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Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: Saving Private Jeri


         Daniel: Floramon, I bought the volume 25 of Digimon Tamers!


         Floramon: Oh good!  Let’s see how they rescue Jeri.


         They sat down on the sofa and began to watch Digimon Tamers.




         “Yamaki, we found the weakness of D-Reaper.”  Said McCoy, in a solemn voice.


         There was a murmur of astonishment through the hall.


         “Good work, inform the military to drop some bomb on it’s weak point now.”  Said Yamaki earnestly.


         Suddenly the D-Reaper opened a window of a building on the rooftop.  Jeri and Calumon were inside the window and a shield was surrounding them.  ADR-01 was standing beside them.


         “Wait!”  Takato shouted, “You’ll kill them if you drop the bombs.”  He told Yamaki.


         “But if we don’t drop the bomb now, D-Reaper will become stronger and destroy both worlds.”  Yamaki retorted.


         “Jeri and Calumon are our friends, we must rescue them.”  Said Rika heartily.


         “It’s too risky.”  McCoy rejected.  “We’ve to destroy D-Reaper when we’ve the chance.”  He said thoughtfully.


         “Besides, the Earth and the Digital World are in danger now.  We must act quickly.”  Said Yamaki with a solemn face.


         “Please give us 30 minutes.”  Henry pleaded.


         “Okay, but if you failed, we’ll drop the bombs.”  Said McCoy at last.




         Daniel: Is this Saving Private Ryan movie?”


         Floramon: No, it’s Saving Private Jeri cartoon.


         Daniel: So, this episode is about how the heroes save the poor girl.


         Floramon: But just one hero would succeed.  According to the movie rules, there can be only one hero.


         Daniel: And rule number 2, it can’t be a heroin saving a girl because the girl must kiss the person who saved her later.


         Floramon: Don’t forget rule number 3, the person who got caught must be a girl.  I don’t know why the enemy liked to catch girls instead of boys?


         Daniel: Beats me.  May be they like to touch girl’s body.




         The Digimon evolved to Ultimate level and tried to save Jeri.  The military also helped them but they could not hurt D-Reaper at all.




         Floramon: Why they didn’t use Trinity Burst?


         Daniel: Because this episode happened before Digimon Movie 5.


         Floramon: Oh I see.  Wait a minute…where’s Impmon?




         Inside a house, Impmon was eating and chatting with his partners.


         “Impmon, we apologize for what we did to you last time.”  Said Ai, smiling.


         “It’s okay.  I’m glad to come back too.”  Impmon replied.


         “We’ll find a chance to inform our parents about you so that you don’t need to hide in the dog’s house anymore.”  Said Mako with a mischievous twinkle.




         Daniel: That’s Impmon.  Totally forgot about D-Reaper.


         Floramon: What can he do?  His partners didn’t have D-Arc yet.  Without D-Arc, he can’t digivolve.




         Back to D-Reaper:


         Inside the window, ADR-01 smiled evilly, “Jeri, your friends are trying to rescue you.”  She said with peculiar gravity.


         “You fool!  Ignore me and kill this monster now!”  Jeri shouted but no one could hear her.


         A soldier was shooting D-Reaper, but ADR-01 smiled evilly, “You little tiny creature, I shall crush you like a watermelon.”  She said in an unctuous, make everything-easy voice and asked D-Reaper to grab the soldier.


         D-Reaper lifted up the soldier, Jeri and Calumon saw the soldier was struggling inside D-Reaper’s hand.  “Look carefully, see how he die.”  Said ADR-01 and asked D-Reaper to tighten her hand slowly.


         “Nnnooo!!!”  Calumon shouted.


         The soldier was groaning painfully, the hand was breaking his bones and blood dripped from his mouth.  At last, the hand gripped tightly and ended the soldier’s life.  Jeri closed her eyes and wept sadly, Calumon was angry because he could not do anything.  They could not forget how the soldier died in front of them.


         D-Reaper showed Jeri and Calumon her bloody hand, “One human died for you, do you feel guilty?”  Asked ADR-01 firmly.




         Daniel: Wow!  So violent!


         Floramon: So bloody.


         Daniel: I’m sure Jeri would feel guilty for her lifetime.




         ADR-01 asked D-Reaper to stamp a mammoth tank.


         “I don’t know how many people were in that tank.”  ADR-01 remarked when the mammoth tank exploded.


         “You pervert monster!”  Jeri shouted.


         ADR-01 ordered her armies to destroy the other soldiers.  Jeri and Calumon closed their eyes and ears, they did not wish to hear the moaning sounds and see the blood.


         “Look at that soldier, he became a pancake!”  Said ADR-01 cheerfully.


         Jeri and Calumon pleaded ADR-01 to stop killing those soldiers.




         Daniel: So, this episode just shows us how D-Reaper kills the people?


         Floramon: I think so.


         Daniel: Let me get something to eat.  I’m sure they would spend some time to do killing and destroying.


         Floramon: I’ll go to the washroom.  I hated bloody cartoon.




         “Our Digimon can’t defeat D-Reaper.”  Remarked Takato.


         “We can’t merge with our partners here unless we’ve been digitized.”  Said Henry in an agitated voice.


