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Author: Daniel


Note 1: ************ means scene changed.

Note 2: This is an AU.

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Title: Renamon’s Mate


         Two years ago, Renamon witnessed the digidestined children and their digimon defeat MaloMyotismon.  She would have liked to help them, but she could only digivolve to champion level.  She could not evolve to mega level because she did not have a partner and she was not a digidestined digimon.  When she looked at the children and their digimon, she envied them because they could protect this world.  She wished that she could find a partner and she also vowed that she would protect her world.


         Every morning, Renamon would do some exercise to prepare herself; she was ready to join Leomon and protect her world.  She wanted to show the male digimon that a female digimon also could protect this world.  The digidestined digimon returned to the Earth with their partner after they defeated MaloMyotismon, so Leomon was protecting the world now.  She found a job in a café as a waitress, but she was eager to help Leomon.




         One day, three evil rookie digimon tried to rob the café, but before they left, a lion digimon entered the café and tried to arrest them.


         “Leomon here, you’re all under arrest!” he shouted.


         “Wow!  He’s so handsome,” Renamon thought.


         There was a fight but Leomon managed to delete two of them.  Suddenly, the third evil digimon picked up a chair and tried to hit Leomon’s back.


         “Diamond Storm!”  Renamon quickly used her special attack and broke the chair.  Leomon turned around and deleted the final evil digimon.


         Leomon turned around and found the person who helped him.  He was surprised that a yellow fox helped him because the fox was a girl.  Normally a girl would hide away from danger, but she was somehow different.  Every other digimon – male and female – ran off from the café when the fight began.  This vixen did not escape, but helped him instead.


         Leomon walked towards the vixen.  He was walking so slowly because he wanted to examine her beauty.  She purposely turned her body a little to show off her tail and swung it slowly.  He gulped and his eyes bulged, he never saw such a large and beautiful tail.  His focus stayed on her tail for a while, then back to the other parts of her body.  She was about six feet tall with gigantic thighs.


         “He’s coming.”  Renamon thought.  She saw him walking towards her in slow motion.


         “Thanks.  What’s your name?” asked Leomon cordially.


         Renamon eyed Leomon. It went without saying that he was a real heartthrob.  He was also licking his lips when he saw her.  Both of them were still single, young and available.  The two hit it off perfectly and cast sheep’s eyes at each other.


         Renamon blushed when she suddenly realized that Leomon was starring her.  “I’m Renamon.” she said frankly and stretched out her paw.


         Leomon felt uneasy because this was the first time he saw such a pretty girl.  He’s seen and talked with many girls before but this one cut a great figure. 


         “You’re a brave girl,” said Leomon in his consequential way, gripping her paw with strength that she should hardly have given him credit for.


         “I’m glad that I could help you.” Renamon answered loftily.


         “Renamon, do you want to work with me?  Together we can protect this place,” said Leomon eagerly.


         “Sure,” Renamon answered with deference.  She agreed without any hesitation.




         The next day, Leomon was waiting for Renamon at the café.


         “Morning Renamon,” he greeted her when she entered the café.


         “Morning,” she blushed and greeted back.


         “Are you ready to leave now?” he asked blandly.


         She left with him after she asked permission from her boss.  After a while, she was nervous because he was leading her to another place.  His hideout was supposed at the north side but he was heading west.


         “Excuse me, where are we going now?” she asked in confusion.


         “Oh I forgot to tell you that I just found a new building,” he said, chuckling to himself.


         “New building?  Where?” she asked serenely.


         “We’re almost there,” he said with a smile.


         Finally they saw a building.  Around the building was a large garden full of bright red and dark blue trees.  The fruit shone like gold, and the flowers like burning fire, as the stalks and leaves moved to and fro.


         “By Jove!” she cried, clapping her paws and looking delighted, like a child with a new toy.


         “How is it?” he asked in his languid fashion.


         “Capital!  I can only say it’s beautiful,” she answered, with her enigmatical smile.


         “This building is also a school to train Digimon.  I forgot to tell you that I needed to train you so that you can become stronger.  During the training periods, you’ve got to stay here,” Leomon explained.


         “Train until I have six-packs on my belly just like you?” she asked with interest.


         He nodded, “But it’ll be very tough.  I’ll train you like a man,” he said sternly.


         “I can endure, don’t worry,” she answered suavely.


         She thought, “As long as I can stay with you, I can undergo any training.”


         “Can you digivolve?” he asked. She nodded proudly.


         “Don’t evolve and fight against me now.  I want to see how strong you’re,” he said with a touch of asperity in his voice.


         She agreed although she knew that she could not win against a champion digimon.


         “Diamond Storm!”  She attacked him but he managed to jump over while sending a flying kick towards her at the same time.  She tried to block his attack with her paws but he was too powerful for her to block.   She could feel the pressure on her paws as she was knocked to the wall behind her.


         “Wisteria Punch!”  She gave a massive punch to his chest but he managed to block and counter.  He sent a fist into her soft belly with a loud BAM sound as she moaned painfully.  She felt something squeeze her stomach and she vomited the food that she that morning.  She felt her vision grow dim, her reason wandered.  It was only by a violent effort that she at length succeeded in nerving herself to fight again.


         As she was flying backwards again, she called out, “Diamond Storm!”  She endured the pain and launched the special attack before she fell to the ground.  She thought the internal organs of her body had changed positions.


         He was surprised by her attack and it made a direct hit.  Her attack was too weak to really hurt him but he fell to the ground anyways.  He appeared absolutely thunder stricken. He remained speechless and motionless for a few minutes, looking incredulously at her with an open mouth, and eyes that seemed to be starring from their sockets.


         “Ouch, my buttocks.”  She felt dizzy when she stood up from the ground.  She felt like something or someone was kicking inside her head.  She almost fainted and she had to use all her strength to just stand still.  She was glad that she could hit him.  He already recovered from the dizziness.


         Wow, only one punch and I felt like I was going to Heaven,” she thought while caressing her belly.


