmon ordered.


         “Yes sir, and have a nice day.”  The waiter walked away.


         We stared at each other, and we held each other's eyes for about five seconds.  An eternity passed between us, my heart beating loudly in my chest.  He broke the silence with the simplest words, “you’re pretty and attractive.”


         “You’re handsome and smart.”  I answered.  He looked more mature after the battle, may be learnt something from his Tamers.  He was sitting on a special chair, so that he is same level with the table.


         “Thanks for coming.”  He said and his face turned red.


         “You’re always welcome.”  I nodded, I also felt uneasy.


         We kept quiet until the waiter came again with our meals.


         “Renamon, let’s enjoy our foods.”


         We shared the past and future thoughts while we were eating.  First the well prepared salad, then the sweet butter and Mexican bread, followed by fine veal and shrimp.  He poured a little salad on a plate, put the bread on another plate and passed the two plates to me.


         “Thanks, you’re so kind.”  I answered softly.


         “You’re welcome.  I hope that I was doing correctly because this was my first time.”  He blushed.


         “You’re doing fine.”  I comforted him.


         And then a little fresh asparagus and champagne.


         “Cheers.”  He lifted up his glass and said.


         “Cheers.”  I echoed.


         After a few minutes, the waiter brought out a chocolate confection shared.  We were seated at about , but the lingering lunch and attentive companion seems to have altered time a touch, it was past before we departed for further activities.        


         Finally we finished our lunch and walked out from the café.


         “Err…do you like shopping?”  He asked.


         “Let’s go to…how about Pokemon Shopping Complex?”  I suggested.


         “Good idea.”  He nodded benevolently.


         Since he was too short; he could not drive, he entered my car and I drove to the destination.


         “Renamon, do you like the lunch?”




         We were talking about the lunch and other topics while on the way to the shopping complex.




         Finally we arrived.  I parked my car properly and we walked down from my car.


         He stared at me and asked nervously, “can…I…hold your hand…” he trailed off and raised her eyebrows quizzically.


         My face turned red and I stretched out my right hand, his hand snakes around my arm, his fingers closing around mine in a firm, but gentle embrace.  His hand was connected to mine, and I felt the tiny muscles in his arm.  I knew that he would protect me even though his size was smaller than mine.


         (I know, I am also a fighter.  But every girl needs protection from a man.)


         I smiled at him shyly as this was the first time a boy gripped my hands.  He smiles back at me, his teeth glistening in the noontime sun.  I gazed deep into his dark blue eyes, so deep that I could fall into them and never stop.  He also stared at me and we stared at each other for a few minutes before we set off.


         I could not believe this, we were enemies but now we are friends.  Time can change everything, now he is not my enemy; he has turned over a new leaf and he is my lover now.


         Together we walked towards the shopping complex.  Many human and Digimon eyed us with curiosity, they were thinking that we were brother and sister.  After the war was over, the human being accepted us and was not afraid of us anymore.


         “Would you like to have ice-cream?”  His eyes glinted.


         “Sure.”  I answered.


         “Which favour do you like?”


         “I like vanilla favour.”


         It had been a long and fun filled day to be sure.  We had strolled through the streets of Advent, looking into shops, sometimes going in and looking over the merchandise, joking and talking about what we liked and disliked.


         We dined in the Tropical Café, listening to the soft music and enjoying our meals.  We ambled after dinner, letting the fading sunlight warm us and sitting inside my car, we watched it settle into the horizon, painting a warm, red glow over the skies, and us.


         He put his hand on my right elastic thigh, I turned around and looked at him.  He stood up on the seat and moved his lips towards me.  I understood and welcomed his lips with mine.  We kissed for a while (this kiss…this fatal kiss…melt my heart totally.  I decided to accept him fully.)  When he caressed the fur on my breasts, I stopped him and broke the kiss.


         “Renamon, you don’t like me?”


         “I like you but I want to keep this until that night.”


         “I understand, I should not force you.”




         “I’m glad that you like me.”  He sat back on the seat.  We stared at each other with a rapt of expression.


         Finally we decided to return, after I sent him home, he kissed my cheek gently and bade farewell to me.


