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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note 1: ************ means scene changed.
Note 2: Please refer to my ‘The Truth’ lemon, this is the sequel of that lemon.

Title: The Truth: Conclusion

Guilmon and Terriermon entered the house and greeted the still drowsy Tamers.

“Henry, I want to show you something.” Said Terriermon and urged Henry to go out.

After Henry and Terriermon left the house, Guilmon told Takato the truth.

Outside the house, Henry and Terriermon could hear the ‘thud’ sound, and then Guilmon crying for help.


“What happened?” Asked Henry nervously.

“Guilmon is a female Digimon.” Terriermon answered naturally.

Henry was shocked, “You must be kidding!” He said at last.

Guilmon and Terriermon shook their heads together.

“Now we must wake up Takato.” Guilmon urged.

“Guilmon is a girl.” Henry still could not accept the truth, and he was not Guilmon’s Tamer, so he did not faint.

“Why did Takato faint so easily?” Terriermon thought while followed Guilmon to the house.

Suddenly, Henry pulled Terriermon’s ears, and Terriermon turned around to find Henry, who asked him, “Terriermon, are you a boy or girl?”

“I’m a boy, of course! You want me to show you my pecker?” Terriermon answered.

“…Let’s help Takato now…” said Henry and entered the house.


After sometime, Takato finally woke up.

“Takato, are you alright?” Asked Guilmon nervously.

Takato ignored Guilmon and walked to a corner. He sat down facing the wall and did not say anything.

“Guilmon, Terriermon, you go out for a while. I’ll try to talk with him.” Henry whispered to them.

After Guilmon and Terriermon left the house, Henry sat beside Takato.


“Henry, I need to change her name, any ideas?”

“Takato, name’s aren’t important. Guilmon is a nice name.”

“Guilmon is a boy’s name, and now he’s…a she.”

“He or she, Guilmon is still your Digimon.”

“I made a dumb mistake…”

“Takato, everyone makes mistakes. You should look at the bright side. Not everyone has a Digimon.”

But Takato did not listen to Henry, “Look at the bright side? Yes, I can make love with her now.” He smiled at last.

Henry sighed, “I said, not everyone has a Digimon.”

“Now I feel like I’ve got a new Digimon, a female Digimon.”

“Takato, what’s the problem with a female Digimon?”

“I wanted a strong Digimon, so I drew Guilmon, but now…”

“Guilmon is the strongest Digimon among our Digimon, even if Guilmon is a girl.” Henry comforted Takato.

“Thanks, you know what? That was the first time I saw a girl’s cunt, I was so excited and I fainted.”

“So you didn’t fainted because you can’t accept the truth, but because you saw her cunt?” Henry thought.

“Henry, I promise that I’ll continue to treat her well.”

“Good, let’s leave this place now.”

Henry and Takato walked out from the house.

“Sorry Takato, I didn’t mean to keep this a secret.” Guilmon apologized.

“It’s okay, let’s go now.” Takato put on the smiling face again.

On the way, Takato tried to act normal while talking with Guilmon. He decided to ask Rika on how to take care of a female Digimon.

“No wonder she acted so childish and innocent, she’s a girl! But why’s Renamon so mature?” Takato pondered.

They rested at the glade for lunch, Guilmon and Terriermon set off to find foods again. After they finished their lunch, they continued to the others again.


Elsewhere in the Digital World…

“Rika, I think Guilmon has unveiled her secret.” Said Renamon.

“Poor Takato. He must have fainted.” Renamon already told everyone that Guilmon was a girl Digimon.

“So now we’ve two girl Digimon.” Jeri chimed in.

They laughed for a while and continued to talk. Finally they saw a cave.

“There’s a cave, we can stop by to have lunch.” Rika suggested.

“I’ll check it out.” Said Renamon and disappeared.

When Renamon reappeared again, she told them that the cave was safe to hide. After they sat down on the ground in the cave, Renamon and Leomon decided to find food. They entered a nearby forest to find food. Leomon turned around and they stared with each other. One had a serious face, and the other, a cool face.