         “Renamon, give up now or you’ll die,” he stood up and tried to threaten her.


         “Never!” she shouted.


         She tried to attack him again, but he moved to her right side in a quick motion.  She turned to the right just in time to see him aim a fist at her.  She caught only a glimpse of the knuckles and first joints of the fingers, with the bulb of thumb riding alongside and just below the index finger.  Then the fist impacted against her nose and she felt the sharp agony of her nose breaking, and the warmth of her blood spewing out her nostrils onto her upper lip, and the bright red beads flying through the air.  Before her eyes tore up and the world become a blur, a whirling blur as Renamon fell backwards, only dimly feeling the heavy thud as she struck the ground.


         She felt that her senses were leaving her.  The sentence – the dreaded sentence of death – was the last of distinct accentuation that reached her ears.


         I’m dying?  No, I must not die!” she thought but she could not open her eyes.


         When the nose was broken, it not only bleeds, it starts to swell and causes the surrounding areas, the eyes, to do the same.  Between the bleeding and the swelling, it became almost impossible for her to breath through her nose.  Between all of these symptoms, it was very natural to back away and grab the injured area and see if there really is blood, but she could not do so.


         She had swooned, but still would not say that all of consciousness was lost.  What remained of it she would not attempt to define, or even to describe; yet all was not lost.  In the deepest slumber – no!  In delirium – no!  In a swoon – no!  In death – no!  Even in the grave all is not lost.  Else, there is no immortality for life.




         In the return to life from the swoon there are two stages.  First, that of the sense of mental or spiritual, secondly, that of the sense of physical; existence.  When she opened her eyes again, she still could feel the pain on her nose.  I’m still alive after that fatal punch,” she blinked her eyes and thought.


         “Renamon, you woke up already,” Leomon walked towards her.


         He took out a towel and tried to rub the bloodstain on her cheek.  When he touched her nose, she gripped her paws and her face twisted with pain.  She groaned painfully and a tear rolled down from her cheek.  The pain was even worse than someone piercing her hymen.  It was the worst pain that she felt in her entire life.


         “Come, let me help you to the medical room,” Leomon turned his back to her and asked her to straddle his back.


         “Thanks, I still can walk,” she lied.


         “Renamon, don’t be shy.  I can see that your legs are injured,” he said in a soothing voice.


         She blushed and straddled his back.  She encircled his neck gently with her paws and she locked his waist with her thighs.  She lay her right cheek on his hair and closed her eyes.  Her body was still painful and she was exhausted.


         “Renamon, I’m going to put my hands below your sensitive place.  Okay?”  He asked demurely.


         “Okay,” she whispered.


         He Stood up slowly and put his hands below her buttocks to support her, and then he walked towards the medical room.  She blushed because that was the first time a guy caressed her buttocks.  He felt guilty for hurting such little girl and decided to treat her well.  “Fortunately she’s still alive, or else I won’t forgive myself,” he thought.


         This was her first time riding on the back of a male Digimon.  Her front body pressed against his back and she could feel the warmth of his back.  His hands were slowly brushing her buttocks as he was walking.  Her feet slid down a little and accidentally touched something on his pants.  She quickly lifted up her feet again.  He did not realize but she knew what that was.  She was breathing on his neck and the fur on her chest rubbing his back made his groin bulge.




         Finally they reached the medical room.  He put her down gently on the bed and asked her to lie down.  When she looked at his face, she could see that his face was reddish.  She saw his hands moved towards her like a timid kitten, to grasp her right paw and embraced it.  She felt a warm thrill move up her arm from that paw; from that touch, like an electric shock.


         She could see that he was a thick-set, burly man with a shock of golden hair, a brown, weather-beaten face, and black eyes which were keen to the verge of fierceness.  Yet he had a reputation for kindness and charity on the Digital World.  The beard on his face showed how matured he was.


         To him, she was a little ethereal slip of girl with large, gentle eyes.  Her singular yet placid cast of beauty, and the thrilling and enthralling eloquence of her low musical language, made their way into his heart by paces so steadily and stealthily progressive that they have been unnoticed and unknown.


         Dazed, she looked into his eyes, and her soul became lost in those orbs of blue fire.  His mouth opened of its own accord and he heard himself say, as if from a distance, “You’re the first female digimon who dared to challenge me and you’re the first digimon who could fight for more than 15 minutes with me. Even the strongest rookie digimon couldn’t last for 10 minutes.  I must admit, you’re very good.”


         “You said you wanted to test me, so are you satisfied now?” she asked with some asperity.


         “Yes, but I’ll train you sternly, you can only sleep five hours per day.  I’ll train you until you got six packs on your belly as I mentioned earlier,” he explained.


         “You wouldn’t see my six-packs because there’re covered by thick fur,” she remarked.


         He smiled and kissed her right cheek gently.  He took out some medicine and used them on her body.  She felt so painful until a tear rolled down from her cheek.


         “You’re injured and need some rest.  The training will be starting after one week,” he informed her.  And then he left the room.


         She agreed. Her body was all aches and pains.  She closed her eyes and slept. “I hope he won’t rape me while I sleep,” she thought.


         Leomon smiled evilly, he unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear.  He rubbed his lionhood until it was full length.  He climbed to the bed and she woke up with a start.  He slapped her cheek until she was dizzy.  He tried to locate her pee hole with a finger.  When he found the entrance…


         Leomon shook his head, “No, how could I had such evil thinking?” he murmured.


         He saw her body curled and shivered. He quickly took the blanket and covered her body.  Although her fur was thick, she still could feel the chill.  He continued watching her for a few minutes and left the room quietly.


         “She’s my student and she’s injured.  I can’t take advantage of the precarious position of her,” he thought while walking towards the kitchen.


         The sun had just sunk when as he walked into the kitchen again, but the clouds were still pink and gold, and in the midst of the pale sky sparkled the evening star, so clear and lovely.  The air was mild and cool.