         “Can I go out with you again?”  He asked nervously.


         “Sure.”  I blushed and nodded.


         I drove away after he entered the house.




         I could barely contain my excitement.  “Rika, I’m back.”  I said.


         “So how’s your first date?”


         “Very successful, I fell in love with him.”


         Rika walked towards me and bent down to smell my groin, “you didn’t make love with him, did you?  Why?”


         I blushed and answered, “of course not.  This is our first time and we need to know each other much better before we proceed to next stage.”


         “Tell me about your first formal date.”


         I returned my necklace to her and answered, “err…we had a wonderful lunch, we…err…shopped around, and finally we had a delicious dinner.”


         “Like this only?  You didn’t kiss him?”


         “Not so fast.  Now I’m going for a shower.”


         “Don’t take too much time.”


         “Okay.”  I grabbed a towel and entered the bathroom.  After I finished and dried my body, I was tired from the long day of shopping.  So I decided to end the day.




         After one month, inside Rika’s room.


         “Renamon, it’s already one month.  So what’s your conclusion?”  Asked Rika.


         “I decided to continue our relationship.”  I answered.


         “Good.  Now tell me what I taught you.”


         “Okay.  When we were dating, I opened my eyes wide and looked for his weaknesses.  I asked myself whether I could tolerate his weaknesses.  Finally I decided to accept him because I knew that no one is perfect, I myself also got weaknesses.”


         “Renamon, what happened after both of you got married?”


         “We must close one eye, so that we could not see his/her weaknesses but only his/her strengths.  We must tolerate and cooperate with each other.”


         “Remember, guys like to conceal their weaknesses when they’re having a date.”


         “Yes, I remember that.”


         “So when are you going to…” Rika trailed off and hummed the wedding song.


         “Rika, we just met one month…” I blushed.


         “Oh by the way, have you given him your first time?”  Rika continued to tease me.


         “I decided to give him on the night we got married.”  I blushed even more.




         After a few days, Impmon dated me to have lunch in the Vanilla Café.


         “Renamon, I’ve something to tell you.  Very important.”


         He refused to tell me more information, so I had to go to the Vanilla Café, “the truth is out there.”  I murmured after I put down the phone.


         I looked the calendar, suddenly I remembered that today is Valentine’s Day.


         “May be he planed to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me, but what’s so special?  We had lunch together almost everyday.”  I asked myself.


         “Rika, I’m going out with him.”


         “Today is Valentine’s Day, may be he wanted to give you chocolate.”  Rika joked.


         “Chocolate?  He can give me on any other days, why must today?”  I was puzzled.


         “Ah, I forgot to tell you.  During Valentine’s Day, normally a boy will give chocolate to his lover, especially heart-shape chocolate.  But sometimes girl will also do that.”  Rika explained.


         “I still don’t understand, why chocolate?  Why not flowers or other gifts?”  I asked.


         “Valentine’s Day is a memorable day.  When you received a chocolate from your lover, this means he loves you.  Sometimes your secret admirers may send chocolate to you.  But of course, some boy will buy flowers for his lover.”


         “So the surprise that he wanted to give me is a chocolate?  So simple?”


         “Renamon, now is already 11:30a.m.”


         I quickly rushed into the bathroom to clean myself.  As usual, my Tamer helped me to dry my tail.  I put on the necklace and left.




         When I entered the café, Impmon was waiting for me.


         “Sorry, I’m late.”  I apologized to him.


         “No, it’s okay.”  He smiled at me.


         “Okay, where’s the chocolate?”  I looked at the table and thought.


         We ordered foods and we waited anxiously, “does he know that today is Valentine’s Day?  I hope his Tamers told him about this.”


         He looked around and said, “so many couples.”


         I agreed, “because today is Valentine’s Day.”


         “You know about it?”


         “Yes, Rika told me.”


         “Renamon, actually…” before he could continue, the waiter came with our foods.


         “Actually what?”  I asked eagerly.


         “Actually I wanted…”


         “Hello, Lenamon and Impmon!”  Suddenly someone called us, only one Digimon will pronounce my name wrongly.