After they finished their meal, they decided to take a quick nap. Leomon and Renamon took the opportunity to chitchat. They found a huge tree and leaned on the tree side by side.

“Renamon, you finally found a Tamer.” Leomon began.

“Leomon, you too.” Renamon answered.

They kept quiet for a while to enjoy the fresh air.

“Leomon, you taught me a lot of things until I became the strongest female Rookie Digimon. Thanks.” Renamon began.

“Renamon, I learnt a lot of things from you too. Although you’re cold, you have a heart of gold.” Leomon turned his lion face to her and remarked.

“I can’t believe we came back to our world again, but with our Tamers.” Renamon also turned her vulpine face to him and said.

Leomon caressed her cheek with a hand and asked, “Do you still remember our house?”

Renamon caressed his hand gently and answered, “Of course I remember. We’ll go home together after we finished our business.”

“Renamon, I missed you after you went to the Earth. So I decided to go there too.”

Renamon put down her paw and whispered, “C’mon; I left you not even enough six months.”

“But to me, it’s like more than six years.” Leomon put down his hand and smiled.

Renamon lie down and put her head on his thighs, “I like to sleep on your thighs.” She said.

“Then sleep well, I’ll guard this place.” Leomon assured her.

After about one hour, they decided to leave that place. But a storm was coming and they were forced to return to the cave. Leomon and Renamon found a boulder to block the entrance of the cave. After the storm was over, they found out that it was getting dark. So Leomon and Renamon went out to find more food and wood for burning. Again they ate the foods around the campfire happily. After they finished, they talked for a while and slept. Leomon and Renamon went out to the nearby forest again.

“Leomon, can I feel you inside me like last time?”

“Sure, Renamon.”

Renamon helped Leomon to unbutton his pants and took down his underwear; revealing his half-harden dick.

They embraced and kissed, “Her lips are so incredibly soft and her breath so sweet.” He thought. Her lips part slightly and then her tongue slowly washes over his lips. Following her lead, he opened his mouth slightly and allowed her tongue to enter, gingerly touching it with his own tongue, absorbing her warmth and wetness.

She slowly worked her paws down until it found what she had been waiting for. She grabbed his half-erected penis, as she stroked, it slowly stiffened and filled her ‘palm’. She felt great about the warm and hard but softness of his penis in her ‘palm’, to gently squeeze it and feel the weight of his balls.

He was also finger-fucking her cunt slowly, finally they were ready and they broke the kiss. He knelt in front of her pussy; he grabbed her waist gently and lifted her up slowly.

He inserted his dick slowly into her twat, inch by inch. Both of them looked at each other and smiled, none of them moved, she was enjoying his warm dick while he was enjoying her tight hole. Then he starts pumping slowly, he pumped faster and deeper. Her body was shaking, her fur on her breasts was also moving up and down, making her even sexier and they moaning in pleasure, she hugged him tightly with both hands. When her insides clamped around his dick, he knew that her orgasm is near.

He screamed and released his sperm deep inside her uterus. She could feel his warm seed flowing into her womb. After he finished, he waited for a while, then he took out his dick, juices and sperm flowed out from her pussy. He collapsed beside her, breathless.

“Leomon, good night.”

“Renamon, good night to you too.”

Both of them smiled and dozed off.


Meanwhile, Takato and his friends decided to bivouac on the open plain.

“Terriermon, Takato doesn’t like me anymore.” Said Guilmon while she was collecting woods with Terriermon.

“Guilmon, he still likes you, so don’t feel sad.” Terriermon comforted Guilmon.

“But he did not hug me anymore, and when he talk with me, it was like he was talking to a stranger.”

“Guilmon, give him some time, and everything will be fine.”

“I hope so, Terriermon, I hope so.”

“Guilmon, tonight you must spend some time with him.”

“Sorry, I can’t make love with you tonight.”

“Mo man tai.”

After one hour, they were having dinner around the pile of fire. Takato still feel nervous whenever he talked to Guilmon. Henry purposely yawned and said, “Terriermon, let’s sleep now. Takato, Guilmon, good night.” Said Henry as he lay down to sleep.