         Suddenly the sky turned dark, the wind blew and they could feel the chill.  They saw a portal was opening in front of them.  The sky was dark but they still could see each other and the portal.  The wind stopped but they could still feel the breeze.




         Daniel returned and sat on the sofa again.  Floramon also came back and sat beside Daniel.


         Daniel: A portal:  Is this Stargate movie?


         Floramon: Or Slider movie where six people traveling across different time dimension?


         Daniel: May be another Terminator coming from the future?




         “It’s the portal to the Digital World!”  Rika exclaimed.


         And then they saw something walking out from the portal.


         “New foes?”  Asked Taomon nervously.


         Soon, they saw a girl and a hound walking out from the portal.


         “Who are you?”  Ryo stammered.




         Daniel: I’m T1000, a new cyborg came from the future to destroy you.


         Floramon laughed: Daniel, don’t mimic the girl in the Terminator 3 movie.




         The girl gave them a deadly stare, “Are you the Digimon Tamers?”  She asked blandly.


         Suzie nodded, “Yes, I’m Suzie.”  She said happily.


         “I’m Alice, daughter of McCoy.  I died three years ago but my soul was re-born in the Digital World.”  Alice remarked.


         “I’m Dobermon, the four Holy Beasts asked me to help you.”  The hound explained.


         “I followed him to here because he can’t enter the portal without a human partner.”  Alice continued.




         Daniel: This is far-fetched!  Asking a dead girl to help the Tamers?


         Floramon: Well, she didn’t explain how she died and who resurrected her.


         Daniel: And the Tamers could see her?  Is this The Sixth Sense movie?


         Floramon: Anything could happen in the cartoons.




         Henry raised his eyebrows.  “How can we defeat D-Reaper and save our friends?”  He asked.


         Dobermon flew to the sky and a bright light engulfed the Tamers.


         “Now you can merge with your partners.”  Said Alice sternly.


         After Dobermon landed beside Alice, the Tamers already merged with their partners.


         “Dobermon, mission completed.  Let’s go homes.”  Said Alice dryly.


         Dobermon and Alice bade farewell to the Tamers and entered the portal.  The portal disappeared after they left, the sky became bright again and the Tamers did not feel the chill anymore.




         Floramon: What?  Alice and her partner went back to their world again?  Why they didn’t join the fight?


         Daniel: They came, they released the power, they returned, all happened within five minutes.


         Floramon: I still don’t know how Alice died, how did she go to the Digital World, why she chose Dobermon as her partner and why the Holy Beasts sent her to help the Tamers.


         Daniel: Each Digimon series has it’s own mystery.




         The Digimon began to attack D-Reaper again.  By that time, the D-Reaper has destroyed all the military forces.


         “Interesting, the human can merge with the Digimon.”  Said ADR-01.


         After a few minutes, the Tamers destroyed all D-Reaper’s armies.  At last, they also defeated ADR-01.


         “I’m dying, but I’m not alone.”  Said D-Reaper before she shattered into data.


         Suddenly a tentacle wrapped around Calumon’s body.  Before the Tamers could do anything, the tentacle tightens his grip and Calumon shattered into data.  Another tentacle also pierced through Jeri’s body and Jeri died immediately without a sound.  ADR-01 laughed merrily and shattered into data.




         Daniel: After they defeated the D-Reaper, Jeri and Calumon still die.


         Floramon: They wasted their time and effort.


         Daniel: Don’t forget, many soldiers also sacrificed their lives too.


         Floramon: Hmm…the foe killed Calumon and Jeri too fast.  I thought she would torture her and kill her using the most painful method.


         Daniel: This is a kid show.  But I can’t explain about the bloody scenes.


         Floramon: Since this is the last episode, some bloody scenes are allowed.




         Inside Yamaki’s office:


         “According to the government, they sacrificed one hundred elite soldiers.  They told us that they lost about ten thousand yens for their weapons.”  Yamaki reported to the Tamers.


         “According to the four Holy Beasts in the Digital World, they sacrificed hundreds of Digimon during the battle.  Many buildings were destroyed and the four Holy Beasts were injured badly.”  McCoy chuckled.


         “If we destroyed D-Reaper in the beginning, we won’t suffer such great lost.”  Another scientist concluded.




         Floramon: If they destroyed the D-Reaper in the beginning, we won’t have full 30 minutes show.


         Daniel: That’s right.  The show can end in ten minutes.


         Floramon: Still got 15 minutes, what will happen next?


         Daniel: Repent bitterly?




         The Tamers were sad, they built a grave for Jeri and Calumon on the hill.


         “Jeri, now you can meet Leomon again.”  Said Takato gravely.


         They all mourned for Jeri and Calumon.




         Daniel: They will mourn for the rest of 15 minutes?


         Floramon: Oh no.  Time to take a break.


         Daniel: Anime should have happy ending, how could this be?




         After 25 years…


         Rika married with Kenta.


         Renamon married with Zudomon.




         Daniel: So fast?  Same ending with season 2?


         Floramon: Why season 2 Zudomon was in the show?


         After a few minutes…


         Floramon: The end?  The saddest ending of all Digimon seasons.


         Daniel: Agree.  Let’s prepare dinner now and forget about it.




The end.


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