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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel
Proofread by: 4I Falcon

Note: ************ means scene changed

Title: Three Stoogemon

Somewhere on Earth, Indramon was attacking a city.

Takato and Guilmon reached him first and fought.

“Guilmon, evolve!” Takato shouted.

After Guilmon evolved, he collapsed on the ground.

“Growlmon, are you alright? What happened?” Asked Takato nervously.

“I feel hungry after the evolution…” said Growlmon wearily.

“Hungry again!? You just finished your lunch!” Takato said, putting the bag on the ground.

“My evolution consumed a lot of energy.” Growlmon explained softly.

“Fortunately I brought some bread.” Takato took out some bread from the bag.

“Thanks Takatomon.” Growlmon ate a piece and smiled.

“Grr…how dare you eat in front of me!” Indramon roared.

Before Indramon could attack Growlmon, someone attacked him.

“Gargomon, be careful!” Henry warned Gargomon.

“Mo man tai!” Gargomon answered and attacked Indramon with a grin on his face.

“Growlmon, eat faster!” Takato urged.

“Tatatata…” Gargomon laughed while attacking Indramon. Suddenly Indramon kicked Gargomon in the face and he was knocked into a lamp post.

At that time, Renamon arrived and stood in front of Indramon. She stared at Indramon coolly and positioned herself to fight.

“She looks so serious, I must be careful.” Indramon thought.

“Renamon, there’s something in your ass!” Takato shouted.

Renamon turned around and pulled out the dildo. “Oh. I forgot. Rika, keep this for me.” Renamon threw the dildo to Rika.

Indramon sweated and giggled.

“Gargomon, are you alright?” Asked Henry anxiously.

“Mo man tai!” Gargomon answered merrily although blood dripped from his mouth.

“Gargomon, do not smile, be serious.” Said Henry, a little angry.

Renamon used one paw to attack Indramon.

“She used one paw only, I must be careful of her another paw, maybe she has a special attack.” Indramon thought while he blocked Renamon’s attack.

Suddenly Renamon lifted up her another paw, Indramon was nervous and stepped aside. But Renamon moved her paw to her groin and rub her pussy and she moaned softly.

Indramon was stunned, he stood there and stare at Renamon’s groin. Gargomon and Growlmon took the opportunity to attack Indramon. Growlmon was still eating while attacking Indramon.

Growlmon suddenly turned around and ran towards Takato.

“Takatomon, water.” Growlmon pleaded. Takato passed him a bottle. Growlmon drank while Gargomon was fighting with Indramon alone.

Indramon knocked Gargomon aside, but he did not chase Gargomon because Renamon attacked him again.

Renamon leapt into the air and spread her legs. Indramon could easily see Renamon’s pussy and indulged into fantasy. Renamon used Diamond Storm and hit Indramon directly, but not enough to delete him.

Indramon tried to punch Renamon’s chest but his fist stopped in front of her fur.

“How dare you touch my breasts?” Renamon smacked Indramon’s fist and roared.

Indramon tried to slap Renamon’s face but he paused abruptly.

“Do not slap my beautiful face!” Renamon warned him.

“What should I do?” Asked Indramon shyly.

“You should not fight with me! Did your mother teach you not to fight with girls?” Asked Renamon coolly.

“Oh…okay…” Indramon turned to Growlmon and attacked.

Gargomon helped Growlmon to fight Indramon.

“Rika, what is this card for?” Asked Takato nervously.

After a few minutes…

“Rika, can I use this card?” Asked Takato again.

Another few minutes…


“Takato, just use any card! Damn!” Rika shouted.

“Okay…” Takato answered softly.

Indramon punched Growlmon rapidly.

“Takato, use the Defense card. Come, let me show you.” Henry walked towards Takato and told him to use the appropriate cards.

Growlmon punched Indramon but could not hurt him.

“Takato, which card should you use now?” Asked Henry gently.

“Power card?” Takato guessed and Henry nodded.

Henry taught Takato patiently, “You must relax and calm down, do not rush.” Takato listened with interest and nodded.

“Henry!” Gargomon shouted as Indramon attacked him.

“Takato, look at me.” Henry smiled and used some cards professionally.

At that moment, Renamon already evolved to Kyubimon and attacked Indramon. Finally Growlmon evolved again and deleted Indramon.

They quickly stood in one line and shouted, “We are the three stoogemon!”


They went to the park and prepared to lose some energy so that they could de-digivolve.

“Are you ready, guys?” Kyubimon lifted up her tails and asked coolly.

“I am ready.” Gargomon nodded and Henry helped him to take off his pants because he has no hands.

“Me too.” Wargrowlmon answered and Takato helped him to take out his pecker because he has no hands too.

“Then let’s begin.” Said Kyubimon.

Wargrowlmon stood behind Kyubimon while Gargomon stood in front of Kyubimon. They counted together, “one, two and three!”

Wargrowlmon slid his prick into Kyubimon’s anus while Kyubimon engulfed Gargomon’s prick with her mouth.

As usual, the children stood aside and looked at them silently.

Wargrowlmon pumped slowly at first, he increased his speed and Kyubimon twisted her waist to combine with his thrust. Meanwhile, her tails were rubbing his chest, making him even hornier.

Kyubimon sucked Gargomon’s dick like a vacuum cleaner and licked like a lollipop. She knew how to pleasure Gargomon and gave him the best treatment. Gargomon stood there and moaned softly.

Gargomon withdrew his pecker a little so that Kyubimon could lick his apex and mushroom head. He pushed his pecker in again and let Kyubimon suck it, in the end, Gargomon was humping Kyubimon’s mouth slowly.

Wargrowlmon was also pumping faster and deeper. Kyubimon’s twat clamped his dick and he knew that they were coming. He endured a while because he wanted to come together. Three of them were thrown into ecstasy.

“I’m…coming…” Wargrowlmon gasped.

“Me…too…” Gargomon panted.

Finally they groaned together and came. Wargrowlmon shot his sperm deep into her rectum while Gargomon ejaculated in Kyubimon’s mouth. After they finished, the de-digivolved and gasped for air on the ground.

“More tired than when we were fighting…” Said Guilmon at last.

“Agreement here…” Terriermon agreed.

“Next time, we…shall find…another method.” Renamon panted.

“Henry, must they do this to release extra strength?” Asked Takato curiously.

“I have no other methods.” Henry shook his head.

“If a enemy were to attack us now, we are doomed.” Rika reminded them.

“But currently this is the fastest method.” Henry answered.

“Well, let’s go home now.” Takato shrugged.

And so they went home happily.

The end.

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