Takato and Guilmon just sat there without talking.

“Guilmon, let’s go to the other side.” Said Takato at last.

Guilmon and Takato found a place that was not far from the fire, but just far enough so that Henry and Terriermon could not see them.

“A moon. This world also has a moon.” Takato leant on the tree and looked at the sky.

The moon was bright enough for them to see each other.

“Takato…” Guilmon put her claw on Takato’s thigh gently.

“Guilmon…” Takato pushed her claw away slowly.

“Takato, you don’t like me anymore?”

“Guilmon, you’re a girl, I can’t touch you like last time anymore. But you’re still my friend.”

Guilmon suddenly kissed Takato’s cheek and Takato was shocked.

“Takato, thank you and I loved you. I can’t express my love towards you when that I was a boy.”

“But I’m not a Digimon.”

“You’re my creator, I love you because I admire you. I love Terriermon because he’s a Digimon.”

“Guilmon, you shouldn’t use the word ‘love ‘ towards me, you should use ‘like’ if you admire me.”

“Then what is the different between ‘like’ and ‘love’?”

Takato could not answer that question.

“Takato, without you, I wouldn’t be here.” Guilmon put her claw on Takato’s thigh again.

Takato caressed her paw, he felt nervous although he caressed her many times before. But last time, he thought Guilmon was a boy, and for Takato caressing a boy was different from caressing a girl. Now he felt a different sensation, he felt his paw was so soft and he liked to touch it. He never touched a girl Digimon before, except Renamon, but he knew that she was a girl, so he did not feel anything wrong.

Guilmon massaged and rubbed his thigh slowly and gently. Immediately his groin bulged and he tried to pretend nothing happened. She brushed his face with another paw and praised him, “You’re so handsome. I couldn’t say that when I was a boy, or you’d thought that I was a gay Digimon.”

Takato also used a hand to stroke her thigh and she moaned softly. He moved his hands up and explored her belly, finally he reached her chest, “Guilmon, sorry for the mistake I made.” He apologized.

“Takato, I’ll never blame you.”

Guilmon’s paw accidentally touched the bulge on his groin and she looked down, he blushed and turned to the other way.

“Takato, do you want me now?”

Takato asked softly, “Can I?”

Guilmon nodded, “You’re my Tamer, so why not?”

Takato slowly took off his pants and underwear, immediately his prick stood up and ready for battle. And then he undressed and felt the chill. He lied down on the ground and Guilmon also lie beside him. They hugged and explored each other’s body before they kissed.

“She has a pair of soft lips and she smells good.” Takato kissed her and thought.

“Her breasts so elastic and soft.” Takato massaged her breasts and thought.

She slowly moved her lips to his chest and around his nipples. She began to lick ever so lightly. His hand was around her juicy pussy, which was calling for him, her clit was erect and waiting for an entry.

“Wow, she has a good pussy, a pussy that many man would like to fuck.” Takato thought as he inserted a finger into her cunt slowly.

Meanwhile, she went back down to direct her attention to his enlarged penis and she began to put her lips around the tip of his penis gently. She cupped his scrotum and squeezed them gently. She sucked his penis deeper and faster until he was just about to cum, but then she stopped.

He moved his head down when she stopped and licked her labia, and then directing it towards her inner walls. He used two fingers to part her cunt slowly. His tongue rubbed around her clit and her lips first; then he slid his tongue deep inside her tight twat. Her hips were moving inward and outward position just waiting for the exciting moment. She was sent to Heaven and she moaned in pleasure. Finally they were ready and he was prepared to penetrate her.

She moaned as his penis penetrated her cunt. She and him found each other's rhythm and trying to work into orgasm. They just go slowly and he did not have to wait that long. She felt release and tighten down on his penis with her vagina, this caused him to feel her release while she felt his warm explosion of love juice rush into her uterus.

Finally he stopped and withdrew his prick.

“Guilmon, thanks.” Takato gasped.

“Don’t say that, you’re my Tamer cum creator.” Guilmon panted.

The end.

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