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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note 1: ************ means scene changed.
Note 2: This lemon took place after season 3.

Title: One Night

Elsewhere in the Digital World…

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome Turuiemon!” A Digimon shouted and walked down from the stage.

Immediately, every Digimon clapped his/her hands/paws in time to the music. The light dimmed off and the music started. And then the stage was brightly lit by disco-lights as Turuiemon walked up the stage slowly.

Turuiemon performed three summersaults and landed at the middle of the stage, she adopted an elegant pose and every Digimon whistled and clapped his/her hands/paws. She sent some flying kisses and the audience clapped enthusiastically.

“Turuiemon! We love you!!!!!!” The male Digimon shouted crazily.

“Turuiemon! I am proud of you!!!!!” Her mate, Gargomon shouted and waved his metal gun-claws.

When the audience quiet down a little, Turuiemon turned around and swung her buttocks wildly. She turned around again and took off her scarf, she threw her scarf at one side and a Digimon picked it up for her.

Turuiemon smiled and slowly undid the belt that held her pants up, she waved her belt in the air while dancing slowly on the stage, and then she threw her belt aside. She was giving the audience an angelic smile and glad eye as she began running her hands down the sides of her body.

Turuiemon again ran a hand down her body, only this time it is her chest she touched, massaging her breasts through her yellowish cloth. She walked around the stage, moaning softly as she massaged her breasts. The audience was looking with bulging eyes and hoped that she could undress quickly.

Finally Turuiemon stood back in the center of the stage. She lowered her hands and stopped at her groin. She spread her legs, she knelt in front of the audience and she showed them her groin. They were waiting for her to remove her pants but she just knelt there, swinging her head a little and massaged her body slowly.

After a few minutes, Turuiemon unbuttoned her pants and opened it widely and showed them her panties. Before the audience could see her panties clearly, she closed her pants again. Still holding her pants, she stood up slowly. She walked to a side of the stage and did the same thing to the audience, and then she walked to another side of the stage and repeated the process. She made the audience rise, especially male audience.

Standing back in the center of the stage, Turuiemon removed her hands and her pants slipped to the stage. The audience shouted merrily as they saw her pink panties. She kicked her pants to aside and spun one round.

The music changed and Turuiemon slowly lifted up her cloth. With one smooth motion, she removed her cloth and threw it aside. The audience screamed again because she was not wearing bra. She had a nice set of tits; they were like creamy white little half-melons. Their only motion was a slight quivering and the up-and-down movement of her now rapid breathing. She danced like a ballet-dancer, showing off her buttocks, breasts and panties.

After about five minutes, Turuiemon stood up and hooked her thumb inside her panties, her face a mask of teasing invitation. She inched the wispy black lace down slowly, revealing her thick curly pubes. Languidly, she pulled her panties down. Once again, the audience cried merrily.

Turuiemon laid on the stage and spread her legs as wide as possible for them to see her pussy. Then her fingers wandered down to her clit and began to circle it. She began to squirm with excitement as the fingers of her other hand pushed into her juicy cunt. Some Digimon could not endure anymore and found a mate to release desires, some even masturbated at their chairs.

Turuiemon held the pole that was centered on the stage with one hand. She lifted a leg into the air, balancing on the one foot, still grabbing the pole; she twisted into a seemingly impossible shape as she continues bringing it up until it is above her shoulder. The triangle between her legs was so inviting, and through her lightly colored pubic hairs, they could see that her vagina was already drenched and her clit hard in anticipation.

Turuiemon stood up again, still holding the pole with one hand and one leg above her shoulder; she spun slowly. Her plump, dimpled bottom in view, as if smiling at them. She spun three rounds before putting down her leg. However instead of bringing it firmly on the stage she lowered herself on the one leg until she was sitting cross-legged. Continuing the motion, she stretched herself out until she was lying flat on his back. Again, the audience whistled wildly at her.

Turuiemon stood up again, spreading her legs and sitting on the stage; she squeezed her tiny breasts and moaned softly. She walked towards the pole again, and putting the pole in between her breasts; she clamped the pole with her breasts and moved up and down, down and up again slowly. The male audience was hoping that the pole was their dick.

After a few minutes, Turuiemon stopped and turned to audience again. She lifted up her hands and showed them her smooth armpit. She danced again on the stage while lifting up her hands, showing off her furry body, her wet pussy and her voluptuous curves for the last time. Her breasts standing proud and firm, her waist narrow and then widening into the width of her hips. Her hips were smoothly curved, their flare far from boyish.

Turuiemon lay back on the stage, gripping her thighs in her hands, arching her body and jerking her hips. Her ass rose and fell against the stage, her face a picture of sensual lust. She stopped as the music ceased at the same time. The audience stood up and cheered happily. She stood up and turned to face the audience, “Thank you!” Her eyes fairly glittered as she spoke, and she put her hand over her heart and bowed. She took back her clothes and walked down from the stage, she walked back to her room at the back of the stage.

On the way, she saw Rosemon.

“Rosemon, your turn!” Turuiemon smiled.

“Thanks, that was a great performance!” Returned Rosemon cordially.

Turuiemon took the opportunity to relief herself and rested for a while, still naked, she walked out from her room. Her pussy was soaking wet and she needed to release her fire of passions now. She knew that Gargomon also waiting for her.

In fact, when Turuiemon saw Gargomon, someone already helped him to take off his metal gun-claws, and he was sitting there without his pants.

“Honey, great show.” Gargomon praised Turuiemon.

“How many times have you came?” Turuiemon teased him.

“I didn’t come, I wanted to wait for you.” Gargomon smiled.