         “Finally I found someone who is willing to help me,” he thought again.




         After sometime, someone called her name and she woke up with a start.


         “Renamon, it’s dinner time,” Leomon brought some food and put in front of the table near her bed.


         He helped her to sit on the bed, suddenly his right hand accidentally pressed on the fur on her chest.  He could feel her breasts under the fur.  “Sorry,” he apologized and removed his hands quickly.  Both of them blushed and the room was filled with silence for a few minutes.


         “Thanks for the food,” she broke the silence at last.


         She was much too exhausted to reflect upon this circumstance, but ate and drank with avidity.


         “Eat slowly and don’t gobble,” Leomon smiled.


         “Delicious, thanks.  How much is the training course?” she asked after she finished the food.


         “It’s up to you, if you have no money, you don’t need to pay.  If you’re rich, you could pay a lot,” he explained.


         He helped her to return to her own room.


         “Well, it’s late already.  See you tomorrow morning,” he said.


         “Good night,” she said.


         After he left her room, she quickly stood up and rushed towards the washroom.  She was relieved after she walked out from the washroom.  “Damn, tonight I must sleep without taking bath,” she thought.


         She glanced around and was astonished by the appearance of the apartment into which she was staying now.  In that sorry house it looked as out of place as a diamond of the first draped the walls, looped back here and there to expose some richly mounted painting or Oriental vase.  The carpet was of amber and black, so soft and so thick that the foot sank pleasantly into it, as into a bed of moss.  A lamp in the fashion of a silver dove was hung from an almost invisible golden wire in the center of the room.  As it burned it filled the air with a subtle and aromatic odor.


         “Wow!  Such a nice room!” she thought.  She yawned and slept.




         Day 1:


         Leomon helped Renamon to bring her necessities from her hut. A towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo for example.  He also provided a room for her.  After they put everything into her room, he showed her the training room.  Inside the room, she could see a lot of equipment.  She saw a short bar with a weight at each end, used for exercising the muscles, especially those of the arms and shoulders.


         “Renamon, you can do practice in this room during raining days,” he explained.


         She nodded and they moved on to next room.  After they finished visiting each room, they went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  The kitchen was more beautiful and rich than any other part of the house.


         “Renamon, this is my first time eating with a female,” he said softly.


         “Me too.  First time having lunch with a guy,” she whispered.


         They were embarrassed and did not talk much.  After they finished, “Renamon, go and have a rest, I can clean the kitchen myself.”


         He was correct, she still feel painful.  “I’ll help you after I recovered,” she answered and returned to her room.


         “Should I lock the door?” she asked herself, “Yesterday I didn’t lock the door and nothing happened.”  Finally she decided not to lock the door because she trusted him.  She closed the door but she did not put the latch on it.


         “What’s this feeling?  Every time I look at him, my heart pounds faster and I blush.”  She had never in love before, but she knew that this was her first love.  And she thought that she had met the love of her life.


         “I must control my feelings, I’m a warrior now.  I’m not a girl and I must be strong,” she decided to bury the emotions deep down into her heart.  But she would tell him about her feelings after she finished her training.




         Inside Leomon’s room.  His room was large and beautiful.  On the walls hung pictures, and near the great stove stood great china vases with lions on the lids.  There were rocking-chairs, silken sofas, and large tables, covered with pictures, books, and playthings.


         “I can’t believe that the Cupid shot his love-arrow at me,” he shook his head and teased himself, “A mighty warrior with love at first sight and almost can’t control himself.”


         He lay on the bed and his thoughts were in a tumult, “I wished she could stay forever, but I also wished that she would leave because I don’t want her to get injured again,” he also fell asleep after a few minutes.




         After a few hours, Leomon woke up and went to the kitchen to prepare teatime.  He was surprised to hear a song.  “I don’t have any radios in the kitchen,” he thought.


         “…cause I’m your lady!  And you’re my man….”


         “So romantic…” he thought.


         When he entered the kitchen, he saw Renamon was washing plates, “…cause I’m always by your side, we’re heading for something…” she did not realize that he was behind her and she was still singing.


         “…the power of loveeeeee!” she shouted and turned around.


         She saw him and was shocked.  Immediately, time was frozen.  They stared at each other with reddish faces.  They did not know what to say or do.


         “Damn, I sang too loud…” she thought.


         “She really loves me,” he thought.


         She finally broke the silence.  “Captain, you came at the right time, the teatime is ready,” she said.


         He looked at the dinning table; there were two cup of coffees and some biscuits.  He sat on the chair and smiled at her.  They ate the biscuits happily.


         After a few minutes, he asked, “Renamon, you said that you wanted to protect this world, so you joined this training course.”


         She nodded.


         “Renamon, if no other female join this training course, would you quit?”


         “No, captain.”


         “But to have training with a bunch of guys is very dangerous.”


         “I understood.  But I’m willing to take the risk.”


         He paused for a while and asked, “Renamon, can you quit the training course but stay here to help me?  I don’t want you to get injured.”


         She was stunned but she knew his meaning, “Sorry captain, I’ll not quit the training course.  But I promise that I’ll be careful, thanks for your concerns.”


         Both of them blushed and continued eating and drinking.


         “Renamon, I’m sorry for your nose,” Leomon said suddenly.


         She rubbed her nose and answered, “Never mind.  My nose is still here and its still working properly.”


         He smiled at her joke, “But if you joined the training course, you may lose your nose.”


         “No pain, no gain,” she retorted.


         “Then you must eat a lot of meat,” he said seriously.


         “Sure,” she replied blandly as usual.


         After they finished, she returned to her room to study.  He had passed some books for her to study.  The books were about self-defense and basic martial arts.  “Speed is the most important of all.  No wonder that day he could move so fast and block all my attacks,” she thought.


         “Nature’s calling,” she murmured and decided to go to the washroom.  She met Leomon on the way to the washroom. He had a towel wrapped on his waist.  Suddenly the towel became lose and dropped to the floor.  He quickly picked up the towel and wrapped his waist again.


