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Author: Daniel


Note: ************ means scene changed


Title: The Little Match Girl


         Alice was 12-years old and was born in a happy family.  Unfortunately a car accident changed her life dramatically.  Her parents died in a car accident while coming home from work.  Alice became an orphan and faced financial difficulties.  Her parents did not have much heritance for her.  Alice could not continue to study and must find a job to pay for house expenses.




         After one month, Alice found a job.  She helped a shop to sell matches.  It was Christmas Eve and the sky was getting dark, but no one would buy matches.


         “Mr., do you want to buy matches?”  Asked Alice politely.




         “But tonight is getting cooler.”


         “I don’t use matches.”


         “Please buy one box so that my boss wouldn’t scold me.”


         “Don’t waste my time and block my way!”


         After the man left, Alice tried to sell to another girl but still did not succeed.


         The snow was falling and it was beautiful to all except Alice.  She was wandering in the dark cold streets; she was bareheaded and barefoot.  She had of course had slippers on when she left home, but they were not much good, for they were so huge.  They had last been worn by her mother, and they fell off the poor little girl’s feet when she was running across the street to escape from wild dogs.  One of the shoes could not be found at all, and the other was picked up by a boy who ran off with it, saying that it would do for a cradle when he had children of his own.


         “Why no one wants to buy matches?”  Alice thought.  She lifted up her head and looked at the sky.  A tear rolled down from her cheek as she recalled her parents.


         So the poor little girl had to walk on with her little bare feet, which were red and blue with cold.  She carried a quantity of matches in her old apron, and held a packet of them in her hand.  Nobody had bought any of her during all the long day, and nobody had even given her a copper.  Trembling with cold and hunger crept she on, the picture of sorrow – poor little child.


         “Ahchooo!!!!”  Alice sniffed.  Suddenly she saw a dog crawling towards her with a bread in his mouth.  The dog put down the bread and left.  Alice quickly grabbed the bread and ate greedily.  The bread was small and could not fill her stomach, but she was still very satisfied.


         “Hahahahaha…look at her, she ate the bread that was given by a dog!”  Some rascals teased Alice.


         Alice ignored them and walked away quickly.  But she tripped and fell to the ground.  The matches spread around the ground.


         The boys laughed again, “Wow!  She didn’t wear underwear!”  One of them shouted.


         “Did she wear bra?”  Another boy asked loudly.


         Alice blushed, she quickly picked up the matches and left the place.  She stopped at a corner to pack the matches and clean her dirtied face.  She has no money to buy bra, underwear and tampon.


         The snowflakes fell on Alice’s long brown hair, which curled so prettily round her face, but she paid no attention to that.  Lights were shining from every window, and there was a most delicious odor of roast turkey in the streets.  Saliva dripped from her mouth because she never ate roast turkey before.  She did not dare to return to the shop, for she had not sold any matches and had not earned a single penny.  The shop owner would punish her.  She did not go home because it was almost as cold at home as it was here.  Her house had only the roof over them, and the wind whistled through it although they stuffed up the biggest cracks with rags and straw.


         Alice entered a church and asked for foods.  But she walked out from the church emptied handed.  “God will provide all your needs.  Don’t worry, you won’t die because God cares for you.”  Said the pastor in a soothing voice.  She did not understand but dared not ask any questions.


         No one would give her food or drink.  She has no choice, she decided to return to the shop.  Unfortunately the shop was locked and the shop owner has left.  She returned to her house but the roof was already blown away and the snow flew directly into her house.  She shook her head and left her house.  She needed to find a place to sleep, or at least to have a rest.  Alice found a tree at the back of the church.  She sat down and curled herself.


         “We must love each other for God loved us first.”  Alice could hear the pastor preaching gospel.


         The snow was getting stronger and Alice decided to find another place to hide.  She passed by a fruit stall.  She glanced around and stole an apple.  She ran away but blocked by a policeman.  She quickly threw the apple to the policeman and escaped.  The policeman picked up the apple and ate happily.  “Free apple.”  He thought while walking away.


         “I’m dying, I must find a perfect place to die so that the wild animals wouldn’t eat my corpse.”  Alice thought.


         In a corner formed by two houses, one of which projected beyond the other, she sat down, drawing her little feet close under her, but in vain – she could not warm them.  Her hands were nearly dead with cold.  She was nervous when she saw some wild dogs.  “They’re going to eat me alive.”  She thought.


         But the dogs did not eat Alice, instead they curled around her body.  She hugged the dogs and did not feel chill anymore.  A dog dragged a small bowl of water to her.  Alice quickly drank the water before it froze.  “Dogs are better than human.”  She thought.


         Alice dozed off in between the dogs.  She knew that she would die by next morning.  She would be either die of starving or freezing or both.  She was not afraid because she knew that she would meet her parents after she died.




         Alice could not believe that she was still alive.  She opened and blinked her eyes.  She glanced around and found out that she was in a different place.  “May be I’m in Heaven now.”  She thought.


         A guy opened the door and entered the room.  “Hello, I’m McCoy and this is my house.”  He introduced himself.


         “I’m Alice.  Thanks for saving me.”  Alice stammered.


         “How old are you?”  Asked McCoy in a soothing voice.


         “12.”  Alice answered softly.


         “I’m sure you’re hungry now.”  Said McCoy with a grin and passed a bowl of porridge to her.  Alice finished the food in less than five minutes.


         “Can you tell me more about yourself?”  Asked McCoy in undisguised wonder.


         Alice gave him a short sketch of her adventures.


         “Poor girl!”  Said McCoy, commiseratingly, after he had listened to her misfortunes.  “What’re you up to now?”


         “I don’t know.”  Alice shook her head.


         “I’m also staying here alone, why don’t you stay here with me and accompany me?”  Asked McCoy eagerly.


         Alice nodded without hesitation, she was naïve and thought that McCoy was a nice guy.  She did not suspect anything.


         “Come, I want to show you something.”  Said McCoy merrily and led Alice to a room.


         Alice saw a huge machine on the table, “What’s that?”  She asked nervously.


         “This is called computer.  And those black creatures are called Digimon.”  McCoy explained.


         Alice was curious to see so many black creatures.  The creatures were moving around the screen.  That was the first computer in that country and it has no color.


         “I’m going to take some diskettes, please wait for me here.”  Said McCoy with a smile.


         Alice was staring at the screen, she stretched out her hands and touched the screen.  She saw the keyboard but she has no ideas what it was.  She pressed some keys gently and the creatures changed shapes.  Suddenly…


         “Mr. McCoy!  Help!”


         McCoy rushed back to the room when he heard Alice’s screams.  He entered the room and saw a light engulfed Alice.  “Alice!”  He was surprised that the light was pulling Alice into the monitor.  He tried to grab Alice’s hands but he was too late.  Alice has disappeared and his computer was switched off.


         “The Digital World…it’s real!”  McCoy exclaimed.  He felt very sad because he thought that Alice has died.




         But Alice did not die, she fell to the glade and groaned painfully, “Ouch, my buttocks.”  She glanced around and found out that she was in the forest.


         “What’s this place?”  Alice murmured.


         Alice did not know that she was in the Digital World.  Her life in the Digital World has just begun.




The end.


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