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Season 3 series

Reminder: This is an AU (Alternate Universe), and not a regular fic.

Author: Daniel

Note: ************ means scene changed

Title: Takato’s Encounter

One night Takato went to the park to visit Guilmon as usual. He brought bread to Guilmon, which Guilmon buried later as usual.

“Guilmon, why do you like to bury your food sometimes?”

Guilmon buried the food and looked at Takato, “I don’t know.” He scratched his head and answered.

“When are you going to eat your food?”

“When I’m hungry.” Guilmon shrugged.

“Come on boy, let’s go out to enjoy the sunset’s glow.” Takato stood up and walked out, with Guilmon followed him from behind.

They sat down under a tree and looked at the sky, “Finally, we can take a rest. Today is 10th of January. After a few days it will be Rika’s birthday.” Takato sighed.

Guilmon nodded, “Takato, why are we looking at the sky?” He asked curiously.

Takato sweat-dropped, “We’re resting, Guilmon; and one way to do that is to look at the stars.”

“I thought Guilmon Bread would drop from the sky.”

Takato sighs, “Guilmon, try not to think about food all the time, OK?”

They lay back on the ground, watching the night sky. Takato told Guilmon about his school and Guilmon listened with interest, or at least pretended to be interested. Takato had no idea. Takato checked his watch, and it was around 8:00p.m. He walked back home to finish his homework, and waved farewell to Guilmon after Guilmon returned to his den.

Takato walked a few more steps, when suddenly he saw a bright light in front of him. He lifted up his head and saw…a U.F.O. He watched X-Files since season one, so he knew that it was a U.F.O. And then he saw two black figures. Their bodies were black in color, and revealed two white eyes and mouth. According to the X-Files, they were called aliens. They were holding a girl, and according to some movies, that was called alien abduction. According to his instinct, it was time to shout for help and escape as fast as lightning speed.

And so, Takato opened his mouth and turned around, prepared to shout for help and run. But the aliens saw him and captured him before he could call for help.

“Goodbye Guilmon, goodbye mom and dad, and goodbye my friends. I’m going to die.” Takato thought, and then he sighs before he lost conscious, “I should have make love with Jeri.” According to the movies, aliens would kill their victims, so Takato thought that he was going to die.


When Takato woke up again, he heard someone was arguing. He looked around and saw some aliens were arguing. He found out that he was chained to the table and he was naked.

There were four aliens and they walked towards Takato.

Alien #1 pulled Takato’s penis and grumbled, “This is a male human. We need a female human! F-E-M-A-L-E!” He pulled so hard until Takato squeaked painfully.

Alien #2 tried to explain; “We were holding the girl until we saw him. We dropped the girl to catch him because he saw us.”

Alien #3 continued, “After we brought him here, we were going to go down to retrieve the female, but you pressed the button TOO early! So now we’re here.” He blamed alien #4.

“I thought you had completed your mission. And besides, we can’t go back to Earth because we won’t have enough fuel to go home.” Alien #4 retorted.

“So where are we now?” Asked alien #1.

“We’ve just passed the planet Mars, he pressed the high speed button and we’re flying at speed 10, which consumed most of our fuel.” Alien #2 reported.

“I think we should kill him and keep it a secret.” Said alien #1, and immediately squeezed Takato’s scrotum.

“NO!!!!” Takato shouted painfully, a tear dropped from his cheek.

Alien #3 stopped alien #4, “Wait, I got an idea. Let’s transform this male into a female.”

The others agreed, but before Takato could ask any questions, he fainted again.


Finally, Takato woke up again. He found out that he was no longer chained to the table anymore. As he looked around, he realized that he was lying on the bed. He looked down at his body and was shocked.

His dick has disappeared.

He stretched his hands to his groin and searched for his beloved dick, “Where’s my dick?” He was getting nervous when he found a hole; he inserted a finger into the hole and his body shivered. “Is this what finger-fucking feels like?” He murmured, and then he realized that it was not the right time to wank.

He was even surprised when he saw his new breasts on his chest. It was C-Cup, perhaps a bit bigger. He cupped his breasts and rubbed them, immediately he moaned in pleasure. He released them and knocked his head to the wall, “Ouch! I’m not dreaming! I’m a girl now! What the…? My voice… it’s also changed!” He has a sexy girl’s voice now.

He did not realize that a creature entered the room.