         “Sorry Renamon,” he blushed.


         “It’s big,” she said calmly.


         He blushed even more quickly returned to his room.


         After he returned to his room, “Damn!  She saw me!  The first female saw my member but didn’t feel embarrassed, and yet still can joke about it.  What type of girl is she?”


         Inside the washroom, “I can’t believe that I didn’t scream or close my eyes.  Normally when a girl saw that thing, she’d shout or feel embarrassed.  This is the first time I saw that thing and…it’s really big.”


         They did not talk much during the dinnertime.  They were still feeling uneasy about the incidents.




         Day 2:


         Renamon woke up early as usual and did some exercises.  She headed towards the garden to take in some fresh air.  What fragrance and loveliness there was!  All imaginable flowers of every season stood in the most gorgeous bloom. No picture book could be so bright and gay.


         She took the opportunity to scan the real aspect of the building in more detail.  Its principal feature seemed to be that of an excessive antiquity.  The discoloration of ages had been great.  Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine tangled web-work from the eaves.  Yet all this was apart from any extraordinary dilapidation.  No portion of the masonry had fallen; and there appeared to be a wild inconsistency between its still prefect adaptation of parts, and the crumbling condition of the individual stones.  Beyond this indication of extensive decay, however, the fabric gave little token of instability.


         Leomon walked out from the building and greeted her.


         “Renamon, how do you feel now?” he asked teasingly.


         “I don’t feel so painful now, thanks,” she replied demurely.


         He stood beside her, “Do you like this place?” he asked anxiously.


         She blushed and nodded.


         “I found this building on accident and modified it.  Fortunately many digimon helped me and donated money to me,” he explained.


         They talked for a while and returned to the building.  After breakfast, he decided to patrol the village.  She was left at home because she was not fully recovered.




         Day 14:


         Finally Renamon was fully recovered.  Leomon gave her a pair of blue gloves.  She saw the symbol on the gloves and asked him about it.


         “This is called Ying and Yang, means darkness and brightness.  You can choose to be evil or good, but you must face the consequences,” Leomon explained.


         “I’ll never become evil, I vowed,” she observed seriously.


         “Good,” Leomon nodded.


         She wore the gloves, “Renamon, you looks even prettier with the gloves,” he smiled.


         She blushed and answered, “Thanks.” 


         After she wore the gloves, he informed her that he has found some volunteers to help him.  She was nervous and anxious to hear that.




         They came into the chamber, which was of rose-colored satin with artificial flowers along the walls.  She saw a group of male Digimon, no female Digimon.  They were surprised to see her.  They thought that she was an assistant, but when she joined them, they had a startled look on their face.


         “This is not a place for a girl.  You better leave now or you’ll get injured,” a male Digimon said seriously.  Digimon knew each other’s gender easily.


         “Thanks for your advice, but I’m not leaving,” she forced a smile and relied.


         “Students, I’m Leomon, you must call me captain.  First, let’s go to outside now.”


         They all moved to outside, waiting for next instructions.


         Leomon walked out and instructed us to find an empty space to do push-up.  Most Digimon stood behind Renamon because they wanted to see her anus that was covered by her tail.  “100 push-ups.  One!  Two!…” Leomon shouted.


         She did push-up every morning, with no problems.  All digimon had hands or paws, so they could do push-ups.  After they finished, Leomon asked them to jogtrot around the school.  After 30 minutes, she was panting heavily.  Her legs were getting heavier but she refused to stop.


         Finally, after almost one hour, Leomon asked them to stop and rest for 30 minutes.  She immediately let her buttocks fell on the ground.  She was sweating and gasping for air.  Her legs were shivering and were too weak to stand.


         The others were also exhausted and did not talk so much.  After they had enough rest, they continued their training.




         That night, after the last training, Renamon dragged herself to the washroom to have a bath.  She was too tired to stand, so she sat under the shower.  The water was falling steadily on her dirty body and she moaned softly.  She closed her eyes to rest and enjoyed the cool water.  After she got enough strength to stand up, she quickly cleaned her body.


         Later she entered her room to sleep.  She put her body on the bed gently because her whole body was in pain.  She moaned painfully as she lay on the bed.  That was not training, that was torment – especially for a girl.  Her first day was over and she almost gave up during the torment.  She quickly closed her eyes to sleep, so that she could accept another torment tomorrow.  “No pain, no gain,” she comforted myself.




         Day 15:


        The next activity was an introduction to pranayam or scientific breathing.  Leomon asserted that this was the most important exercise.  The purpose of this activity was to achieve deep breathing by using our diaphragm instead of just using their lungs to breathe.  Deep breathing maximizes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their body.


         Next they were introduced to yoga-asana, which involved stretching different parts of the spine to directly stimulate different internal organs.  Feeling loose and supple after yoga-asana, they then lie down for the relaxation exercise.  Some of them dozed off.


         Leomon trained their stamina and they were all exhausted before lunch time.  Leomon let them rest and clean their bodies while he bought some food from another village.


         They all took turn to take shower and talked with Renamon.  They did not feel tired anymore after they talked with Renamon.  They respected Renamon and did not harm her.  Renamon was glad to meet new friends.


         After the lunch, they took a quick nap for one hour. Then they continued the training.  That afternoon, Leomon taught them about self-defense and archery.  They liked to see Renamon used the archer because they could see her armpit.


         They stopped before dinnertime and continued after dinner.  Leomon taught them about battle strategies.  Some of them were exhausted and dozed off on the table.  Renamon opened her eyes as big as an egg and tried not to doze off.


         After the class finished, they went home tiredly.  Renamon almost crawled back to her room.  She could not stand anymore.  She used her last strength to take a shower and slept immediately.




         Day 16:


         Leomon taught them a technique for meditation.  Stilling the mind at will was almost impossible for a beginner but with the training, the mind could be controlled.  Renamon failed, but felt immensely relaxed nevertheless.