Turuiemon rubbed his groin and looked at her paws, “Then how do you explain this?”

He looked at the cum on her paw and answered naturally, “that’s my pre-cum, if you didn’t come, that will become my sperm.”

Turuiemon glanced around and noticed some couples were making love at the chairs.

Turuiemon sat beside Gargomon to watch Rosemon. Rosemon was dancing and swinging her whip on the stage. They were eating supper while enjoying the show. Rosemon was sure more mature and experience than Turuiemon. The black tight leather clothes that Rosemon wore already earned a lot of applause.

Unlike Rosemon, Turuiemon was working on Friday night only, in normal days, she was teaching in a Dojo. Since she was an ex-Deva, she has good fighting skills. She decided to use her skills to protect this world.

“Honey, you have been working for one month here, do you like your job?” Asked Gargomon and took a few sips of brandy.

“Of course I do. You made me realized that I also have a good figure, so I decided to show off a little and to earn extra pocket money.” Turuiemon answered and also took a few sips of brandy.

“I’m glad that you enjoy your work here. Actually I like to see your performance and I don’t mind you working here.”

“Thanks, and how about you?”

“Wow, working as a guard for a finance company is very suitable for me. I also like my job because I can talk with different customers everyday.”

After they finished their meals, Rosemon already took off her outer clothes. Her blouse clung to her chest, and her bra was quite visible underneath. It looked like two white lace tiny ice-cream cones stuck to her chest. And she was holding another whip.

“She wears a bra?” Gargomon whistled.

“She’s Mega level, of course she wears bra.” Said Turuiemon naturally.

Rosemon invited Angemon to the stage. Rosemon helped Angemon to remove his armors and mask. She stared at his naked body and praised him.

Angemon knelt in front of her and said, “Please, give me your love.”

Rosemon smiled and whipped his back, he moaned and asked for more. Finally she stooped and asked him to remove her final articles of clothing. His hands shivered, he could not believe he was going to make love with her. When her bra dropped to the stage, he gulped and guessed that she has D-Cup breasts. When he pulled down her underwear, his eyes bulged; she has no pubic hair. He would say she has the most beautiful slim and elastic thighs.

When she hugged him, his pecker crawled out from its pouch, when she kissed him passionately, his pecker erected to full length. He tried to kiss her back but she pushed him away a little.

“How dare you take your member out without my permission, worm!” Said Rosemon coldly.

He blushed and covered his groin, but the audience laughed happily.

“You have to dance with me first.” Said Rosemon and he agreed.


While both of them were dancing on the stage, Gargomon held Turuiemon’s hand gently and kissed the backs of her fingers. He knew that fingers are a woman's most ignored erogenous zones. She also lifted his hand over and kissed her way to his wrist. She kept her mouth closed but pressed her lips gently into that tender area above his palm.

He moved beside her; he pressed his lips against hers and ran his tongue over them. She parted her mouth and their tongues met. He moved on to her upper lip, then her throat, earlobes, and eyelids, in that order. They kept their lips together again and with eyes opened. As they kissed, she stroked his arms and back slowly using her fingernails.

He used the tip of his tongue to play with the tip of her tongue, the inside of her lips, and the edges of her teeth. He kissed her for a while before moving down.

Turuiemon’s tiny nipples grew harder, and she trembled in anticipation. Trailing his wet tongue down her neck, Gargomon licked her breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. After kissing one area, he gently blew on it. She got a chill and purred. He looked up at her and asked if she liked it. In answer, she pushed her body closer to him and asked him to lick her breasts some more. His hands and mouth descended to her tits, and he proceeded to squeeze, fondle, suck, lick, pinch, and caress her for several minutes. She moaned softly and enjoyed the pleasure that he gave her. She lay down on the chair and he moved his head towards her groin.

He began to kiss her elastic thighs and occasionally he placed his warm lips on her moist labia. He ran his finger up and down her slit, stopping occasionally to place his finger deep inside her, then he would take it out and rub her love canal, only a little though but her body shivered and she groaned softly.

His tongue began to take over where his fingers left off. He licked up and down her now soaking wet slit. The sweet taste of her juices made him even arose. Faster and faster until he could feel her inner thighs start to clamp his head; then he stopped abruptly.

“Honey, are you ready?”

“Yes, of course.” She climbed up on the chair and straddled him. She grabbed his hard prick and guided it into her wet, furry pussy. She got the tip just inside her and held it in her for a second, then dropped herself down onto it in one quick motion.

They both moaned in ecstasy and purred. She started sliding up and down his dick and she loved the sensations. She bounced in his lap and pumped his member passionately. She clenched her pussy muscles and squeezed his dick as hard as she could. He did not let his hands idle; he began to massage, tease, touch, play, brush, rub, and squeeze her breasts. She also explored his muscular chest and broad shoulder.

After a few minutes she could feel him ejaculated deep inside her. The heat and the squirt made her cum as well. She came like ocean waves, and it was sensuous, intense, and ecstatic. She came so hard her juices started dripping out of her all over him and all over the chair.

She stopped and moved away from his pecker. They hugged each other and relaxed for a minute. After she helped him to put on his metal gun-claws, he took his pants and followed her to her room.

They passed by a table and saw Calumon and Renamon were having sex on the bench. Gargomon and Turuiemon decided to leave them alone.

Gargomon and Turuiemon took turn to take shower, “Honey, since we are not working tomorrow, want to go for a midnight movie?” He asked eagerly.

“Sure.” She smiled and nodded.

Later they went to the cinema happily, after they finished, they returned home and ended their romantic night.

The end.

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