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Season 3 series

Author: Daniel

Note: ************ means scene changed

Title: The Pain Of Renamon

(Author’s Note: Renamon would not forget the pain that she suffered)

One morning, Renamon went to an abandoned hut to meet Terriermon.

“Hello Terriermon. Sorry, I’m late.” Said Renamon, with her enigmatical smile.

“Mo man tai.” Terriermon smiled indulgently, he was sitting on the carpet.

Rika found that abandoned house behind the school. It was small but still firm. The trees covered the house and no one would notice it. Every morning, after the Tamers went to school, and the Digimon would gather here to have fun so that they would not become bored. But most importantly, only Terriermon and Renamon would come here, Guilmon would rather to stay at his den to dig holes, or to play with Calumon.

Henry found an old carpet and put in the house for them to rest, Rika donated some magazines while Takato gave them some board games. Sometimes the Tamers would gather at that place too.

“Renamon, what do you want to play this morning?” Asked Terriermon.

Renamon lie spread-eagle beside Terriermon, she turned to him and offered him to lie on her chest. He lied on the fur on her chest and it had felt very comfortable.

She looked down and caressed his head. “Time flies. We had met for nearly four months.”

He turned around with his chest on hers, and they stared into each other’s eyes, “Renamon, many things had happened, good and bad things.” He brushed the fur on her chest while he was talking.

She massaged his back and said softly, “Did you know that I love you?”

He nodded and answered, “I know. No matter how cool you were, you still needed a mate.”

She hugged him tightly and asked, “So… let’s have sex this morning.”

He moved closer to her and gave her a normal kiss on the lips. “Mo man tai.” He said. Then she returned a long passionate kiss to him, they continued to kiss for a long time and finally they stopped.

“I can feel something poking my belly.” Renamon remarked.

Terriermon blushed, “I think we should begin now.”

Renamon nodded and Terriermon crawled down to her crotch. He studied her furry pussy for a while, and then he used a finger to brush her pussy, he pulled the clit and opened her cunt gently. He crawled down and knelt in front of her awaiting pussy.

Her body shivered as he licked her labia. She moaned softly when his ears caressed her belly. She then clamped him with her elastic thighs when he rubbed her thighs with his paws. After a few minutes, he decided to concentrate on her pussy only, so he used one of his ears to brush her groin. And then he penetrated her cunt with his tongue, he stretched his tongue to enter as deep as he could and explored her inside wall.

He continued to massage her belly with his ears while eating her cunt. After a few minutes, she clamped him tighter and her pussy was soaking wet. He knew that she was coming, so he licked and sucked faster. He liked to eat her cunt and he was eating happily.

After another few minutes, she groaned and reached climax. Her juices flowed out like a small stream. He has been waiting for this moment and he does not wish to waste this golden opportunity. He drank as much as he could because he refused to waste such sweet juice, her juices tasted like vanilla favor (he imagined) and he swallowed until the last drip. He cleaned her pussy until it was clean.

“Terriermon, you’re good.” Renamon panted.

They rested for another few minutes, before Renamon could continue, she groaned painfully.

“Renamon, what’s wrong?” Asked Terriermon nervously.

Renamon stopped groaning and answered, “I had toothache since three days ago, I thought it would be okay after I ate a painkiller. But it’s getting worse.”

“I think you should visit a dentist.”

“I know, but how? I’m not a human.”

“May be you can visit Henry’s father.” Said Terriermon thoughtfully.

Renamon showed perceptible hesitation.

“But Terriermon, he’s a scientist, not dentist.” She said, at last.

“But he is not afraid of us, so maybe he can help us to find a dentist.”

“Terriermon, have you visited any human dentists before?”

“Not yet, but I’m also worrying about getting tooth decay, myself.”

“Then I’ll visit him tonight, can you tell him about my problems?”

“Mo man tai.”


After a few hours, Renamon returned home with Rika to have lunch.

“Renamon, how’s your toothache?” Asked Rika while Renamon was eating.

“I’ll visit Henry’s father tonight.” Said Renamon, she was using only the left side of her mouth to eat and she ate slowly to avoid the pain.

“But he’s not a dentist.”

“Rika… ouch…he’s my…argh…last hope.”

Rika did not say anything, she giggled when she saw the way Renamon ate her lunch. Finally Renamon finished her meal,

Rika thought for a while, and then a curious smiled formed on her face, “After he extracted your tooth, will your tooth grow again?”

Renamon nodded, “Unlike humans, whenever a tooth of mine is extracted, it’ll grow again within three weeks.”

They talked for a while and Rika prepared her homework while Renamon tried to forget about the pain, “After tonight, I won’t feel any more pain.” She comforted herself.

Renamon tried to take a quick nap after she ate two painkillers, but she accidentally slept on her right side and pressed her right cheek. She woke up with a start and caressed her right cheek, “I mustn’t sleep on my right side.” She reminded herself.

But she woke up again and massaged her right cheek again, she decided to sit there and lean on the wall.

After a few minutes…


Renamon’s fell to the right side and her head knocked on the bedpost.

“Damn, the painkillers made me really drowsy. This thing will never happen if I’m not drowsy.” Renamon rubbed her head and groaned painfully. Finally Renamon managed to endure the pain and slept.


That night, Rika received a call from Henry’s father after dinner.

“Renamon, Henry’s father is ready now.” Rika smiled demurely.

“I’ve brushed my teeth and I’m ready for any sort of pain.” Renamon said seriously.

After Renamon reached Henry’s house, she found out that only Terriermon and Henry’s father were at the house.

“Please come to my room.” Said Henry’s father earnestly and Renamon followed him.

Renamon entered the room and looked around, she found nothing special. She did not see any machines that could be used to extract teeth. Her brow was dark with anxiety.

“Renamon, please sit here.” He rubbed his hands and chuckled with delight, “You’re my first Digimon customer.”

Renamon sat on a chair and waited for the torment to come. Her body shivered and sweated, her eyes bulged and he almost scream when she saw him took out a syringe with sharp needle.

He took out a book and read for a while, and then he asked Renamon to open her mouth, “Which tooth?” He asked. Renamon showed him the exact tooth.

“I worked as an assistant dentist for one year, so don’t be afraid.” He said, exultantly.

He injected her gums, and it felt so painful until she almost kicked him. It was more painful than someone pierced her hymen. She gripped her fists and closed her eyes.

Finally he stopped, “According to this book, we have to wait fifteen minutes before I can extract your tooth.” He lent her a Gameboy Advanced to play for a while, but she was just thinking about the oncoming tortures.

Soon her gum and her right cheek began to feel numb. After another few minutes, he took out something and she almost shouted. She has no idea about that thing but she felt that it was too big to extract tooth.

He started to extract her tooth. He tried to twist her tooth and a tear rolled down from her cheek. He tried again and she felt more painful than sliding a dildo into her anus without lubrication. He tried for third time and she felt someone was bashing her head from the inside. He pulled with force and she almost fainted. Finally he succeeds and she panted on the chair. He stopped the bleeding and gave her some anti-biotic.

“You must take one anti-biotic after each meal.” He reminded her and she nodded, she was glad that the torture has finished.

“Looks like it’s very easy to extract that tooth; just inject the gum and pull the tooth out.” He laughed good-naturedly.

She looked at him and thought, “Fortunately you’re not a real dentist. I felt so much pain that I almost died, despite the injection you gave me.” But the pain disappeared after a while.

Renamon walked out from the room and saw her boyfriend.

“Mo man tai?” Terriermon chuckled and rubbed his paws.

Renamon shook her head and went home painfully. She would never forget the pain any time soon.

The end.

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