         Later, Leomon had their upper body hanging upside down to send more blood to the brain, and used neurotherapy to stretch and realign their spine.  Cold pack treatment for their abdomen, kidneys and liver, and alternating hot and cold footbaths followed.  These treatments served to improve blood circulation to various internal organs.




         After one week, when Renamon walked out from her room to the kitchen for breakfast, she did not see anyone.  Normaly, they would have come here for breakfast.  She scratched her head and murmured, “What happened?  Special holiday?”


         “Renamon, do you want to quit?” Leomon entered the kitchen and asked sternly.


         She looked at him in bewilderment.  “Why?” she asked demurely.


         “All of them quit without any messages.  You can quit too, I won’t force you,” Leomon remarked.


         She looked at him in her questioning way and shook his head.


         “I’m not leaving.  I can endure the torment…no, I mean the training,” she replied with a forced smile from her poker face.


         “The nightmare is about to begin, Renamon,” he observed, “the training for the past week was just for beginners.”


         Her eyes bulged and she thought, “You called that for beginners?  You almost killed us!”


         “So do you want to quit now?” asked Leomon eagerly.


         “No,” she shook her head.


         “Good, today you can rest.  I’ll train your tomorrow,” Leomon replied.  Secretly he was relieved.


         They talked for a while and he left her alone.  She entered the washroom to clean her self and thought about the coming torment.




         The next morning, Leomon showed Renamon a huge stone, “Renamon, take this stone and walk it to the forest,” he said serenely.


         She used all her strength to lift the stone above her head, her legs were shaking and she was unable to walk.  She let out a loud cry and start walking step by step.  The forest was only about 20 minutes from the school but it was not easy with a stone.


         After a few steps, she was breathless and her whole body was shivering.  But she refused to give up.  Finally she reached the forest, she threw the stone to the ground and collapsed.  She was exhausted and could not stand up.


         “Renamon, very good.  Now you’ve to walk back to the school with the stone,” said Leomon, his voice rising with enthusiasm.


         She looked at him, she did not have the strength to smile or say anything.  After she rested for twenty minutes, she picked up the stone and walked back to the school.  She vomited and fainted as soon as she reached the school.




         When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was lying on the same bed.  She looked at the room and she knew that she was in the medical room again.


         “Ah!  You woke up already.  Are you all right now?” said Leomon with soothing voice when he entered the room.


         “Thanks captain, I’m fine and I can continue the training,” she tried to wake up from the bed, but her whole body felt painful and she groaned painfully.


         “You better rest now,” said Leomon nervously, “You can continue after you’re fully recovered.”


         She nodded and she slept again.


         “I can’t believe that she could lift up the stone,” Leomon looked at her and thought.




         After a few days, she was fully recovered.  But she did not take any training on that morning.


         During lunch hour, she received a new training course.


         “Renamon, you’re going to eat without looking at the foods,” Leomon took out a handkerchief and blindfolded her.  She spent a lot of time to eat; finally she finished and took down the handkerchief.


         “Renamon, you messed the table and you must clean the table,” he said blandly.


         After she cleaned the table and the kitchen, she rested for a while and prepared for futher training.  She entered a room where Leomon was waiting.


         “Renamon, attack me.”


         “Yes captain.”


         Leomon and her were fighting with each other again; obviously she could not win.  Leomon taught her many basic skills.


         “If you can’t fight well now, you can’t fight well even you evolved,” said Leomon sternly.


         They practiced until almost dinnertime.  They rested for a while and prepared dinner together, they ate dinner happily.  After dinner, they sat at the sofa and rest.




         The next morning, Leomon ordered Renamon to squat down and jump around the school like a rabbit for ten rounds.  After that, she did one hundred push-ups.


         During lunchtime, she was blindfolded again.  She ate the lunch with difficulty but she managed to finish the lunch.  After the lunch, they did some more practicing.  After they finished, they headed towards the riverside.


         The corn stood yellow, the oats green, the hay was stacked in the meadows, and the stork strode about on his long legs.  Round about the fields and meadows were great forests, and in the midst of the woods rivers.  They sat down under a tree in front of the riverside.


         “Renamon, I’ve something to tell you,” he said seriously.


         “What?  Did I do a mistake just now?” she asked nervously.


         “No, you did very well just now,” he answered sweetly.


         She pricked up her ears.  “Why is he so serious?” she thought.


         “You don’t need to call me captain anymore.  You can call my name directly,” he said cheerily.


         “Okay…” she answered with a sigh of relief.


         “And one more thing,” he added.


         She felt uneasy when he stared at her directly.  “Yes?” she asked in a quavering voice.


         He quivered with emotion.  “Renamon, I…I love you…”


         She was not surprised because she knew that he loved her since the first day.  May be this is called a girl’s sixth sense?  She felt so happy to hear that sentence.


         “Leomon, I also love you,” she leant her head on his muscular chest and said teasingly.


         “Renamon, you’re my first female student and first student who completed the training,” he pulled her closer to his chest and said soothingly.  His hands were so strong and his chest was so sturdy.  His shoulders were broad and she knew that he could give her safety.  As usual, a girl needed a man to protect her, even though she was a warrior.


         “I met with so many guys but none of them could give me safety,” she caressed his chest with one of his paws and continued, “You’re a man, a dream man.”


         He massaged the fur on her chest.  “And you’re a girl, a perfect girl,”  said he, smiling.


         She lifted up her head a little and looked at him.


         “There is a fragrance about you, the sound of your name recalls it.  No girl could help loving you,” she said suavely.


         His smile broadened, “Renamon, my love, excite men as a mare excites the stallions.  Your fur is beautiful upon your chest and encircles along your neck like jewels,” he returned.


         She pointed at the grass and said with, “How handsome you are, my dearest; how you delight me!  The green grass will be our bed, the cedars will be the beams of our house, and the cypress-trees the ceiling.”


         “Like a lily among thorns is my darling among girls,” he whispered into her ear.