Takato sat up with a start and looked at the creature. The creature was a round ball with many tentacles. It has no legs or hands, but it had a pair of eyes, a mouth, and a nose. S/he (Takato’s a girl now… somewhat) realized that s/he must cover his/her body, but before s/he could cover his/her body, the creature wrapped its tentacles around his/her legs and lifted him/her up.

“You’re very unlucky human because you have to replace the female of your species that we didn’t capture.” It said angrily.

“You…transformed me to…a girl?” Asked Takato nervously.

The creature nodded, “We had implanted a female zygote into your abdominal cavity. It would attach to your seminal vescicle, the part of a male analogous to a uterus. There it would alter your RNA to that of the human female who provided the egg. Over a short period of time, it would turn your male sex organs into a uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes, while your new RNA would alter every cell in your body until you had become a female who can pregnant.” He explained.

Takato was shocked and stunned, his/her jaw dropped and eyes bulged.

“The surgery was over and now we need to have a test on you.” The creature continued and the same aliens entered the room.

Takato was still sobbing as they gave her the first vaginal exam.

Alien #1 rubbed his/her clit and s/he moaned, and then nodded, “Good, she’s responding.”

Alien #2 massaged his/her breasts, which were becoming hard. Alien #2 smiled, “These are functioning as they should.”

Alien #3 inserted a finger into his/her twat. His/her body jerked when he touched his/her G-sport, “Her G-sport is responding well. Wonderful.”

Alien #4 brushed his/her thighs and belly while alien #1 finger-fucked him/her. S/he was shivering and moaning in pleasure, and after a while, alien #1 withdrew his finger and licked it, “Tastes pleasant, and she seems compatible for you. Now you can make her to pregnant.” Alien #1 turned to the creature and said.

The creature spread Takato’s legs to a straight line and s/he groaned painfully. The creature slid a slimy tentacle into his/her twat with one thrust and s/he opened her mouth to shout, but another tentacle inserted into his/her mouth and s/he could not scream. Finally a tentacle pushed its way into his/her anus.

“If you bite me, you’ll die instantly.” The creature warned her.

The first tentacle was pumping his/her vagina, it even spun like a drill and his/her inner wall was burning with fire. It reached the cervix and explored the cervix for a while, he finally found what he was looking for: the canal to his/her uterus. It shrunk a little and tried to squeeze into his/her uterus through the tiny entrance. When the apex of its head successfully entered the canal, it expanded and thus stretching his/her entrance a little. It squeezed again to allow the rest of the body to enter, his/her birth canal and the entrance to his/her uterus were expanded to the maximum, and reached his/her uterus at last.

While it was in his/her womb, it swung and slapped around his/her womb. S/he tilted her head down a little and saw his/her bulging belly; s/he could see something was moving below his/her belly. S/he thought his/her birth canal and the entrance to his/her womb were ripped into two pieces and could not be put together again.

Meanwhile, the tentacle in his/her anus has reached his/her rectum and was pumping forcefully. It suddenly shot some liquid into his/her rectum, making him/her feel like he was going to take a shit. But it did not withdraw even after it had finished. After a while, the liquid disappeared and s/he felt comfortable again.

“The liquid I injected was to test your body’s reaction. Your body absorbed the liquid, so this means you can give birth without any problems.” The creature explained.

“Give…birth?” S/he was afraid when s/he heard that particular sentence.

S/he was so painful but could not scream. S/he was still sucking and licking a tentacle in his/her mouth. The creature put a tentacle in between his/her breasts and s/he squeezed his/her breasts.

“Squeeze harder!” The creature ordered and s/he squeezed his/her breasts harder to massage the tentacle.

Finally the tentacle in his/her uterus shot liquid into his/her uterus, meanwhile the tentacle in her mouth also ejaculated, and it released its load directly into her throat and s/he almost choked. The tentacle in his/her anus did nothing anymore and withdrew.

After a few minutes, the creature withdrew all tentacles and put him/her back on the bed. S/he coughed and vomited up some of the creature’s cum. The creature’s cum was bitter and sticky. His/her belly was still bulging like a pregnant lady’s would, and his/her twat was still like burning with fire and s/he thought his/her anus was pierced into half.

“After one hour, you’ll give birth to a baby… MY baby!” The tentacle creature laughed.