         A Digimon and a guy approached us, Guilmon and Takato greeted us, “how nice to see you here.”


         “Takato, where’s your the other half?”  I joked.


         “Don’t worry, I dated her to have dinner tonight.”  Takato smiled.


         “Bai Bai Lenamon!”  After we talked for a while, they bade farewell to us.


         When I sat down again, I forgot to ask Impmon about the surprise.  Finally we finished our lunch, “what’s next?”  I asked myself.


         When the waiter came and put a medium-size cake on the table, I wept in joy and gave a rapturous look.  It was a heart-shape cake with ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on top of the cake.  According to Impmon, he booked the cake yesterday.


         “Renamon, why are you crying?  You don’t like it?”


         I rubbed the tears from my cheek and said, “I…I…am so happy.  First time in my lifetime celebrating Valentine’s Day.”


         “Me too.  I don’t know your favor but I hope you like it.”  He cut a small piece and put on a plate, and then he passed the plate and a spoon to me.


         I ate the cake and exclaimed, “vanilla favor!  I love it!  Thanks.”  I knew that he was relief to hear that.


         “Actually there’re two more surprises.”  He told me.


         Then another surprise came to me.  A human walked towards us and start playing the violin, the song was so romantic that everyone in the shop looked at us.  We listened to the music with rapt attention.


         After we finished eating and the human was still playing the violin, another waiter approached Impmon and passed him a bunch of flowers.  Impmon suddenly knelt down in front of me and asked, “Renamon, do you accept me as your mate forever?  I love you and I’ll always protect you!”


         Everyone looked at us with surprise, I blushed and answered, “I do.”  Immediately the people in the shop clapped their hands, some even hummed the wedding song to us.  Impmon stood up and kissed my paw gently, we walked out from the restaurant happily.


         I sent him home as usual.


         “Renamon, want to come in?  No one is in the house until tomorrow afternoon.”


         I know what he was thinking and I also willing to fulfill him.


         I smiled and entered his house.


         We sat on the sofa, smiling with each other.


         I was waiting for him to open his mouth.  A girl should not ask for doing that thing.  He was nervous and shy to make a request.  I waited in tense silence for his next move.


         “Renamon, can I…in my room…” he said at last.


         “What?”  I pretended do not understand.


         He took a deep breath and said boldly, “can you give me your chastity?”  He blushed and turned his face away from me.


         “Sure.”  I also blushed.


         And so we entered his room.  I lie on his bed and he lie beside me.


         We hugged first, and then we kissed slowly, finally we kissed passionately.  We had no ideas how long we had been kissing.  At last we broke the kiss and stared with each other.


         “Renamon, your lips cover me with kisses, your kiss is better than wine.”


         “Impmon, let us lose ourselves in love.”


         He rubbed the fur on my breasts and found my tits.  I smiled, unsure what he found so charming.  He sniffed my breasts and said, “my love, you excite men as a mare excites the stallions.  Your fur is beautiful upon your breasts.”


         I caressed his head and answered softly, “my lover has the scent of myrrh as he lies upon my breasts.”


         He crawled down to my already wet pussy and licked it.  Immediately I moaned and my body shivered.  He smiled and used his fingers to rub my clits.  He inserted his tongue into my vagina and moved around.  I felt so good and I wanted more.  Before I reached climax, he stopped and took out his dick from his pouch.


         “Renamon, I am coming.”  He said soothingly.


         I smiled and he positioned his pecker in front of my pussy.


         He slid his dick way up inside me. I could feel my hymen stretching and finally tearing, I groaned as my hymen was torn.  I had promoted from girl to woman.


         “Renamon, are you alright?”  He paused for a while.


         “I am alright.”  I gasped.


         He pushed in again, and then he was driving his rod in and out of me with slow, sure strokes.  We both moaned in pleasure as he was pumping.  He massaged my breasts while I caressed his chest.  Finally we cried and he ejaculated.  He shot his cum deep into my womb.  We dozed off for a while after he withdrew his dick.


         After we cleaned our body, we bade farewell with each other.


         After another month, I became his mate formally.




The end.


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