         “Like an apple-tree among the trees of the forest, so is my dearest compared with other guys.  I love to sit in its shadow, and its fruit is sweet to my taste,” she whispered back.


         He gazed at him in astonishment.  “Apple tree?  I’m an apple tree?” he said, “Then you are a fig-tree.”


         They laughed for a while.  She removed her head from his chest and looked at the sky again, “Leomon, look at the birds,” she pointed to a pair of birds who were resting on a branch.  They were rubbing each other’s feather.”


         “The birds are so relax even though this world is surrounded by danger,” he raised his dark eyebrows.


         “I think they don’t sense the danger.  Or may be they knew that they’ve no way to hide when danger comes, so they cherish now,” she said, earnestly.


         He put his right hand on her left thigh and she felt so good.  “Renamon, we should cherish now,” he said with enthusiasm.


         “You’re right,” she answered, looking keenly at him.


         He used another hand and gently turned her chin to him.  They stared at each other.  He opened his mouth a little and moved towards her.  She knew that he was going to kiss her.


         She pushed his hands away.  “Wait.  We can’t do this!” she cried with decision.


         He was stunned, “Why?  Did I scare you?  I’m sorry…” he asked nervously.


         “We’ve sweated and smell badly.  We should take a bath first,” she said in the sweetest of voices.


         He laughed and they collected the woods to the riverside.  He put the woods on the ground and jumped into the river, “Renamon, the water is warm and shallow!”  He stood in the river and the water level was just only near his bellybutton.  She was not surprised to see his lionhood again.  She knew that he would put that thing into her holes soon.


         The water was as blue as the loveliest cornflower and as clear as the purest crystal.  She could see gold and silver fish swim in it. Purple eels, which emitted blue sparks at every motion, were playing beneath the surface.


         “Renamon, are you going to stare at the river the whole day?” he shouted imperturbably.


         She suddenly realized that she has walked quite far away from him.  “I’m coming!” she returned.


         She stepped into the water and purred.  She dragged her tail on the surface of the water and moaned softly.  She lifted up my head and smiled at him, suddenly she kicked the water to him.  She laughed when his face got wet.


         “So, you want to play this?” he smiled and splashed the water to her, wetting her face.


         They were splashing water over each other for a few minutes.  Finally she surrendered and sat down on the sand, gasping for air.  He also sat beside her, “Renamon, I didn’t play like this for years.”


         “Me too,” she answered and stared at him in amazement.


         “Renamon, I think we should re-paint our school,” said Leomon in his, genial way.


         “Good idea.  Maybe we could attract more students with the new outlook,” she answered, smiling.


         They were thinking about the same thing although they did not speak it out.  They walked out from the water and rested on a rock beside the water.  She did not feel chill because there was no wind.  They both lay on the rock and enjoyed sunbathe.


         She turned her head and saw him also starring at her.  He held her in a warm embrace and she did not reject.  They closed their eyes and prepared to kiss.  Finally their lips encountered.


         “Her lips were so incredibly soft and her breathe so sweet,” he thought.


         “His lips were so incredibly warm and his breathe so mild,” she thought.


         Her lips part slightly and then her tongue slowly washes over his lips.  Following her lead, he opened his mouth slightly and allowed her tongue to enter, gingerly touching it with his own tongue, absorbing her warmth and wetness.  They caressed each other’s back while they were kissing.  After a few minutes, they broke the kiss.


         She stroked first his face and then his bare chest.  His chest was so solid to touch and she liked those beard on his face.  She trailed her hands down to his penis and examined the male reproductive system that she did not have.  The balls were heavy and warm.  She cupped the balls and caressed the foreskin.  She began to lick his balls, the underneath of his cock and the mushroom-head in slow motion.  He was getting so horny and began to become erect.  She finally, suddenly closed her mouth over his shaft and began to suck.  He let out a loud cried and almost came.  She stopped when she tasted his pre-cum.


         She looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes.  “I like you to enter me with this thing,” she took out his dick from her mouth and said.


         He slowly began to run his fingers across her entire body.  “Sure, but I want to check if you have six-packs already,” he gasped.


        After being trained for so many months, she finally got six-packs on her belly.  However, it was not as obvious as a male Digimon.  She grabbed his hand and put it on her belly, “Can you feel them now?” she asked.


         He blushed when his hand touched her belly, he could feel the muscles there and he explore her belly for a while, “Quite solid,” he said.


         She released his hand and showed him her breasts under the fur on her chest.  He did not waste any more time and quickly cupped her breasts.  As his fingers ran across her nipples they became hard to the touch.  He caressed the inside of her thighs and could feel the heat of the passion he was now feeling.


         He looked down at her and admired her beauty,  “Your beautiful eyes shined like diamonds in the soft glow of the fire.  Your fur dances, like a flock of goats bounding down the hills,” he said cheerily.


         She smiled at him, enchanting him with her angelic charm.  “Your teeth are as white as sheep that have just been shorn and washed.  Not one of them is missing; they are all perfectly matched,” she remarked glibly.


         He began to kiss her soft neck and kissed downward.  When he got to her furry breasts he took her left nipple in his mouth and licked it, making her moaned with pleasure.  He then switched to the other nipple and sucked it, making her aroused.  He moved his head down again until he reached her thighs, then he stopped.


         He placed her feet on his shoulders and began to kiss her elastic legs.  When he got to her pussy, he slowly extended his tongue and began licking her vagina lips.  The smell started to make him licked like a madman and she began to buck a little and moaned.  He kept licking her clit and she began to moan louder.


         He put her legs down and started to kiss back up to her furry breasts.  As he began to lick her hard nipples once again, he noticed that his cock kept lightly brushing against her vaginal lips.  That and him sucking on her nipples made her went wild and she was thrown into ecstasy.


         “Renamon, I’m going to give it you now,” he said brightly.


         “Leomon, I want you in me as deep as possible.  I want to feel every inch of your member deep inside my body,” she pleaded although she felt a little nervous.  At this moment, they were not student and teacher; they were a pair of lovers burning with fire of passions.