The creature stood beside the bed to wait for Takato to give birth to the newborn spawn. After about one hour, his/her belly was flat again. But after a few minutes, s/he felt just a slight twinge that seemed to come from inside him/her. Twenty minutes later, s/he felt it again, then twenty minutes after that. It was happening, s/he was going into labor.

The creature smiled, “You’re going to give birth to a baby now.”

After another few minutes, his/her face grimaced in pain. It felt as if an invisible hand was squeezing him/her from the inside. S/he could feel the baby being pushed out. It would not be too much longer, the contraction passed and s/he rested up for the next one.

S/he shouted even louder when s/he felt something was coming out from his/her twat. S/he shouted with all strength when s/he saw a dark head coming out from his/her dilated twat. The creature ordered him/her to push harder, and s/he took a deep breath and gave one final push, and s/he saw a body and hands. The creature wrapped the newborn’s body and pulled it out. She saw a baby and fainted.

But after another few minutes, she felt painful again and woke up with a start.

“You’ve given birth to another of my species.” The creature told her.

At last another baby was born. S/he was exhausted and dozed off on the bed. When s/he woke up again s/he was still on the bed and in the same room. His/her whole body was racked with so much pain that s/he could not move. S/he was still gasping for air and sweating. The creature had cleaned his/her body while s/he was sleeping.

The same aliens entered the room with some clothes. They asked him/her to put on the clothes because they were going to send him/her home. S/he was surprised that the clothes were that of a girl’s. S/he has no choice but to wear it.

“Since your body cannot give birth to anymore new spawn because of the extreme pain, we decided to send you home.” Alien #1 explained.

S/he tried to protest and pleaded them to transform him/her back to his normal self, but they strangely rejected. S/he took a lot of time to wear the clothes. The aliens helped him/her to walk to a door, and when s/he reached the door, they opened the door and pushed her out. She was falling to the ground. The last thing s/he heard was the cruel laughter, as the biggest prank in the world was pulled off...


“Aaahhhh! No!!!” Takato shouted and woke up with a start.

He found out that he was lying on his familiar bed, and looked around to see that he was in his room.

“Thank God it was a dream.” He murmured.

But when he took off the blanket, he was stunned because he was wearing girl’s clothes. He quickly unbuttoned her skirt and removed his underwear.

No dick, instead, a pussy was there.

He undressed and saw the beautiful breasts.

“Noooooooo!!!!!!” She (Takato is a girl now) shouted.

Her parents entered the room and hugged her, “Takato, you woke up already. Thanks heavens.” Her mother burst into tears.

“Takato, we found you near the park and you slept for whole day, what happened?” Asked Takato’s father.

Takato wept and explained everything to them.

“Takato, don’t cry, we’ll still love you even now you’re a girl…and given birth to alien creature from another world” Her mother comforted her.

Takato rubbed the tears from her face and nodded.

“Takato, rest now and don’t worry. We’re going out to buy something.” Her father remarked.

Takato knew that they were going to buy girl’s accessories. She blushed and lies on the bed again. After a few minutes, her D-Arc beeps. She woke up and changed back her normal boy’s clothes. She was tired, but she had to go too.

Luckily for her, whatever evil Digimon it spotted was near Takato’s house, she and Guilmon reached the place first. Guilmon evolved but could not defeat the now identified Tyrannomon. The evil Tyrannomon turned to her and shot a huge-size fireball towards her. She closed her eyes and shouted painfully as the fireball engulfed her, her D-Arc dropped to the ground and she slowly lost her conscious.


“Aaahhhh!!!!!” Takato woke up with a start; he was shivering and sweating. He switched on the light and pulled away the blanket. He was happy to see his familiar pajamas. He removed his pajamas and saw his beloved dick.

He looked at the clock; it was around 6:00a.m. He sat up and walked towards the washroom, he accidentally glanced the newspaper near the washroom. He picked it up and starts reading.

The date was 12th of January.

He shook his head, “No, it can’t be. I remembered the last time I met Guilmon was on the 10th of January.” He dropped the newspaper on the floor and leant at the wall, “What the hell happened?” He asked but no one could give him answer.

Later, he found out that it was really 12th, and he had no ideas what had happened on the 11th. Luckily, no one asked him anything, so he just kept quiet. He lost one day but no one realized it. He’d soon forgotten about why he didn’t remember the 11th.

The end.

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