         She was lying on the rock but she did not feel uncomfortable, instead she felt excited.  He faced down staring at her, his body weight mainly supported on knees and elbows.  He gently rolled her knees to her breasts and put her ankles over his shoulders.  Her legs were spread and her pussy looked shining under the sun.


         “Renamon, are you a virgin?” he looked at her pussy and asked in astonishment.


         “Yes,” she blushed.


         He whispered.  “Do you really want to do it?” he asked suavely.


         She nodded gently.


         “If you felt painful, you just ask me to stop,” he reassured her.


        She nodded, her grin playful.


         “I’m coming, just relax,” he declared.


         He aimed his rock hard dick at her soaking wet pussy and inserted into her twat slowly.  As the mushroom-head penetrated her tight hole, she groaned painfully.  She felt like something was tearing her cunt apart.


         “Sorry, Renamon,” he withdrew his dick immediately.


         She gasped and felt the emptiness in her vagina, she was still horny and she wanted something to fill her vagina, “Leomon, please come in again.  I’m alright now.”


         He began to enter her again, she felt the pressure of his stiff penis against her hymen...a resistance that he felt also.  He withdrew his penis from her ever-so-tight sheath only to re-enter and put more pressure on her maidenhead...between them, the moment was beyond description and the desire beyond waiting any longer.


         On the next stroke, his thrust was met by her upward flexing of her hips and then...they both feel it: the mushroom cap of his penis was tearing through her hymen - for her, there was a momentary flash of discomfort as that thin membrane was reduced to history but it was immediately replaced by the unknown but fantastic pleasurable feeling of completeness...knowing that in every respect she was now ‘a woman’.  At that instant, the cry that escaped her lips comes from deep inside her body, mind and soul...it was not a cry of pain but rather of fulfillment, ultimate satisfaction.  She closed her eyes and her body jerked.


         She felt his hand gently caressing the fur on her chest.  He rubbed the tears on her face.  “Are you in pain?  Should I stop?” he paused for a while and looked at her.


         She opened her eyes, and he was looking down at her in genuine concern. “No need, please keep going…” she gasped.


         He began to slowly move in and out of her, she felt relax and pleasure because he pumped gently.  They began moaning again.  He pushed himself deeper inside her, the rock is uncomfortable beneath her, but the slight pain it causes was somehow arousing too.  He quickens his pace, pumping in and out of her harder and faster.


         “Leomon I'm gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, oh, ohhhh!” she yelled in a paroxysm of excitement.


         “I’m cuming toooooooo!” he cried mischievously.


         Hearing her moans that he was going to cum pushed him over the edge and he dumped a load of cum inside her womb.  It kept shooting and it would not stop.  She never imagined he could make that much cum!  They did it. They came together.  The ultimate in love and sexual satisfaction!


         “Renamon, thanks,” he said to her as he collapsed on top of her after he withdrew his penis.


         She could feel his heart beating; their hearts were in perfect sync.


         “Leomon, you’ve given me a good first time,” she gasped in astonishment, looking at him with mischievous eyes.


         They dozed off under the tree and had a sweet dream.  When they woke up again, it was almost sunset.


         “Leomon, do you want to stay a little longer with me?  I want to see the sunset,” she asked good-humouredly.


         “Sure,” he answered, smiling.


         Once again, they cleaned their bodies and he put on his pants.  After they found some fruits to eat, they began to chat again.


         “Renamon, can you sing that song again?”  He asked eagerly.


         She blushed and began to sing that song.  He closed his eyes listened with interest.  After she finished, he also sang a song.  They chat and sing until almost sun set.


         Soon the sun was going down and she thought the sunset the prettiest sight of all.  The sky looked like gold, and the beauty of the clouds was beyond description.  Red and violet, they had sailed right over them.  A flock of wild swans had flown, like a long white veil, right over the place where the sun stood.


         “Renamon, let’s go home before it gets too dark,” he suggested.


         She agreed and they gone home together.




         The next morning, Leomon decided to collect woods for sale.


         “Renamon, let’s go to the forest to collect woods,” he said thoughtfully after he picked up two axes.


         Renamon put some food and drink into a two-layer basket, “Can you hold this basket for a while?” she passed the basket to him and said demurely.


         Leomon was curious, but took the basket.  He put the axes into another layer.  “Picnic?  Good idea,” he said, winking at her.


         She evolved to Kyubimon and invited him to sit on her back.


         “Are you sure?” he asked, smiling.


         “Sure,” she answered, “You can straddle me,” she continued, seeing his look of incredulity.


         He gently straddled her back and she could feel his weight.  After he sat on her back, he put the basket in front of his groin.  She felt his muscular legs clung to the sides of her body; they moved in the same rhythm as her paces nearly massaging her sides.  She liked the feelings and felt so horny.


         He turned his head around and saw her tails.  “Wow, you’ve so many tails!” he chuckled to himself as he spoke and his eyes twinkled.


         “Nine in total, there’re my primary weapon,” she explained, glancing keenly at him with her bright little eyes.


        Leomon clapped his hands softly together and chuckled.  “Can you spread them for me to see?” he asked.


         She spread her tails and he exclaimed again, “So beautiful!  More beautiful than a peacock,” she blushed and put down her tails.


         She crawled slowly towards the forest, “Leomon, the weather is good,” she looked at the sky and said.  The sun looked like a crimson flower from the cup of which light streamed forth.


         “It’s a good weather to collect woods,” he said, nodding approvingly.


         After about twenty minutes, Leomon decided to stop at a glade.  She looked around; they were surrounded by the woods and were far away from the school.  In the hedge and field grew the loveliest green and blue grapes.  In the woods hung lemons and oranges; there was a fragrance of balsam and myrtle.


         He climbed down from her back, “Don’t de-digivolve yet,” he said, smiling.


         He put the basket on the ground and walked around her.  He did not touch her but she felt uneasy being examined so closely.


         “You’re beautiful beyond description.”  He said with dignity after a few minutes’ silence.


         “Thanks, can I de-digivolve now?”  A quick blush passed over her fresh young face as he shot one of his keen glances at her.


         “Oh…yes.  Sorry,” he apologized.


         “Renamon, you go and work on that tree,” Leomon gave her an axe and asked her to chop a small tree.


         Honestly this was the first time she chop a tree.  Leomon smiled when he looked at her.


         “Renamon, chopping a tree is not so simple.  I’ll show you,” Leomon grabbed her arms gently and she could feel the warmth of his hand.  He taught her on how to chop a tree, he explained, “Renamon, chopping tree can raise your arm’s strength.”


         After one hour, they decided to rest.  They sat under a tree and start eating and talking.


         They rested for a few minutes, “Renamon, can you evolve again?” asked Leomon, glancing very keenly across at her.


         She chuckled to herself.  “Sure,” she answered.


         She evolved to Kyubimon again.  She knew what he was planning to do, so she spread and lifted up her tails.


         He knelt in front of her and caressed her face.  “What’s this?” he pointed at the things on her neck and asked.


         “It’s Shimenawa.  It is a rope made by twisting together strands of rice straw.  Shimenawa is used to mark a place considered sacred and cordon it off from the realm of the profane.  It is traditionally thought to ward off evil and sickness.  At Shinto shrines, shimenawa is hung in front of the main worship hall, before the altar, and across the entrance gate (torii).  It is also hung on New Year’s day over the doorways of private homes,” she explained and he listened with interest.


         “Can I take it down?” he asked affably.


         “Of course,” she nodded.


         He held the things on her neck gently and felt like plushy toy.  The things were soft and elastic.  He poked the bells and heard the ‘ring ring’ sound.  He bent down under her neck and searched for a while.  She giggled as he caressed her neck.  Finally he found a tangle under her neck.  He untied it slowly and loosened the butterfly knot.  He finally removed the Shimenawa and put it away.


         “Now you look so naked,” he stood up and said, smiling.


         “You’re right, without that thing, I felt uneasy,” she answered frankly.


         He began to brush her whole body except her legs.  Her body fur was so soft and smooth.  It even looked shining under the sun.  When he caressed her tails, he sniffed each of them and smelled the sweet perfume.  He rubbed each tail with her face and indulged into fantasy.  She could feel her rough beard and she also liked it.


         “Can you spread your legs wider?” he asked eagerly and she parted her legs from each other.


         He lay down under the bottom part of her body.  He began to search for her breasts and found them easily.  The fur was trimmed so nice and beautiful.  He lifted up his head a little and sucked each breast.  Immediately she moaned and her body shivered. A little.  He felt tired but he still continued for a while.  After a while, he crawled out and sat down behind her tail.


         He moved his hand between her legs and started to stroke her pussy.  She let out a long sigh and her body shook as he slid his finger into her hot pussy.  Her pussy was already soaked as he fingered her, making her writhe in passion on the couch.  He did not wait long, he moved his tongue over the inside of her thighs and when her tongue touched her pussy, she shook violently with passion


         “Oohhh…I like it!” she gasped.


         He continued to work her tongue in and out of her pussy bringing more cries of passion from her.  He ran his finger over her anus while his tongue worked on her pussy.  He slid his finger into her anus and finger-fucked her ass, which brought her to a very explosive climax.  Just when she thought she was coming, he stooped.


         She looked back and pleaded him to continue.  He digivolved to SaberLeomon and she was surprised.


         “Kyubimon, I’ve never have sex in this level before.  I hope you like me too,” he said affably.


         “This is my first time making love in this level too.  Please be gentle,” she answered cheerily.


         She gasped as he put his muzzle under her tail and slowly with his raspy tongue gently licked at her small opening.  Upon doing this, his own maleness had begun to unsheathe itself and was becoming hard.  It was much bigger and thicker than when it was in previous level.  She felt so good and the urged to come reached the limit.  She could not stand anymore and knelt on the ground.


         “…I can’t hold anymore…” she gasped.


         “Don’t worry, I’m coming...” he panted.


         He gripped her waist and tried to locate the hole with his prick.  She closed her eyes as he mounted her, his raging maleness fully erect and dripping with pre-cum.  Slowly he lowered himself down to her and sighed as the tip of his cock touched her hot opening.  He took a deep breath and slowly pushed himself into her hole.  Although her anus was lager than previous level, she still felt the pain.


         She softly grunted, “Uhhhh!” as her asshole spread open for him.


         She was not sure that it was going to fit, but finally he managed to get in.  Her butt was so tight around his cock that he thought he was going to explode.  He gently pushed in and out as she moaned from pain at first, but pleasure came soon after the pain subsided.  He continued to thrust deeper and faster, finally his whole prick was inside her and his balls caressed her ass cheeks.


         She swung her tails wildly on his face and he was even aroused.  Finally, her twat shrunk and clamped his prick, and he instantly filled her rectum with his seeds.  Her asshole was like a black hole swallowing everything from his prick.  Her inside wall was liked a mouth greedily sucking his prick.  He felt extremely weak as he pulled his prick from her butt.


         He stood beside her and showed her his penis.  “I can’t believe that you can put your manhood into my anus.”  She estimated that his prick was about ten inches long.  The penis was yellowish without any dots.  She de-digivolved back to Renamon.  He just smiled at her and de-digivovled to Leomon again, both of them were breathing heavily.  Both of them also enjoyed the sensations.


         He turned his head to stare at her.  “Renamon, that’s great.  I hope we can do it every night,” he gasped.


         She also turned her head to stare at him.  “Leomon, I’m yours now and I won’t leave you,” she panted.


         “I’m glad to hear that,” he grabbed her paw and whispered.


         “Nothing can separate us,” she whispered back.


         After they had enough rest and cleaned their bodies, they decided to leave.  They took the woods to Vanilla Village to sell and exchange them for food and drinks.




The end.


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